Inventors on Industrial Technology Research Institute patents (recent)


A list of inventors with patent application filings associated with Industrial Technology Research Institute for 2018.
Note: Some Industrial Technology Research Institute-related inventors may appear under alternate organization names/spellings.
Inventors are listed solely due to being on a related/assigned patent, and may not be affiliated in any way with the organization.

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Angelina Huai-lo Lee

An-kai Jeng

An-kai Jeng

An-kai Jeng

An-li Chen

Bing-joe Hwang

Bo-lin Sung

Bo-yen Lin

Bo-yi Sung

Brian Hsu

Chang-chia Hsieh

Chang-chih Hsu

Chang-chung Yang

Chang-hong Lin

Chang-hsien Chen

Chang-jen Wang

Chang-lan Tsai

Chang-po Chao

Chang-rung Yang

Chang-sheng Chu

Chang-tzu Lin

Chang-yi Chen

Chao-cheng Lin

Chao-cheng Lo

Chao-chi Pan

Chao-chuang Mai

Chao-feng Sung

Chao-hong Chen

Chao-hong Liu

Chao-hsiung Hung

Chao-hui Tu

Chao-jen Huang

Chao-jen Wang

Chao-kai Wen

Chao-ming Chen

Chao-ta Huang

Chao-tang Lee

Chau-shin Jang

Che-hao Li

Chein-chung Sun

Chen-cheng Lin

Chen-der Tsai

Cheng-chen Yang

Cheng-chi Huang

Cheng-chieh Li

Cheng-chung Lee

Cheng-da Shaw

Cheng-heng Kao

Cheng-hong Liu

Cheng-hsiu Tsai

Cheng-hsuan Lin

Cheng-hung Cheng

Cheng-li Wu

Cheng-ping Yang

Cheng-wei Chien

Cheng-yen Tsai

Cheng-yi Yang

Cheng-zhang Lu

Chen-hao Wei

Chen-hao Wei

Chen-hsun Du

Chen-hua Chu

Chen-kai Hsu

Chen-peng Hsu

Chen-yu Kai

Che-tsung Lin

Che-wei Hsu

Che-yu Ou

Chia-chen Chen

Chia-cheng Hsu

Chia-chi Ho

Chia-erh Liu

Chia-fen Hsieh

Chia-fen Hsieh

Chia-hao Hsu

Chia-heng Yen

Chia-hsin Chao

Chia-hua Ho

Chia-hua Lin

Chia-hung Cho

Chia-jen Ting

Chia-jui Hu

Chia-jung Chang

Chia-jung Chang

Chia-lung Liu

Chia-pei Wang

Chia-wei Jui

Chia-wei Jui

Chia-yu Fan

Chi-chun Hsia

Chieh-jen Wang

Chieh-yi Huang

Chien-an Chen

Chien-chang Wang

Chien-chao Tseng

Chien-chih Chiang

Chien-chih Liao

Chien-chun Lu

Chien-hung Lin

Chien-hung Lin

Chien-jung Huang

Chien-kai Peng

Chien-min Hsu

Chien-ming Lai

Chien-peng Ho

Chien-rong Huang

Chien-yang Guo

Chien-yu Wu

Chien-yu Wu

Chi-feng Lin

Chih-chao Yang

Chih-chen Chang

Chih-chia Chang

Chih-chia Lin

Chih-chiang Weng

Chih-chieh Huang

Chih-ching Chang

Chih-chou Chang

Chih-chung Chiu

Chih-chung Kao

Chih-chung Kuo

