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Koh Young Technology Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Koh Young Technology Inc. Koh Young Technology Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Koh Young Technology Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Koh Young Technology Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Optical tracking system and tracking method for optical tracking system

An optical tracking system includes a reference marker part stationarily disposed relative to a first region; a sticker marker part attached in a sticker form to a second region capable of being rigidly registered with the first region; a shape measurement part measuring three-dimensional shapes of the first region and the second region; a tracking sensor part sensing the reference marker part and the shape measurement part; and a processing part acquiring a first coordinate transformation relationship among the reference marker part, the tracking sensor part, the shape measurement part, and the first region of the patent and a second coordinate transformation relationship among the reference marker part, the tracking sensor part, the shape measurement part, and the second region of the patient and tracking the first region by extracting a third coordinate transformation relationship between the first region and the second region.. . ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Substrate inspection apparatus and method

Disclosed are a substrate inspection apparatus and a method for displaying a component in a three-dimensional inspection of a substrate. The substrate inspection apparatus measures a substrate or an inspection target region of interest of the substrate and displays an image of components positioned within the measured region on a display unit. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Three-dimensional shape measurement apparatus

A three-dimensional shape measurement apparatus includes main pattern illumination parts, main image-capturing parts and a control part. The main pattern illumination parts obliquely illuminate grating pattern light in different directions toward a measurement target. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Three-dimensional shape measurement apparatus

A three-dimensional shape measurement apparatus includes a plurality of main pattern illumination parts, a plurality of main image-capturing parts and a control part. The main pattern illumination parts obliquely emit grating pattern lights toward a measurement target in different directions. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Surgical robot system for stereotactic surgery and method for controlling stereotactic surgery robot

A surgical robot system for stereotactic surgery, according to the present disclosure, may include: a stereotactic surgery unit to move and rotate a surgical instrument; a controller to receive the first imaging data that represents a three-dimensional image of a surgical portion that includes a surgical target; one or more markers to be attached to, or disposed near, the surgical portion; an imaging unit to create the second imaging data that represents a three-dimensional external image of the surgical portion; and a tracking unit to track the positions and postures of the imaging unit and the markers. The controller may create the coordinate conversion relationships for converting a coordinate from the first coordinate system of the first imaging data into the fourth coordinate system of the stereotactic surgery unit and control the stereotactic surgery unit by using the coordinate conversion relationships above.. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Surgical robot for stereotactic surgery and method for controlling stereotactic surgery robot

A stereotactic surgery robot according to the present disclosure may include: a rotating unit that is configured to have a surgical instrument that is able to be attached thereto, and is configured to rotate the surgical instrument on at least one of two rotational axes according to an entry posture of the surgical instrument; a moving unit that is configured to move the rotating unit in the direction of at least one of three linear axes according to the position of a surgical target; and a surgical portion support unit that is configured to be connected to the moving unit, and is configured to be detachable with respect to an operating table, wherein the moving unit may move the rotating unit such that an intersection point of the two rotational axes matches the surgical target.. . ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Marker for optical tracking, optical tracking system, and optical tracking method

The present disclosure provides a marker with a pattern formed thereon, which includes an optical system. At least a part of the pattern that uniquely appears depending on a direction in which the pattern is viewed from an outside of the marker through the optical system, is visually identified from the outside of the marker. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Substrate inspection method and system

A substrate inspection system and substrate inspection method for setting an inspection region having a three-dimensional shape and/or a two-dimensional arbitrary shape as a region of interest on an image of a substrate. The substrate inspection method includes: generating and displaying a 2d image of a substrate based on image data acquired from the substrate having an inspection object; receiving first input information including arbitrary point data or line data for setting a region of interest at a plurality of particular positions of the 2d image from a user; and displaying the region of interest corresponding to the point data or the line data as a 2d region of interest having an arbitrary shape in accordance with the first input information.. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Inspection apparatus and component mounting system having the same

A component mounting system and a method for inspecting mounted components are provided. A component mounting system according to an embodiment, comprises a solder inspection apparatus comparing coordinate information of the solder, which is obtained through measurement of a substrate to which solder is applied, with reference coordinate information to generate coordinate correction data; and a first mounting inspection apparatus comparing a first measurement data obtained by measuring mounting state of a component when the component is mounted based on the coordination correction data through a component mounting apparatus, with the coordinate correction data to verify whether a component is mounted on a position corrected based on the coordinate correction data. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Method and apparatus of inspecting a substrate with a component mounted thereon

