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Dresser Inc patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Dresser Inc. Dresser Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Dresser Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Dresser Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/26/15 / #20150337977

Device to provide failsafe mechanism on a valve actuator assembly

Embodiments of a safety device that provides a failsafe mechanism on valve actuator assemblies. This failsafe mechanism operates in the event of power loss, or other problems and/or failures, that prevent operation of the drive components. ... Dresser Inc

11/05/15 / #20150316192

Flow restrictor having multiple flow modifying regions

A flow restrictor for use on a pilot operated relief valve (porv) assembly with a pilot valve that regulates operation of a main valve to reduce pressure in a system or vessel. In one embodiment, the flow restrictor is configured with a plurality of flow modifying regions, namely, a first region and a second region that is spaced apart from the first region. ... Dresser Inc

11/05/15 / #20150314152

Purge and pressurization system with feedback control

An air purge and pressurization system that utilizes a variable speed fan and a feedback loop to optimize system operation is described herein. In one embodiment, such a system can include an enclosed container located in an area classified as hazardous, a controller rated for operation within the hazardous area, and a pressure sensor located within the container and coupled to the controller. ... Dresser Inc

10/29/15 / #20150309702

Method and system for generating a user interface for device diagnostics of a valve assembly and implementation thereof

A system with a server configured to generate data for display on a first computing device. The server configured to receive a query over a network from a web browser launched on the first computing device and to generate an output with data for transmission over the network to the first computing device. ... Dresser Inc

10/29/15 / #20150308459

Gas takeoff isolation system

A fluid takeoff assembly for a motor-compressor is provided and includes an outer pipe having an inlet and an outlet, and an inner pipe defining a fluid passage extending from an open axial end toward a closed axial end thereof and a radial opening fluidly coupled with the fluid passage. The inner pipe may be disposed in the outer pipe such that the open axial end and the closed axial end are oriented toward the outlet and the inlet, respectively, and the inner and outer pipes define an annular space therebetween. ... Dresser Inc

10/22/15 / #20150300550

Devices and methods for heating fuel hoses and nozzles

Various exemplary devices and methods for heating fuel hoses and nozzles are provided. In general, the devices and methods for heating fuel hoses and nozzles can be configured to heat fluid dispensable by a user into a fuel tank or other type of container. ... Dresser Inc

10/22/15 / #20150298961

Devices and methods for heating fuel hoses and nozzles

Various exemplary devices and methods for heating fuel hoses and nozzles are provided. In general, the devices and methods for heating fuel hoses and nozzles can be configured to heat fluid dispensable by a user into a fuel tank or other type of container. ... Dresser Inc

10/01/15 / #20150276307

System and method for the production of liquefied natural gas

A method for producing liquefied natural gas (lng) and separating natural gas liquids (ngls) from the lng is provided. The method may include compressing natural gas to compressed natural gas, removing a non-hydrocarbon from the compressed natural gas, and cooling the compressed natural gas to a cooled, compressed natural gas. ... Dresser Inc

10/01/15 / #20150276087

Method for determining amplitude of stick-slip on a valve assembly and implementation thereof

A method for processing operating data (e.g., position, setpoint, and pressure) for a valve assembly. The method is configured to associate characteristics of operation for the valve assembly with a root cause and/or a contributing factor. ... Dresser Inc

09/10/15 / #20150252909

Low head to stem ratio poppet valve

A valve member for a poppet valve is provided. The valve member may include a valve stem, a valve head, a face formed on the valve head, a sealing surface disposed between the face and the perimeter of the valve head, a tapered socket, and a bevel. ... Dresser Inc

08/20/15 / #20150233580

Gas turbine combustion acoustic damping system

A gas turbine may include a rotatable shaft, a compressor disposed about the rotatable shaft and configured to output compressed air, and a combustor disposed about the rotatable shaft. The combustor may be configured to receive the compressed air and output high temperature compressed gas. ... Dresser Inc

08/20/15 / #20150233339

Turbine with radial inlet and outlet and multi-element guide vanes for oscillating flows

An oscillating water column (owc) turbine and method of extracting energy therefrom is provided. The owc turbine includes a shaft (101) rotatable about a central axis (103), and first and second ports (112, 114) disposed around the central axis. ... Dresser Inc

08/13/15 / #20150226089

Grid valve assembly

A grid valve assembly for a steam turbine is provided. The grid valve assembly may include an annular stationary member disposed between an upstream stage and a downstream stage of the steam turbine. ... Dresser Inc

07/30/15 / #20150211787

System and method for the production of liquefied natural gas

A system and method for producing liquefied natural gas are provided. The method may include compressing a process stream containing natural gas in a compression assembly to produce a compressed process stream. ... Dresser Inc

07/23/15 / #20150204455

Grid valve apparatus

A grid valve may include an annular stationary plate having a first annular surface, and an annular rotatable plate disposed on the annular stationary plate and rotatable relative to the annular stationary plate. The annular rotatable plate may have a second annular surface, and each of the annular stationary plate and the annular rotatable plate may define a plurality of holes in the respective annular surfaces thereof. ... Dresser Inc