Chih-hao Hsu

Chih-hao Hsu

Chih-hsiang Fang

Chih-hsiang Lin

Chih-hsuan Lu

Chih-hung Huang

Chih-jen Yang

Chih-jian Hu

Chih-jung Weng

Chih-lung Chen

Chih-lung Lin

Chih-ming Cheng

Chih-ming Lai

Chih-ming Shen

Chih-ming Shen

Chih-ming Tzeng

Chih-pin Su

Chih-ping Cheng

Chih-ping Cheng

Chih-sheng Lin

Chih-sheng Lin

Chi-hsiang Liao

Chi-hsiang Liao

Chi-hsun Tsai

Chih-tsun Huang

Chi-hua Chen

Chi-hung Lee

Chih-wei Chien

Chih-wei Hsu

Chih-wei Ko

Chih-wei Kuo

Chih-yen Lo

Chih-yu Tsai

Chih-yuan Chen

Chih-yuan Hsu

Chih-yuan Wang

Chih-yung Huang

Chih-yung Tseng

Chi-kang Wu

Chi-lin Wu

Chin Lien

Chin-chang Chen

Chin-chia Chang

Chi-neng Liu

Chin-fu Kuo

Ching-chang Chen

Ching-chang Hsieh

Ching-chieh Lin

Ching-chih Lin

Ching-chiun Wang

Ching-eenn Tsai

Ching-feng Liang

Ching-huai Ko

Ching-huei Wu

Ching-hung Wu

Ching-i Tai

Ching-shun Chen

Ching-tsung Cheng

Ching-wen Cheng

Ching-yao Wang

Ching-yao Wang

Ching-ying Huang

Chin-hung Wang

Chin-ming Chen

Chin-pen Lai

Chin-sheng Yeh

Chin-yang Lin

Chi-san Chen

Chi-shen Chang

Chi-tao Chiang

Chiu-hun Su

Chiung-hsiung Chen

Chiung-hui Huang

Chiu-ping Wu

Chiu-tung Wang

Chi-y Hung

Cho-fan Hsieh

Chorng-jye Huang

Chorng-ren Sheu

Chorng-shyan Chern

Chou-zong Wu

Chu-an Chung

Chuang-hua Chueh

Chuan-sheng Chuang

Chuan-sheng Chuang

Chuan-sheng Zhuang

Chueh-hao Yu

Chu-hsuan Chen

Chui-chu Cheng

Chun-an Lu

Chun-che Chang

Chun-chia Chen

Chun-chieh Huang

Chun-chieh Wang

Chun-chien Ting

Chun-chuan Lin

Chun-chung Wang

Chun-fu Chuang

Chun-fu Yeh

Chung-che Liu

Chung-fan Chiou

Chung-fan Chiou

Chung-fan Tu

Chung-han Lee

Chung-hsiang Chao

Chung-hsien Wu

Chung-hsien Yang

Chung-lien Ho

Chung-wei Lin

Chung-yu Tai

Chung-yuan Su

Chun-han Li

Chun-hsiang Wen

Chun-hsiang Yang

Chun-hsien Chen

Chun-hsien Wu

Chun-hsing Wu

Chun-hung Chou

Chun-kai Lin

Chun-kai Liu

Chun-kai Liu

Chun-lung Lin

Chun-lung Lin

Chun-min Liu

Chun-ming Chen

Chun-ming Yeh

Chun-neng Ku

Chun-pin Wu

Chun-ping Jen

Chun-te Chuang

Chun-wen Chu

Chun-yen Chen

Chun-yi Cheng

Chun-yuan Chiu

Chu-pi Jeng

Chwung-shan Kou

Chyi-ming Leu

Chyi-ming Leu

Chy-lin Wang

De-cheng Huang

De-ming Chian

De-yau Lin

De-yau Lin

Dian-kun Li

Dian-kun Li

Ding-ming Kwai

Ding-shiang Wang

Ding-yeong Wang

Dong-chen Tsai

Dong-shing Wu

Duan-lee Tang

