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Dentsply International Inc patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Dentsply International Inc. Dentsply International Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Dentsply International Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Dentsply International Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/24/15 / #20150366786

Dental varnish compositions

A one-part dental varnish includes a solution of a rosin and a resin in a common solvent and further includes a fluoridizing agent. The dental varnish is transparent and contains about 18 to about 60 percent by weight rosin and about 25 to about 60 percent by weight resin.. ... Dentsply International Inc

12/24/15 / #20150366635

Instruments and coatings formed from a porous material

An endodontic instrument for cleaning/shaping a tooth root canal that includes an elongated shaft composed of a porous material, the shaft having a proximal end portion, a distal end and a tapered working portion having an external surface and a rotational axis, the working portion extending from the proximal end portion to the distal end.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

12/24/15 / #20150366631

2-wire ultrasonic magnetostrictive driver

A method for controlling a magnetostrictive ultrasonic transducer of the type used in a magnetostrictive ultrasonic dental scaler includes generating a drive signal for a resonant circuit using a full bridge synchronous class d amplifier. The electrical signal output by the resonant circuit drives an excitation coil that generates an electromagnetic field that causes the magnetostrictive ultrasonic transducer to vibrate. ... Dentsply International Inc

11/26/15 / #20150335856

Medical device assembly

. . A medical device assembly is disclosed, comprising: a medical device; a fluid and a package forming a storage compartment, which at least partly accommodates the medical device, and a fluid compartment, housing the fluid, wherein a first joint separates the storage compartment and the fluid compartment, the first joint forming a first rupture zone.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

11/26/15 / #20150335854

Reinforced urinary catheter

A urinary catheter assembly to be arranged in a curled disposition is disclosed. The assembly comprises a urinary catheter having a tubular shaft extending between a insertable end and a discharge end, wherein said tubular shaft is provided with an elastic reinforcement element having an extension in the axial direction of the tubular shaft; and a receptacle arranged to accommodate and maintain the urinary catheter in a curled storage state, in which the tubular shaft of the catheter is arranged in at least one coil. ... Dentsply International Inc

11/26/15 / #20150335529

Cylindrical collapsible container

There is provided a container (1) for medical use forming a closed compartment (17) for carrying a liquid. The container (1) comprises a flexible side wall (5), a rigid top portion (4) and a rigid bottom portion (3). ... Dentsply International Inc

11/26/15 / #20150335405

Tissue management impression material and dispensing systems

Disclosed herein are a tissue management impression material and a method of application into the sulcus of a patient, whereby the tissue management impression material is a part of the final dental impression made when manufacturing a dental device, such as a crown.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

11/19/15 / #20150327951

Dental handpiece

A dental handpiece and a dental cleaning procedure are disclosed. The dental handpiece includes an inner barrel for rotatably retaining an ultrasonic insert, the inner barrel configured for contacting the ultrasonic insert with a cooling fluid in the inner barrel, a coil unit arranged and disposed to apply an alternating magnetic field to the ultrasonic insert when positioned in the inner barrel, an outer sheath extending around at least a portion of the coil unit. ... Dentsply International Inc

10/22/15 / #20150297467

Dental composition

An aqueous dental glass ionomer composition comprising (a) a reactive particulate glass, and (b) a linear or branched polymer comprising acidic groups, which is reactive with the particulate glass in a cement reaction, whereby the linear or branched polymer comprising acidic groups has a polymer backbone and optionally pendant side chains, (c) optionally dispersed nanoparticles, and (d) optionally a low molecular compound, characterized in that the glass ionomer composition comprises—s.sub.xh groups, wherein x is an integer of from 1 to 6, which crosslink the particulate glass and/or the linear polycarboxylic acid and/or the optional dispersed nanoparticles and/or the optional low molecular compound.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

10/22/15 / #20150297465

Dental adhesive with polymerizable basic monomers

Disclosed herein is a basic dental composition comprising an adhesive composition, wherein the dental composition is suitable for use in dentistry.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

