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Devices with mounted components

Devices with components mounted to a surface interior often encounter problems with generated heat, which is difficult to dissipate from a tightly packed and sealed device interior. Excessive heat may also distort the surface substrate material, which may become brittle from accumulated thermal stress and/or warp in a manner that displaces the position and/or orientation of the components. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Location-based authentication

An electronic device includes a location detector configured to determine a current device location and a location-based access controller configured to determine whether the current device location satisfies at least one predefined secure location criteria and to selectively preserve or disable a current user authentication session based on the determination.. . ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Task automation using location-awareness of multiple devices

A location-aware task automation service is configured to dynamically monitor locations and context associated with a group of users of mobile devices to identify a commonly shared goal of the group and perform automated actions to assist the group in achieving the goal. For example, the common group goal could include being at the same location at the same time to attend an event such as a show or party. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Wearable audio accessories for computing devices

Wearable audio accessories for computing devices are described. In one embodiment the wearable audio accessory provides a speech based interface between the user and a nearby computing device for the performance of user-initiated or computing device initiated microtasks. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Reprojecting holographic video to enhance streaming bandwidth/quality

Improved video compression and video streaming systems and methods are disclosed for environments where camera motion is common, such as cameras incorporated into head-mounted displays. This is accomplished by combining a 3d representation of the shape of the user's environment (walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, etc.), image data, and data representative of changes in the location and orientation (pose) of the camera between successive image frames, thereby reducing data bandwidth needed to send streaming video in the presence of camera motion.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Context and social distance aware fast live people cards

Context and social distance aware fast live people cards are described. A user context and/or a relevant person context may be determined in response to detecting a user interest in viewing contact information. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Nonconsecutive file downloading

A data transfer module on a device receives a request from a program to download a file, and accesses a remote service to begin downloading the file. The data transfer module receives bytes of the file from the service and stores those bytes in a temporary file. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Distribution and management of services in virtual environments

Distribution and management of services in virtual environments is described herein. In one or more implementations, a service distribution and management model is implemented in which system services and applications are seamlessly distributed across multiple containers which each implement a different runtime environment. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Enhanced email service

An enhanced email service that mitigates drawbacks of conventional email services by enabling transmission of encrypted content to a recipient regardless of the recipient having a prior relationship with the sender or having credentials issued from a certificate authority. A method is provided for receiving encrypted content and generating a message includes both the encrypted content as an attachment and a link to enable decrypted access to the decrypted content. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Distributed workload reassignment following communication failure

A generation identifier is employed with various systems and methods in order to identify situations where a workload has been reassigned to a new node and where a workload is still being processed by an old node during a failure between nodes. A master node may assign a workload to a worker node. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Cryptographic operations in an isolated collection

Examples of the present disclosure describe systems and methods for performing cryptographic operations in an isolated collection. In an example, a user may have an associated user resource within the isolated collection, which may be associated with a cryptographic key. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Strong resource identity in a cloud hosted system

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to systems and methods for providing strong resource identification. When a resource is created, saved, or re-based, a cryptographic key pay may be generated and associated with the resource. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

Partially encrypted conversations via keys on member change

Examples of the present disclosure describe systems and methods for partially encrypting conversations using different cryptographic keys. Messages communicated during a conversation session may be encrypted using a cryptographic key. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

String matching in encrypted data

In aspects of string matching in encrypted data, a computing device stores homomorphic encrypted data as a dataset, and implements a string matching application that receives an encrypted query string as a query of the homomorphic encrypted data. The string matching application can then apply algorithms to perform addition and multiplication operations, and determine whether there are matching strings of the encrypted query string in the dataset. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180198453

Scaleable dll clocking system

A clocking system disclosed herein includes a delay locked loop (dll) circuit with a plurality of delay elements, where the dll circuit is configured to receive a clock input signal and generate a plurality of clock output signals. The clocking system also includes a feed-forward system configured to increase the speed of the clock signal transmission through the delay elements and to enforce symmetric zero crossings of the clock signal at each of the plurality of delay elements.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197551

Spatial audio warp compensator

Methods and devices for correcting warping in spatial audio may include identifying a geometric transform that defines a geometric warping between a first spatial geometric model that represents how sound is produced in a first volumetric space and a second spatial geometric model that represents how sound is produced in a second volumetric space different from the first volumetric space. The methods and devices may include determining an inverse of the geometric transform that compensates for the geometric transform. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197507

