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Keio University patents

Recent patent applications related to Keio University. Keio University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Keio University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Keio University, we're just tracking patents.

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Heartbeat detection system and heartbeat detection method

A heartbeat detection system includes a doppler sensor configured to receive a reflective wave from a subject, to obtain a doppler signal; and a processor including a memory and a cpu. The processor executes applying a wavelet transform to the doppler signal based on a plurality of scale factors, to obtain a wavelet coefficient for each of the scale factors; detecting a plurality of peaks of the wavelet coefficient for each of the scale factors; calculating each peak interval between the peaks next to each other, and each difference between the peak intervals next to each other, for each of the scale factors; selecting one of the scale factors that has a minimum variation in the differences of the peak intervals, as an optimal scale factor; and measuring the peak intervals calculated based on the optimal scale factor as heartbeat intervals.. ... Keio University

Fusion protein or conjugated protein, intracellular delivery carrier, partial peptide, cell membrane permeation enhancer, dna, and vector

The present invention addresses the problem of providing: a fusion protein or conjugated protein having excellent cell membrane permeability, containing a partial peptide derived from human, and suitable for intracellular delivery; an intracellular delivery carrier comprising such a fusion protein or conjugated protein; a partial peptide; a cell membrane permeation enhancer comprising the partial peptide; dna; and a vector. The fusion protein or conjugated protein has a partial peptide comprising at least seven consecutive amino acid residues of an amino acid sequence encoded by a predetermined dna, and a ligand directly or indirectly bound to the partial peptide and having the capability of binding to cell surfaces. ... Keio University

Method of deriving lacrimal gland epithelial cells from es cells and other stem cells

Provided is a method of producing a lacrimal gland epithelial cell from a pluripotent stem cell, a lacrimal gland epithelial cell produced by the method, and a reagent kit for inducing differentiation from a pluripotent stem cell into a lacrimal gland epithelial cell. A method of producing a lacrimal gland epithelial cell includes the following step a: step a: a step including increasing expression of pax6 gene in a pluripotent stem cell or transfecting pax6 protein thereinto, and increasing expression of foxc1 gene or foxp1 gene in the pluripotent stem cell or transfecting foxc1 protein or foxp1 protein thereinto.. ... Keio University

Substrate for supporting cells and method for producing same

The invention provides a method for producing a substrate for supporting cells, including a humidification step of humidifying the periphery of a non-fluorine resin based substrate, and a uv irradiation step of irradiating the substrate with uv in an oxygen and/or ozone containing atmosphere during and/or after the humidification step. The invention also provides a substrate for supporting cells, which is a non-fluorine resin based substrate. ... Keio University

Marker for heterogeneity of cancer tissue, and use thereof

A genetic marker is provided that can determine whether or not a cancer tissue contains a heterogeneous cancer cell population, the genetic marker being selected from the group consisting of calml3, bgn, clca2, csta, aldh1a1, ngfr, s100a8, eln, snurf, and lgals7.. . ... Keio University

Composition comprising fecal microbiota

The present invention provides a composition for preventing or treating a graft-versus-host disease, the composition comprising a fecal microbiota.. . ... Keio University

Anti-adam28 antibody for treating cancer

The present invention provides an antibody that specifically binds to human adam28, inhibits enzyme activity of human adam28, and has an activity to suppress metastasis of a cancer cell that expresses human adam28. The antibody of the present invention can be a human antibody.. ... Keio University

Learning assistance apparatus, learning assistance method, and computer-readable storage medium

. . A learning assistance apparatus 10 includes a video presentation unit 11 that presents a first video of a first person performing a specific agricultural task and a second video of a second person performing a specific agricultural task, an inquiry processing unit 12 that presents, to a user, questions regarding disparities between the agricultural task of the first person in the first video and the agricultural task performed by the second person in the second video and receives a response by the user, and an educational material suggestion unit 13 that specifies an educational material for describing the specific agricultural task based on a result of the response and suggests the specified educational material.. . ... Keio University

Method for differentiating pluripotent stem cells into desired cell type

Provided is a method of differentiating a pluripotent stem cell of mammalian origin into a desired cell type by predicting the direction of cell differentiation to be caused by induction of expression of a transcription factor. A human gene expression correlation matrix using human cells has been newly created, and further, it has been confirmed that human pluripotent stem cells can be differentiated into a desired cell type by introducing, into the human pluripotent stem cells, a transcription factor cocktail selected from the matrix.. ... Keio University

Explicit knowledge conversion assistance apparatus, explicit knowledge conversion assistance method, and computer-readable storage medium

