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Hrl Laboratories Llc patents (2017 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Hrl Laboratories Llc. Hrl Laboratories Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hrl Laboratories Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hrl Laboratories Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Inferring the location of users in online social media platforms using social network analysis

Described is a system for inferring the location of users in online social media platforms using social network analysis. A social network is first extracted from data from at least one social media platform. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Disease prediction system using open source data

Described is a disease prediction system using open source data. The system includes a preprocessing module, a learning module, and a prediction module. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Predicting system trajectories toward critical transitions

Described is a system for predicting system trajectories toward critical transitions. The system transforms a set of multivariate time series of observables of a complex system into a set of symbolic multivariate time series. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Microlattice damping material and method for repeatable energy absorption

Described is a micro-lattice damping material and a method for repeatable energy absorption. The micro-lattice damping material is a cellular material formed of a three-dimensional interconnected network of hollow tubes. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Apparatus for making nanoparticles and nanoparticle suspensions

A wire explosion assembly configured to form nanoparticles by exploding at least a segment of an electrically conductive wire. The wire explosion assembly includes a spool supporting the electrically conductive wire, a vessel defining a wire explosion chamber, means in the wire explosion chamber for pulling the electrically conductive wire off of the spool and applying tension on the segment of the electrically conductive wire, and a power source for delivering an electrical current to the segment of the electrically conductive wire. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

System and method for assistive gait intervention and fall prevention

Described is a system for system for gait intervention and fall prevention. The system is incorporated into a body suit having a plurality of distributed sensors and a vestibulo-muscular biostim array. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Gyromagnetic geopositioning system

A geopositioning system. The geopositioning system includes an accelerometer including three sensing axes, a gyroscope including three sensing axes, and a magnetometer including three sensing axes, and a processing circuit. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Architected materials for enhanced energy absorption

A three-dimensional lattice architecture with a thickness hierarchy includes a first surface and a second surface separated from each other with a distance therebetween defining a thickness of the three-dimensional lattice architecture; a plurality of angled struts extending along a plurality of directions between the first surface and the second surface; a plurality of nodes connecting the plurality of angled struts with one another forming a plurality of unit cells. At least a portion of the plurality of angled struts are internally terminated along the thickness direction of the lattice structure and providing a plurality of internal degrees of freedom towards the first or second surface of the lattice architecture.. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Compositions and methods for fabricating durable, low-ice-adhesion coatings

This invention provides durable, low-ice-adhesion coatings with excellent performance in terms of ice-adhesion reduction. Some variations provide a low-ice-adhesion coating comprising a microstructure with a first-material phase and a second-material phase that are microphase-separated on an average length scale of phase inhomogeneity from 1 micron to 100 microns. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Iii-nitride transistor with enhanced doping in base layer

A vertical trench mosfet comprising: a n-doped substrate of a iii-n material; and an epitaxial layer of the iii-n material grown on a top surface of the substrate, a n-doped drift region being formed in said epitaxial layer; a p-doped base layer of said iii-n material, formed on top of at least a portion of the drift region; a n-doped source region of said iii-n material; formed on at least a portion of the base layer; and a gate trench having at least one vertical wall extending along at least a portion of the source region and at least a portion of the base layer; wherein at least a portion of the p-doped base layer along the gate trench is a layer of said p-doped iii-n material that additionally comprises a percentage of aluminum.. . ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Resin formulations for polymer-derived ceramic materials

This disclosure enables direct 3d printing of preceramic polymers, which can be converted to fully dense ceramics. Some variations provide a preceramic resin formulation comprising a molecule with two or more c═x double bonds or c≡x triple bonds, wherein x is selected from c, s, n, or o, and wherein the molecule further comprises at least one non-carbon atom selected from si, b, al, ti, zn, p, ge, s, n, or o; a photoinitiator; a free-radical inhibitor; and a 3d-printing resolution agent. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Anti-fouling coatings fabricated from polymers containing ionic species

An anti-fouling coating is provided, containing a continuous matrix comprising a first component; a plurality of inclusions comprising a second component, wherein the first component is a low-surface-energy polymer having a surface energy, and the second component is a hygroscopic material containing one or more ionic species. The low-surface-energy polymer and the hygroscopic material are chemically connected ionically or covalently, such as in a segmented copolymer composition comprising fluoropolymer soft segments and ionic species contained within the soft segments. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Reversible, chemically or environmentally responsive polymers, and coatings containing such polymers

We have demonstrated reversibly reducing metal-ion crosslinkages in polymer systems, by harnessing light, creating a dynamic and reversible bond. The reduction induces chemical and physical changes in the polymer materials. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

Gan-on-sapphire monolithically integrated power converter

A half bridge circuit includes a sapphire substrate, a gan upper switch on the sapphire substrate, a gan lower switch on the sapphire substrate and coupled to the gan upper switch, a first conductor coupled to the upper switch, a second conductor coupled to the lower switch, and a capacitor. A portion of the first conductor and a portion of the second conductor are on a plane vertically separated from the upper switch and the lower switch by a height, and the capacitor is coupled between the portion of the first conductor and the portion of the second conductor.. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

04/06/17 / #20170099041

Electromechanical frequency selective surface

Several embodiments are disclosed that provide for a frequency selective surface that can be placed like a radome on top of or under an existing radome or as a new radome on top of one or more radiating or receiving apertures or antennas to provide for a high-q filter function to remove unwanted neighboring frequency interferences. The conformal structure comprises of an array of subwavelength electrically connected broken metallic rings and/or broken wires loaded with electromechanical resonators such as quartz or linbo3 crystal resonators, bulk acoustic wave (baw) resonators, and/or surface acoustic wave (saw) resonators at said breaks. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

