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Digimarc Corporation patents (2016 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Digimarc Corporation. Digimarc Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Digimarc Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Digimarc Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Intuitive computing methods and systems

In one particular aspect, a portable computing device (e.g., a tablet or smartphone) senses audio and/or image content from a user's environment, and initiates one or more recognition agents (e.g., performing image watermark recognition, image recognition, object recognition, facial recognition, barcode recognition, optical character recognition, audio watermark recognition, speech recognition, speaker recognition, or music recognition). Resource allocation to a recognition agent can be varied based on (a) progress of the recognition agent to achieve its recognition goal, and (b) user interest data indicating user interest in the output of the recognition agent. ... Digimarc Corporation

Methods and system for cue detection from audio input, low-power data processing and related arrangements

Methods and arrangements involving electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, wearable devices, etc., are disclosed. One arrangement involves a low-power processing technique for discerning cues from audio input. ... Digimarc Corporation

Methods and arrangements for identifying objects

In some arrangements, product packaging is digitally watermarked over most of its extent to facilitate high-throughput item identification at retail checkouts. Imagery captured by conventional or plenoptic cameras can be processed (e.g., by gpus) to derive several different perspective-transformed views—further minimizing the need to manually reposition items for identification. ... Digimarc Corporation

Image block selection for efficient time-limited decoding

Object recognition by point-of-sale camera systems is aided by first removing perspective distortion. Yet pose of the object—relative to the system—depends on actions of the operator, and is usually unknown. ... Digimarc Corporation

Steganographic encoding and decoding

This patent document relates generally to encoded information and digital watermarking. One claim recites an image capture device comprising: an optical system; an image sensor on a substrate for capturing imagery provided by the optical system, in which captured imagery includes encoded information, and in which the captured imagery comprises first color information, second color information and third color information; means for compressing the captured imagery captured by said image sensor; means for detecting the encoded information from the captured imagery, in which said detecting utilizes different color information weightings so that at least the first color information and the third color information are weighted differently than one another for detection of the encoded information; and means for providing the encoded information for output or display, once the encoded information is detected. ... Digimarc Corporation

Self-stabilizing network nodes in mobile discovery system

The disclosure relates to cloud-based mobile discovery networks. For example, a mobile discovery network may include a network responsive to successful watermark detection or fingerprint extraction. ... Digimarc Corporation

Smartphone-based methods and systems

Arrangements involving portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) are disclosed. One arrangement enables a content creator to select software with which that creator's content should be rendered—assuring continuity between artistic intention and delivery. ... Digimarc Corporation

Methods and systems for contextually processing imagery

Arrangements are detailed to process imagery of an object, captured by a camera, based on contextual data that at least partially characterizes a condition of the object when the imagery was captured. Contextual data can be obtained directly by a sensor or can be derived by pre-processing the captured imagery. ... Digimarc Corporation

Full color visibility model using csf which varies spatially with local luminance

The present disclosure relate generally to image signal processing, color science and signal encoding. One claim recites an apparatus including: an input for obtaining color image data; memory for storing a luminance contrast sensitivity function (csf1) and a chrominance contrast sensitivity function (csf2); means for degrading data representing color image data with the csf1 and the csf2 to predict visibility changes attributable to encoding plural-bit information in the obtained color image data, in which the csf1 varies depending on luminance values associated with local regions of the color image data, in which said means for degrading data representing color image data yields results for different image areas within the color image data, and in which the csf1 is used for degrading luminance data and the csf2 is used for degrading chrominance data; and means for altering the color image data by encoding plural-bit information therein, in which signal embedding strength of the encoding within the different image areas varies based on the results. ... Digimarc Corporation

Multi-mode audio recognition and auxiliary data encoding and decoding

Audio signal processing enhances audio watermark embedding and detecting processes. Audio signal processes include audio classification and adapting watermark embedding and detecting based on classification. ... Digimarc Corporation

Positioning systems for wireless networks

The invention provides a method of computing positioning of a mobile device in a wireless network. This positioning method exchanges packets between pairs of wi-fi nodes. ... Digimarc Corporation

Sparse modulation for robust signaling and synchronization

Sparse signal modulation schemes encode a data channel on a host image in a manner that is robust, flexible to achieve perceptual quality constraints, and provides improved data capacity. The host image is printed by any of a variety of means to apply the image, with sparse signal, to an object. ... Digimarc Corporation

Digital watermarking and data hiding with narrow-band absorption materials

The present disclosure relates to signal processing such as digital watermarking and data hiding. A sparse or dense digital watermark signal can be conveyed with a narrow-band absorption material corresponding to a center wavelength of a point of sale (pos) barcode scanner. ... Digimarc Corporation