An explicit knowledge conversion assistance apparatus 100 includes: a table acquisition unit 10 that acquires a table in which, for each agricultural task for a specific crop, an influence degree indicating influence that the agricultural task has on an outcome, a type of skill required for the agricultural task, and a level of a worker required for the agricultural task are defined by numerical values; an evaluation value calculation unit 20 that, for each agricultural task, calculates an evaluation value based on the values for the influence degree, the type of skill, and the level, using the table; and a priority rank setting unit 30 that sets a priority rank for each agricultural task based on the calculated evaluation value.. . ... Keio University

Method for producing naÏve pluripotent stem cells

To produce and/or maintain naïve pluripotent stem cells capable of highly expressing genes important for maintaining an undifferentiated state, which could not be achieved by known methods for producing pluripotent stem cells. The present invention can produce naïve pluripotent stem cells capable of maintaining an undifferentiated state by introducing and allowing transient expression of six genes (oct3/4, klf4, c-myc, sox2, nanog, and klf2) among the so-called initializing factors, and further performing culturing in a medium containing lif, an mek inhibitor, a gsk3 inhibitor, a camp production promoter, a tgf-β inhibitor and a pkc inhibitor. ... Keio University

Three-dimensional object-manufacturing apparatus, three-dimensional object-manufacturing method, and program

In a three-dimensional object-manufacturing apparatus, a hamilton path-calculating part generates, on the basis of three-dimensional shape data representing a shape of a three-dimensional object, a voxel model representing an internal structure for forming the three-dimensional object. The hamilton path-calculating part also determines whether a hamilton path can be established in the voxel model. ... Keio University

Directional coupling communication apparatus

The invention relates to a directional coupling communication apparatus where the coupling impedance can be easily matched to reduce reflections, and thus, the speed of communication channels is increased as compared to that with inductive coupling, and at the same time, the reliability of communication is improved by increasing the signal intensity. Modules having a coupler where an input/output connection line is connected to a first end, and either a ground line or an input/output connection line to which an inverse signal of a signal to be inputted into the input/output connection line connected to the above-described first end is inputted is connected are layered on top of each other so that the couplers are couplers to each other using capacitive coupling and inductive coupling.. ... Keio University

Spinal cord stimulation device for gait training

In order to make advanced gait training easy and effective, an electrical spinal cord stimulator for gait training used in gait training for those who have difficulty in walking due to hemiplegia includes: first and second electrodes attached to a rehabilitant; a detector which detects a gait-related physical movement of the rehabilitant; and an electrical sensory nerve stimulation generator which generates, according to a detection result of the detector, electrical stimulation to be applied through the first and second electrodes to a nerve root of a sensory nerve which communicates with a spinal cord.. . ... Keio University

02/15/18 / #20180044435

Anti-human membrane-type adam28 antibody

The present invention provides an antibody having an activity to specifically bind to human membrane-anchored form adam28 at an epitope in a region of the 524th-659th amino acids in the amino acid sequence shown in seq id no: 2. In addition, the present invention provides a drug delivery vehicle for delivering a drug to a cell or tissue that expresses human membrane-anchored form adam28, which contains the antibody.. ... Keio University

02/08/18 / #20180036328

Method of improving lacrimal secretion for dry eye treatment using macqui berry extract

This invention provides a prophylactic and therapeutic agent for dry eye, having new ingredients to reduce the deterioration of the lacrimal secretory ability and to inhibit the generation of radical oxygen in lacrimal gland tissue. The prophylactic and therapeutic agent for dry eye of this invention contains the maqui berry extract as the active substance of this invention, i.e. ... Keio University

02/01/18 / #20180033599

Method of creating spray device for sheathless ce-ms, spray device for sheathless ce-ms, and sheathless ce-ms device

Processing a capillary distal end into acute-angle, an electrophoretic liquid passing hole through which electrophoretic liquid pass is opened in a flexible insulating plate. An electrodialysis-membrane is bonded covering the electrophoretic liquid passing hole; the capillary is securely bonded to the insulating plate portion with no gap therebetween, the portion excluding electrophoretic liquid passing hole on the electrodialysis top-membrane. ... Keio University

01/25/18 / #20180020710

Taste substance-supplying article

A taste substance-supplying article is provided with: a taste substance-supplying body having a taste substance that is brought into contact with taste receptors to produce a sense of taste, and a taste-releasing part that retains the taste substance and gradually releases the taste substance; and a fixing part that fixes the taste substance-supplying body to an oral cavity so that the taste-releasing part can be brought into contact with a portion of an area being a part of the oral cavity and having taste receptors. The taste-releasing part is brought into contact with taste receptors, and supplies and causes the taste substance to come into contact with the taste receptors.. ... Keio University

