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Ford Motor Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ford Motor Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ford Motor Company, we're just tracking patents.

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Updating shifting profiles for adaptive transmissions

A computer having a processor and memory that stores instructions executable by the processor, wherein the computer is programmed to: receive adaptive transmission clutch data from a plurality of first vehicles, the data from each first vehicle including a modified shifting profile; determine, using the received data, an updated initial shifting profile; and provide the updated initial profile to a plurality of second vehicles.. . ... Ford Motor Company

Glass substrate with pigmented ceramic enamel layer

A vehicle windshield assembly including a glass layer, a first layer, and a second layer is disclosed. The glass layer has inner and outer surfaces. ... Ford Motor Company

Insert to reduce weld line appearance defect in injection molding

A molded part and methods of forming the part are provided by the present disclosure. The molded part defines adjacent outer surfaces and includes at least one weld line extending between the adjacent outer surfaces. ... Ford Motor Company

3d-printed conformal cooling for hot stamping casted die inserts

A mold assembly for a hot stamping die is provided. The mold assembly includes a mold having a body defining a cavity and a removable channel insert. ... Ford Motor Company

Fluid application system adapted to collect and reuse reclaimed fluid

A fluid application system includes a source of a fluid and a first pump for supplying the fluid under pressure to an applicator having a nozzle for dispensing the fluid. A fluid collection system collects reclaimed fluid dispensed from the applicator and a second pump provides the reclaimed fluid under pressure to a return fluid pipe. ... Ford Motor Company

Motor vehicle with a mobile vehicle seat

The disclosure concerns a motor vehicle with a mobile vehicle seat. The seat includes a frame that forms a seating surface and a backrest. ... Ford Motor Company

Precision air flow routing devices and method for thermal spray coating applications

An apparatus for controlling deposition of material from a plasma transferred wire arc (ptwa) torch within a bore is provided. The apparatus includes a duct and a plurality of cannons. ... Ford Motor Company

Driver assistance system

A driver assistance system supports a driver of a vehicle during a parking procedure. Using the driver assistance system, automatic display and finding an available parking space is performed at a desired destination, automatic transfer to a memory of data relating to the vehicle position is performed after carrying out the parking procedure, wherein these data are retrievable by a mobile communication device of the driver to relocate the vehicle, and automatic payment for the parking procedure is performed before the vehicle drives out of a parking area, which has the parking space.. ... Ford Motor Company

Three-dimensional printed tooling for high pressure die cast tooling

A high pressure casting die is disclosed. The high pressure casting die may include a die half that defines a recessed area and a build plate that may nest within the recessed area of the die half. ... Ford Motor Company

Tool for quick connect fuel connector

A quick connect tool is configured to connect male and female ends of a quick connect fuel or oil connector of an automobile. The tool includes a pair of handles pivotally coupled to each other. ... Ford Motor Company

Method to chase weld lines by timing and positioning of gates

An apparatus and method for eliminating mold lines when molding a part having ferromagnetic pigments is provided. A mold assembly having a mold with a cavity and valve gates is formed. ... Ford Motor Company

Method to transport goods, goods-carrying rail vehicle, and goods terminal

The present disclosure relates to an autonomous rail transport system with the aid of a rail network. The rail transport system according to the disclosure comprises at least one autonomous goods-carrying rail vehicle and at least two autonomous goods terminals. ... Ford Motor Company

Mobility system that charges a drive battery of an electrically drivable motor vehicle

A mobility system includes an electrically drivable motor vehicle and an electrically drivable battery transport cart. A rechargeable drive battery of the motor vehicle is received in the battery transport cart. ... Ford Motor Company

Fuel cell freeze protection device and system

A fuel cell system including a fuel cell stack, a coolant loop and a thermal battery. The coolant loop is configured to flow a coolant liquid therethrough. ... Ford Motor Company

08/02/18 / #20180216651

Hybrid metal plastic shear fastener

A hybrid metal plastic shear fastener bolt. The bolt includes a metal body having a first end and an opposing second end including a head and including a threaded shaft extending from the first end towards the second end along a longitudinal bolt axis. ... Ford Motor Company