Virtual surface blending and blt operations

Virtual surface techniques are described. These techniques support the use of initialization and batching of updates, use of updates and lookaside lists, use of gutters, blending and blt operations, use of surface optimization techniques such as push down as well as enumeration and clumping, mesh usage, and use of occlusion management techniques.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197477

Sub-pixel compensation

Sub-pixel compensation is described. In at least some implementations, a computing device includes a plurality of sub-pixels within a pixel which may generate an alternating display to approximate the display of a single sub-pixel. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197321

Image stitching

A computing device is described which has a memory holding at least two input images depicting different parts of a panoramic scene, the images having been captured by a user moving the camera by hand to capture the panorama. The computing device has an image stitching component configured to identify, at a processor, a region of overlap between the at least two images and to calculate a displacement vector for each of a plurality of warp points in the region of overlap. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197275

Image demosaicing for hybrid optical sensor arrays

An imaging device comprises a hybrid optical sensor array including a first and second set of pixels that comprise different numbers of pixels. The first set of pixels is sensitive to infrared light, while the second set of pixels comprises three subsets of pixels sensitive to rgb light. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197274

Image demosaicing for hybrid optical sensor arrays

A hybrid optical sensor array includes a first and second set of pixels having differing spectral sensitivities. A first set of data for a scene is captured by the first set of pixels at a first resolution, and a second set of data for the scene is captured by a second set of pixels at a second resolution. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197191

Computer application market clusters for application searching

A market out of multiple available geographic markets can be inferred for each application in a first subset of computer applications. The inferring can include inferring each market from text in one or more metadata fields in application metadata from an online computerized store for the applications. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197152

Updating an attendee list associated with an electronic event invitation

Described is a system and method for automatically updating an attendee list of an electronic meeting invitation. The updated attendee list is sent to the meeting organizer and each invited attendee. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197151

Automatically updating an electronic calendar

Systems and methods for automatically updating an electronic calendar. One system includes a server including an electronic processor. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197125

Tasks across multiple accounts

Examples of the present disclosure describe systems and methods of managing user tasks using isolated collections of data. In aspects, input may be received by a task management application/service. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197113

Entity resolution incorporating data from various data sources which uses tokens and normalizes records

A pair of records is tokenized to form a normalized representation of an entity represented by each record. The tokens are correlated to a machine learning system by determining whether a learned resolution already exists for the two entities. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197104

Using an action-augmented dynamic knowledge graph for dialog management

Described herein is a personal digital agent system that interacts with a user in order to process various requests from the user. The personal digital agent system is associated with a dynamic knowledge graph that is tailored specifically for the user and is automatically updated when the personal digital agent interacts with the user.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197066

Systems and methods for artificial intelligence interface generation, evolution, and/or adjustment

Systems and methods for generating, adjusting and/or evolving a visual personification of an ai interface for an ai application are provided. More specifically, the visual personification of the ai interface is generated, adjusted, and/or evolved based on one or more user inputs and/or the evaluation of other known user data. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197047

Stereoscopic object detection leveraging expected object distance

A method of object detection includes receiving a first image taken from a first perspective by a first camera and receiving a second image taken from a second perspective, different from the first perspective, by a second camera. Each pixel in the first image is offset relative to a corresponding pixel in the second image by a predetermined offset distance resulting in offset first and second images. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180197034

Capturing annotations on an electronic display

A system is described which comprises an electronic display device, an annotation capture module and a camera. The annotation capture module is configured to trigger a change in an image displayed on the electronic display device responsive to a capture trigger and the camera is configured to capture one or more images of the electronic display device in response to the capture trigger and/or a trigger received from the annotation capture module. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196998

Infrared imaging recognition enhanced by 3d verification

A three-dimensional (3d) image system recognition system includes a flood light source, a structured light source, and an imaging sensor. The flood light source and the structured light source emit lights in the substantially same wavelength range. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196997

3d imaging recognition by stereo matching of rgb and infrared images

A three-dimensional (3d) image recognition system includes a first imaging sensor capable of collecting a first wavelength range of light and a second imaging sensor capable of collecting a second wavelength range of light. The first imaging sensor and the second imaging sensor are placed apart. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196951

Field-programmable gate array virtualization

Techniques for field-programmable gate array (fpga) virtualization are described herein. In one or more implementations, an fpga virtualization manager of a host device receives a request from a virtual machine for a device, such as for a compression engine. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196946