A method and an apparatus of inspecting a substrate with a component mounted thereon, which are capable of inspecting whether the component is properly mounted or not without additional setting or changing inspection condition, are provided. The method comprises measuring a three-dimensional shape by irradiating the pattern image toward the substrate through at least one illumination unit and by taking a reflected image through an imaging unit, extracting a shield region from the three-dimensional shape, and inspecting a component mounting defect in an area excluding the shield region in the three-dimensional shape.. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Apparatus for measuring three-dimensional shape using prism

The present disclosure relates to a three-dimensional shape measurement apparatus for obtaining height information of a measurement target object using a prism. The three-dimensional shape measurement apparatus includes an illumination unit irradiating light on the measurement target object, a prism unit receiving reflective light reflected from the measurement target object and directing the reflective light to an image formation lens, an imaging unit receiving the reflective light from the prism unit and capturing an image of the reflective light, and a height measurement unit measuring a height of the measurement target object based on the image captured by the imaging unit.. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Solder inspection apparatus and method of generating feedback information of solder inspection apparatus

A feedback information generation method for a solder inspection apparatus includes: receiving an input of information on the number of buffers which are disposed between the solder inspection apparatus and a screen printer for printing solder on printed circuit boards and are configured to support the printed circuit boards to be introduced into the solder inspection apparatus so as to put the printed circuit boards on standby; generating feedback information by using the input information and an inspection result of the printed circuit boards by the solder inspection apparatus; and transmitting the feedback information to the screen printer. Feedback information may be generated in consideration of the number of buffers, thereby preventing the feedback information from being excessively generated as well as ensuring the accuracy of the feedback information.. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Optical tracking system and coordinate registration method for optical tracking system

An optical tracking system may comprise a reference marker unit stationarily disposed relative to a patient, a shape measurement unit configured to measure the three-dimensional shape of a specified part of the patient corresponding to a three-dimensional image, a tracking sensor unit configured to sense the reference marker unit and the shape measurement unit, and a processing unit. The processing unit may acquire a coordinate transformation relationship between the reference marker unit and the tracking sensor unit and a coordinate transformation relationship between the shape measurement unit and the tracking sensor unit based on a sensing result of the tracking sensor unit, acquire a coordinate transformation relationship between the specified part of the patient and the shape measurement unit based on a measurement result of the shape measurement unit, and define a coordinate system of the patient relative to the reference marker unit from the acquired coordinate transformation relationships.. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

Inspection apparatus and method, and system and method for mounting components including the same

