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Imperial Innovations Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Imperial Innovations Limited. Imperial Innovations Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Imperial Innovations Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Imperial Innovations Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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A system and method for voltage measurements on biological tissues

The present invention relates to a system and method useful for determining the voltage of biological tissues and therefore to detect whether such tissues are cancerous.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Prosthetic humeral head component

A prosthetic humeral head component (60) comprising: a convex external head surface (62); an internal cavity (64) formed opposite to the head surface (62); and a plurality of fixation elements (70) protruding from said cavity (64) oppositely to said head surface (62) for location into a peripheral portion (17b) of an epiphyseal plate (17) of the humerus (14) to secure the component (60) to the humerus (14), wherein the component is formed as a single, unitary piece. The fixation elements may comprise pegs (70), fins (1080), or keels (2090), or combinations thereof.. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Therapeutic agents

. . The present invention relates to identification of therapeutic agents for the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of pulmonary hypertension.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Surgical tool guide

A surgical tool guide (100) for minimally invasive preparation of a bony surface to receive an implant comprises at least one contact surface (104, 120) for securely registering the surgical tool guide (100) on a bone (200), and a mechanical guide means (102) configured to restrict movement of a surgical tool (110) received therein such that a working tip (111) of the surgical tool (110), in use, is guided over a predefined area of the bone (200), typically at a pre-planned depth.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Method for predicting cervical shortening and preterm birth

The present invention provides method for predicting risk of cervical shortening, methods for predicting risk of preterm labour (ptl), and methods for characterising a pregnant subject having a history of previous ptl, mid-trimester loss or cervical cone biopsy as being in need of surveillance and/or intervention to prevent preterm labour, comprising determining the expression level of one or more of the mirna molecules identified in table 1 or table 2 extracted from a biological sample obtained from said subject and comparing to a control value. Biochips and kits for use in carrying out the methods of the invention are also provided.. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Inhibition of the complement system

Agents and compounds which can be used to modulate the activity of the complement system, novel biological targets associated with such modulation, and pharmaceutical compositions, medicaments and methods of treatment for use in preventing, ameliorating or treating diseases that are characterised by inappropriate complement activity. These diseases include age-related macular degeneration (amd), meningitis, renal disease, autoimmune disease and inflammation. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

A fast ageing method for stamped heat-treatable alloys

A method is provided for artificially ageing a material, comprising heating the material according to a predefined temperature profile, wherein the temperature profile comprises a variable target temperature; and applying a paint bake cycle to the material.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Functional electrical stimulation

Methods of treatment of disorders of the knee, such as medial osteoarthritis and knee instability due to anterior cruciate ligament deficiency, are provided herein.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Electrochemical recycling of lead-based materials

The present application relates to the electrochemical extraction of lead (pb) from a lead-containing material using a deep eutectic solvent. This is of particular use in the recycling of the lead-based materials that result from energy generation processes.. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

2-dimensional carbon material

2-dimensional carbon thin films are described, as well as their processes of preparation, and their specific uses. The 2-dimensional carbon thin films are fabricated by preparing an organic polymeric thin film precursor, which is then subjected to a carbonisation process to remove at least some of the non-carbon atoms. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Passive pressure drag reduction apparatus

The disclosure provides a passive pressure drag reduction apparatus. The apparatus comprises a housing (106) comprising a base face (114), an open top face (110) opposite the base face and at least one side face (108) extending between the base face and the top face, wherein the base face, the top face and the at least one side face define a cavity (102). ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Echo measurement

An echo measurement system transmits a transmitted-signal which is modulated over a period of time corresponding to a modulation duration. The modulation could be, for example, modulation to represent a coded signal. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Pulse-optimized flow control

A flow-control assembly for guiding a flow of fluid having a variable mass flow rate onto a turbine comprising: a turbine comprising a blade and configured to rotate about an axis of rotation; and a flow-guidance element in fluid communication with the turbine and comprising a flow-guiding vane and configured to guide a flow of fluid at a relative fluid flow angle to rotate the turbine about the axis of rotation; wherein the flow-guidance element is configured to rotate about the same axis of rotation as the turbine so as to alter the variation of the relative fluid flow angle at turbine ingress arising from varying mass flow rate in the flow of fluid.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