Preventing code modification after boot

The subject disclosure is directed towards protecting code in memory from being modified after boot, such as code used in a dedicated microprocessor or microcontroller. Hardware, such as in logic or in a memory protection unit, allows a range of memory to be made non-writeable after being loaded, e.g., via a secure boot load operation. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196940

Isolation and presentation of untrusted data

Architecture that provides a secure environment in which data (e.g., code, instructions, files, images, etc.) can be opened and run by a client application. Once opened the data can be viewed (in a “protected view”) by the user without incurring risk to other client processing and systems. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196881

Domain review system for identifying entity relationships and corresponding insights

A system and method is provided for generating a dynamic comprehensive domain review. A domain review engine obtains authoritative literature associated with a domain to extract insights using entity recognition and relationship extraction, and ranks the extracted results to generate a dynamic domain review.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196874

Control system using scoped search and conversational interface

A technique is described herein for controlling equipment in a local environment. The technique can use a conversational interface component to receive messages from any user in a group of users. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196870

Systems and methods for a smart search of an electronic document

Systems and methods for electronic document smart searching are provided. The systems and method for electronic document smart searching are capable of searching an electronic document based on query contexts and action patterns extracted from the query contexts. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196866

Topic nodes

In non-limiting examples of the present disclosure, systems, methods and devices for triggering contextual feedback related to a manifest are provided. A triggering input related to a contextual trigger may be received. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196865

Multi-application state navigation

Technology for interoperability is disclosed by enabling the sharing of application state data for an application experience across computing devices, operating systems, applications, or locations. In one aspect, a secondary application shares encrypted state data along with a non-encrypted hint that describes the application experience reflected in the state data with a primary application. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196826

File system backup using change journal

Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to backups and change journals. In aspects, a change journal is read to determine changes that have occurred to objects of a file system. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196812

Contextual document recall

A framework for enhanced search is provided to enable the user to contextually search documents, based on specified events. A management framework provides systems for obtaining a user's contextual data and the user's interaction data for which a context graph and an interaction graph are created, respectively. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196796

Systems and methods for a multiple topic chat bot

Systems and methods for multiple topic automated chatting are provided. The systems and method provide multiple topic automated (or artificial intelligence) chatting by analyzing user inputs in a conversation to determine a plurality topics, to determine and score features related to the determined topics and different users, and to create a knowledge graph of the determined topics. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196788

Application programming interfaces for content curation

Content curation can be facilitated by an application programming interface (api) for creating an address for a block of content in a document identified through a location identifier as well as apis for retrieving content from the created address and pushing or merging the content back to the created address. Access services including conversion and merge services can be used to provide the content blocks in a suitable format for various clients. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196784

Dynamic content generation

Non-limiting examples of the present disclosure describe electronic document generation, where an electronic document of an application/service may be dynamically generated in a manner that is tailored specifically for a user. A query may be received that comprises a topic for generation of a slide-based visual presentation. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196740

Automatic risk analysis of software

Techniques are described herein that are capable of performing automatic risk analysis of software. An automatic risk analyzer may determine correlations between binaries of the software and source files of the software, between the source files and functions (i.e., sub-routines) of the software, between changes to source code of the software and defects, new features, and/or feature enhancements in the software, between attributes of the software (e.g., attributes associated with the changes to the source code), etc. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196723

Integrated application issue detection and correction control

An issue is detected in the operation of a set of integrated applications. Assistive logic is launched and an application, causing the issue, is identified. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196704

Techniques to modify a document using a latent transfer surface

Techniques to modify a document using a latent transfer surface are described. An apparatus may comprise a document editing subsystem comprising a transfer surface creation module operative to embed a latent transfer surface in the document. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196697

Dynamic context of tasks

In non-limiting examples of the present disclosure, systems, methods and devices for linking tasks and resources are provided. A plurality of attributes associated with a task resource may be analyzed. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196692

Hardware accelerated virtual context switching

In a virtual computing environment, a system configured to switch between isolated virtual contexts. A system includes a physical processor. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196657

Deviation finder

Automatic detection of software program regression points enables developers to more quickly and accurately diagnose and solve issues in changes to software. Traces of instructions are collected from before and after a change to a program or settings thereto on a computing device and are compared to identify differences between the two traces. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196644

Methods and systems for application rendering

Rendering an application is provided. An application script file having scripts corresponding to functions of an application may be retrieved. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196636

Relative narration

A computing device and a method for generating relative narration. In one instance, the computing device include a display device displaying a graphical user interface including textual information received from a first application. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196591