08/02/18 / #20180215305

Motor vehicle with compartment and lift to receive rolling appliance

A motor vehicle has an internal compartment for housing a rolling appliance (such an and unmanned ground vehicle) that is operable separately from the motor vehicle. A lift mechanism is secured to or within the vehicle adjacent to the compartment and is movable between a lowered condition wherein it alternatively receives/engages the rolling appliance when the rolling appliance is located beneath the compartment, and a raised condition wherein it has lifted the rolling appliance into the compartment, thereby moving the rolling appliance between the ground and the compartment. ... Ford Motor Company

08/02/18 / #20180215058

Mechanical roughening profile modification

Tools and methods for forming modified mechanical roughening profiles are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, an engine block is provided including a body defining a cylinder bore having a bore surface. ... Ford Motor Company

08/02/18 / #20180214927

Method for production of sheet metal components

A process includes producing a group of automotive components by forming components having various global geometries via a common tooling configured to bend a blank sheet of metal to create a variable cross section profile, forming an addendum as an integral portion of each formed component, and altering the global geometries in a series of incremental deformations to create local geometries while each component is affixed to a deforming machine via the addendum.. . ... Ford Motor Company

07/19/18 / #20180201305

Adaptive steering torque control

Methods and systems for analyzing and/or calibrating an adaptive steering system are disclosed. One method may include rotating a hub that is configured to engage a steering shaft over a predetermined range of hub angles using a gear and an internal electric motor in response to a control signal. ... Ford Motor Company

07/12/18 / #20180197440

Method and device for evaluating driving behavior

A method and apparatus for teaching and/or evaluating driving behavior of a driver of an autonomous-capable vehicle. The vehicle is operated in a manual-control mode wherein a driver has manual control, and a communication device (audio speaker, visual display, etc.) issues an instruction to the driver to perform a task. ... Ford Motor Company

07/12/18 / #20180196421

Method for secure transfer of an unaccompanied person by autonomous vehicle

A method of operating a self-driving (autonomous) motor vehicle to transport a passenger who requires supervision. An authorization of a sender to operate the vehicle is checked and, if authorized, the sender provides instructions to a vehicle control unit to designate a destination and one or more authorization criterion that must be met by a recipient in order to unlock the vehicle and take custody of the passenger at the destination. ... Ford Motor Company

07/12/18 / #20180194422

Convertible scooter for carrying cargo

A scooter has a load-carrying deck, a steering rod for steering a front wheel, two outriggers arranged on opposite sides to be pivotable between retracted stowed positions and extended support positions. Each outrigger has a wheel mounted movably on the outrigger to move between a stowed position and a ground-contacting support position. ... Ford Motor Company

07/12/18 / #20180194383

Motorized shopping trolley

A motorized shopping trolley has a frame and two wheels which are driven by a drivetrain. A handle for pulling and/or pushing the trolley is provided with a force sensor which detects a force acting on the handle when being pulled or pushed. ... Ford Motor Company

07/05/18 / #20180187589

Vehicle exhaust isolator

An isolator is disclosed for attaching an exhaust system to a frame pin on a vehicle frame. The isolator includes a vibration damping body that defines a frame pin receiving opening and an exhaust pin receiving opening. ... Ford Motor Company

06/28/18 / #20180178867

Closure member and body opening alignment verification system

A method is disclosed for verifying the alignment of a door with a door opening defined by a vehicle body sub-assembly. Sets of two-way sensors and a four-way sensors are used to locate feature, or hole, locations including a master hole location on the body/side. ... Ford Motor Company

06/21/18 / #20180169774

Blanking and trim die including an integrated power grinding tool

An apparatus for trimming a sheet metal panel in a die set. A grinding tool including a grinding wheel driven by a rotary drive is used to grind away a shear affected zone from the trimmed edge formed by the trim steel. ... Ford Motor Company

06/07/18 / #20180155577

Method of utilizing thin film pressure sensitive strips to measure pressure applied to a seal

A method of assembling a door on a vehicle begins by identifying critical fit areas between the door seal and the door frame. Pressure indicator tape is adhered to the seal in critical fit areas and the door is closed against the seal to produce a marking on the pressure indicator tape. ... Ford Motor Company

05/24/18 / #20180143088

Method of improving the fit between mating surfaces utilizing a thin and flexible sensor

A method and system for measuring pressure in critical fit areas in the seal gap between a closure member and an opening defined by a vehicle. Critical contact pressure areas are identified and pressure profile data is measured across an area of surface contact in the seal gap with a thin strip-shaped electronic sensor. ... Ford Motor Company

05/24/18 / #20180141135

Groover with peening flanks

According to one aspect of this disclosure, a grooving tool is provided. The grooving tool has a body with a plurality of recesses. ... Ford Motor Company