Dung-rung Hsieh

En-tzu Wang

En-yun Wang

Fang-chih Chu

Fang-ching Ren

Fang-jie Jang

Fan-yi Lin

Felice Cheng

Fen-fei Lin

Feng-chia Hsu

Feng-po Tseng

Feng-zhong Hsu

Fivos Drymiotis

Fu-ming Lin

Fu-ming Wang

Fu-song Hsu

Guan-jung Luo

Guan-ting Chen

Guan-you Lin

Guan-yu Chen

Guey-sheng Liou

Guohan Hu

Guo-ruei Chen

Han-cheng Yeh

Han-ping Yang

Hao-ping Kang

Hao-ting Chao

Hao-yuan Chen

Hau-wei Wang

Heng-chieh Chien

Heng-chu Peng

Heng-yin Chen

Heng-yin Chen

Ho-hsin Lee

Hong-chi Ku

Hong-ching Lin

Hong-jen Lai

Hong-xi Tsau

Hong-zen Yeh

Hsiang-hung Chang

Hsiang-wen Hou

Hsiang-wen Tseng

Hsiao-chen Ho

Hsiao-fen Wei

Hsiao-han Huang

Hsiao-jou Chang

Hsiao-yuan Wu

Hsieh-tai Su

Hsien-te Peng

Hsien-wen Chang

Hsi-hung Hsiao

Hsin Shao

Hsin-chia Ho

Hsin-chien Huang

Hsing-ting Chen

Hsin-han Lee

Hsin-hsin Shen

Hsin-hsin Shen

Hsin-hung Pan

Hsin-lung Hsieh

Hsin-tien Yeh

Hsin-yi Chung

Hsin-yun Hsu

Hsi-tseng Chou

Hsiu-fen Lin

Hsi-yi Chin

Hsuan-jung Su

Hsuan-wei Lee

Hsuan-yu Lin

Hsueh-hsing Liu

Hsu-shen Chu

Huai-lo Lee

Hua-lung Tsai

Huan-shen Liu

Hui-hsin Lu

Hui-ling Chen

Hui-ping Kuo

Hui-ping Kuo

Hung Tien

Hung-chang Chu

Hung-chen Chen

Hung-cheng Chang

Hung-chi Chien

Hung-chih Chiang

Hung-chun Chen

Hung-chun Lin

Hung-hsiu Yu

Hung-hsiu Yu

Hung-hsuan Chen

Hung-ming Wu

Hung-sen Wu

Hung-yi Li

Hung-yuan Hsieh

I-cherng Chen

I-hsing Tsai

I-hsuan Lee

I-ju Yeh

Jan-hao Chen

Jason Fang

Jeffrey Snyder

Jen-feng Huang

Jeng-yu Tsai

Jen-ji Wang

Jen-ji Wang

Jenn-chyi Chung

Jenn-shiang Lai

Jenn-tsang Hwang

Jenn-yeh Fann

Jen-shun Yang

Jen-you Chu

Jen-yuan Hsu

Jen-yuan Hsu

Jer-lin Huang

Jhen-nan Gu

Jia-chong Ho

Jia-hua Wu

Jia-huey Tsao

Jia-lun Liou

Jia-min Ren

Jia-ming Chen

Jian-yung Hung

Jie-len Huang

Jih-sheng Tu

Jih-yang Chang

Jin-fu Li

Jing-jia Liou

Jing-pin Pan

Jing-shiun Lin

Jing-wen Tang

Jing-yao Chang

Jing-yuan Lin

Jing-yuan Lin

Jin-han Wu

Jin-ming Chen

Jin-ming Chen

Jin-sheng Lin

Jiun-haw Lee

Jiun-yo Lai

Jui-hung Tsai

Jui-mei Hsu

Juin-ming Lu

Jui-sheng Sun

Jui-tang Tseng

Jui-tang Tseng

Jui-yiao Su

Jun-bin Yeh

Jung-che Lee

Jung-hao Wang

Jung-mao Lin

Jung-mu Hsu

Jung-pin Chiou

Jung-yang Kao

Jung-yu Li

Jun-yu Lu

Jwu-sheng Hu

Jwu-sheng Hu

Jyh-cheng Chen

Jyh-long Jeng

Jyh-nan Ho

Jyi-ching Perng

Jyi-tyan Yeh

Jyun-liang Lai