An adjustable vehicle armrest and tambour door is disclosed. A vehicle armrest is designed to allow for sliding movement between a retracted position and an extended position to adjust armrest length as desired by the vehicle occupant. A torque distribution control system comprises a torsion unit for detecting traction on wheels of a primary driving axle that is continuously engaged with a drive source or a source of torque power. The amount of traction detected is converted to a signal with variable signal strength, the signal strength correlating to the amount of traction detected by the torsion unit. A system and method for reporting a status of an asset is described. In one embodiment, an asset status is determined based on configurable parameters to thereby enable accurate reporting of departures and arrivals of an asset.. A mobile toy and a stunt figure attachable with the mobile toy are described. In a desired aspect, the mobile toy is a skateboard-shaped toy having a skateboard deck with a flywheel positioned within the skateboard deck. Techniques are provided for service placement on hosts for a consumer based on geographic location the techniques include: determining a geographical location of a consumer; and inputting a topology model of an environment including multiple candidate hosts to support a service required by the consumer, the topology model including: a geographic location of each of resource in the environment; and connectivity details between the resources and between the resources and the consumer. The techniques also include: specifying bounding requirements for a host and/or bounding requirements for a path between the consumer to a host; calculating the distance from a candidate host to the consumer; determining if bounding requirements are met by a candidate host; and ordering candidate hosts that meet bounding requirements by distance.. Resilient cores preferably for inflatable bodies having resilient slabs that define a plurality of generally columnar holes or resilient arrays of generally columnar solids, methods for making such slabs and arrays, and articles incorporating the same wherein the cores further include thermal transmission mitigation means for improving a core's resistance to heat transfer beyond the core's innate insulative properties. Non-exclusive and non-exhaustive examples of such thermal transmission mitigation means in slab core embodiments include consideration to hole or bore geometric cross section, frequency, pattern and orientation, the introduction of a thermal barrier at or within at least some holes or bores, and/or slab material selection/treatment. A product wrapping machine with a plurality of counter-jaws homogenously distributed in a forward movement direction (x), a plurality of jaws moving perpendicular to the forward movement direction (x) from an open position to a closed position against the counter-jaws for sealing together the films wrapping the product to one another and cutting them. The machine also includes a jaw actuator for each jaw causing the corresponding jaw to move in the closing direction. A process and system of compatible cannulas with features that are linked and intentionally related including the interior cross sectional area (302) of the cannulas, the area of the opening(s) of the cannulas and the width of the opening(s) of the cannulas (303). When used in a method where the appropriate harvesting cannula (100) is selected for use with a desired reinjection cannula (100), the cannula kit (fig. The invention provides polishing slurry for cmp for suppressing corrosion of wiring lines of a conductive substance, or for suppressing bimetallic corrosion of a barrier conductor and conductive substance, by suppressing electrons from being transferred at near the boundaries between a barrier conductor and a conductive substance such as copper. The invention provides polishing slurry for cmp for polishing at least a conductor layer and a conductive substance layer in contact with the conductor layer, wherein the absolute value of the potential difference between the conductive substance and the conductor at 50±5° c. Disclosed is a package for a disposable coated acupuncture needle, wherein the package is made up of disposable coated acupuncture needles (1), a packaging box (2) and a sealed bag (3). A vacuum packaging method may be used in the package to seal the packaging box containing the acupuncture needles, so as to perform sterilization via high-energy electron or isotope irradiation. A biosensing system that measures the concentration of halogenated alkenes is disclosed.. . A process and resultant article of manufacture made by such process comprises forming through vias needed to connect a bottom device layer in a bottom silicon wafer to the one in the top device layer in a top silicon wafer comprising a silicon-on-insulator (soi) wafer. Through vias are disposed in such a way that they extend from the middle of the line (mol) interconnect of the top wafer to the buried oxide (box) layer of the soi wafer with appropriate insulation provided to isolate them from the soi device layer.. In embodiments of the invention, an apparatus may include a display comprising a plurality of pixels and a computer system coupled with the display and operable to instruct the display to display images. The apparatus may further include a microlens array located adjacent to the display and comprising a plurality of microlenses, wherein the microlens array is operable to produce a light field by altering light emitted by the display to simulate an object that is in focus to an observer while the display and the microlens array are located within a near-eye range of the observer.. The present invention relates to combination therapies for the treatment of a variety of disorders in mammals, including hepatic disorders and cancer. The combination of agents includes naturally-occurring (versus synthetic) oligonucleotides, particularly immunostimulatory oligodeoxynucleotides such as cpg odns, obtained from a natural source and one or more extracts from a gram positive bacteria, such as lactobacillus spp.. A multimedia time warping system allows a user to store selected multimedia data streams while the user is simultaneously watching or reviewing other multimedia data. Data streams are converted to digital streams for internal transfer and manipulation. A modular, compact and widely tunable laser system for the efficient generation of high peak and high average power ultrashort pulses. Peak power handling capability of fiber amplifiers is expanded by using optimized pulse shapes, as well as dispersively broadened pulses. A microwave system comprising a center fed parabolic reflector; a radio transceiver, said transceiver disposed on a circuit board and coupled to a radiator, said radiator disposed on the circuit board and extending orthogonally from a surface of the circuit board. Embodiments also include directors on the circuit board and a sub-reflector comprising a thin plate disposed on a weather proof cover and said sub-reflector having a substantially concave surface with a focus directed towards the radiator. Disclosed is a method of preparing a hair conditioning composition, wherein the composition comprising: a mono-alkyl amine cationic surfactant; a high melting point fatty compound; an anionic polymer comprising higher % of a vinyl monomer (a) with a carboxyl group; and an aqueous carrier, wherein the method comprises a step: mixing the cationic surfactant, high melting point fatty compound, anionic polymer and aqueous carrier to form an emulsion. The method of the present invention provides hair conditioning compositions having reduced chunks while containing both mono-alkyl amine cationic surfactants and anionic polymers containing higher % of vinyl monomer with carboxyl group. Provided is a method that de-multiplexes a bit stream to extract intra prediction mode information and residual signals, restores an intra prediction mode of a current prediction unit using the intra prediction information and intra prediction modes of prediction units adjacent to the current prediction unit, generates reference pixels using one or more available reference pixel if there exist unavailable reference pixels of the prediction unit, adaptively filters the reference pixels based on the restored intra prediction mode, generates a prediction block using the restored intra prediction mode and the reference pixels, decodes the residual signal to generating a residual block, and generates a reconstructed block using the prediction block and the residual block. Accordingly, additional bits resulted from increase of a number of intra prediction mode are effectively reduced. Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor sleep state. A processor may include a dedicated cache memory. An introduction arrangement for a fenestrated or branched stent graft (13) intended for deployment into the lumen of a vessel having a blind vessel extending from it. The introducer (1) has a distal end intended to remain outside a patient in use and a proximal end with a nose cone dilator (11) and an arrangement to retain the branched stent graft distally of the nose cone dilator. The present invention propose an broadcast reception system, wherein a program reception control apparatus is connected to internet via a network interface to which a terminal apparatus carrying by a user. The broadcast received at an antenna is selected by a tuner, a/d converted, compressed at a compression unit, and encrypted at an encryption unit. An image encoding method and an image decoding method, and an image encoder and an image decoder, are provided. The image encoding method includes detecting a static region and a motion region of an image, calculating an encoding error in the image, calculating a film grain noise (fgn) error in the motion region, and encoding the image to reduce an encoding error in the image other than the fgn error.. A baby stroller for transporting an infant at speeds faster than normal walking is disclosed. This baby stroller can be folded to make it easier to stow and transport. Methods and systems for producing a hydrocarbon are provided. The method can include cracking one or more c2-c10 hydrocarbons in the presence of a catalyst under conditions sufficient to produce an effluent containing ethylene, propylene, gasoline, and a coked-catalyst, wherein the catalyst includes a first catalytic component having an average pore size of less than 6.4 Å and a second catalytic component having an average pore size of 6.4 Å or more, separating the effluent to provide a recovered coked-catalyst and a cracked product; and regenerating the recovered coked-catalyst to produce heat and the catalyst.. Various embodiments may relate to a drive circuit of an illumination device. The drive circuit has an output terminal connected to a load of the illumination device. The inventive subject matter relates to a construct comprising antigens derived from multiple enterobacteria including campylobacter jejuni capsule polysaccharide polymer, enterotoxigenic escherichia coli recombinant polypeptide construct and lipopolysaccharide from shigella spp. The subject invention also relates to a method of inducing an immune response utilizing the inventive composition.. A beverage cartridge system is adapted to brew a beverage through a brewer having a holder adapted to receive the cartridge system. The holder may have a deep well with one or more needles therewithin to pierce through the bottom of the cartridge system when inserted into the well. Disclosed is an apparatus and method of using same for testing the airtightness of surfaces, the apparatus having an air pump in fluid communication with an input port and an output port, so as to induce an airflow from said input port to said output port, said airflow driven by a differential air pressure generated by said air pump, a gaseous suspension source disposed within said air pressure generator so as to entrain a gaseous suspension in said airflow so as to create an entrained suspension, and a conduit in fluid communication with said output port configured to constrain a flow of said entrained suspension therethrough so as to deliver said entrained suspension under pressure through an applicator port distal to said output port.. . . . The present invention relates to an inspection apparatus and method, and a system and a method for mounting components including the same. In the system for mounting components according to the present invention, solder paste inspection equipment receives mounting tolerance information from component mounting equipment, generates warp information of a flexible array board by measuring the flexible array board, generates mount-impossible information on a region where mounting of components is impossible by comparing the mounting tolerance information and the warp information, and transmits the mount-impossible information to the component mounting equipment. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

