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General Mills Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to General Mills Inc. General Mills Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: General Mills Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Mills Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Ready-to-eat cereal composition

Provided herein is a ready-to-eat (rte) breakfast cereal with a unique texture. A rte breakfast cereal provided herein can have a high slowly digestible starch content relative to commercially available rte cereals. ... General Mills Inc

Method and system for producing gluten-free oats

A method and system for removing foreign grains from oat grains to establish gluten-free oats, i.e., oat grains having gluten levels below 20 ppm and, more preferably, below 10 ppm, relies upon performing various mechanical differentiation operations on a combination of grains, including oats and foreign, or gluten containing, grains. The mechanical differentiation operations can be arranged in series or in a combination of series and parallel operations. ... General Mills Inc

Fat composition

Fat compositions are described that comprise 95% by weight of a blend of a first lauric fat and a crystal modifier. A crystal modifier included in fat compositions described herein is an interesterified blend of a second lauric fat and a palmitic fat. ... General Mills Inc

Tapioca tortilla and method of making

Tapioca tortillas are formed from creating tortilla bases from a first supply of tapioca and then topping the tortilla bases with a second supply of tapioca in the form of granules. With this arrangement, a lower or bottom surface of the tapioca tortilla is generally smooth, while an upper or top surface is undulated or textured. ... General Mills Inc

Fat composition

Fat compositions are described that comprise 95% by weight of a blend of a first lauric fat and a crystal modifier. A crystal modifier included in fat compositions described herein is an interesterified blend of a second lauric fat and a palmitic fat. ... General Mills Inc

Gluten-free tortillas

Gluten-free tortillas are made from a composition including a gluten-free flour mixture constituting from 50-60% of weight of the composition, with the gluten-free flour mixture consisting of a combination of rice or tapioca flour, oat flour and quinoa flour. In particular embodiments, the flour mixture includes substantially equal amounts of the rice or tapioca flour, oat flour and quinoa flour by weight of the composition. ... General Mills Inc

Carton with integrated handle assembly

A carton for storing a plurality of products includes a main body establishing an enclosure with an interior cavity for storing a plurality of products, with the enclosure being formed from a plurality of interconnected panels. A hingedly connected access flap, enabling access to the interior cavity, is formed from and extends across portions of at least two of the plurality of panels. ... General Mills Inc

Aerated confections containing nonhydrated starch and methods of preparation

Disclosed are sugar reduced aerated confections. The confections essentially comprise a first heterogeneous continuous phase including a structured amorphous saccharide, a second discontinuous phase including a multiplicity of gas cells. ... General Mills Inc

Method and apparatus for making cereal flakes

Visually distinct, flaked ready-to-eat (“r-t-e”) cereal products with varied texture and thickness are produced by forming a cereal dough and forcing the same through an extrusion die assembly including various spaced openings which establish a plurality of dough streams which are merged prior to reaching a die outlet. Directly at the die outlet, a resulting dough extrudate is sliced by a cutter unit to form dough discs which are then dried and cooled, during which the discs curl and form cereal flakes having varying textures defined, at least in part, by distinct sets of surface bumps. ... General Mills Inc

Paperboard carton

A paperboard carton is formed by folding and interconnecting an even number of body pieces to establish at least a bottom wall, first and second spaced main face walls, opposing side walls and a top wall, which collectively define an interior cavity for containing edible products, with the first and second main face walls and the opposing side walls being spaced by each of the bottom wall and the top wall, each of said body pieces being formed of paperboard, and at least two of the body pieces having predominate fiber orientations which are directionally distinct from one another, thereby establishing a compression strength for each carton which enables similarly configured cartons to be directly stacked upon each other for shipping purposes.. . ... General Mills Inc

Detection of allergens using surface-enhanced raman scattering

A technique can be used to detect and/or quantify allergens in foods. In some examples, the technique involves adding magnetic particles that carry antibodies and surface-enhanced raman scattering (sers) tags complexed with antibodies to the sample. ... General Mills Inc

Waffle sandwich maker and method of preparing a food product with the waffle sandwich maker

A waffle sandwich maker includes first and second waffle plates which contact a food product during preparation of the food product. The first waffle plate includes a plurality of protrusions defining a plurality of channels, a female connector having a hole, a male connector having a protrusion and a first spacer extending inward relative to the plurality of protrusions. ... General Mills Inc

System and method for producing an extruded protein product

The present disclosure relates to systems and methods for producing an extruded protein product. In particular, a system for making an extruded protein product using a system that includes a die including channel having a transverse cross section that is a continuous loop along at least a portion of the length of the die is disclosed.. ... General Mills Inc

