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On-chip balun circuit and multi-port antenna switch circuit

Balun circuit which is configured in an on-chip design, and multi-port antenna switch circuit comprising such a balun circuit. The balun circuit has a transceiver loop (3), as well as a first antenna loop (1) and at least one further antenna loop (2). ... Gree Inc

Method and system for solar power forecasting

A method for generating a solar power output forecast for a solar power plant, comprising: using a processor, in a training mode, generating a trained artificial intelligence model using historical output data and historical input data including historical physical subsystem input data and historical physical subsystem forecasts for the solar power plant; in a runtime mode, for a predetermined forecast horizon, applying the trained artificial intelligence model to current input data including current physical subsystem input data and current physical subsystem forecasts for the solar power plant to produce the solar power output forecast; and, presenting the solar power output forecast on a display.. . ... Gree Inc

Variable-capacity compressor, two-stage compression system and control method thereof

The present disclosure provides a variable-capacity compressor, a variable-capacity two-stage compression system and a control method thereof. The compression system includes a compressor, wherein the compressor includes a low pressure cylinder and a high pressure cylinder connected in series, wherein the low pressure cylinder comprises at least two cylinders connected in parallel. ... Gree Inc

Strip lighting led conversion system

The present invention is directed to an led strip light conversion system for converting fluorescent strip light fixtures to led strip light fixtures. The system includes a set of adjustable installation clip members. ... Gree Inc

Container type combination house and construction method thereof

Disclosed is a container type combined house, which is mainly composited by connecting a foam cement composite bottom board, foam cement composite wall boards, a foam cement composite top board, specially-shaped bottom beams, a specially-shaped top beam and a specially-shaped column. The specially-shaped bottom beams, the specially-shaped top beam and the specially-shaped column are matched in shape with steel boundary ribs of the foam cement composite bottom board, the foam cement composite wall boards and the foam cement composite top board, and are connected and fixed in a mechanical or welding manner. ... Gree Inc

Wireless client transaction systems and related methods

. . Embodiments of wireless client transaction systems are described herein. Other embodiments and related methods are also disclosed herein.. ... Gree Inc

Apparatus and method for forming nanoparticles

Certain aspects of the technology disclosed herein include an apparatus and method for forming nanoparticles. The method includes a mechanical milling process induced by aerodynamic, centrifugal, and centripetal forces and further augmented by ultrasound, magnetic pulse, and high voltage impact. ... Gree Inc

Program and control method

A non-transitory computer-readable recording medium containing a program, which, when executed by processing circuitry of a terminal device that communicates with a server device, causes the processing circuitry to: execute a game part, the server device being for storing ranking information including a plurality of first points each corresponding to each of a plurality of user groups to each of which one or more users belong, the ranking information also including a rank of each user group determined based on the corresponding first point; in response to an execution result of the game part satisfying a first condition, transmit, to the server device, a request for changing the first point corresponding to a first user group among the user groups to which the user of the terminal device belongs; and receive, from the server device, the ranking information updated based on the first point after being changed.. . ... Gree Inc

Program, control method, and information processing device

A device that displays, on a touch panel display configured to receive a touch input, an interface for an electronic game, the interface including a plurality of characters each corresponding to one of a plurality of attributes; continuously modifies a display position of each of the plurality of characters on the interface; determines whether positions of a path of a touch input continuously received at the touch panel display are within a predetermined range of positions of each of a first plurality of characters displayed on the interface; associates the first plurality of characters in response to detecting that the positions of the continuously received touch input are within the predetermined ranges; and generates a predetermined effect within the electronic game based on the associated first plurality of characters upon determining that the touch input is released.. . ... Gree Inc

Method of treating anemia using long-acting epo formulation

The present invention relates to a method for treating anemia using a long-acting epo formulation, and more specifically, a method for treating patients with anemia by confirmation of safe, long-acting, and optimal effective dosage and usage in administering a fusion polypeptide which comprises an epo and an immunoglobulin hybrid fc to patients with anemia. The method of administering the fusion polypeptide employs an appropriate dosage and usage which not only shows an excellent long-acting property compared to the existing epo products but also minimizes cardiovascular side effects that may occur due to a rapid increase in hemoglobin level, which is an effect of anemia treatment.. ... Gree Inc

Popcorn popper and mixing device

A popping and mixing device includes a popping chamber for receiving popcorn kernels and converting the same into popped popcorn kernels. A mixing container receives the popped popcorn kernels from the popping chamber. ... Gree Inc

Systems, methods, and devices for vertically integrated instrumentation and trace reconstruction

In an embodiment, a system is configured to replay and/or reconstruct execution events and system states in real time or substantially in real time starting from the point when execution of a target program has stopped to the point when the user desires to step through the target program's execution in order to debug the software. In an embodiment, a system is configured to efficiently collect trace data that is sufficient to reconstruct the state of a computer system at any point of time from the start of execution to the time execution was stopped. ... Gree Inc

Method of fermentative alpha-ionone production

The present invention concerns a method of producing and enantiomerically pure alpha-ionone. Further, the invention concerns a nucleic acid that comprises a sequence that encodes a lycopene-epsilon-cyclase (ec), a lycopene-epsilon-cyclase (ec), plasmids, which encode components of the alpha-ionone biosynthesis and a microorganism that contains heterologous nucleotide sequences which encode the enzymes geranylgeranyl-diphosphate-synthase, isopentenyl-diphosphate-isomerase (ipi), phytoene desaturase-dehydrogenase (crti), phytoene synthase (crtb), lycopene-epsilon-cyclase (ec) and carotenoid-cleavage-dioxygenase (ccd1). ... Gree Inc

Antisense oligonucleotide compositions

The present invention relates to antisense oligonucleotide (aso) compositions and particularly to compositions and methods for the cytosolic delivery of antisense oligonucleotides (asos). Hybrid asos, part single-stranded and part double-stranded, are provided, hybridising to form a double-stranded region that can non-covalently bond to nucleic-acid-binding protein regions. ... Gree Inc

08/23/18 / #20180241714

Methods and system for distributing information via multiple forms of delivery services

A content distribution facilitation system is described comprising configured servers and a network interface configured to interface with a plurality of terminals in a client server relationship and optionally with a cloud-based storage system. A request from a first source for content comprising content criteria is received, the content criteria comprising content subject matter. ... Gree Inc

08/23/18 / #20180241235

Delayed reactive electrical consumption mitigation

The electrical consumption mitigation provided by energy storage systems can be unreliable when a consumption peak lasts long enough to deplete the energy stored and the remainder of the peak is unmitigated. By implementing a waiting period between detecting the peak and discharging the energy storage in which characteristics of the peak are observed, a peak mitigation system can lengthen the effective discharge duration of the energy storage system and prevent unmitigated plateaus from appearing. ... Gree Inc

08/23/18 / #20180241196

A smart overvoltage protection circuit and a method thereof

The present invention provides a smart overvoltage protection circuit (100) comprising an ac power line (110), at least one switch (120) connected to the ac power line (110) and an overvoltage detection module (130) connected to the at least one switch (120) and the ac power 0 line (110). Further, the overvoltage detection module (130) comprises a voltage divider (210), a sensing circuitry (220) and a control module (230) such that the voltage divider (210) is configured to divide voltage of the ac power line (110) to obtain divided voltage, the sensing circuitry (220) is configured to generate a first output signal and a second output signal 5 and the control module (230) is configured to receive the first output signal and the second output signal and turn the at least one switch (120) from a closed position to an open position in response to receiving the first output signal.. ... Gree Inc

08/23/18 / #20180240622

Key assemblies, keyboards and methods for providing a key assembly

According to various embodiments, there is provided a key assembly including a housing including a sliding groove on an inner surface of the housing and further including a contact surface above the sliding groove; a plunger at least partially fitted into the housing, the plunger including a protrusion; a sound producing member provided at least partially in the sliding groove, the sound producing member configured to produce sound by impacting the contact surface; wherein the sound producing member includes a connecting portion obliquely extending to an abutting portion, the abutting portion arranged below the protrusion; wherein the plunger is displaceable downwards to deform the connecting portion using the protrusion, the deformed connecting portion being reboundable to cause impact the sound producing member to impact the contact surface.. . ... Gree Inc

08/23/18 / #20180237698

Method for conducting a hydrothermal carbonization reaction

During hydrothermal carbonization, biomass is converted to biocoal. The reaction yield depends on the reaction conditions, including duration of the carbonization reaction or time period within which the slurry composed of water and biomass remains in the reaction tank and is exposed to pressure and temperature. ... Gree Inc

