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Fujifilm Corporation patents (2014 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Fujifilm Corporation. Fujifilm Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fujifilm Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fujifilm Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/25/14 / #20140378662

Method for producing tissue repair material

. . . . A method of producing a tissue repair material, the method including: (a) obtaining a gelatin-containing intermediate that contains a gelatin and has a mesh structure, using a gelatin solution in which the gelatin is dissolved in an aqueous medium; (b) drying the gelatin-containing intermediate; and (c) cross-linking the gelatin before or after the drying of the gelatin-containing intermediate.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140378561

Curable compositions and membranes

A membrane obtainable from curing a composition comprising (i) a curable compound comprising at least two acrylic groups and a quaternary ammonium group; (ii) solvent; and optionally (iii) a curable compound having one ethylenically unsaturated group.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140377705

Lithographic printing plate precursors and processes for preparing lithographic printing plates

Disclosed is a lithographic printing plate allowing for high running performance of the developer, wide water window and high printing durability. The lithographic printing plate precursor comprises a photosensitive layer on a support, wherein the photosensitive layer comprises (a) a polymerizable compound, (b) a polymerization initiator, (c) a polyvinyl acetal binder containing at least one kind of repeat units represented by general formula (i-c), general formula (i-b) and general formula (i-a), and (d) an acrylic resin binder.. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140377666

Non-aqueous liquid electrolyte for secondary battery and secondary battery

A non-aqueous liquid electrolyte for a secondary battery, containing: at least one selected from a carbonate compound having a halogen atom and a sulfur-containing ring compound; an aromatic ketone compound; an organic solvent; and an electrolyte salt, in which, with respect to 100 parts by mass of the organic solvent, the aromatic ketone compound is 0.001 to 10 parts by mass and the at least one selected from a carbonate compound having a halogen atom and a sulfur-containing ring compound is 0.001 to 10 parts by mass, and more than 50% by mass of the whole amount of the organic solvent is composed of a solvent with a melting point of 10° c. Or less.. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140376796

Image processing apparatus, method, and program

The filtering unit calculates an evaluation matrix by performing filtering on each pixel position of an image representing a hollow structure using a second order partial differential of a function representing a hollow sphere. The evaluation unit calculates an evaluation value of at least one or more of point-like structureness, line-like structureness, and plane-like structureness at the pixel position based on the calculated evaluation matrix.. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140376101

Zoom lens for projection and projection-type display apparatus

A zoom lens for projection substantially consists of a negative first lens group, a positive second lens group, a positive third lens group, a negative fourth lens group, a positive fifth lens group, and a positive sixth lens in this order from a magnification side. The first lens group and the sixth lens group are fixed and the second lens group through the fifth lens group move during magnification change. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140375935

Organic el display element having optical stack

An organic el display device includes at least a polarizer layer, a λ/2 plate, a λ/4 plate and an organic el panel in this order, and an in-plane retardation re2(550) of the λ/4 plate at 550 nm satisfies 115≦re2(550)≦155, and an in-plane retardation re1(550) of the λ/2 plate at 550 nm satisfies re1(550)=2×re2(550)±50 nm.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140375927

Circular polarizing plate having patterned retardation layer and organic el display element having said circular polarizing plate

An image display device in which an image display panel, at least one patterned retardation layer and a polarization element layer are arranged in this order, and the patterned retardation layer includes first retardation regions and second retardation regions which are alternately arranged in a stripe-like form and in which at least one of an in-plane slow axis direction and a retardation is different from each other.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140375912

Photosensitive film, method for producing capacitance type input device, capacitance type input device, and image display apparatus using the same

A photosensitive film having a provisional support and a photocurable resin layer, wherein the photocurable resin layer contains a white inorganic pigment, a monomer, a binder and a photopolymerization initiator, the photocurable resin layer has a thickness of from 1 to 40 μm, and the photocurable resin layer has a content of the white inorganic pigment of from 30 to 50% by mass is capable of providing a white decorative layer that is good in brightness, whiteness, reticulation, adhesion, development residue and unevenness, in a high yield.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140375864

