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Life Technologies Corporation patents (2018 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Life Technologies Corporation. Life Technologies Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Life Technologies Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Life Technologies Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Methods and systems for analyzing biological reaction systems

A method for analyzing biological reaction systems is provided. The method includes receiving an image of a substrate including a plurality of reaction sites after a biological reaction has taken place. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Systems and methods for identifying exon junctions from single reads

Systems and methods are used to identify an exon junction from a single read of a transcript. A transcript sample is interrogated and a read sequence is produced using a nucleic acid sequencer. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Systems and methods for detecting structural variants

Systems and method for identifying long deletions can obtain sequencing information for a plurality of amplicons in and around a potential region from a nucleic acid sample. The sequencing information can include a plurality of reads that can be mapped to a reference sequence. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Condenser systems for processing a fluid

A condenser system includes a collapsible container bag bounding a compartment and having an upper end and an opposing lower end, the container bag being formed of a polymeric film and being adapted to hold a fluid. A condenser bag is formed of a polymeric film and bounds a channel that extends between a first end and an opposing second end, the first end of the condenser bag being fluid coupled with the upper end of the container bag. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Systems and methods to detect copy number variation

In one aspect, a system for implementing a copy number variation analysis method, is disclosed. The system can include a nucleic acid sequencer and a computing device in communications with the nucleic acid sequencer. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Systems and methods for gene expression analysis

The present disclosure provides systems, methods, and a computer-readable storage medium for identifying and selecting highly relevant sets of genes (or gene signatures and biomarkers), which, when coupled with clinical and/or demographic data are highly predictive of potential clinical responses to a targeted therapy. It also provides systems, methods, and a computer-readable storage medium for determining the expected response to the targeted therapy when using the selected gene/biomarker set.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Compositions and methods for detection of mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis

. . Disclosed are compositions, assays, methods, diagnostic methods, kits and diagnostic kits for the specific and differential detection of mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis from samples including veterinary samples, clinical samples, food samples, forensic sample, an environmental sample (e.g., soil, dirt, garbage, sewage, air, or water), including food processing and manufacturing surfaces, or a biological sample.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Compositions, methods, systems and kits for target nucleic acid enrichment

The present invention provides methods, compositions, kits, systems and apparatus that are useful for isolating nucleic acid molecules from a sample. In particular, the methods generally relate to normalizing the concentration of target nucleic acid molecules from a sample. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Polymer substrates formed from carboxy functional acrylamide

A polymer substrate, such as a polymer particle, is formed from a carboxyl functional monomer. In an example, the carboxyl functional monomer has a protection group in place of the oh of the carboxyl group. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Antimicrobial & antiviral composition

A method of reducing the number of microorganisms entering the nose and proliferating in the nasal cavity including application of a solution of an antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal composition to the anterior vestibular region of the nares. The antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal solution includes ethyl alcohol as an active ingredient. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Sequencing device

A method of preparing reagents includes inserting a cartridge into an instrument. The cartridge includes a plurality of reagent enclosures disposed in a cavity of the cartridge and exposing a port to an exterior of the cartridge. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Oligonucleotides and methods for the preparation of rna libraries

Disclosed are compositions and methods for the preparation of rna libraries for sequencing, gene expression profiling, microarray and other uses and for simplification of the library preparation process. The disclosure provides blocking oligonucleotides which bind to byproduct nucleic acid molecules formed during the ligation of adapters to nucleic acid segments prior to sequencing and inhibit or block amplification of the byproduct nucleic acid molecules in subsequent amplification reactions. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Methods and systems for pure dye instrument normalization

The present teachings relate to a method and system for normalizing spectra across multiple instruments. In an embodiment of the present invention, the method comprises at least one reference instrument and a test instrument. ... Life Technologies Corporation

Tool for visualizinig pcr results

In some embodiments, a method or system for visualizing data generated from one or more reaction devices, chips, or reaction sites may be provided. On a scatter plot, data points may be displayed indicative of results from nucleic amplification, wherein the nucleic acid amplification comprises a first target and a second target and the data points are designated as being indicative of amplification of the first target, the second target, both targets, or neither target. ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180224393

Chemical detection device having multiple flow channels

The described embodiments may provide a chemical detection circuit that may comprise a plurality of first output circuits at a first side and a plurality of second output circuits at a second side of the chemical detection circuit. The chemical detection circuit may further comprise a plurality of tiles of pixels each placed between respective pairs of first and second output circuits. ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180224367