05/17/18 / #20180137615

High speed, flexible pretreatment process measurement scanner

Methods for evaluating development of a foreign material include exposing a test vehicle element to conditions causing development of a foreign material and determining a color pattern of one or more captured test vehicle element images. The test vehicle element images may be captured before and/or during and/or after the test vehicle element is exposed to the conditions. ... Ford Motor Company

05/10/18 / #20180127860

Artificial aging of strained sheet metal for strength uniformity

Methods of heat treating aluminum alloys are disclosed. The method may include forming a sheet of solution heat-treated, quenched, and aged 6xxx series aluminum having a sheet average yield strength of at least 100 mpa into a component. ... Ford Motor Company

05/10/18 / #20180126892

Motor vehicle

A motor vehicle having an auxiliary stowage compartment for transporting a compact scooter. The motor vehicle having an engine compartment, a passenger compartment, a luggage compartment in addition to the auxiliary stowage compartment. ... Ford Motor Company

05/10/18 / #20180126859

Charging device for supplying electrical charging energy

The disclosure relates to a charging device that supplies electrical charging energy for electrical energy stores of mobile electrical consumer units. The mobile electrical consumer units have at least one electrical energy storage unit and at least one charging interface via which electrical charging energy can be transferred from the energy storage unit to an energy store of a mobile electrical consumer unit. ... Ford Motor Company

05/03/18 / #20180117811

Injection molding method with metallic pigment using magnetic field

An apparatus for molding a part having ferromagnetic pigments is provided by the present disclosure. A magnetic field, generated by an electromagnet, is set up adjacent a wall of the part cavity that will define an a-surface of the part. ... Ford Motor Company

04/05/18 / #20180093617

Mobility unit, motor vehicle, carrier, and small vehicle

There is provided a carrier that fits on a motor vehicle and receives a small vehicle. The carrier includes a console on which the small vehicle can be arranged. ... Ford Motor Company

03/29/18 / #20180086347

Methods and apparatus for adaptively assisting developmentally disabled or cognitively impaired drivers

Methods and apparatus for adaptively assisting developmentally disabled or cognitively impaired drivers are disclosed. An apparatus comprises a user interface. ... Ford Motor Company

02/15/18 / #20180045352

Method of making an inline housing for a part enclosed in a tube

A method is disclosed for making a duct assembly including an internal component part such as a silencer is disclosed. The duct assembly may be made in a blow-molding operation in which first and second duct parts are formed from a single parison as a combined part that is then split apart to receive a component part in a housing and subsequently closed by a closure part. ... Ford Motor Company

02/01/18 / #20180034075

Porous inserts for improved coolant distribution in bipolar plate assemblies for fuel cells

Certain fuel cell designs employ bipolar plate assemblies with internal coolant flow fields which comprise a coolant channel region and transition regions adjacent the coolant channel region. The temperature and/or pressure drop, and hence flow, of coolant over the coolant channel region can be non-uniform however, and this can have an adverse effect on cell performance. ... Ford Motor Company

02/01/18 / #20180029265

Silicone over-molded glazing article and method of manufacturing the article

A window including a layer of optically clear structural polymer core and two layers of optically clear silicone applied to first and second sides of the core. A method is disclosed for manufacturing a window that comprises injection molding a layer of optically clear structural polymer and solidifying the structural polymer core. ... Ford Motor Company

02/01/18 / #20180029105

Method of machining an opening in a plurality of blanks

A method and a system are disclosed for making an article of manufacture from a blank defining an internal opening. A stack of blanks are aligned and the internal openings of the blanks in the stack of blanks are machined by a rotary cutting tool to a finished dimension. ... Ford Motor Company

01/18/18 / #20180017608

Electrical in-system process control tester

A tester apparatus includes a wireless network interface and a device-under-test interface; and a processor, in communication with the network interface and the device-under-test interface. The processor is programmed to identify parameters of an electrical test from a remote server via the wireless network interface, perform the electrical test to an assembly electrically connected to the device-under-test interface, and report results of the electrical test to the remote server via the wireless network interface. ... Ford Motor Company

01/18/18 / #20180017016

Casting assembly and method to provide magnetic retention for over-molded inserts in die cast tooling