Aerial devices capable of controlled flight

An aerial device (100) capable of controlled flight has a body (110), a rotor (120) arranged to rotate relative to the body; and a deployable sheet (130), the sheet having an undeployed configuration in which the sheet is folded against the body and a deployed configuration in which the sheet is at least partially unfolded away from the body.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

05/24/18 / #20180143145

Sensor for performing dielectric measurements

A sensor comprises a first resonator operable at microwave and/or millimetre wave frequencies and having a first value of quality factor which is equal to or greater than moo at a frequency in a range 1 to 100 ghz and a second resonator having a second value of quality factor which is less than the first value of quality factor and which is positioned and orientated with respect to the first resonator so as to be inductively coupled to the first resonator, the second resonator comprising first and second electrically-conductive regions separated by a gap which provides a sensing region.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

05/17/18 / #20180136247

Microfluidic flow controller, fluid analysis apparatus, analysis module and methods

A microfluidic flow controller for receiving analyte fluid and calibration fluids wherein the flow controller is configured to switch between (i) an analysis mode in which analyte fluid is passed to an analysis module and (ii) a calibration mode in which the analyte fluid is passed to an alternative destination and calibration fluid is passed to the analysis module, thereby maintaining flow rate of analyte fluid from a source and maintaining a steady flow rate of fluid through the analysis module in both analysis mode and calibration mode. The flow controller may vary the ration of multiple calibration fluids during a calibration mode. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

05/17/18 / #20180134387

Aerial device capable of additive manufacturing and associated method

An aerial device (100) capable of controlled flight comprises a first body (110) comprising a lift generator for providing lift to the aerial device (100); a second body (208) comprising a substance dispenser (122) for controllably dispensing a curable substance for additive manufacture; an articulated coupling assembly (200) coupling the first body (110) to the second body (208); an actuator (212; 214; 216) operable to articulate the articulated coupling assembly (200) so as to move the second body (208), and thereby the substance dispenser (122), relative to the first body (110); and a controller operable to control the lift generator, the substance dispenser (122), and the actuator (212; 214; 216).. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

04/19/18 / #20180104065

Prosthetic glenoid component

A prosthetic glenoid component (10) comprising a concave external bearing surface (12), a glenoid-contacting surface (14) opposite to the bearing surface, and a plurality of fixation elements (16) protruding from said glenoid-contacting surface (14) oppositely to said bearing surface (12) for location into a peripheral portion (104b) of a glenoid cavity (104) to secure the component to the scapula (102), wherein a central portion (15) of the glenoid-contacting surface (14) is free of fixation elements so as to preserve the integrity of the glenoid vault.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

02/22/18 / #20180049758

Patient-specific surgical guide

A patient-specific surgical guide (10) for use in a minimally invasive procedure in a joint can include: a first contoured surface (60); and a second contoured surface (80). The first and second contoured surfaces (60, 80) are configured for engagement with respective opposing articular bone surfaces in said joint such that the guide is located in a pre-operatively determined position and orientation within the joint relative to both bones (12, 14). ... Imperial Innovations Limited

02/15/18 / #20180042457

Probe deployment device

The present disclosure relates to an apparatus for mounting on a guide member for insertion into an anatomical cavity, the apparatus comprising a body defining a cavity for receiving a guide member therethrough, a drive arrangement for moving the body along a guide member disposed through the body, a probe secured to the body for, in use, obtaining a measurement from, taking a sample of, applying a substance to, or applying a therapy to, an environment of the body, and a measurement arrangement for measuring a position relative to the guide member disposed through the body.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

02/01/18 / #20180031354

Electromagnetic cloaking method

A method of constructing a concealing volume comprises constructing a plurality of concealing volume elements around a concealable volume. Each concealing volume element has a material parameter arranged to direct a propagating wave around the concealable volume. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