System and method for acoustic focusing hardware and implementations

The present invention is a method and apparatus for acoustic focusing hardware and implementations.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180223565

Self-locking door and product dispensing enclosure having a self-locking door

Provided herein is an inventory management system for dispensing products from an enclosure, methods of securing products within the enclosure, use of the enclosure and for maintaining inventory. The inventory management system may include an enclosure having a self-locking door. ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180223359

Conjugated polymeric particle and method of making same

A method of conjugating a substrate includes exchanging a counter ion associated with a biomolecule with a lipophilic counter ion to form a biomolecule complex, dispersing the biomolecule complex in a nonaqueous solvent, and coupling the biomolecule complex to a substrate in the presence of the nonaqueous solvent.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180223357

Device preparation using condensed nucleic acid particles

A method of sequencing a nucleic acid strand includes receiving particles having nucleic acid strands coupled to a polymer matrix, exposing the particles to a solution including a condensing agent, and applying the particles to a surface, the particles depositing on the surface.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180223334

Novel compounds for use in pcr systems and applications thereof

This disclosure relates to novel compounds for use in various compositions, kits and methods, including, for example, use in polymerase storage buffers and in nucleic acid synthesis or amplification reactions such as a polymerase chain reaction (pcr). Methods for preparing the novel compounds are also described.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180222855

Hydrazinyl and aminooxy compounds and their methods of use

The present disclosure is directed dye compounds containing a hydrazinyl substituent and optionally, one or more negatively charged groups, such as sulfonate, phosphate, phosphonate, and/or carboxylate groups and dye compounds containing an aminooxy substitutent. The compounds are useful in the detection of analytes containing aldehyde and ketone groups, including, for example, glycans.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180221865

Reagent mixer and fluid control devices

An apparatus for preparing a reagent solution includes an enclosure and a container disposed within the enclosure. The container defines an internal cavity having a compressible volume and defines a passage providing fluidic communication between the internal cavity and the exterior of the container. ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180217092

Chemical coating of microwell for electrochemical detection device

The described embodiments may provide a method of fabricating a chemical detection device. The method may comprise forming a microwell above a cmos device. ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180217091

Methods for manufacturing well structures for low-noise chemical sensors

In one implementation, a method for manufacturing a chemical detection device is described. The method includes forming a chemical sensor having a sensing surface. ... Life Technologies Corporation

08/02/18 / #20180214831

Bioreactor systems with tube supports

A bioreactor system includes a support housing having an interior surface bounding a compartment, the support housing having a sidewall with an opening extending therethrough and communicating with the compartment. A rack is secured to the support housing in alignment with the opening. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180208996

Methods, compositions, and kits for detecting allelic variants

In some embodiments, the present inventions relates generally to compositions, methods and kits for use in discriminating sequence variation between different alleles. More specifically, in some embodiments, the present invention provides for compositions, methods and kits for quantitating rare (e.g., mutant) allelic variants, such as snps, or nucleotide (nt) insertions or deletions, in samples comprising abundant (e.g., wild type) allelic variants with high specificity and selectivity. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180208984

Compositions and methods for immune repertoire sequencing

The present disclosure provides methods, compositions, kits, and systems useful in the determination and evaluation of the immune repertoire. In one aspect, target-specific primer panels provide for the effective amplification of sequences of t cell receptor and/or b cell receptor chains with improved sequencing accuracy and resolution over the repertoire. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/26/18 / #20180208979

Methods and systems for pcr quantitation

A method for quantifying nucleic acid is provided. The method includes determining a first reference threshold cycle for a first predetermined input quantity for a reference nucleic acid, determining a first target threshold cycle for the first predetermined input quantity for a target nucleic acid, determining a second reference threshold cycle for a second predetermined input quantity for the reference nucleic acid, and determining a second target threshold cycle, by the processor, for the second predetermined input quantity for the target nucleic acid. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/19/18 / #20180203987

Systems and methods for identifying an individual

The present application relates to systems and methods using biometric data of an individual for identifying the individual and/or verifying the identity of an individual. These systems and methods are useful for, amongst many applications, more secure identification of high-risk individuals attempting to gain access to an entity, transport, information, location, security organization, law enforcement organization, transaction, services, authorized status, and/or funds.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/19/18 / #20180202996

Compositions and assays for determining cell viability

Provided are compositions and methods useful in evaluation of cell health and metabolism, cell viability, proliferation, and the effects of compounds on these qualities. The assays provided are rapid, robust, nontoxic and suitable for use with high throughput devices.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/19/18 / #20180202966

