Inventors on Lg Display Co Ltd patents (recent)


A list of inventors with patent application filings associated with Lg Display Co Ltd for 2018.
Note: Some Lg Display Co Ltd-related inventors may appear under alternate organization names/spellings.
Inventors are listed solely due to being on a related/assigned patent, and may not be affiliated in any way with the organization.

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Ara Yoon

A-ram Sohn

Aryoung Lee

Aryoung Lee

Beomjin Kim

Beumsik Cho

Bonghwan Kim

Bong-ki Choi

Bongkyu Sung

Bumsik Kim

Buyeol Lee

Byeongjun Kim

Byoungchul Kim

Byoung-har Hwang

Byounghee Kim

Byounghee Ku

Byung-geol Kim

Byunghyun Lee

Byungil Kim

Byungjae Lee

Byungjoo Lee

Byungjun Lim

Byung-soo Kim

Changeun Kim

Changhee Choi

Changheon Kang

Changho An

Changho Lee

Changhoon Jeon

Chang-hun Cho

Changhwa Jun

Changkyeong Kong

Changseung Woo

Chang-woo Chun

Changwoo Lee

Chanho Lee

Chanwoo Lee

Cheolse Kim

Cheon Heo

Chimyung Ahn

Chiwan Kim

Choojin Park

Choonghyo Kim

Choongkeun Yoo

Chulha Park

Chulho Kim

Chulho Kim

Chulwon Lee

Chung Sik Kong

Chungwan Oh

Chun-ki Kim

Dae Kyu Yi

Daegyu Jo

Dae-heung Lee

Daehoon Kim

Daehwan Kim

Daesung Jung

Dae-wi Yoon

Dae-yong Kim

Daeyoung Seo

Dai-yun Lee

Dal Jae Lee

Dasol Jun

Deokkyeong Seong

Deuksu Lee

Dohyung Kim

Do-hyung Kim

Dojin Kim

Do-man Kim

Donghee Yoo

Dong-hoon Choi

Donghoon Ha

Donghoon Lee

Dong-hyo Gu

Donghyun Chung

Donghyun Park

Dongik Kim

Dong-il Choi

Dong-jin Kim

Dong-ju Kim

Dong-kyu Lee

Dongsup Shim

Dong-uk Lee

Dong-won Park

Dong-woo Lee

Dongwook Choi

Dongyoon Kim

Dongyoung Kim

Do-yeon Kim

Doyoung Jung

Dukkeun Yoo

Duk-young Jeon

Eui-doo Do

Eui-hyun Chung

Euijung Kim

Eunah Kim

Eunah Kim

Eun-hee Choi

Eun-hye Lee

Eunji Park

Eunji Song

Eun-jin Kim

Eun-ju Kim

Eun-jung Park

Eun-young Park

Eun-young Yun

Gijung Jo

Gilyoung Lim

Goeun Jung

Go-eun Lim

Guensik Lee

Gunwoo Hwang

Gunwoo Lee

Gyu-ho Lee

Gyuhyeong Han

Gyung-min Kim

Gyusik Won

Gyutae Kang

Hae-jin Park

Haejong Jang

Haeri Huh

Hae-yeon Jeong

Haeyoon Jung

Hak-min Lee

Han-byeol Seok

Hangyu Jung

Hanhee Kim

Han-jin Ahn

Hansaem Kang

Hanseok Kim

Han-sun Park

Haye Kim

Heechul Lim

Hee-jin Kim

Hee-jung Yang

Heeseok Yang

Heesung Park

Heui-dong Lee

Heume-il Baek