Moving interface controls

A method for moving an interface control includes displaying, via a graphical user interface of a computing display, an interface control having a first appearance at a first interface surface of the graphical user interface. Via a computing device operatively coupled to the computing display, a user input to move the interface control to a second interface surface is received. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196583

Toggle view functions for teleconferencing sessions

Systems and methods for hosting a teleconference session. Media data is received from a plurality of client computing devices at a server. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196579

Master view of tasks

Examples of the present disclosure describe systems and methods of managing user tasks using isolated collections of data. In aspects, input may be received by a task management application/service. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196574

Position, tilt, and twist detection for stylus

A touch-sensitive display device includes a touch sensor having a plurality of display electrodes and control logic coupled to the plurality of display electrodes. The control logic is configured to receive, for each of a plurality of stylus electrodes of an active stylus interacting with the touch-sensitive display device, a spatial capacitance measurement over the touch sensor for that stylus electrode. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196567

Pressure sensitive virtual keyboard

Embodiments relate to using pressure features of touch inputs directed to a virtual keyboard to control the symbols outputted by the virtual keyboard. Specifically, when interacting with a virtual keyboard, pressures of physical touches directed to the displayed virtual keyboard are sensed and included with corresponding touch inputs provided to the virtual keyboard. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196524

Hover interaction using orientation sensing

An electronic device with a hover sensor is described where the electronic device has an orientation sensor configured to detect an orientation of the electronic device. The electronic device has a hover pattern recognition component configured to use data sensed by the hover sensor to recognize a hover pattern of one or more objects in a hover space extending from the hover sensor. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196517

Passive haptics as reference for active haptics

An electronic device may include a housing (100), a display (102) disposed in the housing (100) and including an interface surface (112) arranged for user contact and a reference haptic (108). The interface surface (112) includes an active haptic output that provides a time-dependent haptic output and a reference haptic (108) disposed on the housing or the interface surface to provide a time-independent haptic output related to the time-dependent haptic output. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196495

Energy efficient processing device

An electronic device includes a low-energy-consumption display configured to display first information and a transparent high-energy-consumption display positioned with an area overlapping the low-energy-consumption display in a manner such that the first information is visible to a user through the area when the transparent high-energy-consumption display is in a sleep mode.. . ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196493

Energy-aware code offload for mobile devices

A method described herein includes an act of, at a mobile computing device, receiving an indication that a portion of code of a program executing on the mobile computing device is to be offloaded to a second computing device for execution on the second computing device, wherein the indication is based at least in part upon an estimated energy savings of the mobile computing device by offloading the portion of the code for execution on the second computing device. The method also includes an act of transmitting data to the second computing device that causes the second computing device to execute the portion of the code.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196487

Process-level activity tagging

Embodiments relate to enabling software to interface with a power consumption telemetry system. A process may have tagging instructions that interface with an energy estimation engine. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196480

Very low draft housings and methods of manufacturing

A housing and methods of manufacturing a housing are described. The housing may include a plurality of faces and a plurality of surfaces. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196478

High strength hinge mechanism

A high strength hinge mechanism is described herein. In one or more implementations, a computing device includes a display portion which includes a display device, and a base portion which includes a keyboard. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196477

Composite unibody keyboard

The presently disclosed technology includes a composite unibody keyboard that both serves as a bottom case and a top bezel in traditional keyboard design. The unibody keyboard is made of a high-rigidity composite material with varying thicknesses to achieve predetermined design specifications for the keyboard. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180196263

Waveguide display with multiple focal depths

A near-eye optical display system utilized in augmented reality devices includes a see-through waveguide display having optical elements configured for in-coupling virtual images from an imager, exit pupil expansion, and out-coupling virtual images with expanded pupil to the user's eye. The near-eye optical display system further includes a curved two-sided array of electrically-activated tunable liquid crystal (lc) microlenses that is located between the waveguide and the user's eye. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/12/18 / #20180195874

Generating instructions for shared travel experiences

A first user of a smart phone or vehicle navigation system may invite a second user of a smart phone or vehicle navigation system to participate in a shared travel experience where the second user follows the first user. While on the shared trip, the first user is provided the location of the second user along with a route to a selected destination. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180192446

Disambiguation of target devices using ambient signal data

Techniques are described for automatically determining which of a plurality of target devices should be connected with a source device using data regarding ambient signals about the source device. For example, a request is received for an identifier to which a source device is to connect. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191965