01/18/18 / #20180018607

Skill transfer facilitating apparatus, skill transfer facilitating method, and computer-readable recording medium

A skill transfer facilitating apparatus 10 is an apparatus for facilitating skill transfer, and includes a data accumulation unit 11 that accumulates data regarding tasks that are executed using skills that are to be transferred; and a rule creation unit 12 that extracts, from the data that is accumulated, task names, task execution results, and task reasons as information, executes, for each combination of a task name and a task execution result thus extracted, statistical processing with respect to each corresponding task reason, and then creates, for each task, a rule that serves as a condition for executing the task or a condition for not executing the task, based on the result of statistical processing.. . ... Keio University

01/11/18 / #20180008210

X-ray computed tomography apparatus

According to one embodiment, an x-ray computed tomography apparatus includes a gantry body, a column, and fixing equipment. The gantry body includes a bore to form a field of view, and also includes an x-ray tube and an x-ray detector. ... Keio University

11/30/17 / #20170340677

Method for producing therapeutic corneal endothelial substitute cell sphere

. . The problem of the present invention is to provide a method of efficiently producing therapeutic alternative corneal endothelial cells, particularly, a method capable of stably producing them in a condition suitable for intraocular transplantation (in the anterior chamber) in a large amount. Furthermore, the present invention aims to provide a composition for transplantation, which is preferable for intraocular administration, particularly, into the anterior chamber. ... Keio University

10/12/17 / #20170294297

Sample preparation method and sample preparation device for maldi including depositing matrix substance on sample substrate in two steps

. . After a sample such as a biomedical tissue section is attached to an electrically-conductive slide glass (s1), the film layer of a matrix substance is appropriately formed by vapor deposition so as to cover the sample (s2). The crystal of the matrix substance in the film layer is very fine and uniform. ... Keio University

04/20/17 / #20170107521

Pharmaceutical composition for treating chronic kidney disease

. . . . This invention is related to a therapeutic agent for treating chronic kidney disease comprising a substance which inhibits the enzymatic activity of nnmt or suppresses nnmt gene expression, or a method for screening a therapeutic agent for treating chronic kidney disease which targets the nnmt enzyme or nnmt gene.. . ... Keio University

04/20/17 / #20170105984

Cancer stem cell proliferation inhibitor and intracellular active oxygen accumulation inducer

The present invention is directed to provide cancer stem cell proliferation inhibitors and inducers of intracellular accumulation of reactive oxygen species. To this end, provided are cancer stem cell proliferation inhibitors and inducers of intracellular accumulation of reactive oxygen species in a cancer stem cell each containing pimozide or sertindole as an active ingredient.. ... Keio University

03/30/17 / #20170092603

Semiconductor chip and multi-chip module

In accordance with the disclosed semiconductor chip and multi-chip module, signal transmission is made possible between semiconductor chips that are placed on a plane so as to be adjacent to each other through inductive coupling without affecting other coils such as in an oscillation circuit or an antenna circuit for rf communication. A multilayer solenoid coil, where a plane of the coil formed in a multilayer wiring structure in a semiconductor body is parallel to a main surface of the semiconductor body, is formed along at least one side end surface of the semiconductor body.. ... Keio University

03/30/17 / #20170088817

Method for producing neural stem cells using synthetic peptide

The composition for producing neural stem cells provided by the present invention contains an artificially synthesized synthetic peptide having a neural stem cell-inducing peptide sequence that induces neural stem cells from fibroblasts, and one or two or more pharmaceutically acceptable carriers. The neural stem cell-inducing peptide sequence is any of (i) an amino acid sequence constituting a signal peptide of any protein belonging to the amyloid precursor protein (app) family, (ii) a partial amino acid sequence of the amino acid sequence of (i), and (iii) a modified amino acid sequence of the amino acid sequence of (i) or (ii).. ... Keio University

03/09/17 / #20170068828

Anonymization system, issuance device, and program

An anonymization system is equipped with a provisioning data manager, a provisioning rule manager, and an issuer. Upon receiving data that contains predetermined information and provisioning rules that correspond to the data and are used as conditions under which the data is anonymized, the provisioning data manager stores the data and provides the provisioning rules. ... Keio University

02/23/17 / #20170049941

Method of preparing artificial organs, and related compositions

Provided herein are methods or making and using whole or partial organ ecm structures comprising an anticoagulant. Also provided are organ structures prepared according to those methods.. ... Keio University

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