Jyun-sian Li

Kai-chun Fan

Kai-hsiang Chuang

Kai-ming Chang

Kai-ping Chuang

Kai-ping Chuang

Kai-shing Yang

Kai-yun Ho

Kang Li

Kang-chou Lin

Kao-der Chang

Kao-hone Chu

Ka-yi Yeh

Keng-hao Chang

Keng-hao Liu

Keng-yang Chen

Kevin Chen

Kin-lu Wong

Kual-zheng Lee

Kuan-chun Sun

Kuang-jung Chen

Kuang-yao Chen

Kuan-jen Fang

Kuan-te Wu

Kuan-ting Chen

Kuan-wen Chen

Kuan-yi Li

Kuan-yu Ko

Kuei-chun Liu

Kuei-li Huang

Kuei-yi Chuang

Kun-hsien Lin

Kun-ju Xie

Kun-lin Chuang

Kun-lung Tseng

Kun-mao Kuo

Kun-ping Huang

Kun-ping Huang

Kun-yi Liang

Kun-ying Li

Kuo-chan Chiou

Kuo-chih Wang

Kuo-chuang Chiu

Kuo-feng Hung

Kuo-hsin Huang

Kuo-hsing Wen

Kuo-shu Kao

Kuo-yi Yang

Liang-chia Cheng

Liang-kun Huang

Li-chang Wang

Li-ching Chung

Li-chun Liang

Li-duan Tsai

Li-heng Lee

Li-heng Lee

Lih-guong Jang

Li-jie Chen

Li-jie Lin

Li-ling Liao

Li-ling Liao

Ling-mei Wang

Li-shing Chou

Li-song Lin

Li-tao Teng

Li-ting Huang

Li-wen Chang

Li-wen Lai

Li-ying Wu

Li-zen Lin

Lung-teng Cheng

Lung-wu Chang

Luo-wei Tsai

Luo-wei Tsai

Maggie Lu

Mao-chi Lin

May-hua Chang

Mean-jue Tung

Mean-jue Tung

Mei-hsuan Tsai

Mei-rurng Tseng

Mei-wei Lin

Meng-chiou Liao

Meng-hao Chang

Meng-ru Wu

Meng-shun Huang

Meng-song Yin

Min-an Tsai

Min-chao Chang

Ming-che Lin

Ming-chia Li

Ming-chia Yang

Ming-chieh Chou

Ming-chieh Tsai

Ming-chieh Tsai

Ming-chou Chen

Ming-da Yang

Ming-hsien Wu

Ming-hsien Yang

Ming-hung Hsu

Ming-hung Yu

Ming-ji Dai

Ming-ji Dai

Ming-kaan Liang

Ming-kaan Liang

Ming-kan Liang

Ming-lang Hung

Ming-mao Hsu

Ming-sheng Leu

Ming-sheng Leu

Ming-tsung Hong

Ming-yen Chen

Ming-zer Lee

Min-hao Li

Min-ju Hsieh

Min-kai Lee

Min-lang Hsieh

Min-qiao Lu

Mu-hsi Sung

Nien-chu Wu

Nien-ti Tsou

Nien-tzu Chao

On Lee

Pai-hao Wu

Pai-wei Cheng

Pang-chi Huang

Pang-min Shih

Pei-chuan Tsai

Pei-hsuan Chiang

Pei-i Tsai

Pei-shan Wu

Pei-shin Jiang

Pei-wen Yen

Pen-chang Tseng

Peng-kai Hsu

Pin-chen Wang

Ping-cheng Hsieh

Ping-fan Ho

Ping-fu Cheng

Ping-fu Cheng

Ping-hsing Yang

Ping-jung Wu

Ping-lih Lin

Ping-lun Li

Pin-hao Hu

Pin-yung Chen

Po-chen Tseng

Po-feng Chang

Po-fu Yen

Po-han Lin

Po-hsiu Ko

Po-hsun Wang

Po-i Liu

Po-min Chen

Po-tsung Hsiao

Po-yi Chang

Po-yu Huang

Po-yu Huang

Quoc Thai Pham

Ren-chin Shr

Ren-der Jean

Ren-jr Chen

Ren-yang Horng