Heat stable extruded protein composition and related food products

The present disclosure relates to extruded protein compositions suitable for thermal processing and thermally processed protein compositions made from extruded protein compositions. In particular, a thermally processed protein composition has a particular protein content with protein fibers in a generally parallel orientation, and a particular hardness, chewiness and springiness.. ... General Mills Inc

03/15/18 / #20180070597

Refrigerated, chemically leavened doughs in package, with carbon dioxide atmosphere

Described are methods and compositions relating to dough compositions leavened by chemical leavening systems that include acidic chemical leavening agent and encapsulated basic chemical leavening agent, wherein the dough composition can be refrigerated in a low pressure package that contains a carbon dioxide atmosphere.. . ... General Mills Inc

02/22/18 / #20180049452

System and method for bottom coating food products

A product conveying and coating system includes at least first and second, sequentially arranged conveyor belts, with at least the second conveyor belt being a solid belt. Interposed in a gap between the first and second belts is a dispenser head of a coating manifold. ... General Mills Inc

02/15/18 / #20180042257

Hydrated fat compositions and dough articles

Disclosed are hydrated fat compositions comprising a water-in-oil emulsion comprising (a) a continuous phase comprising: a solid fat comprising a fully-hydrogenated vegetable oil, a stearine fraction of a vegetable oil, or a mixture thereof, in an amount ranging from about 5 wt. % to about 40 wt. ... General Mills Inc

02/01/18 / #20180027839

Food product with edible images and apparatus for and methods of preparation

A topical high resolution image of edible ink and having a resolution of at least 100 dots per inch is applied to a top major surface of a length of food in the form of a thin fruit based paste or confection slurry by a digital imaging printer. The length of food is at a temperature of at least about 75° c. ... General Mills Inc

01/18/18 / #20180014548

Dough compositions having reduced carbohydrase activity

Described are raw, yeast-containing dough compositions, packaged products containing the dough, and related methods, wherein the amount or rate of carbon dioxide released by the dough during refrigerated storage is limited, reduced, or controlled.. . ... General Mills Inc

12/28/17 / #20170369517

Compositions, methods and systems for derivation of useful products from agricultural by-products

Embodiments of the present invention report compositions, systems and methods for obtaining xylo-oligosaccharide-rich extracts from agricultural by-product streams. In certain embodiments, compositions and methods are directed to producing xylo-oligosaccharide-rich extracts with increased amounts and/or concentrations of degrees of polymerization (dp) of 3 or greater (dp3+). ... General Mills Inc

12/07/17 / #20170347672

Packaged frozen precooked dough or batter-based food products and methods

Disclosed are packaged frozen precooked dough or batter-based food products and methods of heating the food products. The packaged precooked frozen dough or batter-based food products comprises one or more frozen precooked dough or batter-based food products that are encased in a pouch for heating. ... General Mills Inc

12/07/17 / #20170347671

Glutamic acid containing gluten-free dough

A packaged refrigerated gluten-free dough composition comprises at least one gluten-free flour source in at least 35% by weight of the composition, at least one starch source in at least 2% by weight of the composition and at least one protein source in about 0.5% to 13% by weight of the composition and at least 17 grams of glutamic acid per 100 grams of the protein, at least one fat source from 4% to 10% by weight of the composition and water from 25% to 35% by weight of the composition. The dough has an average storage modulus ranging from about 45 kpa to about 60 kpa at about 40° f. ... General Mills Inc

10/05/17 / #20170282396

Combined food cutting and rounding machine and method of cutting and rounding food

A combined food cutting and rounding machine comprises a supply opening through which edible material passes, a stator located adjacent the supply opening and a rotor configured to rotate relative to the stator. The stator includes a stator forming channel. ... General Mills Inc

09/28/17 / #20170273339

Pasta with reduced gluten

A filled gluten-free or low-gluten pasta product, such as ravioli, tortellini, agnolotti or the like, wherein said pasta incorporates a low-gluten or gluten free flour and xanthan gum and is produced by cold extrusion.. . ... General Mills Inc

09/21/17 / #20170265484

Refrigerated dough with extended shelf life made from white wheat flour

A white wheat flour is made from a combination of a first flour stream including at least a non-heat treated low ash and low bran flour stream, and a second flour stream including a heat-treated high ash and high bran flour stream. The white wheat flour preferably exhibits an extensibility in the range of 160-180 for use in making raw dough used in sheeted dough manufacturing systems. ... General Mills Inc