01/11/18 / #20180010972

A force measurement mechanism

A force measurement mechanism comprises two force input members (105, 106), a pair of cantilever springs (101, 102), and a force measuring means (107). One portion of each cantilever spring is held by a first constraint means (103) and one portion of each cantilever spring is held by a second constraint means (104) with each cantilever spring having an unconstrained length between the first and second constraint means that is free to bend. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

01/04/18 / #20180000598

Hip stem

A stem (100) for use in a joint prosthesis, such as a femoral stem for a hip joint prosthesis, the stem comprising: a solid central core (102); a proximal outer layer (127) disposed over a proximal portion (101a) of the central core, wherein the proximal outer layer comprises a set of longitudinal ribs (120), defining slots (130) there between; and a distal outer layer made of a deformable porous material disposed over a distal portion (101b) of the central core. The arrangement is such that the stem (100) can be made with a relatively large diameter yet without being excessively stiff, for cementless fixation in osteoporotic patients. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

12/14/17 / #20170355959

Methods for mobilising populations of stem cells

The invention provides a method for mobilising haematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (hspc) and/or mesenchymal stem cells (msc) in a subject, the method comprising administering a selective beta-3 adrenergic receptor (ar) agonist and an inhibitor of the cxcr4/cxcl12 chemokine axis to the subject.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

12/07/17 / #20170348440

Novel liposome nanoparticles for tumor magnetic resonance imaging

The present invention provides novel liposomes comprising gd.dota.dsa (gadolinium (iii) 2-{4,7-bis-carboxymethyl-10-[(n,n-distearylamidomethyl-n′-amido-methyl]-1,4,7,10-tetra-azacyclododec-1-yl}-acetic acid), characterised in that said liposome further comprises a neutral, fully saturated phospholipid component (e.g. Dspc (1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phospocholine]), which are of particular use in the preparation of magnetic resonance contrast agents for enhancing a magnetic resonance image of tumours in a mammal.. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

11/30/17 / #20170343380

Absolute rotary encoder

A rotary encoder for measuring absolute rotation around an axis of the rotary encoder, comprising: a magnetised element comprising first and second surfaces at an angle to one another; a first magnetic track provided on the first surface and a second magnetic track provided on the second surface, wherein the first and second magnetic tracks subtend an angle θ around the axis of the rotary encoder, wherein each magnetic track comprises a number of magnetic pole pairs, a magnetic pole pair being formed of two poles defining regions of opposite magnetic polarization, wherein the number of magnetic pole pairs in each track are different and have a greatest common factor of one; and first and second magnetic sensor arrangements, the first magnetic sensor arrangement arranged to detect a magnetic field of the first magnetic track and the second magnetic sensor arrangement arranged to detect a magnetic field of the second magnetic track, wherein the magnetic sensor arrangements are rotatably coupled to the magnetised element around the axis of the rotary encoder.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

11/30/17 / #20170340684

Tetrafunctional bacteriophage

The invention provides a recombinant targeted bacteriophage for expressing a transgene in a target cell transduced with the bacteriophage. The bacteriophage comprises a first nucleic acid sequence encoding a pill capsid minor coat protein that is configured to display a cell-targeting ligand for enabling delivery of the bacteriophage to a target cell, a second nucleic acid sequence encoding at least one pviii capsid major coat protein that is configured to display a foreign peptide thereon, and a transgene which encodes a protein which exerts a biological effect on the target cell.. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

11/16/17 / #20170329065

A light source

There is provided a light source arranged to output light at a first wavelength. The light source comprises a luminescent concentrator having a slab-shaped geometry. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

11/09/17 / #20170324277

Wireless power transfer system

A load-independent class ef inverter may maintain zvs operation, and produce a constant output current, rather than a constant output voltage, regardless of the load resistance. A constant output current allows the inverter to operate efficiently for a load range from zero resistance (short circuit) to a certain maximum load resistance, making the inverter more suitable as a coil driver for an ipt system. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