An exemplary casting assembly for an engine block includes, among other things, an insert and at least one magnet configured to retain the insert in a predefined position within an engine block mold cavity. An exemplary engine block casting method includes, among other things, positioning at least one insert in a mold cavity, retaining the insert in position with at least one magnet, introducing material into the mold cavity to form an engine block, and solidifying the material to secure the insert within the engine block.. ... Ford Motor Company

01/11/18 / #20180009018

Collapsible spacer and spacing method for forming

An exemplary die assembly includes a die member, a blankholder, and a collapsible spacer moveable back-and-forth between an extended position and a collapsed position. The collapsible spacer establishing a first gap between the die member and the blankholder in the extended position. ... Ford Motor Company

01/04/18 / #20180003590

Chock assembly

A chock assembly for a vehicle test rig includes a guide member, a chock, and a securing member. The chock is coupled to the guide member, and the securing member is configured to secure the guide member to the vehicle test rig. ... Ford Motor Company

12/14/17 / #20170356484

Fastener assembly

A fastener assembly for a motor vehicle is provided. The fastener assembly comprises a fastener configured to couple a first component to a second component of the motor vehicle, the fastener comprising a shank configured to be received within a bore of the first component; and a retaining member, the retaining member being couplable to the fastener and the first component, the retaining member comprising an opening configured to receive the fastener shank and to provide a resistance against the removal of the fastener shank from the bore of the first component, wherein the retaining member comprises a deformable portion configured to deform from a first state to a second state by virtue of the operating environment of the first component such that the fastener may be removed from the bore when the deformable portion is in the second state following operation of the motor vehicle.. ... Ford Motor Company

12/07/17 / #20170349722

Acetaldehyde scavenger treatment

A method of reducing aldehyde concentration in a vehicle cabin air, the method includes applying a solution comprising aldehyde scavenger(s) onto an outer surface of a foam article located or to be located within a vehicle cabin to form a top layer of the article such that aldehyde species are trapped within the article and prevented from being released into the cabin air.. . ... Ford Motor Company

12/07/17 / #20170349716

Acetaldehyde scavenger treatment

A method of forming a vehicle interior foam article, the method including applying a mold release agent onto an inner surface of a mold, delivering a solution having aldehyde scavenger(s) to the mold such that a reaction of the aldehyde scavenger(s) with the mold release agent is prevented, delivering a foam material into the mold, and casting the article.. . ... Ford Motor Company

11/30/17 / #20170343038

Laser hardened crankshaft

An automotive shaft includes a journal having a crest-to-crest contact surface area defined by and between undercut regions of the shaft, an entirety of the crest-to-crest contact surface area being laser hardened to a depth no greater than 1 mm to form a layer that does not contain unhardened portions.. . ... Ford Motor Company

11/30/17 / #20170341678

Steering wheel assembly

A steering wheel assembly includes a steer-by-wire steering wheel and a central axis about which the steering wheel rotates to control the direction of travel of a motor vehicle. The steering wheel assembly also includes (a) a support arm, the steering wheel being coupled to a first end of the support arm so as to permit rotation of the steering wheel about the central axis of the steering wheel and (b) an interior trim portion, wherein the second end of the support arm is slidably coupled to a track of the interior trim portion. ... Ford Motor Company

11/23/17 / #20170338496

Electrode catalyst layer for fuel cell, and fuel cell membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell using the catalyst layer

Provided is a catalyst layer for fuel cell which has a high catalytic activity and enables maintaining the high catalytic activity. Disclosed is an electrode catalyst layer for fuel cell including a catalyst containing a catalyst carrier having carbon as a main component and a catalytic metal supported on the catalyst carrier, and a polymer electrolyte having a sulfonic acid group (—so3h) as an ion exchange group, in which the catalyst has the r′ (d′/g intensity ratio) of 0.6 or less, which is the ratio of d′ band peak intensity (d′ intensity) measured in the vicinity of 1620 cm−1 relative to g band peak intensity (g intensity) measured in the vicinity of 1580 cm−1 by raman spectroscopy, and has bet specific surface area of 900 m2/g catalyst carrier or more, and mole number of a sulfonic acid group in the polymer electrolyte relative to weight of the catalyst carrier is 0.7 mmol/g or more and 1.0 mmol/g or less.. ... Ford Motor Company

11/23/17 / #20170337618

Vehicle refueling management

Data is received from each of a plurality of vehicles in a group of vehicles indicating fuel consumption of each vehicle over a past period of time. An aggregate fuel consumption for the vehicles, and one or more fuel prices, is predicted for a future period of time. ... Ford Motor Company