Graphical transitions of displayed content based on a change of state in a teleconference session

A system configured to host a teleconference session is disclosed. The system hosts a teleconference session between a plurality of client computing devices. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191869

Optimized syncing of metadata changes using chunked response

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to systems and methods for optimizing syncing of metadata changes using a chunked response. In one aspect, an application may be launched in a foreground of a client computing device. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191862

Detection and delegation of action tasks

Systems and methods are presented for detecting an action intent within received content, identifying an action completion bot for carrying out the corresponding action, and initiating the action through an action request to the action completion bot. An action delegation agent executing on a computer system, receives notice of received content, where the action delegation agent is not the target of the received content. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191841

Automatic installation activation selection for hosted services

Automatic installation and/or activation selection for hosted services is provided. A set-up user interface for users to sign up and activate their membership with a hosted service may prompt an activation module to analyze a computing environment of a requesting user to determine if a client application associated with the hosted service is pre-installed or not. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191781

Data insights platform for a security and compliance environment

A multi-purpose platform may collect different types of signals such as metadata, documents, activities, etc. And correlate in a multi-stage evaluation framework in order to allow simple queries from components and clients of a compliance and security environment to be converted into rich analyses on available data. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191771

Threat intelligence management in security and compliance environment

Threat intelligence management is provided in a security and compliance environment. A threat explorer platform or module of a security and compliance service may detect, investigate, manage, and provide actionable insights for threats at an organizational level. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191730

Real time pivoting on data to model governance properties

Real time pivoting on data to model governance properties is provided. A data explorer module of a security and compliance service may analyze data, metadata, and activities associated with a tenant or a hosted service to understand the data, identify uncategorized data, and determine applicable policies and/or remediation actions in case of sensitive data that may need protection. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191648

Performing updates to action items in an electronic communication application with a single input

Described is a system and method for automatically updating an action item in an electronic communication application using a single input or click from a user. In response to received input, an electronic communication having a mailto link is automatically generated. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191617

Flow control and congestion management for acceleration components configured to accelerate a service

Systems and methods for flow control and congestion management of messages among acceleration components (acs) configurable to accelerate a service are provided. An example system comprises a software plane including host components configured to execute instructions corresponding to a service and an acceleration plane including acs configurable to accelerate the service. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191609

Transmission of messages by acceleration components configured to accelerate a service

Components, methods, and systems allowing acceleration components to transmit messages are provided. An acceleration component for use among a first plurality of acceleration components, associated with a first top-of-rack (tor) switch, to transmit messages to other acceleration components in an acceleration plane configurable to provide service acceleration for a service is provided. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191583

Applications and services as a bundle

A system and method are provided for managing bundles of applications and services over a network between a server system and client computers. Related applications and services are bundled together in one package so that a user is able to quickly and easily configure a computer to perform a specified task. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191566

Enforcing device settings for mobile devices

The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for enforcing device settings for mobile devices. Generally, a computer system enforces appropriate mobile device settings (e.g., policy and/or configuration settings) prior to permitting a mobile device to access maintained data. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191471

Active flow diagnostics for cloud-hosted networks

An overlay network refers to a network that is implemented as various different virtual resources on a physical network referred to as an underlay network. Diagnostics are performed on the overlay network by injecting diagnostic packets from a source endpoint targeting a target endpoint. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191354

Highspeed/low power symbol compare

An integrated circuit includes a pipeline of compare logic stages. The pipeline, at successive pipeline stages, determines whether each of a set of input symbols meets a corresponding programmable criteria. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180191034

Stacked, rolled-electrode battery cell with y-axis bending

A rolled-electrode battery cell includes multiple, stacked electrode rolls that are stacked along a stacking axis. Each of the electrode rolls has its electrode tabs bonded to an end of the electrodes, so that the electrode tabs extend from the ends of the electrodes along the winding direction of the electrodes. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180190950

Hollow-core rolled-electrode battery cell

A jelly-roll type battery cell with a hollow core and no rigid outer casing is disclosed.. . ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180190240

Crowd-sourced brightness for a display

Computing devices and methods for adjusting light output of a display in a user computing device are disclosed. In one example, user-adjusted brightness settings are received from a plurality of computing devices. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180190034

Tactile interaction in virtual environments

Tactile virtual reality (vr) and/or mixed reality (mr) experiences are described. Techniques described herein include receiving data from a sensor and accessing a position and an orientation of a real object that is physically present in a real scene. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180190004