Rohit Naik

Rong-rong Chen

Ruei-han Jiang

Ruey-ling Liu

Ruey-shyan Hong

Santiago Jose Cuadrado Ti

Shang-chia Chang

Shang-yi Lin

Shan-haw Chiou

Shan-hsiang Shen

Shan-yi Yang

Shao-yu Lee

Shau-yin Tseng

Sheng Yang

Sheng-hann Wang

Sheng-ho Huang

Sheng-ju Liao

Sheng-min Yu

Sheng-ming Ma

Sheng-po Wang

Sheng-shu Yang

Sheng-wei Chan

Sheng-wen Lo

Shih-bin Luo

Shih-che Lin

Shih-chieh Chien

Shih-chieh Liao

Shih-chin Lin

Shih-hao Fang

Shih-hao Liang

Shih-hao Wang

Shih-hsien Wu

Shih-kai Chien

Shih-kai Hsieh

Shih-kuo Wu

Shih-pu Chen

Shih-sheng Hsu

Shih-ting Lin

Shih-ting Lin

Shih-wen Yang

Shih-ying Chiang

Shi-jie Luo

Shin-lin Shieh

Shin-yi Wu

Shi-yuan Tong

Shou-cheng Ma

Shou-hung Ling

Shou-long Yu

Show-ying Yang

Shubhranshu Singh

Shu-chun Yu

Shu-chung Liao

Shuen-chen Chen

Shun-huei Wang

Shuo-peng Liang

Shu-ping Dong

Shu-syuan Huang

Shu-wei Kuo

Shu-yun Chien

Shy-her Nian

Shyh-shyuan Sheu

Shyh-shyuan Sheu

Shys-fan Yang Mao

Sih-han Li

Siou-cheng Lou

Sue-chen Liao

Sung-ho Liu

Sung-yueh Wu

Szu-chia Lin

Szu-han Tzao

Szu-hsien Huang

Szu-ju Li

Ta-ching Hsiao

Tai-horng Young

Tai-hua Hsiao

Tai-jie Yun

Tai-sheng Chen

Tai-shih Chi

Ta-jen Peng

Ta-jen Peng

Ta-jen Yen

Tao-chih Chang

Tapilouw Abraham Mario

Teh-ming Liang

Tein-yaw David Chung

Te-mei Wang

Te-ming Chen

Teng-chun Wu

Teng-mao Wang

Teng-yen Wang

Teng-yuan Wu

Te-yi Chang

Tian-yan Ma

Tien-lung Chiu

Ting-hsuan Chen

Ting-ju Yeh

Ting-ting Chang

Ting-wei Chang

Ting-wei Huang

Ting-yu Wang

Tsai-kan Chien

Tsann-tay Tang

Tse-liang Hsiao

Tseng-huang Liu

Tsui Jung Yang

Tsu-ju Fu

Tsu-min Liu

Tsung-hsien Chen

Tsung-hua Li

Tsung-jung Hsieh

Tsung-wen Tso

Tung-fa Liou

Tung-po Hsieh

Tung-yu Li

Tzi-cker Chiueh

Tzu-hsiang Su

Tzu-hui Wu

Tzu-hung Huang

Tzu-jane Tsai

Tzu-ling Tseng

Tzung-te Chen

Tzuo-liang Luo

Tzu-yi Liao

Tzu-yu Liu

Wan-hsin Hsieh

Wan-tun Hung

Wei Li

Wei-chen Pao

Wei-chen Pao

Wei-cheng Liu

Wei-cheng Tang

Wei-cheng Wang

Wei-chin Huang

Wei-chin Huang

Wei-chuan Li

Wei-chung Lo

Wei-en Fu

Wei-hong Chang

Wei-hsin Wu

Wei-luan Fan

Wei-po Nien

Wei-ru Li

Wei-shiang Lin

Wei-shun Liao

Wei-shuo Li

Wei-syuan Syu

Wei-ta Yang

Wei-tien Hsiao

Wei-ting Yen

Wei-ya Lin

Wei-yao Chiu

Wei-yu Li

Wei-yuan Cheng

Wei-yun Liang

Wen Tsui

Wen-chiang Chen

Wen-ching Ko