07/23/15 / #20150204232

Electronic pre-chamber injector

A solenoid valve for a pre-chamber of an internal combustion engine is provided. The solenoid valve may include a valve body defining an inlet port fluidly coupled with a fuel line, an outlet port fluidly coupled with the pre-chamber, and a passage fluidly coupling the inlet port with the outlet port. ... Dresser Inc

07/09/15 / #20150192172

Coast down bushing for magnetic bearing systems

A coast down bushing having a plurality of grooves formed in the inner radial surface thereof. Each groove is filled with a lubricating insert or plug to reduce the contact friction between a rotating shaft and the bushing during coast down or during a rotor shock event or excursion.. ... Dresser Inc

07/02/15 / #20150184539

Compact compression system with integral heat exchangers

Apparatus for housing a rotatable component and exchanging heat and methods for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The apparatus includes a first casing and a second casing spaced apart from the first casing and defining a gap therebetween. ... Dresser Inc

06/25/15 / #20150176722

Methods to improve online diagnostics of valve assemblies on a process line and implementation thereof

Embodiments of a method and a system, which is configured to implement the method, to process data from one or more valve assemblies found e.g., on a process line. These embodiments can generate a listing that identifies how network/system bandwidth is allocated for the collection of data from the valve assemblies. ... Dresser Inc

06/25/15 / #20150176721

System and method for identifying data useful for valve diagnostics

Embodiments of systems and methods that can facilitate data collection for valve diagnostics. The systems can include a valve assembly with a valve and a sampling device that is configured to access a repository with a first buffer and a second buffer. ... Dresser Inc

06/11/15 / #20150159692

Tilt pad bearing with through-pivot lubrication

A tilt pad bearing may include a support structure having first and second support structure surfaces. A pivot may have first and second pivot surfaces, and the first pivot surface may be coupled to the second support structure surface. ... Dresser Inc

06/11/15 / #20150159662

Efficient and reliable subsea compression system

A system, method, and apparatus for compressing a process fluid are provided. The system includes a sealed housing configured to be submerged in a body of water, and a compressor disposed in the sealed housing and including a compressor casing, the compressor being configured to compress a process fluid. ... Dresser Inc

06/04/15 / #20150152874

Valve cover geometry

A closure device for monitoring leakage of a process fluid through a bore of a compressor casing is provided. The closure device may include a body configured to be detachably coupled with the compressor casing about the bore of the compressor. ... Dresser Inc

06/04/15 / #20150151230

Bladed drum for rotary separator system

A separator method and apparatus that includes a rotatable drum defining an annular passageway therein, a plurality of blades coupled to the rotatable drum and located in the annular passageway, each of the plurality of blades including a leading section, a trailing section, a concave surface, and a convex surface, the concave and convex surfaces extending from the leading section to the trailing section, each of the plurality of blades disposed circumferentially adjacent to at least another one of the plurality of blades so as to define blade flowpaths therebetween, and a housing at least partially surrounding the rotatable drum and defining a fluid collection chamber fluidly communicating with the annular passageway.. . ... Dresser Inc

05/21/15 / #20150136247

System and method to monitor characteristics of an operating fluid in a process line

A system that provides localized monitoring of characteristics of instrument gas that a valve assembly uses to modulate the flow of a working fluid. The system includes components that generate an output in response to, for example, particulates, humidity, temperature, and other characteristics of the instrument gas. ... Dresser Inc

05/07/15 / #20150125261

Valve sequencing system and method for controlling turbomachine acoustic signature

A system and method for controlling the acoustic signature of a turbomachine having a plurality of valves wherein an operating load is identified and an arc of admission across a plurality of nozzles is associated therewith. A valve sequencing scheme is selected and implemented to activate the arc of admission for a particular operating load so as to minimize valve noise by adjusting valves simultaneously rather than consecutively.. ... Dresser Inc

04/16/15 / #20150105909

Chemical injection system

A chemical injection system includes a pump in fluid communication with a chemical reservoir and a pipeline; a motor coupled to the pump and adapted to drive the pump to transfer a chemical fluid from the reservoir to the pipeline; a motor controller electrically coupled to a power module and the motor and adapted to adjust a rotational speed of the motor; and a central controller communicably coupled to the motor controller and a remote computing device. The controller includes a translator adapted to receive a signal from the remote computing device in a first communication protocol and translate the signal from the remote computing device to a command in a second communication protocol distinct from the first communication protocol, where the command is operable to adjust the motor controller to adjust the rotational speed of the motor.. ... Dresser Inc

04/16/15 / #20150104290

Supersonic compressor with separator

A fluid processing device may include a rotatable shaft, a driver configured to drive the rotatable shaft, a separator installed on the rotatable shaft, and a supersonic compressor fluidly communicating with the separator.. . ... Dresser Inc

04/16/15 / #20150102252

Apparatus for setting and verifying set point on a valve assembly

Embodiments of an apparatus that provide functions to set and to verify the set point of a valve assembly in a single device. These embodiments forgo the need to use of two separate devices, one each to accomplish the tasks to set the set point and to verify the set point. ... Dresser Inc