Imaging device and method for displaying electronic viewfinder

An imaging device comprising: a first optical system formed by combining an optical system from an imaging lens to an image pickup element where a subject image is formed and an optical system from a display device where an electronic image of a subject representing an image formed at the image pickup element is displayed to an ocular unit of a finder; a second optical system which guides an optical image of the subject to the ocular unit; and a correcting device which performs, based on distortion aberration information about the first optical system and distortion aberration about the second optical system, distortion aberration correction so that distortion aberration equal to distortion aberration of the second optical system occurs in an electronic image of the subject and causes the electronic image to be displayed on the display device.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140375632

Medical image display apparatus, medical image display method, and medical image display program

A medical image display apparatus includes: a medical image obtaining section for obtaining a three dimensional medical image of a subject; a display control section for displaying the three dimensional medical image obtained by the medical image obtaining section and an additional information image that represents information added to the three dimensional medical image; and an additional information display command receiving section for receiving a command to display the additional information image along with the three dimensional medical image. The display control section displays the additional information image along with the three dimensional medical image and changing the color of the displayed three dimensional medical image to a color which can be discriminated from the color of the additional information image, when the command to display the additional information image is received.. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140375631

Image generation apparatus, method, and medium with image generation program recorded thereon

When generating a pseudo three-dimensional image by performing volume rendering on a three-dimensional image using an opacity curve that defines the relationship between pixel value and opacity, identifying a whole region representing a predetermined target object from the three-dimensional image, setting a base opacity curve to the identified whole region, obtaining, with respect to each of at least some pixels in the identified whole region, a representative value in an adjacent region of a pixel concerned, and setting an opacity curve obtained by modifying the base opacity curve using the obtained representative value as the opacity curve to be applied to the pixel concerned in the volume rendering.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140374733

Photoelectric conversion element, method for using the same, imaging device, photosensor, and compound

An object of the present invention is to provide a photoelectric conversion element having a photoelectric conversion film which exhibits heat resistance, a high photoelectric conversion efficiency, a low level of dark currents, rapid response, and sensitivity characteristics to red and can be produced by a vapor deposition processing that is continuously performed under a high-temperature condition. The photoelectric conversion element of the present invention is a photoelectric conversion element in which a conductive film, a photoelectric conversion film containing a photoelectric conversion material, and a transparent conductive film are laminated on one another in this order, wherein the photoelectric conversion material includes a compound represented by formula (1).. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140374677

Colored composition, colored photosensitive composition, color filter and liquid crystal display device equipped with same, organic el display device, and solid-state image sensor

A colored composition including: (a) a phthalocyanine compound having a particular structure, (b) a yellow coloring material, and (c) a solvent.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140374657

Compound, liquid crystal composition, polymer material and film

A liquid crystal composition comprising a compound represented by the following formula has sufficient solubility and a wide usable concentration range, and exhibits excellent haze-lowering performance. B1 represents an n-valent chain linking group, l1 and l2 represent a single bond, —o—, —s—, —co—, —coo—, —oco—, etc, a1 represents a divalent aromatic hydrocarbon group or a divalent heterocyclic group, a2 represents an aromatic hydrocarbon group, sp1 represents a single bond, or an alkylene group, hb1 represents a fluorine-substituted alkyl group, n represents 2 to 6, m represents 0 to 2, and l represents 2 or 3.. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140374645

Magnetic recording medium and coating composition for magnetic recording medium

An aspect of the present invention relates to a magnetic recording medium comprising a magnetic layer comprising ferromagnetic powder and binder on a nonmagnetic support, wherein an average particle size of the ferromagnetic powder is equal to or less than 50 nm, the magnetic layer further comprises a compound, and the compound comprises at least one polyalkyleneimine chain and at least one polyester chain, with a proportion in the compound accounted for by the polyalkyleneimine chain being less than 5.0 weight percent and a number average molecular weight of the polyalkyleneimine chain ranging from 300 to 3,000.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140374610

Radiographic imaging device, radiographic imaging system, control method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