11/16/17 / #20170331134

Electrode catalyst layer for fuel cell, method for producing the same, and membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell using the catalyst layer

Provided is an electrode catalyst layer excellent in gas transportability by using an electrode catalyst layer for fuel cell comprising a catalyst containing a catalyst carrier and a catalytic metal carried on the catalyst carrier and an electrolyte, wherein the catalyst partially is coated with the electrolyte, and a specific surface area of the catalytic metal which gas can reach without passing through an electrolyte is 50% or more, with respect to the total specific surface area of the catalytic metal.. . ... Ford Motor Company

11/16/17 / #20170326648

Stamping die adjustment method

A method of adjusting a stamping die is provided. The method includes providing a two-sided stamping die configured to form parts from sheet metal blanks according to a desired geometry upon closing the die, adjusting the desired geometry of the part, and repeatedly depositing layer upon layer of material onto a first side of the die in a stacked configuration to modify the geometry of the first side of the die such that the die forms parts from sheet metal blanks according to the adjusted desired geometry.. ... Ford Motor Company

10/26/17 / #20170309924

Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell with improved voltage reversal tolerance

In solid polymer electrolyte fuel cells, an oxygen evolution reaction (oer) catalyst may be incorporated at the anode along with the primary hydrogen oxidation catalyst for purposes of tolerance to voltage reversal. Incorporating this oer catalyst in a layer at the interface between the anode's primary hydrogen oxidation anode catalyst and its gas diffusion layer can provide greatly improved tolerance to voltage reversal for a given amount of oer catalyst. ... Ford Motor Company

10/26/17 / #20170304977

Method and apparatus for manufacturing a transmission case

A method of manufacturing a transmission case housing is provided wherein a minimum quantity of lubrication as a compressed air/oil mist is supplied as the housing is rough bored and face milled. The transmission case defines a plurality of transmission fluid drainage holes for draining transmission fluid from the transmission when installed in a vehicle. ... Ford Motor Company

10/12/17 / #20170292896

Portable aeroacoustic wind tunnel and method of testing a vehicle for wind noise

A portable aeroacoustic wind tunnel includes a modular building structure. The wind tunnel is assembled together on-site at an assembly plant outdoors and on the ground and disassembled into sub-assemblies for transportation. ... Ford Motor Company

10/05/17 / #20170282259

Interpolated milling tools and methods

Milling tools and methods are disclosed. The method may include moving a milling tool having at least two axially spaced apart sets of cutting inserts to an axial position within a bore in a material and rotating the milling tool about a longitudinal axis. ... Ford Motor Company

09/21/17 / #20170266716

Rivet tape mending process and system

A method for repairing rivet tape includes steps of cutting portions of the rivet tape on each side of a break to define at least three aligned coplanar rivet tape edges, abutting the at least three aligned coplanar rivet tape edges to define a seam, and joining the at least three aligned coplanar rivet tape edges to one another. The seam may define a z shape. ... Ford Motor Company

09/14/17 / #20170260926

Cylinder bore having variable coating

Engine blocks and methods of forming the same are disclosed. The engine block may comprise a body including at least one cylindrical engine bore wall having a longitudinal axis and including a coating extending along the longitudinal axis and having a coating thickness. ... Ford Motor Company

08/31/17 / #20170247775

System and method of making a cast part

A system and method of making a part. The part may cast in a die. ... Ford Motor Company

08/31/17 / #20170247011

Extruded 3d ramp/packaging device for tight package requirements

An air curtain delivery assembly includes an arcuate extruded unitary channel and an inflatable air curtain. The channel includes a longitudinal length defining an arc substantially matching a fore-aft curvature of a vehicle roof panel and having an open mouth defining a ramp for directing deployment of the inflatable air curtain from an interior of the channel and inboard of a vehicle side structure. ... Ford Motor Company

08/31/17 / #20170246849

Method of manufacturing a lightweight laminate

A method of producing a laminated article comprising placing a first metal skin, a core, and a second metal skin freely onto each other as discreet layers to provide a layered component; and forming the layered component into a shaped article via a die prior to producing a laminated article by applying pressure and heat to the shaped article, wherein at least the first skin moves relative to the core and/or second skin during the forming.. . ... Ford Motor Company