Content recognition and synchronization using local caching

Supplemental network services are synchronized with a program using the program's audio signal. A synchronization method employs local caching of portions of a fingerprint database to manage network services for identifying which programs a user's mobile device is exposed to and the timing of events within the program. ... Digimarc Corporation

09/15/16 / #20160267620

Digital watermarking applications

In one aspect, assembly of multi-part food packaging is checked by reference to payloads of steganographically-encoded digital watermarks printed across plural components of the packaging. Marking all surfaces of the packaging components allows arbitrary orientation of feed stock in assembly equipment, and wide latitude in placement of inspection cameras along the packaging line. ... Digimarc Corporation

08/25/16 / #20160246878

Methods for identifying audio or video content

The disclosed technology generally relates to methods for identifying audio and video entertainment content. One claim recites network server comprising: an input for receiving data representing audio uploaded to said network server; memory for storing the data representing audio; one or more processors configured for processing the data representing audio to yield fingerprint data; memory for storing fingerprint data; one or more processors configured for: determining whether the fingerprint data incurs a potential match with the stored fingerprint data, the potential match indicating an unreliability in the match below a predetermined threshold; and issuing a call, upon a condition of unreliability in the match, requesting at least a first reviewer and a second reviewer to review the data representing audio; an interface for receiving results from the first reviewer and results from the second reviewer; and one or more processors configured for weighting results from the first reviewer differently than results from the second reviewer, and determining whether to allow public access to the data representing audio based at least in part on weighted results. ... Digimarc Corporation

08/11/16 / #20160232898

Context-based smartphone sensor logic

Methods employ sensors in portable devices (e.g., smartphones) both to sense content information (e.g., audio and imagery) and context information. Device processing is desirably dependent on both. ... Digimarc Corporation

08/11/16 / #20160232639

Detection from two chrominance directions

The present disclosure relates generally to signal processing, including processing digital watermarking. One claim recites a detector apparatus comprising: memory for storing data representing color image data comprising red color data and green color data, in which the red color data comprises digital watermarking including a first polarity and the green color data comprises the digital watermarking including a second polarity that is inversely related to the first polarity; means for selectively weighting the red color data and the green color data so that the digital watermarking is emphasized while image content is de-emphasized when weighted red color data and weighted green color data are combined; means for detecting the digital watermarking from combined, weighted red color data and weighted green color data; and more or more processors configured for outputting data corresponding to detected digital watermarking. ... Digimarc Corporation

07/28/16 / #20160217547

Differential modulation for robust signaling and synchronization

Differential modulation schemes encode a data channel within host signal or noisy environment in a manner that is robust, flexible to achieve perceptual quality constraints, and provides improved data capacity. Differential arrangements enable a decoder to suppress host signal or other background signal interference when detecting, synchronizing and extracting an encoded data channel. ... Digimarc Corporation

07/21/16 / #20160212103

Configuring, controlling and monitoring computers using mobile devices

A portable computing device captures imagery from a screen of a second computer, decodes information steganographically-encoded in the screen display, and uses the decoded information to establish a secure session with the second computer. Such technology enables a help-desk staffer to interact with a client's desktop computer, without touching the keyboard of the desktop computer, and without interrupting the client's work. ... Digimarc Corporation

07/07/16 / #20160198064

Spot color substitution for digital watermarking

The present disclosure relates generally to digital watermarking for spot colors. In one implementation a substitute spot color+cmy tint is selected to replace an original spot color. ... Digimarc Corporation

06/16/16 / #20160171744

Methods for object recognition and related arrangements

Methods and arrangements involving portable user devices such smartphones and wearable electronic devices are disclosed, as well as other devices and sensors distributed within an ambient environment. Some arrangements enable a user to perform an object recognition process in a computationally- and time-efficient manner. ... Digimarc Corporation

06/02/16 / #20160156805

Steganographic encoding and decoding

This patent document relates generally to steganography and digital watermarking. One claim recites an apparatus comprising: electronic memory for buffering samples corresponding to a digital image; means for analyzing a digital image relative to an expected workflow process, the expected workflow process comprising optical capture of a printed version of the digital image, the digital image comprising data representing process colors cmy; means for applying tone correction to the digital image, said means for applying yielding an altered digital image; means for transforming the altered digital image with digital watermarking, the digital watermarking conveying a plural-bit message; and a processor configured for providing the transformed, altered digital image. ... Digimarc Corporation

05/19/16 / #20160140681

Decoding a watermark and processing in response thereto

Watermark encoders and decoders can be integrated into operating systems, internet browsers, media players, and other applications and devices. Such integration enables the watermark-enabled application or device to provide additional functionality and information available via the watermark. ... Digimarc Corporation