10/01/15 / #20150274580

Method for producing a lithium silicate glass blank and a lithium silicate glass-ceramic blank

The invention relates to a method for producing a blank of lithium silicate glass a starting composition of at least 8 wt-% of a stabilizer selected from the group consisting of zro2, hfo2, and mixtures thereof, wherein the method includes the steps of mixing the raw materials comprising the stabilizer in powder form, wherein the powder of the stabilizer has a particle size d50=x with 0.3 μm≦x≦1.5 μm, melting the raw materials in a crucible at a temperature tau and storing the melt in the crucible for a time th, pouring the homogenized melt into molds, wherein the melt flows out of the crucible with a discharge temperature tab being tau ≧tab, wherein the filling of the molds and the molding of the melt in the molds takes place with a cooling rate a.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

08/27/15 / #20150238390

Dental composition

A dental cement hardened by a cement reaction involving the specific polymerizable polyacidic polymer and optionally additional crosslinkable groups, has reduced shrinkage and improved mechanical properties, in particular with regard to flexural strength and fracture toughness. Moreover, the specific polymerizable polyacidic polymer of the present invention contains a high number of acidic groups which is not reduced by the presence of polymerizable moieties, whereby water solubility of the uncured polymer is not impaired by the presence of the polymerizable moieties.. ... Dentsply International Inc

08/20/15 / #20150230884

Double ended tweezers

The present invention provides a tweezer for dental and other applications. The tweezer including a main body portion (12, 14) extending in a generally longitudinal direction. ... Dentsply International Inc

08/06/15 / #20150216625

Dental matrix band retainer

The present invention pertains to a device for retaining a matrix band about at least a portion of a periphery of a tooth to be treated, the device comprising: a first lug to fit on one side of a proximal contact between two teeth; a second lug to fit on the other side of said proximal contact, and a resilient body member connecting between the first lug and said second lug. The body member applies a restorative or clamping force biasing the lugs together against opposed sides of the proximal contact and holds the lugs such that they must be separated to fit over the proximal contact. ... Dentsply International Inc

08/06/15 / #20150216624

Endodontic instruments

A rotatable endodontic file for cleaning/shaping a tooth root canal, comprising: an elongated shaft having a proximal end portion, a distal end and a tapered working portion having a rotational axis, the working portion extending from said proximal portion to said distal end; the external surface of said shaft working portion having a plurality of at least two spirals, a parallelogram-shaped cross section that has an axis of rotation that is centered such that the cross section center of mass (centroid) is located at the axis of rotation where the acute angle of the parallelogram is different along the length of the file.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

08/06/15 / #20150216418

Inspection of dental roots and the endodontic cavity space therein

A system and method for acquiring and sharing in real time video and/or still images with a tooth or tooth root during a dental procedure using an endoscope.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

07/30/15 / #20150209242

Compositions for endodonti instruments

A carrier composition for filling a tooth root canal, comprising a cross-linkable material.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

07/16/15 / #20150196462

High strength dental material

The invention provides a high strength dental composition including polymerizable dental resins. The dental composition is useful as restorative material and for making various dental devices, such as artificial teeth, crowns and bridges of high strength dental polymeric material.. ... Dentsply International Inc

07/02/15 / #20150182321

Dental compositions containing upconversion phosphors and methods of use

. . A luminescent coating is disclosed that is used to dimensionally control the curing of a photocurable agent placed in close contact with the coating. The coating is applied at the interface of structures, such as brackets and prosthetics, or may be applied directly on a curable material for use in 3d printing, at the location where bonding material is needed to be cured. ... Dentsply International Inc

07/02/15 / #20150182302

Dental matrix band

The present invention relates to a dental matrix for use repairing and restoring inter-proximal cavities on a tooth with light-cured composites, the dental matrix comprising a matrix body and a plurality of light transmitting micro-pores positioned on the matrix body and overlying the inter-proximal surface of the tooth when the dental matrix engages the restored tooth. The present invention further relates to a method manufacture of such dental matrix.. ... Dentsply International Inc