09/14/17 / #20170260325

Conjugated polymers

The invention relates to novel conjugated polymers containing one or more units based on dithieno[3,2-c;2′,3′-e]azepine-4,6-dione that is fused to further aromatic rings, to methods for their preparation and educts or intermediates used therein, to polymer blends, mixtures and formulations containing them, to the use of the polymers, polymer blends, mixtures and formulations as organic semiconductors in, or for the preparation of, organic electronic (oe) devices, especially organic photovoltaic (opv) devices and organic photodetectors (opd), and to oe, opv and opd devices comprising, or being prepared from, these polymers, polymer blends, mixtures or formulations.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

08/31/17 / #20170247508

Novel bimetallic catalytic complexes for the polymerisation of carbon dioxide and an epoxide

The present invention provides a novel catalyst of formula (i): wherein m is selected from zn(h), co(ii), mn(ii), mg(ii), fe(ii), cr(iii)—x or fe(iii)—x, and the use thereof in polymerising carbon dioxide and an epoxide.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

08/24/17 / #20170244414

Reconfigurable integrated circuit with on-chip configuration generation

Reconfigurable integrated circuit with on-chip configuration generation a circuit and method are provided in which reconfiguration is achieved through the modification of a dynamic data path using configuration information generated on the basis of run-time variables. Rather than storing a plurality of pre-set configurations, this can allow configurations optimised to processing tasks to be implemented during operation.. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

08/24/17 / #20170240592

Gadd45beta/mkk7 inhibitor for the treatment of a resistant haematological malignancy

A gadd45β/mkk7 inhibitor for use in a method of treating a resistant haematological malignancy, combinations of said inhibitor with a further anti-cancer agent and related methods of use.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

07/13/17 / #20170198390

Process for producing carbon-nanotube grafted substrate

The present invention relates to a process for producing a carbon nanotube-grafted substrate, the process comprising: providing a substrate having catalytic material deposited thereon; and synthesising carbon nanotubes on the substrate by a chemical vapour deposition process in a reaction chamber; characterised in that the process comprises providing a counter electrode, applying a potential difference to the substrate in relation to the counter electrode and maintaining the potential difference of the substrate in relation to the counter electrode during the chemical vapour deposition process.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

06/15/17 / #20170165614

Asymmetric membranes for use in nanofiltration

Improved integrally skinned asymmetric membranes for organic solvent nanofiltration, and their methods of preparation and use are disclosed. Membranes are formed from polybenzimidazoles by phase inversion and are then crosslinked by addition of crosslinking agents. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

06/15/17 / #20170164852

System for a brain-computer interface

The invention provides a two-step approach to providing a bci system. In a first step the invention provides a low-power implantable platform for amplifying and filtering the extracellular recording, performing analogue to digital conversion (adc) and detecting action potentials in real-time, which is connected to a remote device capable of performing the processor-intensive tasks of feature extraction and spike classification, thus generating a plurality of predetermined templates for each neuron to be used in a second processing step. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

06/08/17 / #20170157567

Solvent resistant polyamide nanofiltration membranes

The present invention relates to a composite membrane for nanofiltration of a feed stream solution comprising a solvent and dissolved solutes and showing preferential rejection of the solutes. The composite membrane comprises a thin polymeric film formed by interfacial polymerisation on a support membrane. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

05/18/17 / #20170137486

Peptide yy (pyy) analogues

Analogues of peptide yy (pyy), which are useful in treating disorders such as diabetes and obesity and also for inducing cosmetic weight loss, related compositions, formulations, uses and methods.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

05/11/17 / #20170132537

A computer implemented method of deriving performance from a local model

A computer implemented method of deriving performance from a local model having a plurality of model inputs, comprising identifying a key model input affecting model output for a predetermined model environment, obtaining a prediction of a future key model input value and inputting the future key model input value to the local model to derive predicted performance. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