Ion-sensing charge-accumulation circuits and methods

An ion-sensitive circuit can include a charge accumulation device, to accumulate a plurality of charge packets as a function of an ion concentration of a fluid, and at least one control and readout transistor, to generate an output signal as a function of the accumulated plurality of charge packets, the output signal representing the ion concentration of the solution. The charge accumulation device can include a first charge control electrode above a first electrode semiconductor region, an electrically floating gate structure above a gate semiconductor region and below an ion-sensitive passivation surface, a second charge control electrode above a second electrode semiconductor region, and a drain diffusion region. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/19/18 / #20180202936

Modified hydrocyanine dyes for the detection of reactive oxygen species

The present invention is directed to compounds, compositions, methods, and kits for detecting reactive oxygen species (ros) by conventional fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, flow cytometry, and/or high content imaging. The compounds disclosed herein are novel reduced dyes, including cy-based hydrocyanine dyes and cy-based deuterocyanine dyes, which dyes are probes for detecting ros and measuring oxidative stress in cells either in vitro and/or in vivo. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/19/18 / #20180201907

Methods for increasing the infectivity of viruses

Methods of using viruses labeled with alkyne-modified biomolecules, such as fatty acids, carbohydrates and lipids, to treat a plant, an insect or an animal infected with a virus or to increase the infectivity of a virus, such as the human immunodeficiency virus, are provided. Also provided are methods of labeling a virus, such as human immunodeficiency virus, with an alkyne-modified biomolecule, such as a fatty acid, a carbohydrate, or an isoprenoid lipid. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/19/18 / #20180200374

Amine-containing transfection reagents and methods for making and using same

There are provided for herein novel amine-containing transfection compounds and methods for making and using same. The compounds are generally obtained by reacting a primary amine with an unsaturated compound. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/12/18 / #20180196915

Methods and systems for nucleic acid sequence analysis

Disclosed are new and improved methods and systems for nucleic acid sequence analysis that can analyze data indicative of natural by-products of nucleotide incorporation events without the need for exogenous labels or dyes to identify nucleic acid sequences of interest. In particular, the methods and systems of the present teachings can process such data and various forms thereof to align fragments of the nucleic acid(s) of interest, particularly those analyzed using an addition sequencing technique, for example, as occurs with the use of nucleotide flows.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/12/18 / #20180196033

Cell tracking reagents and their methods of use

Described herein are compounds, methods, and kits for short- and long-term tracking of cell proliferation, differentiation, and/or function. The compounds disclosed herein are coumarin-based cell-tracking reagents that fluoresce in the blue portion of the uv/vis spectrum and provide bright fluorescence intensity, uniform cell staining, good retention within cells and low toxicity toward cells.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/12/18 / #20180195057

Purification of nucleic acid from environmental or biological samples

Compositions and methods for nucleic acid isolation from an environmental or biological sample comprising nucleic acid-analysis interferents, particularly from microbiome-containing samples, are provided.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/12/18 / #20180195034

Methods and apparatus for gas stream mass transfer with a liquid

A system for performing a gas-liquid mass transfer includes a container bounding a compartment and having a top wall, a bottom wall, and an encircling sidewall extending therebetween. A tube has a first end and an opposing second end, the first end of the tube being disposed within the compartment of the container. ... Life Technologies Corporation

07/05/18 / #20180187809

Compression collars for coupling a tube to a tube fitting and methods of use

A method for coupling a tube to a tube fitting includes radially outwardly expanding a tubular compression collar from a constricted state to an expanded state, the compression collar having a throughway extending there through and being made of a resiliently flexible material. An end of the tube is inserted within the throughway of the expanded compression collar, the tube bounding a passageway. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/28/18 / #20180181707

Methods, systems and computer readable media to correct base calls in repeat regions of nucleic acid sequence reads

Methods, systems and non-transitory machine-readable storage medium are provided to mitigate insertion errors and deletion errors in str sequences and improve accuracy in determination of the number of repeats. A method includes determining one or more optimum clusters for a set of flow space signal measurements, wherein at least one of the optimum clusters is associated with a homopolymer length, modifying a base call at the position in the repeat region sequence to the homopolymer length associated with the optimum cluster to produce a corrected repeat region sequence, thereby correcting an insertion error or a deletion error. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/28/18 / #20180180572