Interactive and dynamically animated 3d fonts

Methods and devices for rendering interactive three-dimensional (3d) fonts may include receiving, at a text platform component executing on a computing device, a request from an application to render text. The methods and devices may include parsing the text to identify at least one glyph in the text. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180190000

Morphing chart animations in a browser

Morphing animations between arbitrary chart states in a web client application are provided. A morphing animation engine interpolates changes between a first output state (before geometry) and a second output state (after geometry), aligning the before and after geometries by semantic identifiers encoded in the geometry. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189988

Chart-type agnostic scene graph for defining a chart

Generating a chart-type agnostic data structure for defining a chart for use in chart rendering, animation, interactivity, and accessibility via a web client is provided. Aspects of a charting system are operative to represent output of a server-side chart layout engine in a data structure that can transmitted to and consumed by the web client for rendering an interactive chart. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189978

Machine vision processing system

Techniques and constructs can determine an albedo map and a shading map from a digital image. The albedo and shading maps can be determined based at least in part on a color-difference threshold. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189924

Prefetching for a graphics shader

Methods and devices for graphics shading in a computing device. The methods and devices may include receiving a respective cache line of a plurality of cache lines of a shader stored in a memory, wherein the respective cache line and one or more other ones of the plurality of cache lines include at least one jump instruction. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189865

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for conducting an online auction using narrowing upper and lower bounds

An online auction that combines elements of traditional english-style (ascending price) and dutch-style (descending price) online auction is disclosed. Such an online auction maintains simultaneous ascending lower-bound price(s) and descending upper-bounds price(s) that gradually converge, narrowing the channel between them. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189857

Recommendation through conversational ai

The present disclosure is directed to systems, methods and devices for providing product and service recommendations to users via conversational ai dialog. A natural language user input may be inspected. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189762

Methods and systems for providing secure access to a hosted service via a client application

The present invention discloses methods and systems for providing secure user access to services offered by a service provider to a client application over a network. One embodiment includes receiving an application cookie from the client application and populating a service cookie based on information in the application cookie. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189738

In-place supervisory review for electronic communications

Representative embodiments disclose mechanisms to route electronic communications for supervisory review. Users of a messaging system are assigned appropriate permissions to create and manage supervisory review policies, access supervisory review mailboxes to perform supervisory review actions, run reports and other activities associated with supervisory review. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189649

Neural network processor

Each processor of the simd array performs the computations for a respective neuron of a neural network. As part of this computation, each processor of the simd array multiplies an input to a weight and accumulates the result for its assigned neuron each (mac) instruction cycle. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189521

Analyzing data to determine an upload account

Technologies are described herein for analyzing data to determine an upload account. In some configurations, techniques disclosed herein cause the data, and other data, to be analyzed to determine whether the data is to be uploaded to a business account associated with the user or a personal account associated with the user. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189517

Intelligence and analysis driven security and compliance recommendations

Hosted services provided by service provider tenants to their users are an increasingly common software usage model. The usage of such services and handling of data may be subject to regulatory, legal, and industry-based rules, where different rules may be applicable depending on the particular service, handled data, and organization type, for example. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189404

Identification of documents based on location, usage patterns and content

Technologies are described herein for the identification of documents based on location, usage patterns, and content. In some configurations, techniques disclosed herein cause documents to be identified that are relevant to the location of the user and the current context of the user. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189400

Using a personal digital assistant to retrieve an item from a remote source

A technique is described herein for using personal digital assistant (pda) functionality to assist a user in retrieving a content item from a source component, such as a remote user computing device. In one manner of operation, the technique involves: receiving at least one input message from the user, in which the user expresses an intent to obtain a desired content item; interpreting the input message(s) using a language understanding component of a dialog system, to provide an interpreted request; identifying zero, one or more source components, each of which provides a copy of the desired content item; retrieving the desired content item from at least one identified source component; and sending the desired content item over a computer network to a target component. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189382

System for forming connections between users

A system in which: in response to a question, answers and user profiles of multiple answering users are returned to the querying user in a form ranked according to respective feedback scores of the answering users. The system then receives a connection request from the querying user addressed to a selected one of the answering users, in order to request establishment of further contact between the querying user and the selected answering user. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189372

Most-relevant-first calendar event synchronization

To improve the responsiveness of a user device during a synchronization of a local calendar with a master calendar, the master calendar will provide the most-relevant events, relative to the current time, first to the user device. The user device is thus enabled to display those most-relevant events to the user.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189355