05/04/17 / #20170121129

Robotic control device

A robotic control device for receiving manipulation instructions for an end effector of a surgical instrument has a platform for supporting a haptic manipulator device, the platform being movably coupled to a surface for supporting the platform and having a movement facilitating member operable to change the amount of force required to move the platform relative to the surface.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

04/27/17 / #20170113949

Method for reducing arsenic concentration in aqueous solutions

Method of reducing the arsenic concentration in an aqueous solution comprising undesired arsenic, which method comprises contacting the aqueous solution with a complex of formula (i), (formula (i)) wherein m1 and m2 are the same or different and are independently selected from v, mn, ga, cu, ni, co, fe or zn; wherein a is 0, or 1, and b is 0, or 1, provided that a+b together must be at least 1; q is a negatively charged counter ion; n is from 1 to 5; x1 is oh, o, sh or s; l1 is a group selected from —la1-c(o)nr—, —la2-c(o)or—, —la3-nrc(o)—, la4-oc(o)—, la5-o— or la6-nro—, wherein la1, la2, la3, la4, la5 and la6 are each c1-6 alkyl, optionally substituted, r is h or c1-6 alkyl optionally substituted; linker is a polyethylene glycol (peg) chain with from 1 to 10 repeating units, a c1-16 polyamine chain or a c1-16 alkyl chain; z is a solid support; l2 to l7 are independently c1-3 alkyl, optionally substituted; and het1 to het4 are independently 5 to 14 membered heteroaryl group having at least one n atom and optionally substituted.. . ... Imperial Innovations Limited

04/27/17 / #20170113799

Method of using a device capable of controlled flight

There is provided a method of using a device capable of controlled flight in a surrounding environment, the device comprising: lifting means for providing lift to the device; object-retaining means for holding an object to be affixed to a target site; and a dispensing assembly for dispensing an adhesive, wherein the method comprises: controlling the lifting means so as to controllably fly the device in the surrounding environment; and using the device to affix an object held by the object-retaining means to a target site in the surrounding environment by dispensing an adhesive from the dispensing assembly. Thus, an aerial device, for example a robotic device, may be used to fly to a desired location and affix an object at the desired location, by dispensing, ejecting or otherwise applying an adhesive.. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

03/02/17 / #20170058013

Peptides hormone analogues derivable from preproglucagon

Peptide hormone analogues of the formula x-v are provided herein, wherein x is a glucagon analogue or a glp1 analogue, and v is a c-terminal extension amino acid sequence comprising at least four amino acid residues, at least three of said residues being his. Also provided herein are pharmaceutical compositions comprising said analogues, and methods of using said analogues for the treatment of conditions such as obesity and diabetes.. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

03/02/17 / #20170056961

Method of manufacturing multi-material gears

A method of manufacturing a multi-material gear is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of (a) heating a first pre-form element of a first material to a temperature at which the first material can be formed; (b) heating a second pre-form element of a second material to a temperature at which the second material can be formed; and (c) forming the first and second pre-form elements in a die at least towards the shape of the gear, thereby providing bonding between the elements.. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

02/09/17 / #20170038451

Mri apparatus and methods

The invention relates to an mri apparatus and a method of mri involving the acquisition of a first and a second mri image with mutually different orientations between the bo magnetic field and the object to be investigated. For instance, when imaging structures such as a tendon, due to the magic angle effect, this results in a change in image contrast. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

01/12/17 / #20170009228

Biological materials and therapeutic uses thereof

There is provided agents for modulation of a chronic inflammatory response wherein the agent modulates the biological activity of citrullinated tenascin-c. There is also provided methods of identifying agents modulating citrullinated tenascin-c and chronic inflammation. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

01/12/17 / #20170007963

Nanofiltration membrane

Asymmetric integrally-skinned paek nanofiltration membranes suitable for nanofiltration of an organic solvent feed stream are disclosed, together with their uses in organic solvent nanofiltration, and their methods of preparation. Membranes are prepared from phase inversion processes and are then subjected to a post-manufacturing heat treatment step in order to arrive at molecular weight cut off characteristics within the nanofiltration region. ... Imperial Innovations Limited

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