06/18/15 / #20150164617

Endodontic instruments and methods of manufacturing thereof

A method for manufacturing a nonlinear superelastic file comprising the steps of: providing a superelastic file having a shaft and a file axis; providing a fixture including a file groove being defined by one or more displacement members, the file groove configured for receiving the shaft; inserting at least a portion of the shaft into the fixture along the file groove, the portion of the shaft including a first portion of the shaft; contacting the first portion of the shaft with a first displacement member of the one or more displacement members such that the first portion of the shaft is displaced from the file axis thereby forming a first offset portion of the shaft; heating the portion of the shaft while inserted in the fixture to a temperature of at least about 300° c. For a time period of at least about 1 minute to shape-set the portion of the shaft thereby forming a shape-set nonlinear file.. ... Dentsply International Inc

06/18/15 / #20150164615

Process for producing a shape memory spiral rotary file

A method for manufacturing at least one nonlinear file including the steps of deforming at least a portion of a linear file away from a file axis and heat-treating the deformed file to shape-set the nonlinear file.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

06/18/15 / #20150164614

Multi-directional handpiece

A multi-directional handpiece that includes a motor drive extending along and configured for rotation about a body axis, the motor drive having: a motor gearing at a proximal end of the motor drive; and a file gearing in engagement with the motor gearing for transferring the rotational and axial movement to a workpiece; and a housing for the workpiece; and wherein through rotation of the motor drive, the workpiece moves in an axial oscillating motion while being rotated.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

06/04/15 / #20150150658

Reusable dental impression tray

A reusable dental impression tray having a reusable rigid tray holder with opposing sidewalls spaced apart substantially a first distance, the opposing sidewalls extend longitudinally in a curved manner, a connector located at a distal end of the tray holder couples the sidewalls together, the sidewalls and connector define an inward facing surface, a channel formed in and extends along the inward facing surface, and a handle located at a mesial end of the tray holder, and a disposable mesh bite tray having a generally u-shaped frame having an open end and a closed end, the u-shaped frame is made of a flexible material wherein the u-shaped frame has a generally static shape having a width at the closed end substantially similar to the first distance and a width at the open end which is greater than the first distance, and wherein with the u-shaped frame received in the channel, the open end of the u-shaped frame is held in a compressed state with the open end having a compressed width substantially the same as the first distance.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

06/04/15 / #20150150651

Dental wedge

A dental wedge for inserting into the interproximal space between adjacent teeth comprises a first and second sidewall comprised of a shape memory material, including a nickel-titanium alloy, wherein the dental wedge is in a first, resting state when outside of the interproximal space and transforms to a second, operational state when the dental wedge is interested into the interproximal space between adjacent teeth and exposed to a first transformation stimulus, namely exposure to the higher temperature in the interproximal space. The expansion force generated by the dental wedge when in the second, operational stage is sufficient to secure a dental matrix against the tooth being restored and to separate the tooth being restored and adjacent tooth to expand the interproximal space.. ... Dentsply International Inc

05/28/15 / #20150147725

Dental component, a dental fixture and a dental implant

The invention relates to a dental component, such as an abutment, an abutment replica, an abutment blank, a customized abutment, a scan abutment, a digital transfer coping, an impression pick-up element, a healing cap or a driver, comprises at least one first indexing element and at least one second indexing element having an apical end located apically of the apical end of said first indexing element, wherein the second indexing element is designed to present a play with mating features of a dental fixture. The invention also relates to a dental implant which comprises a dental component having first and second indexing elements and a dental fixture having third and fourth indexing elements, wherein any play between the first and third indexing elements is smaller than a play between the second and fourth indexing elements. ... Dentsply International Inc

05/21/15 / #20150141966

Catheter with partially slitted insertion aid

A tubular insertion aid for catheter manipulation is disclosed. The insertion aid is particularly suited for urinary catheters, such as hydrophilic urinary catheters for intermittent use. ... Dentsply International Inc