The present invention may suppress feedthrough components in video imaging, namely, tft driving waveforms are plurally overlapped, and an integration period of capacitors c of amplification circuits is set so as to encompass a generation period of a feedthrough component (off), a generation period of a feedthrough component (on), and a period in which charges (a signal component) are read out from storage capacitors of pixels by on states of the tfts. A number of driving waveforms to be overlapped is determined in accordance with a frame rate, the integration period and a reset period, or the like.. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/25/14 / #20140374525

Recording tape cartridge and brake member provided thereto

A recording tape cartridge of the present invention includes: a reel formed with an engagement portion on a bottom portion of a reel hub; a resin brake member moving toward and away from the bottom portion of the reel hub, and selectively adopting a rotation locked position and a rotation permitted position; a resin release member being capable of movement in a reel axial direction and rotating as a unit with the reel; and a projection portion that projects out in the reel axial direction from an axial center portion of either the brake member or the release member, that is formed with a housing portion housing a spherical member that contacts the other out of the brake member or the release member, and that is formed with a lip portion jutting out from an opening end portion of the housing portion toward a reel radial direction inner side.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140371571

Photoacoustic image generation device and method

. . A desired structure is selectively imaged by photoacoustic imaging. Photoacoustic signals are detected, and the detected photoacoustic signals are reconstructed to generate photoacoustic image data. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140371535

Imaging device and endoscope apparatus including the same

A wide dimming dynamic range and high dimming resolution are obtained without causing a variation in the amount of received light due to pulse illumination light in each line of an imaging element. An imaging device includes a light source emitting light by pulse driving, a light source control unit controlling the amount of emitted light by performing pulse modulation driving of the light source, and an imaging unit including an imaging element, in which a plurality of pixels are arrayed in a horizontal and vertical direction, and performs imaging by driving the imaging element using a rolling shutter method. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140371145

Scaffold for vascular endothelial cell migration

A scaffold for vascular endothelial cell migration includes a recombinant gelatin having an amino acid sequence derived from a partial amino acid sequence of collagen. A method for producing a blood vessel uses this scaffold.. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140370543

Expression process

A process for the production of a target recombinant polypeptide is provided. The process comprises expressing an expression cassette encoding the target polypeptide and co-expressing an expression cassette encoding a mitochondrial foldase. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140370425

Actinic-ray- or radiation-sensitive resin composition, actinic-ray- or radiation-sensitive film, photomask blank and method of forming pattern

Provided is an actinic-ray- or radiation-sensitive resin composition including (a) a resin that when acted on by an acid, is decomposed to thereby increase its alkali solubility, which resin comprises at least either any of repeating units (i) of general formula (i) below or any of repeating units (ii) of general formula (ii) below, (b) an onium salt acid generator that when exposed to actinic rays or radiation, generates a sulfonic acid whose volume ranges from 250 Å3 to less than 350 Å3, and (c) an onium salt acid generator that when exposed to actinic rays or radiation, generates a sulfonic acid whose volume is 400 Å3 or greater.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140370214

Image formation method, decorative sheet, molding method, decorative sheet molded product, process for producing in-mold molded article, and in-mold molded article

Disclosed is an image formation method comprising, in sequence, an image layer formation step of forming an image layer by discharging at least one radiation curable inkjet colored ink composition onto a recording medium, and a clear layer formation step of forming a clear layer by discharging a radiation curable inkjet clear ink composition onto the image layer, the radiation curable inkjet colored ink composition comprising a monofunctional polymerizable compound in an amount of at least 50 mass % of polymerizable compounds, the radiation curable inkjet clear ink composition comprising a polyfunctional polymerizable compound in an amount of at least 50 mass % of the polymerizable compounds, and in the clear layer formation step the radiation curable inkjet clear ink composition being dispersed above the image layer to thus form a non-continuous clear layer.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140369578

Medical image processing apparatus, method and program

A three-dimensional image is obtained, and a relative degree of interest is set at each of plural positions on a path connecting the plural positions in the three-dimensional image. A discrimination condition for identifying, based on the set degree or degrees of interest, a virtual endoscopic image or images to be generated from the three-dimensional image is obtained, and only the virtual endoscopic image or images identified based on the discrimination condition are generated based on the three-dimensional image.. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140368931