03/26/15 / #20150086326

Method for optimizing performance of a compressor using inlet guide vanes and drive speed and implementation thereof

A method for optimizing performance of a compressor by adjusting the position of an inlet guide vane and the speed of a drive unit. In one embodiment, the method can compare measured values for operating flow rate and operating pressure for a combination of operating settings for the position and the speed against threshold values for each of these measured values. ... Dresser Inc

03/19/15 / #20150078880

Support assembly for a turbomachine

A support assembly and method for supporting an internal assembly in a casing of a turbomachine are provided. The support assembly may include a support member that may be slidably disposed in a recess formed in the internal assembly and configured to engage an inner surface of the casing. ... Dresser Inc

03/12/15 / #20150071760

Acoustic resonators for compressors

A compressor and a method for reducing acoustic energy generated in the compressor are provided. The compressor may include a housing defining a fluid pathway and a shunt hole fluidly coupling the fluid pathway with another component of the compressor. ... Dresser Inc

03/05/15 / #20150064026

Motor cooling system manifold

. . A cooling system for a motor-compressor and a method for cooling the motor-compressor are provided. The cooling system may include a discharge assembly having a hub portion disposed radially outward of a rotary shaft of the motor-compressor. ... Dresser Inc

03/05/15 / #20150060438

Apparatus for refurbishing a gas turbine nozzle

A gas turbine nozzle can be refurbished to reduce downstream deflection. The outer shroud of the gas turbine nozzle is held in a fixture, and then the nozzle is heated. ... Dresser Inc

02/19/15 / #20150052512

System and method for updating firmware across devices in a process facility

Embodiments of a system and method to update firmware across multiple devices in a process facility using a single domain of a foundation fieldbus protocol. In one embodiment, the system has a receiving device that couples with a pair of target devices, e.g., a first target device and a second target device. ... Dresser Inc

02/19/15 / #20150052269

Method of sampling and storing data and implementation thereof

Embodiments of methods that are useful to avoid overflow in fixed-length buffers. In one embodiment, the methods dynamically adjust parameters (e.g., sample time) and reconfigure data in the buffer to allow new data samples to fit in the buffer. ... Dresser Inc

02/12/15 / #20150043848

Thermal barrier coating for bearing journal surfaces of rotary shafts

A rotary shaft and method for reducing non-uniform heating thereof are provided. The rotary shaft may include a tubular body having a longitudinal axis extending therethrough. ... Dresser Inc

02/12/15 / #20150041000

System to monitor performance of packing material in a seal

Embodiments of a system that can detect leaks that occur in seals, and in one example, to seals found in a valve. In one embodiment, the system utilizes sensors that measure fluid properties of a sample volume proximate to the seal. ... Dresser Inc

01/29/15 / #20150032270

Spectral analysis based detector for a control valve

Systems and methods for diagnosing components of a control system are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the spectral content of various signals originating from a control valve is used to detect periodic patterns that can correspond to valve problems.. ... Dresser Inc

01/22/15 / #20150020905

Valve assembly having dual functionality for directional control of a piston on a fluid actuated device

Embodiments of a directional valve assembly that provides a single device with functionality of a two-position design for automated operation and functionality of a three-position design for manual operation. The embodiments can include a housing with a piston chamber and a spool member that transits in the housing to regulate the flow of a working fluid to a cylinder. ... Dresser Inc

01/15/15 / #20150016988

Seal for a high-pressure turbomachine

An annular seal is provided for use in a turbomachine. The annular seal may form a generally rectangular cross-section and may include an outer radial surface forming an outer sealing surface and defining at least one annular groove and a plurality of slots spaced circumferentially about the outer radial surface. ... Dresser Inc

01/15/15 / #20150013786

Valve positioner having bypass component and control valve comprised thereof

Embodiments of a valve positioner that can maintain operation of the control valve despite failures in one or more components. These embodiments reduce downtime by allowing in-situ repair to occur on the valve positioner. ... Dresser Inc

01/01/15 / #20150006091

System and method for filtering noise from acoustic energy from a valve

Embodiments of systems and methods that can filter acoustic energy from sources remote from the valve. These embodiments utilize signals from sensors that manifest acoustic energy from various locations on and/or about the valves. ... Dresser Inc

01/01/15 / #20150001432

Device for sealing a valve

Embodiments of a seal element for use in a trim assembly that allow valves and, in particular, balance control valves to meet high-temperature and shut-off requirements. These embodiments can engage and disengage a cage element and a plug element of the trim assembly, thereby creating a seal that prevents leaks of working fluid that can compromise operation of the valve. ... Dresser Inc

01/01/15 / #20150001431

Valve with force generating element

Embodiments of a force generating element that can broaden the application of valves and, in particular, pilot-operated valves to include applications that have extreme operating temperatures. These improvements forgo use of o-rings (and like elastomeric devices) in lieu of more durable and robust seals (e.g., metal-to-metal contact). ... Dresser Inc

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