Contextual insight system

Aspects of systems and methods for providing contextual and event driven insights are provided. The system monitors information about the users and their conversations. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189354

Replacing pronouns with focus-specific objects in search queries

A computing device includes a logic machine and a storage machine holding instructions. The instructions are executable by the logic machine to, receive a machine-understandable representation of voice input, determine a pronoun associated with the voice input, map the pronoun to an object of user focus, generate one or more focus-specific search queries for the object of user focus, execute the one or more focus-specific search queries, and present the results of the one or more focus-specific search queries.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189346

Reducing update conflicts when maintaining views

Systems, methods, and computer storage media are disclosed. A computer storage medium includes instructions that, when executed, perform actions including maintaining a first view based on a first table of a database. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189335

Searching files

Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to searching files. In aspects, a search engine is able to search not only the current files but also is able to search for deleted and previous versions of files that satisfy queries. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189316

Syncing and propagation of metadata changes across multiple endpoints

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to systems and methods for syncing and propagating updated metadata across multiple endpoints. In one aspect, a request is sent from a client computing device to a service for updated metadata of a dataset. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189290

Content object indexing and resolution system

A data model is applied to parse content objects and they are stored in a service data store that stores indications of parsed content objects. Each content object corresponds to an application state and has attributes. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189288

Quality industry content mixed with friend's posts in social network

Methods, systems, and programs are provided for presenting professional content in a user feed. The user feed is populated with industry-wise content, using relevance-driven technologies to select the best relevant industry content, while solving the problem of low-content availability for users with few connections. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189277

Identifying among recent revisions to documents those that are relevant to a search query

A facility for reporting on a corpus of documents is described. The facility receives a user-specified search query. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189269

Graph long short term memory for syntactic relationship discovery

Long short term memory units that accept a non-predefined number of inputs are used to provide natural language relation extraction over a user-specified range on content. Content written for human consumption is parsed with distant supervision in segments (e.g., sentences, paragraphs, chapters) to determine relationships between various words within and between those segments.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189265

Learning entity and word embeddings for entity disambiguation

Technologies are described herein for learning entity and word embeddings for entity disambiguation. An example method includes pre-processing training data to generate one or more concurrence graphs of named entities, words, and document anchors extracted from the training data, defining a probabilistic model for the one or more concurrence graphs, defining an objective function based on the probabilistic model and the one or more concurrence graphs, and training at least one disambiguation model based on feature vectors generated through an optimized version of the objective function.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189249

Providing application based subtitle features for presentation

An application based subtitle features are provided for a presentation. A productivity application initiates operations to provide subtitle features upon receiving a subtitle input from a content creator. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189243

Server-side chart layout for interactive web application charts

Server-side chart layout for web applications is provided. Output of a server-side layout engine is exposed on the web via a server-side web service and a client-side web player that communicates with the web service. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189164

Collection of sensitive data--such as software usage data or other telemetry data--over repeated collection cycles in satisfaction of privacy guarantees

A facility for reporting on original values on behalf of each of a plurality of users—each falling within a domain partitioned into a plurality of segments of uniform size—is provided. For each of the plurality of users, the facility (a) randomly selects an upward-rounding window size that is smaller than the segment size; (b) for each source value in a domain, randomly determines a mapping of each segment of the domain to a segment identifier value; (c) determines an original value for the user; (d) adds the upward-rounding window size to the user's original value to obtain a window-augmented original value; (e) identifies a segment containing the window-augmented original value; (f) identifies a segment identifier value mapped-to from the identified segment using the determined mapping; and (g) transmits a reporting communication on the user's behalf reporting a value based on the identified segment identifier value.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189090

Exposing hardware work queues as virtual devices in virtual machines

Techniques for exposing hardware work queues as virtual devices in virtual machines are described herein. In one or more implementations, a virtual machine device manager identifies control input/output (i/o) and data i/o hardware work queues of physical devices of a host device. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180189079

Context aware guided scenarios

Described are methods, systems, and computer program products for providing context aware guidance for an application during runtime. Context aware guidance is determined based upon user context and application context. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188979

Composite solid state drive identification and optimization technologies

Technologies for an operating system identifying ssd and cssd devices based on a corresponding descriptor, and for optimizing operating system functionalities with respect to the ssd/cssd device. Optimizations include disabling non-ssd/cssd functionalities, such as hdd defragmentation, and by enabling ssd/cssd specific functionalities, such as write optimization storage functionalities.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188918