Chemical device with thin conductive element

In one implementation, a chemical device is described. The sensor includes a chemically-sensitive field effect transistor including a floating gate structure having a plurality of floating gate conductors electrically coupled to one another. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/28/18 / #20180179548

Molecular biology tools for algal engineering

The present invention provides compositions and methods for the genetic manipulation of algal cells. The compositions and methods allow enhanced transfer of genetic material into algal cells and the cloning and selection of genetically modified cells. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/28/18 / #20180179520

Scaffolded nucleic acid polymer particles and methods of making and using

The invention provides particle compositions having applications in nucleic acid analysis. Nucleic acid polymer particles of the invention allow polynucleotides to be attached throughout their volumes for higher loading capacities than those achievable solely with surface attachment. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/21/18 / #20180171400

Small rna capture, detection and quantification

Methods, compositions and kits for capturing, detecting and quantifying mature small rnas are provided herein. Embodiments of the methods comprise ligating 5′ and 3′ ligation adaptors to the 5′ and 3′ ends of the mature small rnas, respectively, in the presence of 5′ and 3′ semi-degenerate ligation splints to generate a ligation product. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/14/18 / #20180165410

Methods for detecting mutation load from a tumor sample

A targeted panel with low sample input requirements from a tumor only sample may be processed to estimate mutation load in a tumor sample. The method, including detecting variants in nucleic acid sequence reads corresponding to targeted locations in the tumor sample genome; annotating detected variants with an annotation information from a population database; filtering the detected variants, wherein the filtering rule set retains the somatic variants and removes germ-line variants; counting the identified somatic variants to give a number of somatic variants; determining a number of bases in covered regions of the targeted locations in the tumor sample genome; and calculating a number of somatic variants per megabase, provides an estimate of the mutation load per megabase in the tumor sample genome.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/14/18 / #20180163255

Nucleic acid preparation method

A method for processing a nucleic acid, in which the nucleic acid is exposed to an aqueous medium which includes a polyol in sufficient proportion for at least a portion of the nucleic acid to enter or remain in an extra-solution phase. Thus, a polyol may be used to bind a nucleic acid which is in solution to a solid support or to wash a nucleic acid on a solid support whilst maintaining it on the support. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/14/18 / #20180163231

Membrane-penetrating peptides to enhance transfection and compositions and methods for using same

The present invention is directed to non-naturally occurring peptides containing a membrane-penetrating amino acid sequence and further at least one polycationic moiety or peptide sequence. The peptides are suitable for use in delivery a cargo to the interior of a cell. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180158907

Nanocrystals with high extinction coefficients and methods of making and using such nanocrystals

A population of bright and stable nanocrystals is provided. The nanocrystals include a semiconductor core and a thick semiconductor shell and can exhibit high extinction coefficients, high quantum yields, and limited or no detectable blinking.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180157788

Systems and methods for genotyping by angle configuration search

Methods and systems for the analysis of genotyping data are presented. According to various embodiments of methods and systems, an angle configuration search may be performed. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180157023

Systems and methods for stabilizing a sample stage in a structured illumination imaging system

An apparatus for generating composite confocal images, comprising: an imaging apparatus configured to generate illumination; a sample stage configured to hold a sample to be illuminated by the illumination, wherein the illumination causes the sample to generate emissions that can be detected and used to image the sample, the sample stage configured to move the sample to a plurality of positions during the imaging process; and a vibration mechanism coupled with the sample stage, the motor configured to vibrate the stage after the stage moves the sample for a vibration period.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180157022

Systems and methods for calibrating a structured illumination imaging system and for capturing a structured illumination image

A method for calibrating an imaging system, comprising: illuminating a sample through a pinhole mask using an excitation light; capturing an image of the sample using a sensor; converting the image into data; in a processing module: filtering the data using known spacing of pinholes in the pinhole mask to obtain data that corresponds to the spacing, using a threshold to identify regions of the remaining data that are bright enough to be associated with a pinhole, calculating the centroids of the regions, and fitting a known pattern for the pinhole mask to the regions in order to identify the best fit for the data; and storing, in a storage medium, the best fit data for use in a subsequent confocal capture routine.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180157021

Systems and methods for generating a structured illumination image

A method for generating a composite image obtained in a fluorescence imaging system, comprising: determining the physical locations of a pinhole mask relative to a sample required to construct a full composite confocal image; generating in a control module a randomized order for the determined physical locations; moving the photomask or the sample to the determined physical locations in the randomized order under control of the control module and using a translation stage; illuminating the sample through the photomask using an excitation light; capturing a plurality of images at each of the physical locations using a sensor in order to generate a set of data points; using the randomized order to generate a composite image based on the set of data points and measuring the brightness of at least some of the data points; and adjusting the brightness of some of the set of data points.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180156703