Hobum Han

Ho-jin Kim

Ho-jin Kim

Hongchul Kim

Hongchul Kim

Hongchul Kim

Hongju Lee

Hongju Lee

Hongki Park

Hongmyeong Jeon

Hongrak Choi

Hongrak Choi

Hongrak Choi

Hoon Jang

Hoon Kang

Hoon-sub Shin

Ho-sung Kim

Ho-won Choi

Howon Shin

Ho-young Jeong

Ho-young Jeong

Hoyoung Ko

Huiseong Yu

Huiseong Yu

Hun Bae Im

Hun Jeoung

Hunki Shin

Hwajun Jung

Hwangun Seo

Hwankeon Lee

Hwankuk Yuh

Hyangmyoung Gwon

Hye-jeong Park

Hyejin Kim

Hyejin Kim

Hye-li Min

Hyelim Ji

Hyemi Oh

Hyeon Ho Son

Hyeongjun Lim

Hyeongon Kim

Hyeongwon Kang

Hyeonho Son

Hyeonsoo Hong

Hye-ran Park

Hye-sook Kim

Hye-sun Son

Hyojin Kim

Hyojin Kim

Hyo-jin Noh

Hyuck Choi

Hyuckjun Kim

Hyuk-chan Gee

Hyuncheol Cho

Hyunchul Um

Hyung-beom Shin

Hyungjoon Koo

Hyungjoon Koo

Hyungjoon Koo

Hyungjoon Koo

Hyungmin Kim

Hyungnyuck Cho

Hyungoog Cho

Hyungseok Bang

Hyunguk Jang

Hyunil Ko

Hyun-jong Noh

Hyunjong Noh

Hyunjoo Song

Hyunju Jung

Hyun-kyo Lim

Hyunkyu Park

Hyunkyung Lee

Hyun-seok Hong

Hyunseung Kim

Hyunsoo Lim

Hyun-sook Jeon

Hyunsuk Cho

Hyuntaek Lim

Hyunwoo Jang

Hyun-woo Jeon

Hyunwook Kim

Ikhyun Kang

Il Chan Jung

Ilgi Jeong

Ilgi Jeong

In Rae Park

In-bum Song

In-hyo Han

In-june Kim

Injune Kim

In-sang Jung

Jaebin Song

Jae-chul Hwang

Jaegyun Lee

Jaeho Kim

Jae-ho Kim

Jaeho Sim

Jae-hyoung Park

Jae-hyun Park

Jaehyung Yu

Jaejin Kim

Jaejun Kim

Jae-jung Han

Jae-kyeong Yoon

Jaekyung Choi

Jaemin Seok

Jaesung Kim

Jae-sung Lee

Jaewoo Lee

Jaewoo Lee

Jaewoo Park

Jaewoong Choi

Jaewoong Youn

Jaeyong Choi

Jaeyoon Bae

Jaeyoon Park

Jaeyoon Park

Jaeyoon Park

Jae-young Oh

Jae-young Oh

Jaeyul Kim

Jang Jo

Jang-hwan Kim

Jee Hwan Oh

Jeehwan Oh

Jeehwan Oh

Jeisung Lee

Jejun Park

Jeong-bok Yang

Jeongeun Baek

Jeong-gi Yun

Jeonghoon Lee

Jeong-hyeon Choi

Jeongki Kim

Jeongki Kim

Jeongkil Seo

Jeong-mook Choi

Jeong-oh Kim

Jeong-oh Kim

Jeongseop Lee

Jeongsuk Yang

Jeongtae Hwang

Jeongwon Lee

Jeongwon Lee

Jeong-woo Jang

Ji Yeon Kang

Ji Young Ahn

Ji-cheol Shin

Jiho Park

Jihoon Lee

Jihoon Lee

Jihoon Lee

Jihoon Park

Jihun Song

Jihyang Jang

Ji-hyang Jang

Jihyun Jung

Jihyun Lee

Jikwang Jang

Jimin Yeom

Jin Hwan Kim

Jin Seong Park

Ji-na Jeon

Jin-hee Jang

Jinho Kim

Jinho Lim

Jin-ho Park

Jinhwan Kim

Jinhyuk Jang

Jinseo Park