08/23/18 / #20180235495

Devices and methods for mapping cardiac arrhythmia

Cardiac mapping catheters and methods for using the catheters are described. The catheter can detect the presence, direction and/or source of a depolarization wave front associated with cardiac arrhythmia. ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180231000

Compressor and heat exchange system

Disclosed is a compressor, including a crankshaft (10), and a first cylinder (20), a second cylinder (30) and a third cylinder (40) arranged sequentially in an axial direction of the crankshaft (10). The first cylinder (20) is a high-pressure cylinder, and the second cylinder (30) and the third cylinder (40) are low-pressure cylinders. ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180230981

Fluid machinery, heat exchange equipment, and operating method for fluid machinery

A fluid machinery, a heat exchange equipment, and an operating method for the fluid machinery. The fluid machinery includes: an upper flange (50); a lower flange (60); a cylinder (20); a rotating shaft (10), the axis of the rotating shaft (10) being eccentric to the axis of the cylinder (20) and at a fixed eccentric distance; and a piston component (30), the piston component (30) being provided with a variable volume cavity (31). ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180230964

Fluid driven vertical axis turbine

A fluid turbine comprises a rotor rotatable in use about an axis transverse to the direction of fluid flow, the rotor having a first part carrying a plurality of arcuate blades that may be arranged selectably in compact straight shapes or in arcuate shapes and a second part journalled in a base structure by two or more bearings.. . ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180230571

Systems and methods of recovering precious metals and extracting copper from diverse substances

Disclosed is a method for extracting a desired metal contained in electronic waste having a substrate and desired metal integrally formed with copper, the method includes (a) contacting the electronic waste with a cupric amine solution to separate the desired metal integrally formed with copper from the substrate and the copper, and (b) optionally providing ultrasound energy at a frequency ranging from 15 to 45 khz and at a temperature ranging from 45° c. To 60° c. ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180230498

High protein animal feed byproduct from cereal - pulse feedstock blend ethanol production

In one aspect there is provided a method for producing ethanol and distiller's dried grains and solubles (ddgs). This method comprises the steps of: providing a plurality of feedstocks; milling said feedstocks; mixing the milled feedstocks into a feedstock blend; producing ethanol from the feedstock blend using a dry milling process; and collecting the ddgs by-product, after the ethanol is produced. ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180229426


The invention provides a method of manufacturing a stent (12) using a three dimensional (3d) printer. The invention also extends to 3d printed stents and second medical uses of such stents. ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180229126

Server and method for facilitating a video game exchange

A game exchange server for facilitating the exchange of electronic video games interacts with a gaming device to permit a game user to buy and load a video game onto the gaming device, to play the game on the gaming device, and to return the “used” game for credits that may be used to purchase a new or used game. The game exchange server may validate that a video game stored on a gaming device is authorized for play by confirming a game key associated with the video game when provided to the gaming device. ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180229118

Non-transitory computer readable recording medium, game server, and control method

A non-transitory computer readable recording medium having stored thereon instructions to be executed on by a game server, the game server and corresponding method which cause the game server to perform the steps of: provide a networked multiplayer battle game over a network, storing a battle history including an identifier of an opponent with whom a user has battled in the multiplayer battle game; determining, based on the battle history and an identifier of an opponent with whom a battle begins, a procedure for conducting the battle in the battle game to be one of a first mode for conducting the battle based on user operations and a second mode for conducting the battle with fewer user operations than in the first mode, and conducting the battle with the determined procedure.. . ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180229117

Server, communication system, method for controlling communication system, and program

A server includes drawing means for drawing an item by lottery from among an item group including a plurality of types of items with different scarcity values and providing the item to a user, and additional item providing means for providing an additional item to the user in accordance with a provision count of the number of times an item is provided by the drawing means.. . ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180229061

Constant flow valve for fire protection facilities

A valve controls the discharge of fluid stored under pressure in cylinders (4) and includes a body (2) with a fluid inlet hole (3), a fluid outlet hole (5), and a sealing shaft (6) whose movement, determined by release means (7), opens or closes the fluid passage the release means (7) includes at least one pneumatic actuation hole (11) with non-return valve (12) and a hermetic chamber (10) associated with said sealing shaft (6), a pressure cartridge (8) of compressed gas associated with an electric and manual actuator (9) external to the body (2) and the hermetic chamber (10), which, transmits the motion to a rod (15) linked to said sealing shaft (6). A spring (16) tends to keep the sealing shaft (6) closed, when the pressure is zero or when the cylinder (4) is empty.. ... Gree Inc

08/16/18 / #20180229005

Stabilization of tubes placed in the body

Provided are devices for stabilizing a tube (e.g., a drainage tube such as a chest tube) in the body of a subject. The devices can comprise a base (102) configured to be secured to a patient comprising a patient contacting surface (104), an opposing top surface (106), a proximal end (108), a distal end (110), a tube-securing region (112), and a central reference plane (114); and one or more securement features (116, 118, 120) positioned within the tube-securing region. ... Gree Inc

08/09/18 / #20180227261

Methods and system for distributing information via multiple forms of delivery services

A content distribution facilitation system is described comprising configured servers and a network interface configured to interface with a plurality of terminals in a client server relationship and optionally with a cloud-based storage system. A request from a first source for content comprising content criteria is received, the content criteria comprising content subject matter. ... Gree Inc

08/09/18 / #20180226755

Power plug

A power plug for coupling an electrical appliance to an electrical power supply, comprising: a current sensor, configured to measure current supplied through the plug to the electrical appliance; a voltage sensor, configured to measure voltage supplied through the plug to the electrical appliance; a processor configured to: determine power consumption data from data relating to the current and voltage measurements made by the current and voltage sensors; and monitor the performance of the electrical appliance using the power consumption data; and a transmitter, configured to transmit information relating to the performance of the electrical appliance.. . ... Gree Inc

08/09/18 / #20180221842

Multi-stage reactor and system for making methanol in a once-through process and methods therefor

The present invention relates to a multi-stage, single reactor and system for making methanol for synthesis gas (syngas). In particular, the reactor contains a shell and tube reactor that is divided at its top and bottom heads into a plurality vertical, isolated compartments. ... Gree Inc

08/09/18 / #20180221773

Shooting game program with aiming based on a plurality of position inputs

A computer game program implements a position information obtaining function of obtaining first position information indicating a first position in a game field and second position information indicating a second position in the game field, a position information updating function of respectively updating the first position information and the second position information to move the first position and the second position in response to an operation input by a player, a position identifying function of determining a third position on a first line in accordance with the second position, the first line being a line that passes through the first position and a predetermined fixed position set in the game field, and a direction determining function of determining a direction in which a predetermined game effect is produced in the game field, in accordance with the first position, the second position, and the third position.. . ... Gree Inc

08/09/18 / #20180221767

Program, information processing apparatus, and control method

A computer program product which may cause an information processing apparatus to execute steps of associating one group with each of a plurality of game media, arranging a plurality of game media on a field, starting a battle, arranging a first object associated with a plurality of parameters on the field according to a progress situation of the battle, executing a first change process of changing a parameter of the first object according to a control process of the game medium, stopping the executing of the first change process of the parameter if the parameter of the first object reaches the predetermined value, increasing points of the group corresponding to the parameter that has reached the predetermined value, and determining a result of the battle.. . ... Gree Inc

08/09/18 / #20180221765

Server, control method therefor, computer-readable recording medium, and game system

A recording medium and server provide a game that improves the interest in and taste of a battle event and increases the interest in and real enjoyment of the entire game. The recording medium provides a game including a predetermined battle event comprising at least one battle. ... Gree Inc

08/09/18 / #20180220605

Aeroponic system and method

Exemplary embodiments are directed to an improvement of an aeroponic system including a growth chamber and cloth support elements. The improvement generally includes a cloth supported by the cloth support elements. ... Gree Inc

08/09/18 / #20180220591

Growing system

A growing system and/or plant support structure may include one or more feet supporting at least one or more uprights, on which a plurality of plants and/or grow boards for growing plants may be positioned. A nutrient delivery system may be positioned between opposing uprights to provide nutrient supply to a root zone of plants, which nutrient delivery system may be positioned adjacent each opposing upright in an interior chamber of the plant support structure. ... Gree Inc