Method of preparing quality control material for ffpe

This specification relates to formalin-fixed embedded quality control material for use for validation, verification, and to run controls for molecular assays. The quality control material can be used for a variety of tissues and for a variety of molecular assays. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180155795

Classification and actionability indices for cancer

The disclosure provides compositions, kits, and methods for detecting a plurality of genes and associated variants in a sample from a subject with cancer. The compositions, kits, and methods include a set of oligonucleotides, typically primers and/or probes that can hybridize to identify a gene variant. ... Life Technologies Corporation

06/07/18 / #20180154289

Microcarrier filter bag assemblies and methods of use

A filter bag assembly includes a flexible bag bounding a compartment that is configured to hold a fluid. An inlet port and an outlet port are each secured to the flexible bag so as to communicate with the compartment. ... Life Technologies Corporation

05/31/18 / #20180149847

Systems and methods for an interchangeable illumination filter set for use in a structured illumination imaging system

An apparatus for generating structured illumination images, comprising a housing; imaging optics mounted within the housing, the imaging optics configured to focus illumination from an illumination source such that an in-focus pattern of light corresponding to a pattern on a photomask is projected onto a sample; a reflector mounted within the housing and configured to reflect the illumination to a sample; a filter apparatus, comprising one or more filters mounted within the housing, the filter apparatus configured to allow only emissions from the illuminated sample to pass through to the sensor; and mounting features on the housing, the mounting features configured to allow the apparatus to be installed within an imaging system.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

05/24/18 / #20180144094

Determining the limit of detection of rare targets using digital pcr

A method for determining false positives calls in a biological data plot is provided. The method includes identifying a first data cluster as non-amplification data points within the biological data plot and identifying a second data cluster as wild-type positives within the biological data plot. ... Life Technologies Corporation

05/24/18 / #20180142203

Pellets used in cell culture and methods of making thereof

The present invention is directed generally to dry cell culture media or feeds in pellet formats which can be reconstituted into liquid media for culturing cells in vitro. Each pellet composition may comprise the same or a different composition; for example, different vitamins, amino acids, buffers, trace salts, ph, iron chelators, etc. ... Life Technologies Corporation

05/17/18 / #20180135077

Serum-free suspension system for lentiviral production

A lentiviral vector production system comprises (a) a lentiviral culture supplement to control cell growth, (b) a transfection reagent comprising dhdms, dope, and cholesterol to increase transfection efficiency, (c) a lentiviral production enhancer comprising sodium propionate, sodium butyrate, and caffeine to boost lentiviral production, wherein the lentiviral vector production system is serum-free. A method of lentiviral vector production comprises using the lentiviral production system. ... Life Technologies Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180128773

Chemical sensor with consistent sensor surface areas

. . A chemical sensor is described. The chemical sensor includes a chemically-sensitive field effect transistor including a floating gate conductor having an upper surface. ... Life Technologies Corporation

05/10/18 / #20180127706

Filter-based method for efficient capture of lysis of suspended cells

A cell lysis workflow involving a cell suspension that is passed through a filter in a first flow direction from a first side of the filter toward a second side thereof. The filter captures a plurality of cells on the first side. ... Life Technologies Corporation

05/03/18 / #20180120575

Devices, systems and methods for illuminating and imaging objects

An illumination system includes a surface configured to have an imaging target placed thereon, a light source, a beam splitter and at least a first mirror. The beam splitter is configured to split the beam of light from the light source and the first mirror is configured to reflect a first beam from the beam splitter onto the surface with the imaging target. ... Life Technologies Corporation

05/03/18 / #20180119217

Modified nucleotides and uses thereof

In some embodiments, the disclosure relates generally to methods, as well as related, systems, compositions, kits and apparatuses, for nucleic acid analysis that involve the use of modified nucleotides, including terminator nucleotides and/or tagged nucleotides, in a template-dependent nucleotide incorporation reaction. In some embodiments, the nucleic acid analysis can be conducted at a single reaction site, or at a plurality of reaction sites in an array of reaction sites. ... Life Technologies Corporation

05/03/18 / #20180117546

Liquid mixing system with vertically adjustable mixing element and method of use

A liquid mixing system includes a support housing at least partially bounding a compartment. A mount is secured to the support housing. ... Life Technologies Corporation

