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Method for manufacturing a plug in two parts for a steering gearbox

A plug including a hub which extends along a central axis and is defined radially by a side wall wherein an annular groove is formed, which receives a sealing member, the groove provided between a bottom wall and first annular edge wall, and a second annular edge wall, which axially define the groove, the hub being formed by the combination of a first hub section on which the first edge wall is formed, and a second hub section on which the second edge wall is formed, the first hub section and the second hub section being assembled so that they meet at a gasket face which is secant to the central axis and the bottom wall of the groove, so the line of the intersection of the gasket face with the bottom wall is contained axially between the first and second edge wall over the entire perimeter of the groove.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Power steering device with sealed protective casing

A power-steering device intended to be fitted on a vehicle-receiving structure, such as a cradle, the device including a rack as well as at least one actuator subassembly including at least one assistance motor, one drive gear, as well as one load-bearing structure that carries the assistance motor and is arranged to support and guide the drive gear and the rack relative to one another, the device further including one containment casing that is separate from the actuator subassembly and is fonned by connecting at least one base and one bell housing, which are attached to one another by a sealed joint such that the containment casing prevents the actuator subassembly from being exposed to water splashes, dust and salt spray from the outside environment when the power-steering device is in place on the receiving structure of the vehicle.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Power steering device with a remote computer under the rack

The invention relates to a vehicle (2) provided with a power-steering device (1) which includes at least one steering rack (3) and an assistance motor (4) arranged to drive said steering rack (3), as well as at least one on-board computer (13) inside the vehicle (2), intended for controlling said assistance motor (4), the computer (13) being placed mostly, and preferably entirely, below the rack (3), preferably in a shell (20), inside of which the rack (3) is translatably guided, and inside of which a space for the computer is arranged for said purpose.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Dashboard gasket for coupling a power steering device to the dashboard of a vehicle

A vehicle fitted with a steering device including a steering mechanism protected by a steering casing, the steering casing itself being housed in an engine compartment that is separated from the interior of the vehicle by a dashboard, the steering device also including a steering wheel, located in the interior, and to which the steering mechanism is connected by a steering column that extends out of the steering casing and passes through the dashboard, the vehicle including, in order to provide a seal around the steering column, between the steering casing and the dashboard, an elastomeric coupling gasket including, in a single piece, a central first sealing ring that surrounds and clamps around the steering column and a peripheral second sealing ring that is inserted between the steering casing and the dashboard, at a distance from and around the first sealing ring.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Use of a phase-lead filter to separate the manual steering setting from the power steering control stability setting

A method for controlling a power steering device including a steering assist motor and a steering wheel. In the method, a steering wheel torque setpoint is generated, the actual steering wheel torque actually exerted by the driver on the steering wheel is measured, the difference, the so-called “steering wheel torque error”, between the steering wheel torque setpoint and the actual steering wheel torque is determined, then a motor torque setpoint for the steering assist motor is generated from a first filtered proportional component on one hand, obtained by filtering via a phase-lead filter the steering wheel torque error weighted by a first assist gain, and from a second derivative return component on the other hand, obtained by calculating the time derivative of the actual steering wheel torque and weighting the derivative by means of a second derivative gain.. ... Jtekt Europe

Power-steering push button having a shock absorber with a conical base

A play take-up device comprising a push button that is movably mounted and translationally guided, along a thrust axis 5, in a housing, to exert a thrust force against a rack, said device further comprising a resilient shock-absorbing member that is positioned between the push button and the housing, in contact, respectively, against a first bearing surface belonging to the push button, which is angled in relation to the thrust axis, and is preferably frusto-conical, and a second bearing surface belonging to the housing, referred to which has, opposite the distribution surface and counter to the resilient shock-absorbing member, both a radially extending component and an axially extending component, such that the shock-absorbing member simultaneously returns the push button axially towards the rack and transversely towards the thrust axis.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Clippable shutter with a deflector skirt for a steering housing

The invention concerns a device for protecting a steering mechanism of a vehicle, said device comprising a housing element defining a chamber of which the wall is perforated with at least one access opening, and a plastic cap that shuts said access opening, said cap having, along the director axis (xx′) thereof, a stepped structure comprising a hub, which is engaged in a bore of the access opening and carries a sealing lining that engages with said bore, then a collar, of which the overall diameter is greater than the diameter of the bore, said collar being engaged by snap-fitting into a stop groove hollowed into the housing element, and forming a baffle deflector of which the diameter is greater than that of the bore.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Use of a stepped shrink-fit ring to assemble a steering assist motor in a steering case