04/06/17 / #20170096568

Structural coatings with dewetting and anti-icing properties, and coating precursors for fabricating same

Variations of this invention provide durable, impact-resistant structural coatings that have both dewetting and anti-icing properties. The coatings in some embodiments possess a self-similar structure that combines a low-cost matrix with two feature sizes that are tuned to affect the wetting of water and freezing of water on the surface. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

03/23/17 / #20170080673

Curved high temperature alloy sandwich panel with a truss core and fabrication method

A lightweight sandwich panel structure with a complex shape and curvature, and a method to fabricate such a panel out of high temperature alloys. Embodiments of a micro-truss core structure that offer high specific strength and stiffness while allowing for curvature, and methods for depositing multiple layers of metals that can be interdiffused into complex alloys, are provided. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

03/02/17 / #20170059256

Net-shape structure with micro-truss core

A curved, three-dimensional, ordered micro-truss structure including a series of first struts extending along a first direction, a series of second struts extending along a second direction, and a series of third struts extending along a third direction. The first, second, and third struts interpenetrate one another at a series of nodes. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

03/02/17 / #20170057193

Sparse truss structures and methods of making the same

A sparse micro-truss structure having a series of unit cells arranged in an array is disclosed. Each of the unit cells includes a series of struts interconnected at a node. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

02/16/17 / #20170047453

Tunnel barrier schottky

A diode includes: a semiconductor substrate; a cathode metal layer contacting a bottom of the substrate; a semiconductor drift layer on the substrate; a graded aluminum gallium nitride (algan) semiconductor barrier layer on the drift layer and having a larger bandgap than the drift layer, the barrier layer having a top surface and a bottom surface between the drift layer and the top surface, the barrier layer having an increasing aluminum composition from the bottom surface to the top surface; and an anode metal layer directly contacting the top surface of the barrier layer.. . ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

01/26/17 / #20170025765

Surface wave polarization converter

A method and apparatus for converting electromagnetic surface waves from te mode to tm mode or from tm mode to te mode. The apparatus includes a dielectric surface having an anisotropic impedance tensor which is preferably obtained by a plurality of electrically conductive unit cells disposed on the dielectric surface and arranged in a two dimensional array of unit cells, a majority of the unit cells in said array being divided into at least two portions, with at least one gap separating the at least two portions from each other into two or more patches or plates, the array of unit cells having a surface wave input end and a surface wave output end, gaps in the unit cells disposed closest to the surface wave input end having a first orientation and gaps in said unit cells disposed closest to the surface wave output end having a second orientation different than said first orientation. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

01/26/17 / #20170025518

Vertical iii-nitride semiconductor device with a vertically formed two dimensional electron gas

A hemt device comprising a iii-nitride material substrate, the surface of which follows a plane that is not parallel to the c-plane of the iii-nitride material; an epitaxial layer of iii-nitride material grown on said substrate; a recess etched in said epitaxial layer, having at least one plane wall parallel to a polar plane of the iii-nitride material; a carrier supply layer formed on a portion of the plane wall of the recess, such that a 2deg region is formed along the portion of the plane wall of the recess; a doped source region formed at the surface of said epitaxial layer such that the doped source region is separated from said 2deg region by a channel region of the epitaxial layer; a gate insulating layer formed on the channel region of the epitaxial layer; and a gate contact layer formed on the gate insulating layer.. . ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

01/26/17 / #20170021417

Semi-passive control of solidification in powdered materials

Disclosed herein are surface-functionalized powders which alter the solidification of the melted powders. Some variations provide a powdered material comprising a plurality of particles fabricated from a first material, wherein each of the particles has a particle surface area that is continuously or intermittently surface-functionalized with nanoparticles and/or microparticles selected to control solidification of the powdered material from a liquid state to a solid state. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

01/19/17 / #20170015922

Low-friction and low-adhesion materials and coatings

Disclosed are materials that possess both low adhesion and the ability to absorb water. The material passively absorbs water from the atmosphere and then expels this water upon impact with debris, to create a self-cleaning layer. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

01/19/17 / #20170015600

Thermal and environmental barrier coating for ceramic substrates

A thermal and environmental barrier coating composed of ceramic hollow microspheres sintered together. In one embodiment the microspheres are sintered together with a powder of another material that acts as a binder, or with a powder of a material that may be the same as the material of the hollow microspheres, forming a matrix in which the hollow microspheres are embedded. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

01/19/17 / #20170015550

Spherical nanoparticle hydrides, and methods for making the same

This invention describes spherical nanoparticle hydrides and a method for making them. A method of producing spherical nanoparticle hydrides comprises obtaining an electrically conductive or semiconductive wire fabricated from a base material capable of forming a hydride; exposing the wire to a hydrogen-containing processing gas under pressure; vaporizing the wire by electrical discharge, to generate a vapor phase; and reacting with hydrogen and condensing the vapor phase, generating a plurality of spherical nanoparticle hydrides. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

01/05/17 / #20170002230

Icephobic coatings with temperature-dependent wetting

Variations of this invention provide durable, impact-resistant structural coatings that have both dewetting and anti-icing properties. Dewetting and anti-icing performance is simultaneously achieved in a structural coating comprising (a) a continuous matrix; (b) discrete templates that promote surface roughness to inhibit wetting of water; (c) porous voids surrounding the discrete templates; and (d) nanoparticles that inhibit heterogeneous nucleation of water, wherein the discrete templates and/or the nanoparticles include a surface material with hydrophobicity that decreases with increasing temperature. ... Hrl Laboratories Llc

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