05/12/16 / #20160132986

Signal processors and methods for estimating transformations between signals with least squares

Signal processing devices and methods estimate transforms between signals using a least squares technique. From a seed set of transform candidates, a direct least squares method applies a seed transform candidate to a reference signal and then measures correlation between the transformed reference signal and a suspect signal. ... Digimarc Corporation

05/12/16 / #20160132747

Histogram methods and systems for object recognition

A multidimensional histogram is used to characterize an image (or object), and is used to identify candidate matches with one or more reference images (or objects). An exemplary implementation employs hue information for two of the dimensions, and a second derivative function based on luminance for a third dimension. ... Digimarc Corporation

03/31/16 / #20160093011

Detecting encoded signals under adverse lighting conditions using adaptive signal detection

The present disclosure relates generally to signal detection adaptable to accommodate various lighting conditions, and to embedding signals according to anticipated lighting conditions likely to be present during image capture. One claim recites a portable apparatus comprising: a camera for capturing data representing imagery or video; a touchscreen display; and one or more processors. ... Digimarc Corporation

03/03/16 / #20160063821

Methods and arrangements for identifying objects

In some arrangements, product packaging is digitally watermarked over most of its extent to facilitate high-throughput item identification at retail checkouts. Imagery captured by conventional or plenoptic cameras can be processed (e.g., by gpus) to derive several different perspective-transformed views—further minimizing the need to manually reposition items for identification. ... Digimarc Corporation

03/03/16 / #20160063611

Methods and arrangements including data migration among computing platforms, e.g. through use of steganographic screen encoding

An illustrative implementation of the technology includes three primary components: a desktop application, a mobile phone application, and connections to retailer inventory and pricing apis (e.g., for walmart and/or best buy). The experience begins with the consumer going to an online retailer's website (e.g., amazon) to search for a product. ... Digimarc Corporation

02/18/16 / #20160048940

Digital watermarking in data representing color channels

The present disclosure relates to digital watermarking. One claim recites a method to detect two or more different digital watermarks in media. ... Digimarc Corporation

02/11/16 / #20160044460

Beacon methods and arrangements

Wireless beacons, such as short range bluetooth beacons, are combined with other technologies—including audio and image recognition technologies (e.g., fingerprint- or digital watermark-based)—to provide a variety of enhanced capabilities and services.. . ... Digimarc Corporation

02/04/16 / #20160035059

Methods involving maps, imagery, video and steganography

The disclosure describes methods and apparatus of providing steganographic indicia or digital watermarking in image or video data. One implementation provides a method of embedding a digital watermark in image data captured by an imager, with watermark embedding occurring on-chip with the imager. ... Digimarc Corporation

01/28/16 / #20160028878

Methods and arrangements employing sensor-equipped smart phones

The present technology concerns improvements to smart phones and related sensor-equipped systems. Some embodiments involve spoken clues, e.g., by which a user can assist a smart phone in identifying what portion of imagery captured by a smart phone camera should be processed, or identifying what type of image processing should be conducted. ... Digimarc Corporation

01/21/16 / #20160020900

Message key generation

The disclosure relates to message encoding. One claim recites an apparatus comprising: an input to receive a message key for transforming a plural-bit message, the message key having been generated through transforming a multi-bit seed with a randomizing process, and encoding the transformed multi-bit seed with error correction encoding, the transforming and encoding yielding the message key; electronic memory for storing a plural-bit message; and an electronic processor programmed for transforming the plural-bit message with the message key to yield a transformed message, and programmed as an encoder for encoding the transformed message key in data representing audio or imagery, thereby transforming the data representing audio or imagery. ... Digimarc Corporation

01/14/16 / #20160014297

Salient point-based arrangements

A variety of methods and systems involving sensor-equipped portable devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, are described. One particular embodiment decodes a digital watermark from imagery captured by the device and, by reference to watermark payload data, obtains salient point data corresponding to an object depicted in the imagery. ... Digimarc Corporation

01/14/16 / #20160012563

Arrangements for increasing detection confidence

In one embodiment, a first set of digital data (e.g., an image) is tested for the presence of a certain feature (e.g., a certain face), yielding one of two outcomes (e.g., not-present, or present). If the testing yields the first outcome, no additional testing is performed. ... Digimarc Corporation

01/07/16 / #20160005278

Mobile devices and methods employing haptics

A variety of haptic improvements useful in mobile devices are detailed. In one, a smartphone captures image data from a physical object, and discerns an object identifier from the imagery (e.g., using watermark, barcode, or fingerprint techniques). ... Digimarc Corporation

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