08/02/18 / #20180215509

Shipping container with a protective coating

A shipping container is coated, at least in part, with a protective polymer coating. Commercial shipping containers may be handled roughly, so damage is common especially with plastic containers. ... Gree Inc

08/02/18 / #20180214837

Two-stage reactor for exothermal and reversible reactions and methods thereof

The present invention relates a two-stage reactor for exothermal, reversible reactions. In particular, the reactor contains a first semi-isothermal stage followed by a second cooling stage. ... Gree Inc

08/02/18 / #20180213722

Multipurpose leaf crop harvesting apparatus and processing method

The multipurpose leaf crop harvesting apparatus and processing method will accomplish seven steps in one pass of the combine harvester. This apparatus and processing method harvests leaf crops and is configured to perform multiple processing operations, including fractionation of the leaf crop, leaf maceration, leaf sizing, elevating the leaf fraction to a transport vehicle, and stem conditioning, cutting and windrowing, in a single pass through the crop field. ... Gree Inc

07/26/18 / #20180207195

Oxidized a-1,4-oligoglucuronic acid, and preparation method therefor and uses thereof

An oxidized α-1,4-oligoglucuronic acid, and a preparation method therefor and uses thereof. By using abundant starch, especially soluble starch, in the natural world as the raw material, all 6-site hydroxyl groups of the starch α-1,4-polyglucose are oxidized into carboxyl groups to form glucuronic acid under the action of a sodium bromide (nabr)-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl piperidine oxide (tempo)-sodium hypochlorite (naclo) oxidation system, and the oxidized oligoglucuronic acid having an open ring at an end is prepared by controlling reaction conditions. ... Gree Inc

07/26/18 / #20180207194

Oxidized b-1,4-oligoglucuronic acid, and preparation method therefor and uses thereof

An oxidized β-1,4-oligoglucuronic acid, and a preparation method therefor and uses thereof. By using abundant cellulose in the natural world as the raw material, all 6-site hydroxyl groups of the cellulose β-1,4-polyglucose is oxidized into carboxyl groups to form glucuronic acid under the action of a sodium bromide (nabr)-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl piperidine oxide (tempo)-sodium hypochlorite (naclo) oxidation system, and the oxidized oligoglucuronic acid having an open ring at an end is prepared by controlling reaction conditions. ... Gree Inc

07/26/18 / #20180207079

Compositions for protecting skin comprising dna repair enzymes and phycobiliprotein

The invention relates to compositions for repairing the adverse effects of the environment daily stress, sun exposure or premature-aging on human skin which comprise a dna repair enzyme and a phycobiliprotein.. . ... Gree Inc

07/26/18 / #20180206471

Insect trap

An insect trap (100) and method for trapping and/or killing insects are disclosed. The insect trap comprises an enclosure (10) for receiving a human or an animal, and comprising an opening (12) configured to allow air to flow out of the enclosure and prevent insects from entering the enclosure, and a trapping unit (30) outside of the enclosure and in fluidic communication with the opening. ... Gree Inc

07/19/18 / #20180204968

Back-contact cell module and method of manufacturing same

A back-contact cell module including cells and connecting ribbons; a main gate electrode for gathering currents of the auxiliary gate electrode and a linear back side electrode for leading out the currents provided on the back side of the cell; the main gate electrodes, located on the back side of the cell and in one-to-one correspondence with positions of current collection holes, are arranged linearly, parallel to the back side electrode and located at two ends of the back side of the cell; the plurality of cells are arranged parallelly in columns, between two adjacent cells, the main gate electrode of one cell is arranged adjacent to the back side electrode of the other cell; the main gate electrode of one cell is fixedly connected to the back side electrode of the other adjacent cell via the connecting ribbon.. . ... Gree Inc

07/19/18 / #20180202604

Grease gun cartridge construction

A grease gun cylinder walled cartridge adapted for direct attachment to any of a variety of grease gun head constructions and grease pumping systems, wherein the cartridge wall can be of any color or completely clear and see through, wherein the grease column within the cartridge is pressured toward and through an inlet port in the gun head, which port opens on the suction stroke of a piston mounted in said cylinder into a loading portion of a cylinder of the grease pumping system, and wherein the grease column pressuring means is ambient air pressure.. . ... Gree Inc

07/19/18 / #20180199542

Tip-proof feeding bowl for house pets

An improved feeding bowl for household pets having a central portion for placement of food or water surrounded by a first annular wall upwardly disposed joining a second annular wall downwardly disposed, wherein the first and second annular walls meet at an angle, θ2, ranging from about 5 to about 120 degrees to facilitate stacking of multiple bowls, wherein said second downwardly disposed annular wall engages a peripheral portion of the bowl, or apron, having a radial extent, l1, sufficient to cause the household pet to stand on the apron in order to feed wherein said apron engages the surface upon which the bowl is disposed at an angle, θ1, ranging from 0 to about 30 degrees.. . ... Gree Inc

07/12/18 / #20180194651

Synthetic acid and associated methods

Glycine is an organic compound that can be used in the making of a synthetic acid that obviates all the drawbacks of strong acids such as hydrochloric acid. The new compound is made by dissolving glycine in water, in a weight ratio of approximately 1:1 to 1:1.5. ... Gree Inc

07/12/18 / #20180193746

Game processing system, game processing program, and game processing method

A game processing system that controls a display to display a plurality of graphic forms each indicating an identifier; identifies a trajectory of a continuously drawn input selecting a plurality of the graphic forms; identifies the identifiers of the graphic forms corresponding to the input trajectory; identifies at least a first command based on an arrangement of the identifiers when detecting an end of the input; and controls a game operation of attacking an opponent based on the command.. . ... Gree Inc

07/12/18 / #20180192596


A freestanding, frameless greenhouse (1), the greenhouse comprising a plurality of transparent panels (2, 3, 4, 5) which are fastened together by a plurality of connectors (14) to form a wall (2, 4) and a roof (5), wherein the wall and roof enclose an interior.. . ... Gree Inc

07/12/18 / #20180192589

System for forward mounting attachments to a wheeled vehicle

An apparatus, system, and method of securing attachments to a utility vehicle, particularly a stand-on, zero-turn mower. The apparatus includes an a-shaped mounting assembly having a base with first and second ends and a tubular member extending outwardly from the first end. ... Gree Inc

07/05/18 / #20180191141

Cable puller

A cable puller in accordance with some example embodiments is configured to pull rope or cable through a conduit. The cable puller includes a puller frame having a first side and a second opposite side, first and second capstans rotatably mounted on the frame, and a motor operatively coupled to the first and second capstans and configured to rotate the first and second capstans. ... Gree Inc

07/05/18 / #20180191140

Conduit attachment system for a cable puller

A conduit attachment system according to some embodiments of the disclosure is configured to be attached to a cable puller for securing the cable puller to a threaded conduit. The attachment system includes a mounting member configured to be attached to the cable puller, an engaging member attached to the mounting member, and a clamp plate attached to the mounting member, the clamp plate configured to be inserted into a passageway of the conduit and configured to bear against an inner surface of the conduit which forms the passageway. ... Gree Inc

07/05/18 / #20180187380

Grounded modular heated cover

The grounded modular heated cover is disclosed with a first pliable outer layer and a second pliable outer layer, wherein the outer layers provide durable protection, an electrical heating element between the first and the second outer layers, the electrical heating element configured to convert electrical energy to heat energy, a heat spreading layer, and a thermal insulation layer positioned above the active electrical heating element. Beneficially, such a device provides radiant heat, weather isolation, temperature insulation, and solar heat absorption efficiently and cost effectively. ... Gree Inc

07/05/18 / #20180186672

Process and facility for the treatment of livestock waste

The invention provides an efficient system for treating livestock waste, particularly waste from cattle or pig farming. The new facility and method employ special transfers of slurry streams through asbr, sbr, and a unique pretreatment reactor, resulting in treated water, quality compost, and biogas.. ... Gree Inc

07/05/18 / #20180184599

Cultivation system

A system for cultivating a crop includes a guide and a plurality of gutters. Each gutter is provided to contain a plurality of crop units and the guide is provided to guide the gutters in a first direction and to gradually increase the distance between adjacent gutters in said direction so that the number of crop units per square metre in the area substantially decreases. ... Gree Inc