05/21/15 / #20150139405

Color coded dental x-ray positioning device

A positioning device for holding a dental x-ray imaging media during the taking of a dental x-ray includes an aiming ring, a bite block and a positioning arm extending therebetween. The bite block carries a journal or barrel for receiving a portion of the positioning arm therein such that the portion of the positioning arm thus received can rotate or move therein, such that the position between the bite block and the aiming ring can be selected in one of a plurality of positions corresponding to a position for taking one of a plurality of dental x-ray images. ... Dentsply International Inc

04/30/15 / #20150119488

Polymerizable resins containing a 1,3,5-hexahydro-1,3,5-triazine moiety, methods of making, and dental compositions containing the same

Disclosed herein are methods of making polymerizable resins containing a 1,3,5-hexahydro-1,3,5-triazine moiety and dental compositions comprising such novel hydrolytic stable, polymerizable resins derived from 1,3,5-triacryloyl-hexahydro-1,3,5-triazine (tat).. . ... Dentsply International Inc

04/30/15 / #20150118636

Foot pedal controller for dental scaler

A method for controlling a dental instrument includes a foot pedal responsive to commands from a user. An operating mode is selectable between normal and boost cycle. ... Dentsply International Inc

04/23/15 / #20150112314

Catheter with integrated insertion aid

A catheter, and preferably a urinary catheter, is disclosed, comprising an elongate shaft, an insertable end formed in or connected to one end of the elongate shaft, and a discharge end formed in or connected to the opposite end of the elongate shaft. Further, the catheter further comprises an insertion aid at least partly encircling the discharge end, and being integrally and releasably connected to the discharge end. ... Dentsply International Inc

04/16/15 / #20150105489

Dental compositions comprising bisacrylamides and use thereof

The invention concerns a dental composition comprising bisacrylamides that are polymerizable by free-radical polymerization and by michael-addition polymerization with amities. The application of polymerization and addition polymerization with amines opens the possibility to completely reacted materials that have no oxygen inhibited layers. ... Dentsply International Inc

04/09/15 / #20150099821

Dental composite compositions for reduced stress shrinkage

A dental composite composition is disclosed that includes a polymerizable resin, filler particles, and at least one polymerizable stable radical. A variety of polymerizable stable radicals may be employed, including those that have a 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinyl-1-oxyl moiety. ... Dentsply International Inc

04/09/15 / #20150099240

Set of fixtures, an implantation system and a method of selecting a fixture from a set of fixtures

The present invention relates to a set of fixtures for installation in bone tissue. Each fixture provides a static strain to the bone which is different from the static strain provided by the other fixtures of the set. ... Dentsply International Inc

03/12/15 / #20150072304

Ultrasonic dental scaler insert with ergonomic grip design

A dental insert (10) has a nozzle (30) supporting a grip sleeve (80). Nozzle 30 may include several components (31, 32, 33) that are assembled without the need for a weld. ... Dentsply International Inc

02/05/15 / #20150038634

Impact modified denture base compositions

The present invention provides a composition including at least one polymerizable liquid component having at least one rubber impact modifier; at least one polymerization initiator, and at least one polymer component.. . ... Dentsply International Inc

01/01/15 / #20150004556

Thin led film-based curing light system

Disclosed herein is a flexible and adaptable light-emitting system useful for a variety of dental uses. This flexible and/or adaptable curing light system enables the curing of any light-activated materials in a manner of immediate contact. ... Dentsply International Inc

01/01/15 / #20150001107

Catheter assembly with resealable opening

A medical device assembly is disclosed, comprising a medical device, preferably having a hydrophilic surface coating, and a package accommodating said medical device. The package if formed of two sheets of foil material, a first foil of which has been deep drawn into a trough shape, the package further comprising a resealable opening arranged within the bounds of the second foil. ... Dentsply International Inc

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