07/27/17 / #20170209962

Localized mating surface for laser welding

An assembly and method of forming the assembly are disclosed. The assembly may include first and second components, the first component including a non-mating region and a mating region. ... Ford Motor Company

07/20/17 / #20170206577

Multi-valued decision diagram reversible restriction

A system is provided with a memory and a processor. The memory is configured to store a cached copy of data representative of a multi-valued decision diagram (mdd). ... Ford Motor Company

07/20/17 / #20170206576

Multi-valued decision diagram feature state determination

A system is provided with memory and a processor. The memory is configured to store data representative of a multi-valued decision diagram (mdd). ... Ford Motor Company

07/20/17 / #20170206305

Maximally standard automatic completion using a multi-valued decision diagram

A system is provided with a memory device adapted to store at least one multi-valued decision diagram (mdd) that specifies a total buildable space and a processor that is programmed to identify a partial configuration; generate a restricted buildable space of the total buildable space; and identify families to complete. The processor is further programmed to, for each family to complete in priority order, add any available standard features for the family to a possible set, if the possible set is empty, add a domain space of the family to the possible set, select the highest priority feature of the possible set as a default feature state, and generate a further restricted buildable space of the total buildable space based on the default feature state. ... Ford Motor Company

07/20/17 / #20170206304

Resolving configuration conflicts using a multi-valued decision diagram

A system is provided with a memory device and a processor. The memory device is adapted to store data representative of a multi-valued decision diagram (mdd) specifying a buildable space of all possible valid configurations of a vehicle. ... Ford Motor Company

07/13/17 / #20170198746

High-contrast engine connecting rod

After a connecting rod for an engine is formed, it is broken or fractured at a fracture point to allow the connecting rod to assemble around a portion of a crankshaft. However, before fracturing the connecting rod, the connecting rod is provided with a layer of paint across the eventual fracture point such that when the connecting rod is fractured the paint extends across both sides of the fracture point. ... Ford Motor Company

07/13/17 / #20170198368

Laser hardened crankshaft

A method of crankshaft laser hardening includes grinding one or more surfaces of a green crankshaft to produce a green ground crankshaft and to define journal geometry thereon prior to hardening of the surfaces to avoid loss of compressive stresses associated with grinding a hardened crankshaft. The method also includes laser hardening the surfaces of the green ground crankshaft to induce compressive stresses.. ... Ford Motor Company

06/29/17 / #20170181536

Stowable table assembly

A stowable table assembly includes: a table portion rotatable between a deployed position and a stowed position; a carrier configured to be slidably received in a recess; and a plurality of elongate members provided between the table portion and the carrier. Each of the elongate members has a wedge-shaped cross-section such that the elongate members comprise side surfaces that taper towards each other from an upper surface to an underside surface of the elongate members. ... Ford Motor Company

06/22/17 / #20170179497

Structures and preparation methods for catalyst coated membranes for fuel cells

Simplified methods for preparing a catalyst coated membrane (ccm) for solid polymer electrolyte fuel cells. The ccm has two reinforcing, expanded polymer sheets and the methods involve forming the electrolyte membrane from ionomer solution during assembly of the ccm. ... Ford Motor Company

05/04/17 / #20170120352

Milling tool with insert compensation

A milling tool is disclosed. The milling tool may include an elongated body having a longitudinal axis and a plurality of cutting inserts. ... Ford Motor Company

05/04/17 / #20170120350

Milling inserts

Milling tools configured to increase surface roughness are disclosed. The tool may include an elongated body having a longitudinal axis and a plurality of cutting inserts coupled to the body and spaced along the longitudinal axis, each cutting insert having a cutting edge. ... Ford Motor Company

05/04/17 / #20170120348

Engine bore milling process

A method of milling an engine bore is disclosed. The method may include inserting a milling tool having a plurality of cutting edges along a longitudinal axis into an engine bore, rotating the milling tool about the longitudinal axis and moving the milling tool around a perimeter of the engine bore to remove material from the engine bore, and rough honing the bore. ... Ford Motor Company

04/27/17 / #20170116785

Head up display

A head up display for a vehicle is provided. The head up display comprises: a controller configured to receive a first signal from an entertainment system of the vehicle, the first signal comprising timing information relating to a transition or event of a media content; and an image generator configured to generate an image on the head up display, wherein the size and/or position of the image on the head up display is at least partially determined according to the timing information. ... Ford Motor Company