Jinseong Kim

Jinsoo Chung

Jinsu Moon

Jintaek Choi

Jinwon Lee

Jinwon Lee

Jinwoo Park

Jinyeong Kim

Jinyoung Bang

Ji-su Han

Jiyeon Park

Jiyoung Ahn

Jiyoung Park

Ji-yun Jang

Jong Sung Kim

Jongbeom Lee

Jongchan Park

Jonggeun Yoon

Jonggeun Yoon

Jonghee Hwang

Jongheon Lee

Jong-hoon Lim

Jonghoon Woo

Jonghoon Yeo

Jonghoon Yeo

Jong-hyeok Im

Jong-hyun Han

Jong-hyun Kim

Jonghyun Park

Jonghyun Park

Jongju An

Jong-min Park

Jongmoo Ha

Jong-moo Kim

Jongseok Kim

Jongsung Kim

Jongsung Kim

Jongtak Aeo

Jonguk Bae

Jongwan Park

Jong-won Lee

Jongyoon Kim

Jongyoung Park

Joo Hye Park

Joobong Hyun

Joohwan Hwang

Joon- Hee Lee

Joondong Kim

Joondong Lee

Joonghwan Yang

Joongsun Yoon

Joon-hee Lee

Joonmin Park

Joon-soo Han

Joonsuk Lee

Joonyoung Heo

Joonyoung Heo

Joonyoung Park

Joo-young An

Joungtae Kim

Joungwon Woo

Juhan Kim

Juheyuck Baeck

Juhnsuk Yoo

Jun Tae Jeon

June-hwan Kim

Juneyoun Hwang

Jung Min Lee

Jungchul Kim

Jungeun Lee

Junghan Lee

Jung-ho Bang

Junghoon Kim

Junghoon Lee

Junghun Choi

Junghyun Lee

Jung-im Hwang

Jung-jae Kim

Jung-min Lee

Jungsik Jo

Jung-sun Beak

Jung-sun Beak

Junguk Kim

Jungyoup Suk

Junho Bong

Jun-ho Lee

Junho Yeo

Jun-ho Youn

Jun-hyung Kim

Juno Hur

Junseok Oh

Junsoo Park

Jun-sung Kong

Junwook Yoo

Jun-yong Choi

Jun-young Kim

Jun-yun Kim

Juseong Park

Juyoung Noh

Juyun Lee

Kakyung Kim

Kanghyun Kim

Kangil Kim

Kelly Soo Yeun Song

Keongjin Lee

Keumyoung Oh

Ki Lim Han

Kibok Park

Kiduck Park

Kihan Kim

Kihyung Lee

Kihyung Lee

Kil-hwan Oh

Kilhwan Oh

Ki-min Lim

Ki-min Son

Kimin Son

Kisoub Yang

Kiwon Son

Kiyong Yang

Kiyoung Jung

Kiyoung Sung

Kukhui Chang

Kum-mi Oh

Kwanghwan Ji

Kwanghwan Ji

Kwanghwan Ji

Kwangil Chun

Kwan-soo Kim

Kwonhyung Lee

Kyoseop Choo

Kyoungdon Woo

Kyoung-hoon Kim

Kyoung-ji Bae

Kyoungjin Park

Kyoungjune Jung

Kyoungkoo Lee

Kyoungwon Lee

Kyu-hwang Lee

Kyu-nam Kim

Kyung Chul Ock

Kyungha Lee

Kyunghan Seo

Kyunghoon Lee

Kyunghyun Cho

Kyung-jin Yoon

Kyungjoon Kwon

Kyung-min Kim

Kyungrok Kim

Kyung-su Ha

Kyungtae Park

Kyungyeol Ryu

Kyungyun Kang

Kyuoh Kwon

Kyu-won Kyoung

Manhyeop Han

Mi Na Kim

Miae Kim

Mi-kyung Lee

Mi-na Kim

Mincheol Kim

Min-cheol Shin

Mingeun Choi

Min-geun Choi

Mingu Cho

Min-gu Kang

Min-hyung Park

Minjae Kang