04/19/18 / #20180106756

Chemical sensor with air via

In one embodiment, a chemical sensor is described. The chemical sensor includes a chemically-sensitive field effect transistor including a floating gate conductor having an upper surface, a first opening extending through a first material and through a portion of a second material located on the first material and a second opening extending from the bottom of the first opening to the top of a liner layer located on the upper surface of the floating gate conductor.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

04/19/18 / #20180105805

Linking methods, compositions, systems, kits and apparatuses

In some embodiments, the disclosure relates generally to methods as well as related compositions, systems, kits and apparatus comprising linking proteins to target compounds and/or to locations of interest using tethers. For example, the tether can be used to link the protein to a target compound, for example, to link an enzyme to a substrate. ... Life Technologies Corporation

04/19/18 / #20180104790

Systems and methods for run-time sequencing run quality monitoring

Systems and methods of providing run-time quality control and monitoring of a single or multiple sequencing runs are provided herein. In some embodiments, the run-time system includes or is in communication with a processor capable of determining various types of run-time information relating to the quality, progress, etc. ... Life Technologies Corporation

04/12/18 / #20180100198

Gene fusion

The disclosure provides gene fusion variants and novel associations with disease states, as well as kits, probes, and methods of using the same.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

04/12/18 / #20180100194

Protein detection using fet

Accordingly, in some embodiments methods for detecting an analyte or analytes in one or more sample(s) are provided. The methods encompass providing a solid support with an addressable marker and an associated ligand, contacting the solid substrate to a sample, thereby forming a contacted solid support, associating the contacted solid support with a fet array and detecting the electrical properties of the fet array and thereby detecting an analyte or analytes in one or more samples. ... Life Technologies Corporation

04/12/18 / #20180100191

Enzymatic nucleic acid synthesis: compositions and methods for inhibiting pyrophosphorolysis

Nucleotide triphosphate probes containing a molecular and/or atomic tag on a γ and/or β phosphate group and/or a base moiety having a detectable property are disclosed, and kits and method for using the tagged nucleotides in sequencing reactions and various assay. Also, phosphate and polyphosphate molecular fidelity altering agents are disclosed.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180094297

Gene expression profiling from ffpe samples

Methods and compositions relating to the generation and use of gene expression data from tissue samples that have been fixed and embedded are provided. The data can electronically stored and implemented as well as used to augment diagnosis and treatment of diseases.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180094250

Methods and compositions for pcr

A modified thermostable pol b dna polymerase, produced by a reaction, under essentially aqueous conditions, of a thermostable pol b dna polymerase and a modifier reagent of formula i wherein the reaction results in a thermally reversible inactivation of the thermostable pol b dna polymerase activity and the 3′-5′ exonuclease activity, which polymerase is suitable for hot-start pcr. Also disclosed are the method for the modification, a polynucleic acid amplification method and pcr reaction mixture and kit comprising the modified thermostable pol b dna polymerase.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180092638

System and method for rapid attachment of cardiovascular prosthesis

An embodiment includes a system comprising: first and second conduits respectively including first and second barbed rods; first and second shafts; wherein: (a)(i) in a first configuration the first shaft slides distally within the first conduit and couples to a proximal end of the first barbed rod, and (a)(ii) in a second configuration the first shaft slides distally within the first conduit and pushes the first barbed rod out of the first conduit; wherein: (a)(i) in an additional first configuration the second shaft slides distally within the second conduit and couples to a proximal end of the second barbed rod, and (a)(ii) in an additional second configuration the second shaft slides distally within the second conduit and pushes the second barbed rod out of the second conduit. Other embodiments are described.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180089366

Systems and methods for mapping sequence reads

Systems, methods, and computer program products for aligning a fragment sequence to a target sequencing. The alignment is allowed at most one gap, such as an insertion or a deletion. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087056

Oligonucleotide compositions with enhanced efficiency

The oligonucleotide compositions of the present invention make use of combinations of oligonucleotides. In one aspect, the invention features an oligonucleotide composition including at least 2 different oligonucleotides targeted to a target gene. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087048

Alkylene glycols and polymers and copolymers thereof for direct isolation of nucleic acid from embedded samples

Methods of directly isolating nucleic acid from an embedded biological sample are provided. An emulsified digest is generated in the presence of a thermostable protease, and an additive selected from an alkylene glycol, a poly(alkylene glycol), or a block copolymer having an average mn of 76 to 2900, or a salt or derivative or combination thereof. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180078915