06/28/18 / #20180180613

Multi-influenza detection kit and method for detecting influenza using the same

The present invention relates to a multi-influenza detection kit comprising monoclonal antibodies and a method of detecting multiple influenza viruses using the kit. More specifically, the present invention relates to a multi-influenza detection kit comprising monoclonal antibodies that bind specifically to influenza type a, type b, subtype h1, subtype h3 and subtype h5, and to a method of detecting influenza viruses using the kit. ... Gree Inc

06/28/18 / #20180180227

Multipurpose disaster safety lantern

There is provided a multipurpose disaster safety lantern including a top body in which a lighting light emitting diode (led) is accommodated, and which has a reflective guide and a lens configured to direct a light beam radiated from the lighting led and is formed of rubber having elasticity, an air discharge protrusion which is arranged on aside surface of the top body to communicate with a space between a front surface of the top body and the lens and is formed of rubber having elasticity, and an inside of which is empty, a main body which is coupled to the top body and which forms a body of the lantern, and at least one first led bar provided on a surface of the main body along a longitudinal direction of the main body.. . ... Gree Inc

06/28/18 / #20180179095

Water purification replicating a known popular source

A water replicating system comprises a water analyzer for analyzing a target water to determine relative content of selected components. The system further comprises a water treatment apparatus for receiving source water, the water treatment apparatus having a first treatment portion for removing or reducing the relative content of selected components and a second treatment portion for adding components so that the source water will substantially replicate the target water.. ... Gree Inc

06/28/18 / #20180178962

Gift token packaging and processes

A method includes forming a card having a top surface, a bottom surface opposite the top surface, and a decal removably attached to the bottom surface, the decal including a first unique identifier. The method also includes removably attaching a bottom surface of a token to the top surface of the card, the bottom surface of the token including a second unique identifier operable to provide access to a digital gift. ... Gree Inc

06/28/18 / #20180178260

Cleaning mechanism, cleaning device and air conditioner

A cleaning mechanism, a cleaning device, and an air conditioner are disclosed. The cleaning mechanism is configured to remove dust of an member object to be cleaned, and includes a dust suction member and a switch member. ... Gree Inc

06/28/18 / #20180178130

Control program, control method, and game apparatus

A control program which may cause a game apparatus to implement: a match execution function for executing a match between a plurality of players; a setting function for setting a first player who wins as a superior player to which a second player who loses is subordinate on the basis of a result of execution of the match and setting a subordination rank of the second player; and a control function for performing control such that at least a part of executable actions are different depending on a setting of the setting function, wherein, in a case where a player is subordinate to the first player, the setting function is implemented to set a subordination rank of the second player on the basis of the subordination rank of the player subordinate to the superior player.. . ... Gree Inc

06/28/18 / #20180177160

Methods and compositions for inducing hygienic behavior in honey bees

The presently disclosed subject matter provides tritriacontene compositions for inducing hygienic behavior in honey bees; mite-infested brood extract compositions for inducing hygienic behavior in honey bees; methods of inducing hygienic behavior in honey bees; methods of selecting one or more honey bee(s) exhibiting hygienic behavior, and methods for assessing the degree of hygienic behavior within a honey bee colony.. . ... Gree Inc

06/21/18 / #20180172397

Firearm flotation device

A firearm flotation system with a rearward buoyant body and a forward buoyant body is disclosed. The forward buoyant body may have a keyed rail slot constructed to allow the firearm rail system to be inserted therein. ... Gree Inc

06/21/18 / #20180172072

Control method and control device for magnetic bearing

A control method for a magnetic bearing comprises following steps: acquiring a suspension stopping instruction for the magnetic bearing, and respectively applying a control current to one or more control coils of the magnetic bearing to subject a rotor to a vertically or obliquely upwards electromagnetic force, a vertical component of the electromagnetic force is less than the gravity of the rotor. A control device for a magnetic bearing is also disclosed, comprising a suspension stopping instruction acquiring unit and a control current applying unit. ... Gree Inc

06/21/18 / #20180170621

Machine for assembling a container accommodating perishable goods

A machine for assembling a container accommodating perishable good comprises bag placing means configured for inserting a bag into a frame and everting a bag rim portion over the frame and bag securing means. The bag securing means further comprises: an internal member having a perimeter conformable with a cross section of the bag thereat the internal member insertable into a main portion of the bag; and at least one external member conformably pressing the rim portion everted over the frame to the main portion. ... Gree Inc

06/21/18 / #20180170607

Wraparound shipping box blank with system and method of forming blank into a shipping case

A corrugated paperboard wraparound blank for forming a shipping case is provided, including five wall panels and four sets of end flaps connected via fold lines, at least two sets of stacking tabs, and at least two corresponding sets of receiving slots for receiving the stacking tabs. The wraparound blank is formed of a heavier material than a conventional blank, which would typically be difficult for automatic packaging equipment to form into a case, but the fold lines are creased with optional perforations or scoring. ... Gree Inc

06/21/18 / #20180169708

Sorting system for sorting products and method therefor

The invention relates to a sorting system for sorting products, in particular vulnerable products, such as apples and pears, and a method therefor. The sorting system according to the invention comprises: a singulator, a measuring system and a sorting device provided with a number of sorting outlets; a control operatively connected to the measuring system and the sorting device, and provided with a classification system, wherein the control is provided with: a selection module configured to switch the sorting system between a basic configuration and a task configuration in which the selection module is configured to select sorting commands and to couple a sorting command to one or more of the available sorting outlets adaptable to the specific product properties by the control, and a product allocation system configured to distribute assessed products over the qualifying sorting outlets in the task configuration.. ... Gree Inc

06/21/18 / #20180169577

Multi-level gas scrubber with multiple flooded scrubber heads

The present invention relates to a wet scrubbing head design whose horizontal orientation and flooded operating characteristics allow complete wet scrubbing at multiple interaction zones each with different neutralizing reagents. The capacity for multiple scrubbing zones improves overall pollutant removal efficiency by adding polishing interaction zones for particulate and acid gas removal systems or by broadening the range of pollutants being removed by operating with a different neutralizing solution or a combination of these operating conditions. ... Gree Inc

06/21/18 / #20180169105

Triazine derivatives as interferon-gamma inhibitors

The present invention relates to interferon-gamma (ifn-γ) inhibitors, and their utility in treating or controlling diseases that can be treated or controlled through inhibition of ifn-γ production, such as alzheimer's disease, prion diseases, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, uveitis, autoimmune skin diseases, psoriasis, sjögren's syndrome, crohn's disease, and type 1 diabetes mellitus. The compounds are of formula 1, 2 3, or are solvates, tautomers, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof.. ... Gree Inc

06/14/18 / #20180166867

Cable stripper having an adjustable bushing

A cable stripper is provided which has an adjustable bushing which can be adjusted to accept a variety of differently size cables. The cable stripper is rotated around the cable to strip the insulation from a cable. ... Gree Inc

06/14/18 / #20180162571

Filling device for filling a holder with vulnerable products, and method therefor

The invention relates to a filling device (2) for filling a holder with vulnerable products, for instance apples, and a method therefor. The filling device according to the invention comprises:—a main frame (14) provided with an elevator conveyor (4) with a supply side (10) and a filling side (12);—a distributing device (28) connected operatively to the filling side of the elevator conveyor and provided with one or more distributors configured to distribute products over the holder;—height adjusting means (42,44) configured to move the distributing device in the height relative to the holder such that the distributing device is movable in the height during filling of the holder; and—a supply side guide arranged (66,68,70) on the main frame (14) for operation with the height adjusting means and configured to align the supply side of the elevator conveyor with a delivery end of a feed conveyor during a movement of the distributing device in the height.. ... Gree Inc

06/14/18 / #20180160845

Cartridge with filter guard

A cartridge for forming a beverage includes a container defining an interior space, a filter, a beverage medium contained in the interior space, and a filter guard. The filter may be arranged so that liquid that interacts with the beverage medium flows through the filter to exit the interior space. ... Gree Inc

06/14/18 / #20180160637

Automated hydroponic greenhouse factory

Plants are grown in adjacent rows of trays that are rotated within a pool of a nutrient solution. The roots of the plants are at least partly immersed in the nutrient solution. ... Gree Inc

06/07/18 / #20180156448

Positionable tool light

A positionable lighting unit for tools may have an led light source powered by a battery with a control switch, all mounted upon a circuit board encased within a translucent and flexible casing. The control switch may then be activated though the casing without breaching the same so that a more sterile unit may be presented in those situations requiring sterility. ... Gree Inc