07/13/17 / #20170196599

Assistant robot for spine surgery

The present invention relates to an assistant robot for spine surgery, including: a surgical tool support provided with a rotating body to which the surgical tool is penetratingly coupled; a handle provided at one side of the surgical tool support; a driving member configured to rotate the rotating body; and a linear guide provided at the other side of the surgical tool support so as to move the surgical tool forward and backward. Accordingly, the surgical tool can smoothly move without vibration when moving forward and backward, and can be automatically rotated with uniform force so as to enable sophisticated surgery.. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

07/06/17 / #20170188833

Removable optical coherence tomography (oct) device

The present disclosure relates to an oct device, which can be simply mounted without changing the structure of a microscope or an endoscope, thereby realizing an oct system and, more particularly, to a removable oct device including: a tunable laser configured to emit light to the light output side of an optical device by tuning the wavelength of the light; a first beam splitter installed on a path of the light emitted from the tunable laser; and a reference mirror installed on a path of the light that has passed through the first beam splitter, wherein the removable oct device is mounted at the light output side of the optical device.. . ... Koh Young Technology Inc

06/01/17 / #20170150973

Medical drill device

The present invention relates to a medical drill device. The medical drill device includes a boring drill including a motor and a drill part; an instrument body coupled to the boring drill; and a plurality of supporting rods coupled to the instrument body so as to support the boring drill to a work area. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

02/09/17 / #20170038197

Apparatus and method for measuring a three dimensional shape

Provided are an apparatus and a method for measuring a three dimensional shape with improved accuracy. The apparatus includes a stage, at least one lighting unit, a plurality of image pickup units and a control unit. ... Koh Young Technology Inc

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