Bioreactor with impeller assembly

A bioreactor includes a flexible container and an impeller assembly having a hollow tube. The impeller assembly is coupled to the flexible container. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180078662

Methods and compositions for enzyme-mediated site-specific radiolabeling of glycoproteins

Provided herein are methods, compositions and kits for use in the site-specific labeling of glycoproteins comprising a combination of enzyme-mediated incorporation of modified sugars comprising a chemical handle and cycloaddition chemistry with a labeling molecule comprising a reactive group, a metal ion chelator, and/or a fluorophore.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180073055

Nucleic acid extraction and amplification controls and methods of use thereof

Nucleic acid reagents and corresponding methods of using the same for monitoring and evaluating nucleic acid extraction and amplification reactions.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180073009

Compositions and methods for preparing short rna molecules and other nucleic acids

The invention provides methods of preparing nucleic acids, such as rna molecules, of a defined size or range of sizes. The invention provides compositions, methods and kits for use in the production and preparation of small rna molecules (including without limitation micro-rna, sirna, d-sirna and e-sirna) and other nucleic acids of various sizes.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180071700

Fluid mixing system with flexible drive line and foldable impeller

A fluid mixing system includes a container, such as a flexible bag, bounding a compartment. A flexible drive line is disposed within the compartment, the drive line having a first end rotatably connected to a first end of the container and an opposing second end rotatably connected to a second end of the container. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180068061

Systems and methods for detecting homopolymer insertions/deletions

Systems and method for determining variants can receive mapped reads and determine a distribution of matched-filter residuals distribution from a plurality of reads at a homopolymer region. The distribution of matched-filter residuals can be fit to uni-modal and bi-modal models. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180067044

Apparatuses, systems, methods, and computer readable media for acoustic flow cytometry

A flow cytometer includes a capillary having a sample channel; at least one vibration producing transducer coupled to the capillary, the at least one vibration producing transducer being configured to produce an acoustic signal inducing acoustic radiation pressure within the sample channel to acoustically concentrate particles flowing within a fluid sample stream in the sample channel; and an interrogation source having a violet laser and a blue laser, the violet and blue lasers being configured to interact with at least some of the acoustically concentrated particles to produce an output signal.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180067037

Systems, methods, and apparatuses for optical systems in flow cytometers

The present set of embodiments relate to a system, method, and apparatus for an optical configuration in a flow cytometer that allows for independent adjustment of focusing for each light source. Such systems, methods, and apparatuses require a final focusing element to be moved near the beginning of the optical train and for each optical element coming after the final focusing element to be configured to accommodate converging light beams while minimizing the introduction of aberrations into those beams.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180060481

Identification, monitoring and treatment of infectious disease and characterization of inflammatory conditions related to infectious disease using gene expression profiles

A method is provided in various embodiments for determining a profile data set for a subject with infectious disease or inflammatory conditions related to infectious disease based on a sample from the subject, wherein the sample provides a source of rnas. The method includes using amplification for measuring the amount of rna corresponding to at least 2 constituents from table 1. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180057814

Compositions and methods for inhibition of nucleic acids function

The invention relates generally to compositions and methods for inhibiting the function of target nucleic acids by sequence specific binding. The compositions and methods can be used for inhibition of micro rnas and other relatively short non-coding rnas.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

03/01/18 / #20180056296

Apparatuses, systems and methods for providing thermocycler thermal uniformity

A thermal block assembly including a sample block and two or more thermoelectric devices, is disclosed. The sample block has a top surface configured to receive a plurality of reaction vessels and an opposing bottom surface. ... Life Technologies Corporation

02/15/18 / #20180044371

Methods for isolation, identification, and quantification of mirnas

Method and compositions and kits for isolation, identification, and quantification of mirnas and other small rnas, including but not limited to, sirnas, mrnas, and snrnas are disclosed. Methods of diagnosing a disease or its progression are also disclosed.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

02/08/18 / #20180037931

Chemically-enhanced primer compositions, methods and kits

A chemically-enhanced primer is provided comprising a negatively charged moiety (ncm), an oligonucleotide sequence having a) non-nuclease resistant inter-nucleotide linkages or b) at least one nuclease resistance inter-nucleotide linkage. The chemically-enhanced primer can be used for sequencing and fragment analysis. ... Life Technologies Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180031545