06/07/18 / #20180156386

Liquid storage container

A liquid storage container comprises: a first lid; a container body having an opening on one end, an interior of the container body and the lid forming a chamber. The opening end of the first lid and the opening end of the container body are rotatably and sealingly connected; and a first pipe and a second pipe communicating the chamber with the outside. ... Gree Inc

06/07/18 / #20180155960

High security electromechanical lock

A high security electromechanical lock has a lock assembly configured to extend or retract a locking member. The lock assembly includes a first microcontroller communicatively coupled to an electronic storage memory. ... Gree Inc

06/07/18 / #20180153854

Non-aromatic difluoro analogues of resorcylic acid lactones

This disclosure is directed to non-aromatic difluoro analogues of resorcylic acid lactones, pharmaceutical compositions comprising non-aromatic difluoro analogues of resorcylic acid lactones, and methods of treatment comprising non-aromatic difluoro analogues of resorcylic acid lactones.. . ... Gree Inc

06/07/18 / #20180153216

Low temperature heat not burn electronic cigarette

The present invention relates to a low-temperature heat-not-burn electronic cigarette comprised of the first holder including a pipe and to mounting plate with the mounting plate connected to the external wall of the pipe. The mounting plate and the second holder are connected to form an inner cavity with a control plate fixed in the inner cavity and the second holder having a key linked to the buttons on the control plate with the buffer pads. ... Gree Inc

06/07/18 / #20180153190

Feed composition using perilla meal and method for producing thereof

The present invention relates to a feed composition using perilla meal, in which the ratio of omega-3 (omega-3) fatty acid and omega-6 (omega-6) fatty acid is adjusted to 1:4 or less to obtain livestock products, such as meat or milk, containing a large amount of unsaturated fatty acid. More specifically, the present invention related to a feed composition using perilla meal to produce livestock products with the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids being 1:4 or less which is a recommended ratio of the world health organization (who).. ... Gree Inc

06/07/18 / #20180153156

Methods and formulations for storing entomopathogenic nematodes

Provided herein are methods and formulations for stable and prolonged storage of infective juveniles of entomopathogenic nematodes.. . ... Gree Inc

05/31/18 / #20180151789

Method of making an electronic device utilizing laser ablation to form a contact hole in a metal substrate

A method of making an electronic device includes: providing a base unit including a metal substrate, an insulating layer disposed on the metal substrate, and a first circuit unit disposed on the insulating layer; and laser ablating the first circuit unit, the insulating layer and the metal substrate in such a manner that a hole defined by a hole-defining wall is formed to expose the metal substrate, and that an interconnecting layer is formed on the hole-defining wall during laser ablation of the metal substrate.. . ... Gree Inc

05/31/18 / #20180151059

Motion sensor

A motion sensor has at least two tiers of monitored volumes that are offset from each other. Electromagnetic radiation, such as infrared light, is directed from the monitored volumes onto at least two sets of detector elements having separate outputs on a pyroelectric substrate of an infrared detector. ... Gree Inc

05/31/18 / #20180149339

Illuminating device and methods for making the same

An illuminating device includes an insulative housing, at least two electrodes and a light source. The insulative housing has opposite front and rear surfaces and is formed with at least two through holes. ... Gree Inc

05/31/18 / #20180148391

Vermicast production through conversion of biodegradable organic matter

A feed stock-to-vermicast converter, comprising an enclosed flow-through vessel having an upstream inlet for introducing convertible feed stock into a mixed epigeic bed conversion zone adapted to accommodate a population of epigeic vermicast-producing worms, communicating with a vermicast-converted feed stock outlet.. . ... Gree Inc

05/31/18 / #20180147760

Injection molding method and mold mechanism

An injection molding method includes the steps of positioning a core piece in a mold cavity through a plurality of positioning pins; injecting a molten plastic material into the mold cavity to surround and cover the core piece; maintaining the pressure inside the mold cavity at a predetermined maintaining time so that the core piece is positioned by the molten plastic material; retracting the positioning pins from the mold cavity when a predetermined retraction time is reached, so that spaces occupied by the positioning pins in the mold cavity can be filled with the molten plastic material; and completely curing the molten plastic material to form a finished product.. . ... Gree Inc

05/31/18 / #20180147490

Server apparatus, control method for server apparatus, and program

A server apparatus for providing a game using game media to a user over a network may include a storage unit, an identifier obtaining unit, and a game content output unit. The storage unit may store identifiers and game media in association with each other. ... Gree Inc

05/31/18 / #20180146688

Process and composition for an improved flour product

The invention describes a food or flour composition derived from fungal fermentation of plant material, the flour composition having a total metabolizable carbohydrate level of between 0.1-50% by weight. Also described are processes for the manufacture of the food or flour compositions using fungal fermentation having a total metabolizable carbohydrate level of between 0.1-50% by weight.. ... Gree Inc

05/24/18 / #20180142906

Indoor unit of air conditioner

An indoor unit of an air conditioner includes: a bottom shell, at least two air passages (11) are provided abreast in the bottom shell (1); an air passage cover plate (2), provided on the at least two air passages (11) in a covering manner, flow guide openings (21) corresponding to the at least two air passages (11) are provided in the air passage cover plate (2) respectively; at least two centrifugal fans (3), provided in the at least two air passages (11) respectively and provided opposite to the corresponding flow guide openings (21); and an evaporator (4), provided on a side, far away from the bottom shell (1), of the air passage cover plate (2), each of the flow guide openings (21) is provided opposite to the evaporator (4).. . ... Gree Inc

05/24/18 / #20180142689

Oil separation barrel, screw compressor and air conditioning unit

Disclosed is an oil separation barrel, which includes a barrel body and an oil separation and filtration structure provided in the barrel body, the barrel body provided with an oil separation cavity and an output port. An output gas flow is filtered by the oil separation and filtration structure, then enters the oil separation cavity, and finally is output from the output port. ... Gree Inc

05/24/18 / #20180142428

Recycled asphalt production apparatus

An apparatus for producing hot mix asphalt from 100% recycled pavement aggregates includes a rotatable inclined drum having a central axis and having a first and second end. A heat source spaced from one of the ends introduces hot gas into the drum via one of the first and second ends. ... Gree Inc

05/24/18 / #20180142115

High stain resistance and easy cleaning polyvinyl chloride floor and preparation process thereof

The present invention discloses a polyvinyl chloride floor with high stain resistance and easy cleaning functions. The polyvinyl chloride floor includes a polyvinyl chloride floor layer and a stain-resistant surface layer, wherein the stain-resistant surface layer is formed by co-extruding an outer protective layer, a functional layer and an adhesive layer; the outer protective layer is a fluorine-containing polymer; the functional layer is formed by mixing the fluorine-containing polymer, a hot melt adhesive and functional aids; the adhesive layer is formed by mixing the fluorine-containing polymer and the hot melt adhesive; and the stain-resistant surface layer is in hot-melt adhesion connection with the polyvinyl chloride floor layer through the adhesive layer. ... Gree Inc

05/24/18 / #20180141703

Foldably constructed force-resisting structure or support

A foldably constructed force-resisting structure or support is provided. The foldably constructed structure may include a first member and a second member. ... Gree Inc

05/24/18 / #20180141202

Angularly adjustable tool connection having threaded connector and clamp-type connector

An adjustable tool holder is configured for interchangeable use with a variety of tools provided with different connection elements. The connection elements include at least a first connection element configured for a first manner of connection with the tool holder and a second connection element configured for a second manner of connection with the tool holder. ... Gree Inc

05/24/18 / #20180140699

Methods for preparing hepatitis b immunoglobulin derived from plasma

The present invention relates to a preparation method of a human plasma-derived hepatitis b immunoglobulin preparation. More specifically, the present invention relates to a preparation method of a human plasma-derived hepatitis b immunoglobulin preparation characterized in that plasma protein fraction ii (fraction ii) containing human hepatitis b immunoglobulin is dialysis concentrated and then thrombus-producing materials and impurities formed during processes are removed by anion exchange resin and cation exchange resin purification techniques. ... Gree Inc

05/24/18 / #20180140129

Beverage forming apparatus

A method and apparatus for controlling operation of a beverage forming machine arranged for use with cartridges of different types, or receiving an upwardly flowing beverage from a cartridge. A beverage outlet may be movable to receive beverage from a cartridge of a first type, and to not receive beverage from a cartridge of a second type. ... Gree Inc