Minjoo Kim

Min-joo Kim

Minkyu Chun

Minseok Kim

Min-seong Yun

Minsoo Park

Minwoo Oh

Mireum Lee

Misun Park

Moon-bae Gee

Moonjung Choi

Moon-soo Kang

Myeonghwa Lee

Myunggi Lim

Myung-ho Ban

Myungjae Yoo

Myungjin Lim

Myung-o Joo

Myungsoo Park

Myungwon Seo

Nack-bong Choi

Nack-youn Jung

Nakwoo Kim

Nam Ki

Namkook Kim

Namseok Choi

Namyong Gong

Nam-yong Kim

Na-yeon Lee

Na-young Song

Noh Jin Myung

Osung Do

Pilsang Yun

Pilsang Yun

Pilsang Yun

Pureum Kim

Ruda Lee

Ruda Rhe

Saemleenuri Lee

Sang Bae Kim

Sangbin Lee

Sang-bin Lee

Sangcheon Youn

Sangdae Han

Sang-dae Han

Sang-dae Park

Sang-gun Lee

Sang-hak Shin

Sangho Jang

Sang-hoon Oh

Sanghun Yoon

Sanghyuck Bae

Sang-hyuk Won

Sanghyun Lim

Sangil Shin

Sangkyu Kim

Sanglyn Lee

Sangmo Yang

Sang-moo Park

Sangmoo Song

Sang-pyo Hong

Sang-uk Lee

Sangwoo Seo

Sang-wook Lee

Sangyoul Lee

Se Ung Kyoung

Se Wan Lee

Sehee Park

Sehee Park

Sehee Park

Sehee Park

Sehwan Na

Sehwan Na

Sehyun Chang

Se-hyun Park

Sejeon Park

Se-jin Jang

Se-jong Yoo

Sejun Cho

Sejune Kim

Se-june Kim

Semin Koong

Se-min Lee

Seogshin Kang

Seok Noh

Seok-ho Lee

Seokho Shim

Seokhyun Hong

Seok-hyun Kim

Seokju Hwang

Seok-won Ji

Seok-woo Son

Seok-woo Son

Seongboo Jeong

Seonghan Hwang

Seonghun Jeong

Seonghwan Ju

Seongil Kim

Seong-joo Lee

Seongjun Cho

Seongkyu Kang

Seongkyu Kang

Seongrim Lee

Seongwook Choi

Seong-yong Uhm

Seon-keun Yoo

Seounguk Heo

Seoyeon Im

Seulgi Choi

Seulki Kim

Seulki Kim

Seung Kyu Lee

Seung Min Baik

Seung Ouk Noh

Seungchul Lee

Seungeun Pyo

Seunghan Paek

Seunghan Paek

Seunghee Kang

Seung-hee Yoon

Seunghoon Yang

Seunghwan Shin

Seunghyun Youk

Seung-ju Gwon

Seungjun Lee

Seung-kuk Ahn

Seunglyul Lee

Seungman Ryu

Seungmin Baik

Seungmin Baik

Seungmin Lee

Seung-o Jeon

Seungtae Kim

Seyeoul Kwon

Seyong Lee

Shi-hyung Park

Shinbok Lee

Shin-suk Lee

Shun-young Yang

Sie-hyug Choi

Sin-chul Kang

Sohee Choi

So-hee Lee

Sohyun Kim

Sohyung Lee

Sojung Jung

Sojung Lee

So-mang Kim

Sookang Kim

Soon-dong Cho

Soonhwan Hong

Soonsung Yoo

Soyeon Jo

Soyoung Jo

Soyoung Lee

Su Ho Kim

Suchang An

Sudong Kim

Su-hwan Moon

Su-hyeon Kim

Suhyuk Jang

Suhyuk Jang

Suk Choi

Suk Choi

Sul Lee

Su-na Choi

Sun-bok Song

Sung Jin Park

Sung Wook Chang

Sung-bin Ryu