Charged reactive oligomers

Methods, systems, compositions and kits are described for detecting cleaved glycans from a glycoconjugate. After labeling the glycan with a nucleic acid charged oligomer described herein, the labeled glycans can be separated under the influence of an electric field or based on their detectable tag and identified.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180031522

Sharply resolving labeled protein molecular weight standards

Pre-labeled protein standards useful in electrophoresis that have sharp, consistent separation characteristics that are substantially the same as those of their unlabeled counterparts are provided. The invention provides pre-labeled protein standard sets that include a plurality of labeled proteins that are labeled on a first amino acid, in which side reactions of the label with amino acids not targeted for labeling are reduced.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180030534

Bi-directional sequencing compositions and methods

In some embodiments, methods for obtaining sequence information from a nucleic acid template linked to a support include hybridizing a first primer to a template strand linked to a support, sequencing a portion of the nucleic acid template, thereby forming an extended first primer product that is complementary to a portion of the nucleic acid template, in some embodiments, the method further includes introducing a nick into a portion of the template strand that is hybridized to the extended first primer product, degrading a portion of the template strand from the nick using a degrading agent, where a portion of the extended first primer remains hybridized to an undegraded portion of the template strand, and sequencing at least some of the single-stranded portion of the extended first primer by synthesis.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180024094

Electrophoresis gel cassette and comb

Provided herein is an apparatus for gel electrophoresis comprising a cassette and a comb having at least one wedge-shaped tooth.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180023075

Compositions and methods for enhancing homologous recombination

The present disclosure generally relates to compositions and methods for improving the efficiency of homologous recombination. In particular, the disclosure relates to reagents and the use of such reagents.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180018422

Systems and methods for nucleic acid-based identification

Systems and methods for calculating a predictive index of identity of a nucleic acid sample using polymorphic genetic marker data are provided. In one embodiment, a predictive index of identity of the nucleic acid sample is calculated using a value from a second set of data from a polymorphic genetic marker that is not linked to a polymorphic genetic marker used to produce a first set of data. ... Life Technologies Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180017523

Electro-blotting devices, systems, and kits and methods for their use

The invention provides a dry electroblotting system for dry blotting gels, in which the system includes an electroblotting transfer stack that comprises an analysis gel and a blotting membrane, an anode, a body of anodic gel matrix juxtaposed with the anode between the anode and the transfer stack, a cathode, and a body of cathodic gel matrix juxtaposed with the cathode between the cathode and the transfer stack, in which the anodic gel matrix and the cathodic gel matrix each comprise an ion source for electrophoretic transfer. The dry electroblotting system does not use any liquid buffers that are added to the system just before electroblotting (such as when the transfer stack is being assembled). ... Life Technologies Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180016572

Compositions and methods for detecting nucleic acid regions

Provided are methods, compositions, reagents, kits that are useful for detecting a specific nucleic acid region in genome with high efficiency and high sensitivity.. . ... Life Technologies Corporation

01/11/18 / #20180010177

Enhanced ligation reactions

In some embodiments, methods for ligating nucleic acid ends comprise: conducting a nucleic acid ligation reaction in the presence of at least one agent that generates a ligatable terminal 5′ phosphate group by removing an adenylate group from a terminal 5′ phosphate of a nucleic acid. In some embodiments, an aprataxin enzyme can catalyze removal of an adenylate group from a terminal 5′ phosphate of a nucleic acid. ... Life Technologies Corporation

01/11/18 / #20180010105

Novel reverse transcriptases for use in high temperature nucleic acid synthesis

The invention provides novel reverse transcriptases (rts) with desirable properties such as increased thermostability, increased thermoreactivity and/or increased resistance to inhibitors. In certain embodiments, the invention provides methods of producing, amplifying and/or sequencing nucleic acid molecules (particularly cdna molecules) using kits, compositions and/or reactions mixtures containing such novel reverse transcriptase enzymes.. ... Life Technologies Corporation

01/11/18 / #20180008410

Heart valve sewing cuff

An embodiment of the invention includes a sewing cuff for aortic heart valves that better approximates native anatomy by better mating with the crown-like anatomical annulus. Limiting distortion of the crown-like annulus provides better blood flow and overall valve function and provides a physician greater ease of implantation since native anatomy is not flattened. ... Life Technologies Corporation

01/04/18 / #20180003672

Method for treating a semiconductor device

A sensor array includes a plurality of sensors. A sensor of the plurality of sensors has a sensor pad exposed at a surface of the sensor array. ... Life Technologies Corporation

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