05/17/18 / #20180138793

Improved rotor for permanent magnet generator

A rotary generator comprising: at least one magnetic annulus pair comprising a first magnetic annulus and a second magnetic annulus with a gap therebetween; a coil annulus in the gap; the first and second magnetic annuli and the coil annulus having a common axis; the first and second magnetic annuli of the at least one magnetic annulus pair each having: a sequence of principle permanent magnets spaced around the common axis with alternating north and south poles facing the gap, corresponding principle permanent magnets of the first and second magnetic annuli of a magnetic annulus pair, with unlike poles facing the gap, facing each other across the gap such that lines of magnetic flux cross the gap between the corresponding principle permanent magnets, and a sequence of intermediate permanent magnets, each of the intermediate permanent magnets being positioned between two of the principle permanent magnets, each intermediate permanent magnet having adjacent the gap a north pole facing a side of the principle permanent magnet of the two principle permanent magnets having a north pole facing the gap and each intermediate permanent magnet having adjacent the gap a south pole facing a side of the principle permanent magnet of the two principle permanent magnets with a south pole facing the gap, the coil annulus having a sequence of coils arranged around the common axis such that the lines of magnetic flux cut the turns of the coils and thus induce electric currents in the coils as the magnetic annuli are caused to rotate relative to the coil annulus, wherein the first and second magnetic annuli of the at least one magnetic annulus pair each further comprise a backing plate of ferromagnetic material, the principle permanent magnets being positioned between the backing plate and the gap and mounted to the backing plate such that adjacent principle permanent magnets are magnetically coupled to one another through the backing plate.. . ... Gree Inc

05/17/18 / #20180138768

Method of construction for permanent magnet generator

A generator comprises as a first part a stack of disc-like annular rotors spaced one from the other and coaxially located upon and rotating with an elongate central member each rotor having an inner annular portion and an outer annular portion, the outer annular portion bearing and/or comprising a magnetic annulus, one or more spacers being coaxially mounted around the central member in between the inner annular portions of each rotor and abutting against them in such manner such as to brace them to remain orthogonal to the longitudinal axis of the assembly as well as providing the required spacing therebetween, and as a second part, a stack of annular stators interposed between the rotors and mounted over the spacers but having an inner clearance diameter greater than that of the outer diameter of the portion of spacer over which they are located.. . ... Gree Inc

05/17/18 / #20180135631

Screw compressor and a compressor body thereof

A screw compressor and a compressor body thereof, in which the compressor body includes a housing provided with a suction inlet and a discharge end face, the housing is internally provided with a rotor chamber and a spool chamber, the housing is provided with a cooling chamber around the rotor chamber, the cooling chamber communicates with the suction inlet, and the cooling chamber is provided with an air inlet communicating with the rotor chamber.. . ... Gree Inc

05/17/18 / #20180134508

Independently automated loading system for unitized loads into a covered multi-level transporter

An automated mechanical loading system for loading seedling carriers into a transporter bin for transport to the field for planting. The system of the present invention includes a transport bin having a plurality of rails mounted on the inside walls of the bin for accepting a plurality of carriers, power driven projections slidably mounted on sleds which are fixedly mounted to the top frame of a lift for urging one or more carriers into a preselected set of opposing rails in the bin. ... Gree Inc

05/17/18 / #20180134368

Aircraft interior flooring systems

An aircraft flooring system for an aircraft fuselage adapted to secure a payload component may include first and second seat tracks extending longitudinally with respect to the aircraft fuselage, the first and second seat tracks being spaced from one another; and an intercostal assembly extending between the first and second seat tracks. The intercostal assembly can include a first intercostal having a center member having a first end and a second end and a top flange including a mounting region between the first and second ends; and at least first and second tab members. ... Gree Inc

05/17/18 / #20180133690

Method of manufacturing a sorbent material

The invention relates to the field of cleaning the environment, and more particularly to a sorbent material for collecting petroleum and petroleum products, and to a method of producing the same. The method includes saturating a basalt fiber canvas with a hydrophobizing liquid and subsequently drying the same, wherein the basalt fibers of the canvas have a diameter of 0.2-2 microns and a density not exceeding 20-25 kg/m3; prior to saturation, the canvas is first fluffed using compressed air until a density of 12-15 kg/m3 is reached; the saturation using a hydrophobizing liquid is performed by introducing the hydrophobizing liquid into the pre-fluffed basalt fibers of the canvas in the form of aerosol particles via compressed air; and the subsequent drying of the saturated canvas is performed using compressed air, preferably at a temperature of 65° c.-75° c. ... Gree Inc

05/17/18 / #20180133625

Solid/fluid separation device and method

A solid/fluid separation module and apparatus enables treatment of solid/fluid mixtures to generate a filtered mass having a solids content above 50%. A filter unit with stacked filter plates and filter passages recessed into a face of each filter plate is provided.. ... Gree Inc

05/17/18 / #20180133601

Server device, control method for server device, game system, and computer-readable recording medium

A server device and the like that can make a whole game and sns more active by promoting the movement of players between groups to enhance the mobility of game participants. A server device comprises: an information storage unit for storing information of a game in which a plurality of players are able to participate and which includes a battle event; and a control unit for accessing the information and executing an operation related to the game. ... Gree Inc

05/17/18 / #20180132434

Method and system for capable of selecting optimal plant cultivation method

A system capable of selecting an optimal plant cultivation method mainly includes a plurality of water supply units, a water treatment unit, a plurality of nutrition units, a reactor, a plurality of gas supply units, a liquid storage unit, at least three growth boxes, an information device. A method capable of selecting an optimal plant cultivation method allows participants of a competition in every place of the world to operate the same greenhouse facilities together at the same time, and grow the same plant or a several types of plants at the same time, latitude and location. ... Gree Inc

05/10/18 / #20180129589

Systems and methods for summarization and visualization of trace data

Systems and methods for visualizing and/or analyzing trace data collected during execution of a computer system are described. Algorithms and user interface elements are disclosed for providing user interfaces, data summarization technologies, and/or underlying file structures to facilitate such visualization and/or analysis. ... Gree Inc

05/10/18 / #20180129304

Systems, methods, and apparatuses for creating digital glitter with accelerometer

Methods and systems for rendering an electronic greeting card to a portable computing device, wherein the visually-perceived light effects of the electronic greeting card are updated in real time. The electronic greeting card is dynamically rendered to the portable computing device including these dynamic light effects. ... Gree Inc

05/10/18 / #20180127790

Method of processing organic matter

A process and system for treating biodegradable waste is described that utilizes serial thermophilic and mesophilic microbial digestion to product fuel gas and a stable solid product at high efficiencies.. . ... Gree Inc

05/10/18 / #20180127697

Integrated system for hydrogen and methane production from industrial organic wastes and biomass

The present invention provides a system that has been devised to overcome the two most important limitations for sustained biological hydrogen production, namely contamination of the microbial hydrogen-producing cultures with methane-producing cultures necessitating frequent re-start-up and/or other methanogenic bacteria inactivation techniques, and the low bacterial yield of hydrogen-producers culminating in microbial washout from the system and failure. The system includes a continuously stirred bioreactor (cstr) for biological hydrogen production, followed by a gravity settler positioned downstream of the cstr, which combination forms a biohydrogenator. ... Gree Inc

05/10/18 / #20180127562

Advanced manufacturing system to recycle carpet

An advanced manufacturing plant and process to efficiently deconstruct and recycle post-consumer carpet primarily in an aqueous environment. The water-based technology substantially eliminates airborne particulate emissions into the workplace and the environment. ... Gree Inc

05/10/18 / #20180126578

Apparatus and related methods for trimming dried cannabis flowers

In a preferred embodiment, the apparatus comprises: (1) a box with specifically designed blades for cutting; (2) a motor for rotating the blades over each other; (3) a sweeper mechanism to gently move the flowers around the enclosure blade; and, (4) a brush mechanism to gently tumble flowers over the blade surface.. . ... Gree Inc

05/10/18 / #20180126270

Server device, method for controlling the same, computer-readable recording medium and game system

A social game capable of informing a player of the attractiveness of a group fighting event is disclosed herein. A server device comprises: an information storage unit that stores information on the game; and a control unit that executes an arithmetic operation relating to the game and performs processing to display an image of the game at the terminal devices. ... Gree Inc