Sung-bin Shim

Sung-bong Ha

Sungchul Kim

Sungchul Kim

Sungeui Shin

Sunggoo Jung

Sung-hoon Joo

Sunghoon Kim

Sung-hun Kim

Sunghwan Yoon

Sunghyun Bae

Sung-il Woo

Sungjin Hong

Sung-jin Kim

Sungjin Kim

Sung-jin Park

Sungjoon Bae

Sungjoon Bae

Sungjoon Min

Sungki Kim

Sunglim Nam

Sungman Han

Sungmin Jung

Sung-moo Kim

Sungsoo Kim

Sung-soo Park

Sungsoo Shin

Sungsu Han

Sung-won Lee

Sungwoo Choi

Sungwoo Kim

Sungwook Chang

Sung-wook Choi

Sungwook Yoon

Sungyub Lee

Sunhwa Lee

Sun-wook Ko

Sun-yoon Kim

Sunyoung Park

Sunyoung Park

Suseok Choi

Suwoong Lee

Suyun Ju

Suyun Ju

Tae Whan Kim

Taebok Min

Taegi Kim

Taegung Kim

Tae-han Kim

Taehan Park

Taeheon Kim

Taehoon Kim

Tae-hwan Kim

Tae-hyoung Kwak

Taejoon Park

Tae-joon Song

Taejoon Song

Tae-kung Ryoo

Tae-rim Lee

Taewoong Moon

Tae-yang Lee

Taeyoung Lee

Taeyun Kim

Wan Sik Lim

Wan Soo Lee

Won-bong Jang

Wondoo Kim

Wonho Lee

Wonhoe Koo

Won-jin Choi

Wonjun Choi

Won-june Jung

Wonki Park

Won-sang Ryu

Wonseok Choi

Wonsik Lee

Won-taeck Kim

Won-yong Jang

Woo Chan Kim

Woo-chan Cho

Woo-hyun Kwon

Woojung Byun

Woonam Jeong

Wooseok Choi

Woosung Shim

Woo-sup Shin

Wy-yong Kim

Yangsik Lee

Yeonjun Oh

Yeonkyung Kim

Yeonock Ha

Yeonsuk Kang

Yeontaek Yoo

Yeonwook Kang

Yisik Jang

Yong Hoon Choi

Yong Sam Lee

Yongbaek Lee

Yongbaek Lee

Yong-chul Kwon

Yonggyoon Jang

Yong-hee Han

Yong-hee Han

Yong-hee Lee

Yongho Jang

Yongho Jang

Yongik Hwang

Yong-jin Park

Yong-joong Yoon

Yongkon Lee

Yong-min Kim

Yongseok Park

Yong-su Ham

Yongsun Jo

Yongwoo Lee

Yoochul Sung

Yoo-jin Kang

Yoondong Cho

Yoon-jung Eo

Yoonsung Tak

Young Pyo Jeon

Youngdo Kim

Younggyu Kim

Young-gyu Moon

Younghoon Son

Younghyun Kong

Youngjang Lee

Young-jang Lee

Young-jin Choe

Youngjin Yi

Young-joo Park

Young-joo Park

Youngjoon Lee

Youngjoon Lee

Young-joon Yun

Young-ju Kim

Youngju Park

Young-jun Yu

Young-ki Song

Youngkyu Bang

Youngkyung Kim

Young-mi Kim

Youngmin Jeong

Youngseok Choi

Youngseop Lee

Youngsik Jeong

Youngsun Jang

Youngwoo Jo

Youngwook Kim

Younseok Ahn

Younsub Kim

Younyeol Yu

Younyeol Yu

Youyong Jin

Yu Ra Kim

Yuho Jung

Yu-lim Won

Yun-ho Kook

Yunho Kook

Yuri Koh

Yuseok Jung

Yuseon Kho

Yusok Lim

Zeeyoung Kang

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