Wen-ching Lee

Wen-fu Hsu

Wen-hsien Sun

Wen-hsing Kuo

Wen-hsuan Chao

Wen-hsuan Chiang

Wen-lin Wang

Wen-pin Hsieh

Wen-po Tu

Wen-sheng Chang

Wen-shiou Luo

Wen-shiou Luo

Wen-song Ko

Wen-yang Peng

Wu-han Liu

Xin-lan Liao

Xuan-wei Wu

Ya-chi Chang

Ya-chu Chuang

Ya-i Hsu

Ya-ling Chiu

Yan-chen Liu

Yang-cheng Lin

Yang-cheng Lin

Yang-guang Liu

Yan-ling Liao

Yan-rung Lin

Yao-chung Hsu

Yao-hsien Huang

Yao-hua Chen

Yao-hui Lee

Yao-jen Chang

Yao-jen Chang

Yao-shun Chen

Yao-win Peter Hong

Ya-wen Yang

Yean-san Long

Yeh-chyang Huang

Yeh-kai Chou

Yen-bor Fang

Yen-hsiang Fang

Yen-liang Lin

Yen-peng Li

Yen-wan Hsueh Liu

Yen-yi Chu

Yen-yu Hou

Yian-shu Chu

Yi-bing Lin

Yi-chau Huang

Yi-che Su

Yi-chen Li

Yi-chen Liu

Yi-chen Wu

Yi-cheng Chen

Yi-cheng Chen

Yi-cheng Cheng

Yi-cheng Chung

Yi-chia Hsu

Yi-chieh Huang

Yi-chuan Lu

Yi-chun Liu

Yi-fei Luo

Yi-fei Luo

Yi-hsiang Huang

Yi-hsiu Lee

Yi-hsiu Lee

Yi-hsuan Chen

Yi-hsuan Chen

Yi-hua Liu

Yi-hung Wen

Yi-jen Yeh

Yi-ju Ko

Yi-keng Fu

Yi-ling Lin

Yi-lun Wen

Yi-ming Chen

Ying-che Lo

Ying-che Weng

Ying-chien Chu

Ying-fang Chang

Ying-hao Wang

Ying-jung Chiang

Ying-shan Chen

Ying-tso Lin

Ying-yu Chen

Yin-lung Han

Yi-ping Lin

Yi-ray Chen

Yi-shou Tsai

Yi-ting Tung

Yi-yuan Chen

Yi-yun Yuan

Yong-ren Li

Yoshihiro Konishi

You-en Lin

Yu-an Tseng

Yuan-chang Huang

Yuan-chin Lee

Yuan-hua Chu

Yuan-ling Tsai

Yuan-po Cheng

Yu-chen Hsin

Yu-chen Lee

Yu-cheng Lin

Yu-cheng Wang

Yu-chi Chang

Yu-chi Lu

Yu-choung Chang

Yu-chung Lin

Yueh-wei Lin

Yueh-yi Lai

Yue-min Jiang

Yu-fang Yen

Yu-hao Kang

Yuh-shyang Chen

Yu-hsien Chou

Yu-jhen Yang

Yu-jung Peng

Yu-li Lin

Yu-lin Chao

Yu-lin Chao

Yu-lin Chu

Yu-lin Hsu

Yu-ling Chang

Yu-long Wang

Yu-min Han

Yu-min Lin

Yun-ching Lee

Yung-chao Chan

Yung-chao Chen

Yung-chen Cheng

Yung-chen Wang

Yung-chi Chang

Yung-chieh Lin

Yung-liang Tung

Yung-ping Tien

Yung-shun Wang

Yun-han Lin

Yu-ruei Kung

Yu-shan Yeh

Yu-shen Tsai

Yu-sheng Chen

Yu-sheng Chen

Yu-sheng Hsieh

Yu-sheng Lee

Yu-shiang Huang

Yu-tang Li

Yu-tang Tsai

Yu-ting Huang

Yu-ting Lin

Yu-ting Liu

Yu-wei Huang

Yu-wei Huang

Yu-wen Hsu

Yu-wen Lo

Yu-yang Su

Yu-yin Tsai

Yu-yu Lai

Yu-yun Wang

Zan-yu Chen

Zhen-fan You

Zih-jian Jhang

Zong-zhen Yang

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