05/10/18 / #20180125092

Method for preparing feedstuffs comprising butyric acid and/or butyrate

A method for preparing a feedstuff comprising butyric acid and/or butyrate, comprising: adding a microorganism into a light corn steepwater to provide a mixture, wherein the microorganism comprises a first strain and the first strain is able to metabolize saccharides and/or organic compounds in a fermentation to produce butyric acid; keeping the mixture under an anaerobic atmosphere to conduct the fermentation to provide a fermentation broth; and optionally condensing the fermentation broth. Optionally, the microorganism further comprises a second strain, wherein the second strain is able to fix a carbon oxide.. ... Gree Inc

05/03/18 / #20180121076

Drawing processing method, drawing program, and drawing device

A drawing processing method of controlling a drawing processing apparatus, the method including: receiving a first touch operation of tapping a first location on a touch panel display; storing, in a memory, the first location as a drawing start location; receiving a second touch operation of sliding on the touch panel display from a second location to a third location to draw a first slide trajectory, the second location being different from the first location; storing, in the memory, the second location as an operation start location; and based on the drawing start location and the operation start location, displaying an object of a second slide trajectory corresponding to the first slide trajectory drawn by the second touch operation such that the displayed object of the second slide trajectory starts from the drawing start location.. . ... Gree Inc

05/03/18 / #20180121061

Game program, computer control method, and information processing apparatus

A computer-implemented method for operating a computer game involving moving a plurality of objects. A game screen on which a plurality of objects are displayed may be displayed on a touchscreen. ... Gree Inc

05/03/18 / #20180117474

Program, information processing apparatus, and control method

A program, an information processing apparatus, and a control method that can facilitate adjustment of game balance. The information processing apparatus may store information concerning game mediums; may change, with regard to one game medium of a user, a first parameter in accordance with a change of a second parameter or may change the second parameter within a range corresponding to the first parameter; may determine a characteristic value on the basis of the information concerning the game medium of a first user; may prepare a new game medium on the basis of information concerning a reference game medium of a second user and a ratio of the characteristic value to the first parameter of the reference game medium; and may transmit information required for execution of game contents which progress using the new game medium to a first terminal device of the first user.. ... Gree Inc

05/03/18 / #20180117471

Server, recording medium and system

A server includes a storage unit storing characteristic data objects of each user, each characteristic data object having a first parameter value representing an ability of the characteristic data object to exert power, a second parameter value representing an ability to reduce the first parameter value of each characteristic data object of another user different from the user having the characteristic data object, and one of attributes having a superiority-inferiority relationship relative to each other. The server further includes a receiving unit receiving a game proceeding instruction from a device of each user, and a parameter adjusting unit adjusting the second parameter value of each characteristic data object of the user of the device, based on a first number of characteristic data objects of the user that have an attribute superior to a first attribute assigned among characteristic data objects of a second user different from the user.. ... Gree Inc

05/03/18 / #20180117468

Game program, control method for computer, and computer

There is provided a computer that can implement an operation object display output function, a target object display output function, and a form determination function. The operation object display output function can be a function of outputting operation object display information with which an operation object having a certain form is displayed so as to be visible from a certain direction in a graphical scene of a game having three-dimensional information. ... Gree Inc

05/03/18 / #20180117397

Passive muscle training device and method for driving the same

A passive muscle training device includes a base having at least one first link and at least one second link. At least one first rod is pivotably connected to the at least one first link. ... Gree Inc

05/03/18 / #20180116266

Compositions comprising mogrosides, steviol glycosides and glycosylated derivatives thereof and methods of enhancing the mouthfeel or sweetness of consumables

The invention describes compositions comprising glycosylated mogroside(s) or glycosylated swingle extracts and methods of enhancing the mouthfeel, sweetness or flavor of consumable products.. . ... Gree Inc

05/03/18 / #20180116167

Pressure activated recharging cooling platform

A pressure activated recharging cooling platform for cooling an object is provided. The cooling platform comprises a temperature regulation layer, a support layer, and a channeled covering layer. ... Gree Inc

04/19/18 / #20180109682

Computer-programmed telephone-enabled devices for processing and managing numerous simultaneous voice conversations conducted by an individual over a computer network and computer methods of implementing thereof

In some embodiments, the present invention provides for a computer-implemented method, including: causing, by a specifically programmed computer call management communication system, to transform, over a computer network, computing devices of users, into corresponding specialized call management devices, by having each computing device to execute a specialized call management client software application being in electronic communication with the specifically programmed computer call management communication system over the computer network by utilizing sip; where the specialized call management client software application generates specialized graphical user interfaces configured to allow each user to concurrently initiate and maintain, over the computer network, a plurality of voice communications of distinct types with other users, by, for example, allowing each user to independently and dynamically divert, in real-time, any voice communication of any type to any audio device associated with a corresponding specialized call management device of such user.. . ... Gree Inc

04/19/18 / #20180105855

Analysis and screening of cell secretion profiles

Embodiments disclose apparatus, methods and software for performing biological screening and analysis implemented using an instrument platform capable of detecting a wide variety of cell-based secretions, expressed proteins, and other cellular components. The platform may be configured for simultaneous multiplexed detection of a plurality biological components such that a large number of discrete samples may be individually sequestered and evaluated to detect or identify constituents from the samples in a highly parallelized and scalable manner.. ... Gree Inc

04/19/18 / #20180105358

Rotationally operable bin liner for use in a refuse receptacle

A refuse bin includes a frame defining an interior cavity and a seating structure. A bin liner has a biasing surface that rotationally engages the seating structure to define a recessed first position characterized by the bin liner set within the interior cavity. ... Gree Inc

04/19/18 / #20180104579

Method for controlling server device, server device, computer-readable recording medium and game system

To enhance motivation of a player to invite another player to a social game, thus activating the social game and a platform that provides the social game, a server device includes incentive giving means that gives an incentive to a player who operates a first terminal device when a player of a second terminal device that receives, from the first terminal device, invitation information including solicitation information to at least suggest participating in the game and specific information to at least specify a landing screen associated with a home screen of the game operates the second terminal device to access the landing screen on a basis of the specific information.. . ... Gree Inc

04/19/18 / #20180103838

Method and system for automatic eyesight diagnosis

Embodiments of the invention are related to a method and a system for eyesight diagnosis. The system includes a vision test unit and a controller. ... Gree Inc

04/12/18 / #20180101466

Systems and methods for summarization and visualization of trace data

Systems and methods for visualizing and/or analyzing trace data collected during execution of a computer system are described. Algorithms and user interface elements are disclosed for providing user interfaces, data summarization technologies, and/or underlying file structures to facilitate such visualization and/or analysis. ... Gree Inc

04/12/18 / #20180100611

Duct technologies

A device comprising an hvac duct interconnector comprising a tube and a wall extending within the tube. The present disclosure at least partially addresses at least one of the above. ... Gree Inc

04/12/18 / #20180099806

Bottle for cold-brewed tea

The cold-brewed tea beverage bottle includes a bottle cap and a bottle body; a tea container is arranged on an upper portion of the bottle body or the bottle cap; a retaining cap is mounted in the tea container in a clearance fit; a bottom end of the retaining cap is of a zigzag shape, which is just opposite to a seal sheet on a bottom portion of the tea container; a water outlet is formed on an upper portion of the retaining cap; a pushing rod is arranged on the tea container and in the bottle cap; the pushing rod and a force-exerting sealing cap both are in threaded connection with the bottle cap; by rotating the force-exerting sealing cap and pressing down the pushing rod, the retaining cap props against the seal sheet to open, and the tea leaves in the tea container fall into the bottle to soak.. . ... Gree Inc

04/12/18 / #20180098516


The invention relates to a planter (10) forming part of a hydroponic system. The planter (10) includes a longitudinal body (12) defining at least two longitudinally extending liquid channels (14.1,14.2) and at least two plant holders (16,18) defined in the body (12), the plant holders (16,18) spaced on the outer circumference of the longitudinal body (12), each one of the at least two plant holders (16,18) in fluid flow communication with one of the at least two longitudinally extending liquid channels (14.1,14.2).. ... Gree Inc

04/12/18 / #20180098515

Controlled environment and method

An illustrative embodiment of an irrigation system may include a carriage that may move along a predetermined path in a reciprocal manner. The carriage may support one or more exit ports that may be fed nutrient supply by a pressurized delivery arrangement. ... Gree Inc

04/05/18 / #20180098137

Method and system for utility power lines vegetation proximity monitoring and controlling