Imaging lens and imaging apparatus equipped with the imaging lens

An imaging lens substantially includes six lenses, constituted by: a first lens having a negative refractive power; a second lens having a positive refractive power; a third lens having a positive refractive power; a fourth lens having a negative refractive power; a fifth lens having a positive refractive power; and a sixth lens having a negative refractive power, a concave surface toward an image side, and at least one inflection point in the surface toward the image side; provided in this order from an object side. The imaging lens satisfies a predetermined conditional formula.. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140368926

Imaging lens and imaging apparatus

The imaging lens substantially consists of a first lens group having positive refractive power, an aperture stop, and a second lens group having positive refractive power, in this order from the object side. The first lens group consists of, in this order from the object side, an eleventh lens group and a twelfth lens group with a largest air space therebetween. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140368925

Zoom lens and imaging apparatus

A zoom lens includes a positive first lens group, a negative second lens group, a positive third lens group, and a fourth lens group. The first through third lens groups move such that the distance between the first and second lens groups is greater while the distance between the second lens group and the third lens group is less at the telephoto end compared to the wide angle end, and the fourth lens moves with the third lens group. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140368876

Data generating apparatus, data generating method, and non-transitory storage medium

The numbers of pages making up respective records are acquired as individual page counts by analyzing page description data used for variable data printing. The maximum page count among the acquired individual page counts is determined as a common page count. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140368840

Calibration data generation apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium

Provided are a calibration data generation apparatus, a method, and a non-transitory computer readable recording medium storing a program which can efficiently arrange a calibration image and a media wedge even on a calibration medium that has a relatively small size. A portion (trim region) of a first image region indicated by plate making data is extracted and one trim image is cut out as a calibration image. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140368619

Stereoscopic imaging apparatus

A stereoscopic imaging apparatus which uses contrast af to obviate disadvantages of phase-difference af, shorten processing time of contrast af, and improve focusing accuracy. A stereoscopic imaging apparatus including a single photographing optical system, an image sensor for forming a first image which passed through a first region and a second image which passed through a second region, wherein the first region and the second region are pupil-split in a predetermined different direction in the photographing optical system, and a contrast af controlling part for controlling the positions of a lens in the photographing optical system by using the first image and the second image.. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140368591

Radiation-curable inkjet ink set and inkjet recording method

To provide a radiation-curable inkjet ink set that has a sufficiently wide color gamut and is excellent in terms of mechanical strength and substrate adhesion of cured ink, and an inkjet recording method employing the ink set. A radiation-curable inkjet ink set comprises a yellow ink comprising c.i. ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140368573

Coloring composition, ink for inkjet recording and inkjet recording method

There is provided a coloring composition including the compound represented by formula (1) described in the specification and the compound selected from (a) to (c) described in the specification.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140368568

Liquid ejection apparatus, nanoimprint system, and liquid ejection method

According an aspect of the present invention, when causing the liquid ejection head to perform a feeding operation along a first direction, the substrate is retracted outside the projected feeding region of the liquid ejection head and the supporting member thereof prior to starting the feeding operation of the liquid ejection head, preventing dusts and other foreign matters, generated as a result of the feeding operation of the liquid ejection head and the supporting member, from being deposited on a surface of the substrate onto which the liquid is to be deposited.. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

12/18/14 / #20140366285

Coloring composition for textile printing, textile printing method and fabrics

A coloring composition for textile printing including a dye represented by formula (x) and water are provided [in formula (x), each of x21 to x24 independently represents an oxygen atom or a sulfur atom; each of r21 to r24 represents an alkyl group, an aryl group, or a heteroaryl group; m represents a hydrogen atom, a metal element, a metal oxide, a metal hydroxide, or a metal halide; each of p1 to p4 independently represents an aromatic ring, and the aromatic ring may have a particular substituent; each of n21 to n24 independently represents from 0 to 4, and the sum of n21 to n24 is at least 1; provided that, the structure of formula (x) contains at least two ionic hydrophilic groups].. . ... Fujifilm Corporation

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