An assembly method in which an assembly ring is force-fitted between a first part and a second part such as to create: a tightening contact between the first part and the inner face of the ring, by means of plastic deformation of the ring, said tightening contact occupying a first interference zone; and a tightening contact between the second part and the outer face of the ring, said tightening contact occupying a second interference zone. The assembly ring comprises a first ring segment (t1) and a second ring segment (t2) which are stepped axially in relation to one another and which have different radial dimensions from one another, such as to confine the first interference zone to the first ring segment (t1) and the second interference zone to the second ring segment (t2), in order to prevent the first interference zone and the second interference zone from overlapping axially.. ... Jtekt Europe

Securing of a driving assistance function within a power steering

. . A method of controlling a power steering system including at least one course control function, whereby a position setpoint is determined automatically according to a reference course that a vehicle is to be made to follow, then a motor setpoint applied to an assistance motor is adjusted accordingly, the method including a safety function which is distinct from the course control function and meets a higher asil safety level according to iso-26262 standard, said safety function including a diagnostics subfunction according to which a control parameter such as the angular position of the steering wheel, the driver torque applied to the steering wheel, or the rate at which the steering wheel is turned is monitored in order to detect the onset of an alert situation considered to be hazardous, then an intervention subfunction according to which, if an alert situation is detected, the course control function is neutralized.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Calculator for a vehicle, such as a power steering calculator, provided with an integrated event recorder

A computer for a motor vehicle including at least one main control module intended to manage an onboard system such as a power steering system, which uses a plurality of internal variables representative of the successive life situations of the vehicle, the computer including, in addition to the main control module, an integrated monitoring module that includes an extraction and recording unit, placed under the dependency of a trigger unit in order to extract, from a buffer memory, in case of a detection of a predefined alarm event occurring at a triggering time, one or more recordings, that correspond respectively to one or more internal variables, and that each cover a time interval that extends from a start time that precedes the triggering time to an end time that follows the triggering time, and then to store the recording or recordings in a non-volatile memory.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Method for manufacturing a toothed wheel with reinforcing strapping

A method of manufacturing a wheel has a step (a) during which, by injecting a first polymer material into a first mould, a bearing core is created that extends from a radially internal wall that forms the ball of a steering axis, as far as a radially external peripheral edge, followed by a step (b) of coating during which step a coating layer is overmoulded in a second polymer material over the bearing core to form a rim around the peripheral edge, the method being such that during step (a) of creating the bearing core, a preformed reinforcing hoop made of a third material referred to as “reinforcing material” is placed in the first mould then the reinforcing hoop is at least partially embedded in the peripheral edge during injection of the first material.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Method for estimating in real time the force on the tie-rods within a power steering mechanism

A method determines a link force within a power-steering mechanism of a vehicle, the method including a step (a) of determining an actuation force, which involves determining the actuation force that results from the assistance force exerted by the assistance motor and the driver force exerted by the driver of the vehicle on the steering mechanism; a step (b) of assessing dry friction; and a step (c) of calculating the link force, which has a summation sub-step which involves calculating an expression representing the link force, which uses the algebraic sum of the actuation force and the dry friction force, and a filtering sub-step which involves applying a low-pass filter in order to smooth the result of the expression when the expression is calculated upon a steering reversal of the steering mechanism.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Method for producing a lightweight gear by double overmoulding

The invention relates to a method for producing a gear, said method including a step (a) during which a supporting core is made from a first polymer material, said supporting core comprising a hub, with a director axis (xx′), as well as a flange which extends radially from said hub to a peripheral flanged edge, said method then involves a coating step (b) which comprises producing a permanent coating layer, made of a second polymer material, by overmoulding on the supporting core, including integrally both a front layer which covers the upper surface of the flange, and a side layer which extends said front layer axially by covering the outer radial surface of the flanged edge, such that said side layer forms a rim, the teeth of the gear being made in the radial body of said rim.. . ... Jtekt Europe

Mixed steering assistance comprising a torque control loop setpoint-piloted by a position controller intended for path control