03/30/17 / #20170089386

High-contrast engine connecting rod

After a connecting rod for an engine is formed, it is broken or fractured at a fracture point to allow the connecting rod to assemble around a portion of a crankshaft. However, before fracturing the connecting rod, the connecting rod is provided with a layer of paint across the eventual fracture point such that when the connecting rod is fractured the paint extends across both sides of the fracture point. ... Ford Motor Company

03/30/17 / #20170087686

Honing tool

A head assembly of a honing tool includes a carrier having a proximal end connectable to a spindle, a distal end, and a plurality of stones. The head assembly also includes a pilot cap connected to the distal end, and defining an end face and a sidewall. ... Ford Motor Company

03/16/17 / #20170077536

Relief design for fuel cell plates

Flow field plates in solid polymer electrolyte fuel cells can be subject to ice blockages in certain areas during freeze start-up, e.g. The backfeed ports and slots used in some flow field plate designs which connect an outlet plenum channel for a reactant to its outlet. ... Ford Motor Company

02/23/17 / #20170051371

Method and system for selectively softening hot stamped parts by induction heating

A method and system are disclosed for treating a press hardened part by induction heating localized areas of the part to have reduced hardness. The method and system monitor an ambient temperature, cycle time, outgoing part property requirements, and outgoing part hardness in local areas. ... Ford Motor Company

02/23/17 / #20170050208

Robotic vehicle painting instrument including a terahertz radiation device

A method comprising scanning a first painted surface of a first vehicle having two or more paint layers with a robotic terahertz radiation instrument to obtain a first painted surface thickness data and map for each of the two or more paint layers, comparing the first thickness map to a control map, and adjusting one or more paint application parameters based on a comparison of the first thickness map with the control map for painting a second surface of a second vehicle different than the first vehicle.. . ... Ford Motor Company

02/16/17 / #20170044654

Method and device of surface-treating a metallic part

In one or more embodiments, a shielding device is provided to shield a bore of a shaft against surface treatment, the shielding device including a sleeve to be at least partially received within the bore, the sleeve defining on its side wall a through-aperture and being of a first cross-sectional dimension when the through-aperture is at a rest position, and a pin to be at least partially received within the sleeve, the sleeve being of a second cross-sectional dimension greater than the first cross-sectional dimension when the through-aperture is at an expanded position with the pin being at least partially received within the sleeve.. . ... Ford Motor Company

02/16/17 / #20170044650

Heat treatment for reducing distortion

Methods of processing an aluminum alloy component are disclosed. The method may include solution heat treating the component at a solution heat treatment (sht) temperature of 500° c. ... Ford Motor Company

02/16/17 / #20170044637

Method and system for enhancing rivetability

A joined sheet stack and a method and system for forming the stack are disclosed. The stack may include a steel sheet and a second sheet. ... Ford Motor Company

02/02/17 / #20170033387

Polymer electrolyte composition and polymer electrolyte membrane, polymer electrolyte membrane with catalyst layer, membrane electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell each using the same

An excellent polymer electrolyte composition has excellent chemical stability of being resistant to strong oxidizing atmosphere during operation of fuel cell, and achieves excellent proton conductivity under low-humidification conditions, excellent mechanical strength and physical durability. A polymer electrolyte membrane, a membrane electrode assembly, and a polymer electrolyte fuel cell each use the same. ... Ford Motor Company

01/26/17 / #20170025699

Composite proton conducting electrolyte with improved additives for fuel cells

Improved additives can be used to prepare polymer electrolyte for membrane electrode assemblies in polymer electrolyte fuel cells. Use of these improved additives can not only improve durability and performance, but can also provide a marked performance improvement during initial conditioning of the fuel cells. ... Ford Motor Company

01/26/17 / #20170021409

Injection molding pressure relief and assist

An injection molding system and method of operating the system are disclosed. The system may include a hopper, a barrel configured to receive injection material from the hopper, a screw disposed within the barrel, and a mold defining a mold cavity configured to receive the injection material from the barrel. ... Ford Motor Company

01/26/17 / #20170021402

Device for scraping debris from metal wire

A device and related method for removing debris from a metal wire formed by a process utilizing a lubricant is provided. The device includes at least two segments forming a passage through which the wire passes, each having a leading edge for stripping debris from the wire, and a resilient member positioned around the at least two segments and applying a force to the segments sufficient to cause contact between the leading edges and the wire passing through the passage. ... Ford Motor Company

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