09/14/17 / #20170258102

Aerated strained fermented dairy compositions and methods for preparation

The present disclosure relates to aerated strained fermented dairy compositions and processes for making aerated strained fermented dairy compositions. In particular, an aerated strained fermented dairy composition is disclosed that includes a strained fermented dairy ingredient, gelatin, and an emulsifier composition, where the aerated strained fermented dairy composition has a lower density than the strained fermented dairy ingredient.. ... General Mills Inc

09/07/17 / #20170251703

Aseptic protein beverage and method of preparation

Aseptic beverage products are prepared by mixing beverage ingredients together. The beverage ingredients include a protein source, such as a milk protein concentrate, and at least one buffering agent, with the at least one buffering agent including baking soda. ... General Mills Inc

09/07/17 / #20170251678

System and method for breaking sheets of frozen pizza into individual pieces

A system and method for breaking a sheet of frozen pizza into individual pieces for packaging is disclosed. In an embodiment, the frozen pizza sheet includes five individual pieces separated by frangible lines. ... General Mills Inc

08/24/17 / #20170238585

Cereal food product and method of making the same

Cocoa or cinnamon is mixed at least one enzyme to form a mixture, and the mixture is combined with a cereal food composition. In one embodiment, the cereal food composition is extruded or otherwise formed into a plurality of cereal pieces after the mixture is combined with the food composition. ... General Mills Inc

07/20/17 / #20170204474

Bulk allele discrimination assay

A method is described for bulk allele discrimination of multiple single nucleotide polymorphisms in multiple individuals. Also described is a kit for use in performing a method for bulk allele discrimination of multiple single nucleotide polymorphisms in multiple individuals.. ... General Mills Inc

07/06/17 / #20170188610

Reduced sugar pre-sweetened breakfast cereals comprising tri- and tetra saccharides and methods of preparation

A reduced sugar presweetened ready to eat breakfast cereal is prepared by coating dried cereal base pieces or food pieces with a reduced-sugar composition comprising maltotriose, maltotetrose in full or partial substitution for sucrose, and a high potency sweetener. The reduced-sugar coating can have a sucrose content of less than 70%, yet provides taste, texture, appearance, and bowl life that mimics presweetened r-t-e cereals having a coating with more sucrose.. ... General Mills Inc

06/29/17 / #20170181462

Cereal-based product with improved eating quality fortified with dietary fiber and/or calcium

Inhibition of expansion of a cereal product, such as a ready-to-eat cereal, by a particulate insoluble component such as fiber and/or calcium is avoided by pelletizing the particulate insoluble component. A binder component, such as gelatinized starch, is used to bind particles of the particulate insoluble component into a coherent mass which is formed into non-expanded pellets for fortification of the cereal product. ... General Mills Inc

05/04/17 / #20170119036

Hand holdable edible dairy composition

A hand holdable edible composition including a dairy ingredient and gelatin is described. A method for making a hand holdable edible composition including a dairy ingredient and gelatin is also described.. ... General Mills Inc

04/20/17 / #20170105379

High protein oat species

A high protein (up to 40%) tetraploid oat variety is provided that is suitable for large scale oat production using standard farming practices. A tetraploid oat variety includes one or more of lodging resistance, shattering resistance, erect growth habit, and seeds similar to traditional cultivated hexaploid oat, a. ... General Mills Inc

03/23/17 / #20170081074

Flexible film container and manufacturing method

A self-supporting flexible film container is disclosed that includes a container base and a flexible film attached to the container base that forms a container wall and defines a packing region within the container. The container wall has at least one support column, such as a tubular support column, integrally formed therein. ... General Mills Inc

02/09/17 / #20170035082

Pasta processing for low protein flour and decreased drying

A pasta product can be formed from a low protein flour by blending the low protein flour with water to form a pasta dough. In some examples, the pasta dough is then hot extruded to produce an extruded pasta before being dried. ... General Mills Inc

01/05/17 / #20170001220

Method of producing gluten free oats

The separation of oats from a combination of grains is performed by obtaining optical data includes both reflectance data and visual data and then analyzing the data in multiple ways, including analyzing information obtained based on ratios of wavelengths and grain imagery. The reflectance data relies on near infrared spectroscopy at requisite ratios of wavelengths in the range of 1100 nm to 2200 nm, while the grain imagery encompasses images of both sides of each of the combination of grains and can also take into account grain size and shape differentiations. ... General Mills Inc

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