A method for managing a power steering system including at least one steering wheel and at least one assist motor, the method including a step of driver torque control, which involves evaluating a driver torque difference that corresponds to the difference between a predefined driver torque setpoint and the actual driver torque actually exerted by the driver on the steering wheel, then determining an engine torque setpoint for torque applied to the assist motor in order to reduce the driver torque difference, the driver torque setpoint being generated during a trajectory control step, which involves evaluating a trajectory difference, for example a position difference, which corresponds to the difference between a trajectory setpoint, of the position setpoint type, which depends on a reference trajectory, and the actual trajectory of the vehicle, given by the measured position of the power steering, then determining, from the trajectory difference, a driver torque setpoint intended to reduce the trajectory difference.. . ... Jtekt Europe

04/06/17 / #20170095950

Method for manufacturing a toothed wheel with a ribbed cast rim

A method for manufacturing a wheel including a step (a) during which a liquid to be polymerised is cast into a first mould so as to solidify same into a tubular preform, with main axis, the first mould including modelling cores in order to form recesses, of the rib type, in the radial thickness of the tubular preform; followed by a cutting step (b), during which the tubular preform is cut perpendicular to the main axis thereof, and secant to the recesses, so as to obtain a tubular preform section forming a rim; followed by an overmoulding step (d), during which said rim is placed in a second mould, concentrically with a central supporting member, such as a bushing or a shaft, and a polymer filling material is injected so as to create an intermediate disc that provides the attachment of the rim to the central supporting member.. . ... Jtekt Europe

01/26/17 / #20170023445

Modelling of the friciton in a power steering using a scatter of points

A method for evaluating the frictions in a power steering mechanism, the method including a step of acquiring a series of characterization points, during which are measured, for several different values taken successively by the assistance force during the operation of the steering mechanism, the corresponding friction values, so as to empirically obtain a series of distinct characterization points each associating a measured friction value to a measured value representative of the assistance force, then a step of constructing an empirical friction model, during which a correlation law is established between the characterization points constitutive of the series of characterization points, from the scatter chart formed by the series of the characterization points.. . ... Jtekt Europe

01/19/17 / #20170015350

Detection method of a steering reversal by monitoring of the torque provided by a steering assist motor and application of said method for evaluating the friction

A method for managing a power steering system, including a step (a) of detecting a reversal in the steering direction which involves acquiring a signal, referred to as a “motor torque signal” (cmot), representative of the assistance force (cassist) delivered by the power steering motor, then evaluating the time derivative (δcmot/δt) of the motor torque signal, then comparing the time derivative of the motor torque signal to a predefined variation threshold (spic) in order to detect a derivative peak, greater than the variation threshold (spic), that indicates a reversal in the steering direction. The method next includes a friction evaluation step (b) which involves evaluating the friction from the drop, during the reversal in the steering direction, in a so-called “actuation force signal” (caction), which is representative of the total actuation force exerted together on the power steering by the driver and by the power steering motor.. ... Jtekt Europe

01/19/17 / #20170015349

Filtering method for the detection of the transitions of a power steering signal

The invention concerns a method for detecting a transition (4′) in a noisy signal, which involves submitting a noisy signal (δsignal) carrying an item of information used for managing the power steering, said method comprising a derivation sub-step (a1), which involves evaluating the time derivative of the noisy signal (δsignal/δt), following by a selective filtering sub-step (a2) which involves comparing said time derivative of the noisy signal (δsignal/δt) with a predefined variation threshold (spic) in order to detect the appearance of a derivative peak (7), greater than said variation threshold (spic), evaluating the holding time (dpic) of said derivative peak, during which the time derivative of the noisy signal (δsignal/δt) is held above said variation threshold (spic), and checking if said peak holding time (spic) reaches or exceeds a predefined minimum time threshold (d0).. . ... Jtekt Europe

01/12/17 / #20170008556

Determination of an angular reference position of a power steering system from rising and falling edges of an index signal

A method for determining an absolute power steering reference position, which includes: a step of acquiring a first edge position corresponding to a first edge of a first index pulse generated when the movable steering member passes an indexed position in a first movement direction; a step of acquiring a second edge position corresponding to a second edge of a second index pulse generated when the movable steering member passes the same indexed position in a second movement position opposite the first movement direction; and a step of calculating a reference position, during which an power steering reference position is calculated from an average of the first edge position and the second edge position.. . ... Jtekt Europe

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