Inventors on Inventec Corporation patents (recent)


A list of inventors with patent application filings associated with Inventec Corporation for 2018.
Note: Some Inventec Corporation-related inventors may appear under alternate organization names/spellings.
Inventors are listed solely due to being on a related/assigned patent, and may not be affiliated in any way with the organization.

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An-chi Cheng

Chao-chieh Chen

Chao-hsien Hsu

Chao-wei Huang

Chao-yang Cheng

Chaucer Chiu

Cheng-ming Lee

Cheng-yu Wu

Chia-chen Lu

Chia-cheng Shih

Chia-hsiang Chen

Chia-hsing Chen

Chian-ting Chen

Chi-chun Yang

Chien-chih Wang

Chi-hsiang Hung

Chi-hsiang Hung

Chih-wei Chiang

Chuang-chun Chiu

Chun-chi Lin

Chun-chieh Chen

Chung-chiang Chen

Chung-hui Chen

Chun-ying Yang

Feng-ku Wang

Feng-shan Chen

Feng-sheng Kuan

Guo-xin Sun

Hsiang-chun Hu

Hsiang-hua Fang

Hsin-liang Chen

Hsu-tsung Hung

Huan-chung Hsu

Huang-hsiang Chiang

Huan-huan Chen

Hui Zhu

Hung-ju Chen

Hung-ju Chen

Jheng-jyun Wang

Jia-bin Wang

Jia-chi Lin

Jianbin Ni

Jian-fei Liu

Jiang-tao Yuan

Jia-yu Juang

Jing Zhou

Joe-wen Huang

Kai-yang Tung

Kai-yang Tung

Kang-yu Hsu

Kao-sheng Su

Kuan-hung Chen

Kun-hui Lai

Kuo-chen Wang

Kuo-chen Wang

Kuo-chi Ting

Kuo-wei Huang

Li-chun Wang

Li-chun Wang

Li-hong Huang

Long Chen

Longlong Xie

Lung-hsun Song

Mao-ching Lin

Meng-lung Chiang

Ming-lung Weng

Ming-yuan Liu

Pei-his Ting

Pei-lien Wang

Ping Song

Ping-hsu Chu

Ping-wei Peng

Shao-liang Peng

Sheng-han Chiang

Sheng-hsin Lo

Sheng-yuan Wu

Shiang-chun Tsau

Shih-wei Chen

Shu-yen Wang

Song Zhang

Song Zhang

Te-yen Liu

Te-yi Wu

Ting Zhi Yang

Ting-chang Kuo

Ting-yi Wang

Ting-yu Hu

Tsung-cheng Yang

Tsung-hao Yang

Tsung-hsi Lee

Tsung-hsien Tsai

Tzu-yu Chao

Wei-feng Wu

Wei-guo Zhao

Wei-liang Chen

Wei-tso Tsai

Wen-ching Hu

Wen-long Huang

Wen-tung Chan

Xiao Qian Li

Xiaobing Zou

Xuxiang Wu

Yan Li Mao

Yan Li

Yi-lun Lo

Ying-chao Peng

Ying-xian Han

Ying-xian Han

Yong-cheng Chen

Yuan-chang Yang

Yu-ching Ye

Yu-han Shih

Yu-jeng Yang

Yu-ming Tsai

Yung-sheng Chiang

Yung-ying Chen

Zelong Mi

Zhen-he Fu

Zhi Guang Zhao

Zhi-feng Zhu

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