. . The present invention solves a very complex problem that is a major obstacles for electric utility industry's power lines vegetation encroachment management business. Vegetation contacts to the high voltage overhead power lines cause flash-over and/or blackout which results in hazardous situations and economic losses. ... Gree Inc

04/05/18 / #20180097412

Permanent magnet motor rotor and permanent magnet synchronous motor

Disclosed are a permanent magnet motor rotor (110) and a permanent magnet synchronous motor (100). The permanent magnet motor rotor (110) comprises: a rotor core (111); tangentially magnetized main-pole permanent magnets (112), the main-pole permanent magnets (112) being disposed in a radial direction of the rotor core (111), the main-pole permanent magnets (112) being uniformly arranged in a circumferential direction of the rotor core (111), and the closest surfaces of any two adjacent main-pole permanent magnets (112) having same magnetic poles; and an auxiliary permanent magnet (113) being disposed in the radial direction of the rotor core (111), the auxiliary permanent magnet (113) being located between any two adjacent main-pole permanent magnets (112), so as to raise the operating point of the main-pole permanent magnet, thereby achieving the purpose that the demagnetization resistance capacity of the main-pole permanent magnet is improved, and the demagnetization risk is reduced.. ... Gree Inc

04/05/18 / #20180094195

Conversion of biomass, organic waste and carbon dioxide into synthetic hydrocarbons

A process and system for producing a synthetic hydrocarbon having a desired h/c ratio is disclosed. Organic material is biochemically digested in a two stage biodigester for separately producing a hydrogen containing biogas substantially free of methane in a first stage and a methane containing biogas in a second stage. ... Gree Inc

04/05/18 / #20180094194

Compositions useful for oil extraction

The present invention relates to compositions comprising a plant material, and methods for using the same in extracting or removing a hydrocarbon-containing substance from a substrate or remediating a substrate.. . ... Gree Inc

04/05/18 / #20180093193

Information processing device and control method for executing a battle game including a field

Instructions recorded on a non-transitory recording medium cause an information processing device that executes a battle game to execute the steps of storing different attribute information in association with each of at least two players; displaying a field including a plurality of regions, a predetermined event being set for each region, and attribute information being associable with each region; upon a player selecting at least one region from among the plurality of regions, executing processing for the event of the selected region; based on a processing result for the event, determining whether newly to associate the attribute information of the player with the selected region; and determining victory and defeat for the plurality of players based on at least one of a count, a total area, and a total volume of regions with which each piece of attribute information is associated.. . ... Gree Inc

04/05/18 / #20180093180

Program, control method, and information processing apparatus

Provided are a program, a control method, and an information processing apparatus which may provide an improved user interface on which a user may easily and efficiently execute various processes on a game content. The information processing apparatus may be caused to execute a game content specifying step of specifying a selected game content on the basis of first input operation data from an operation unit, a step of retrieving information from a storage unit, a step of specifying a direction from a start point to an end point of a second input operation on the basis of second input operation data from an operation unit, and an execution step of executing one process associated with the direction from the start point to the end point of the second input operation in the information from the storage unit on the selected game content.. ... Gree Inc

04/05/18 / #20180092317

Pretreatment method for directly seeding in vitro microtuber

Provided is a pretreatment method for directly seeding an in vitro microtuber in an open field including: sterilizing a washed in vitro microtuber with chlorine dioxide and drying the sterilized in vitro microtuber; irradiating the dried in vitro microtuber with light and greening the dried in vitro microtuber; putting the greened in vitro microtuber in a storage container and storing the greened in vitro microtuber in a temperature range of 2 to 4° c.; and germinating the in vitro microtuber. The in vitro microtuber can quickly adapt to environment when directly seeded on a field, an early-stage management of the in vitro microtuber is facilitated, and physiological functions thereof such as vitamin synthesis is activated.. ... Gree Inc

04/05/18 / #20180092314

Vertical hydroponics systems

A vertical hydroponics system is provided. The flow rate or pressure of the solution passing through the system is uniform throughout the system to reduce or prevent clogging and/or leaking. ... Gree Inc

03/29/18 / #20180090888

Conductive spring plate fixing element, plug and socket

A conductive spring plate fixing element is used to limit a live wire spring plate and a live wire conductive plate from contacting with each other, as well as a neutral wire spring plate and a neutral wire conductive plate from contacting with each other. The width of the limited part of the live wire spring plate is t1, the width of the limited part of the neutral wire spring plate is t2, and the live wire spring plate is separated from the neutral wire spring plate by an insulation distance l. ... Gree Inc

03/29/18 / #20180087045

Cell-free production of ribonucleic acid

Provided herein, in some aspects, are methods and compositions for cell-free production of ribonucleic acid.. . ... Gree Inc

03/22/18 / #20180082424

Single-tree segmentation method and apparatus

Embodiments of the present disclosure disclose a single-tree segmentation method and apparatus. The method includes: acquiring point cloud data in a region to be segmented, classifying a highest point in the point cloud data into a target tree point cloud, setting an infinite point, and classifying the set point into a non-target tree point cloud; comparing similarity between a current point to be classified and a current target tree point cloud with similarity between the current point to be classified and a current non-target tree point cloud for each point to be classified in the point cloud data, and classifying the current point to be classified into corresponding point cloud according to a comparison result; and segmenting a final target tree point cloud into point cloud data corresponding to a target tree after all points to be classified are completely classified.. ... Gree Inc

03/22/18 / #20180081035

Method and device for filtering point cloud data

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and device for filtering point cloud data. The method includes: transforming point cloud data into raster data, and acquiring a lowest point in each grid to serve as an initial point; performing a morphological opening operation on the raster data, to obtain an initial terrain surface; determining, for each initial point, a current initial point as a potential ground seed point when a difference between an elevation value of the current initial point and a value of a target grid into which the current initial point falls is smaller than a preset difference threshold value; constructing an initial triangular irregular network model according to the potential ground seed point; determining a ground point based on an triangular irregular network filtering algorithm according to the initial triangular irregular network model.. ... Gree Inc

03/22/18 / #20180081034

Method and device for constructing spatial index of massive point cloud data

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and device for constructing a spatial index of massive point cloud data. The method includes: partitioning acquired original point cloud data to obtain a plurality of point cloud data blocks; constructing an octree index of a current point cloud data block for each point cloud data block; and merging the octree indexes of the plurality of point cloud data blocks to obtain a spatial index structure of the original point cloud data.. ... Gree Inc

03/22/18 / #20180079117

Method for manufacturing elastic mat with successive mixed color type

A method includes processing multiple macromolecular staples to successively produce a macromolecular sheet body, multiple silks and multiple sheet particles. The macromolecular sheet body contains multiple district camouflages and is processed by edge cutting to form multiple color strips. ... Gree Inc

03/22/18 / #20180077927

Adjuvant composition, treatment composition and aqueous spray formulations suitable for agriculturally-related use

The present invention relates to an adjuvant composition, and a treatment composition for use in an aqueous spray formulation suitable for agricultural use that provide a reduced drift and increased deposition. Said composition/formulation comprises a polyethylene oxide polymer and a non-ionic surfactant.. ... Gree Inc

03/15/18 / #20180074328

Display system, display method, and computer apparatus

A display system including a display device which is used by being mounted on the head of a player, comprising: a virtual camera specifier that specifies a visual axis and/or a position of a virtual camera in a virtual space, according to a direction and/or a position of the display device; and a displayer that displays an object present in the virtual space, on the display device, according to the visual axis and/or the position of the virtual camera, wherein in a case where there is an object on the visual axis specified by the virtual camera specifier, the displayer additionally displays information associated with the object.. . ... Gree Inc

03/15/18 / #20180072969

Organic detergent powder and single-dose compressed tablets thereof

Organic detergent powder compositions and single-dose compressed tablets thereof are disclosed. The organic detergent powder composition can comprise one or more of the following ingredients: saponified oils, lyes, binders, fillers, carriers, disintegrants, inert ingredients, salts or water softeners, detergency aids, defoamers or flow agents, enzymes, chelating agents, and fragrances in amounts complying with the united states department of agriculture's (usda's) national organic program (nop) for products labeled as “organic” or “made with organic.” in some aspects, the organic detergent powder composition comprises organic soapberry powder and one or more of a salt, one or more detergency aids, one or more enzymes, and one or more fragrances.. ... Gree Inc

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