Teaching and coaching user interface element with celebratory message

Providing user interaction guidance for services and associated applications may become more difficult as their variety and depth increases. Embodiments are directed to managing activation of and providing guidance on how to use a hosted service. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188907

Content item state retrieval system

In various examples there is an electronic device having a content item state retrieval system. There is a chat interface executing at the electronic device and a processor which monitors states of at least one content item associated with the electronic device in relation to chat messages at the chat interface. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188897

Behavior feature use in programming by example

Technologies for narrowing the choices for programs that each comply with example behaviors provided by a user in programming by example. Even if the user provides insufficient behavior examples to precisely identify a program that should be used, the system still uses program behavior features (along with potentially structure features) of the program in order to identify suitability of each program that would comply with the specific set of behavior examples. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188832

Mitigating display noise for touch and pen sensing

A display device includes a display controller and a timing controller to drive frames at a frame rate onto a display. The display device may include sensor circuitry to detect a signal from a pen. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188827

Selecting events based on user input and current context

Examples of the disclosure determine the current context of a user or a wearable device of the user. User input is received to select one or more of context-dependent events from a plurality of past, current and future events. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188688

Reduced bandwidth holographic near-eye display

Examples are disclosed that relate to holographic near-eye display systems. One example provides a near-eye display device, comprising a diverging light source, an image producing dynamic digital hologram panel configured to receive light from the diverging light source and form an image. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188687

Reduced bandwidth holographic near-eye display

Examples are disclosed that relate to holographic near-eye display systems. One example provides a near-eye display device, comprising a diverging light source, an image producing dynamic digital hologram panel configured to receive light from the diverging light source and form an image. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188538

Near eye display multi-component dimming system

A system and method are disclosed for controlling an amount of ambient light transmitted to the eye of a wearer through an ned device. A passive component such as a photochromic coating may be applied to a visor of the ned device to block light. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188536

Near eye display multi-component dimming system

A system and method are disclosed for controlling an amount of ambient light transmitted to the eye of a wearer through an ned device. A passive component such as a photochromic coating may be applied to a visor of the ned device to block light. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180188063

Generating routes from lines based on zoom levels

A user of a mapping application can use a user interface to draw a line between an origin address and a destination address on a map. The mapping application uses a zoom level associated with the map to determine if the user intended that the route consist mostly of highways or mostly of local roads. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180185759

Skill matching for a multiplayer session

The systems and techniques described herein generate a skill rating of a participant with respect to a new title. The system is configured to generate a generic skill rating algorithm based on an aggregate of parameters and parameter weights that already exist in established skill rating algorithms of other titles of a particular game category. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

07/05/18 / #20180185750

Adjustable tension thumbstick

A thumbstick for a user input device comprises an adjustable tensioning mechanism configured to modify a tilt tension of a tiltable post. The thumbstick comprises a cap with a stem that defines a first cavity. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180184550

Metal additive structures on printed circuit boards

Printed circuit boards include conductive metallic paths, such as vias, traces, and pads on the printed circuit board. One or more metal additive structures are additively manufactured onto the printed circuit boards in a manner that forms a continuous weld with at least one of the conductive metallic paths. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180184397


A notification of a received communication relating to a communication chain is presented. An input is received in response to that notification. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180184350

Handover in 5g microcellular

A first micro-base station may be configured initiate communications with a plurality of mobile devices, where each mobile device is associated with an access id stored in the first micro-base station. The access id may be a mac id. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180184237

User-selectable environments for mobile communications devices

At a mobile communications device, a communication is received from a communication source. An indication of an environment type associated with the communication source is obtained, and a check is made as to whether the indication of the environment type associated with the communication source matches a current environment type of the mobile communications device. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180184129

Adaptive noise reduction engine for streaming video

An adaptive video noise reduction (avnr) engine reduces noise in streaming video. The engine reads embedded information in the streaming video describing attributes of the video, such as bit rate, frame rate, resolution, content type and quality of the streaming video. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180184124

Parameterization for fading compensation

Techniques and tools for performing fading compensation in video processing applications are described. For example, during encoding, a video encoder performs fading compensation using fading parameters comprising a scaling parameter and a shifting parameter on one or more reference images. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180184014

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for using a video capture device to alleviate motion sickness via an augmented display for a passenger

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are disclosed for using a video capture device to alleviate motion sickness via an augmented display for a passenger. One method includes receiving, from a video capture device of a vehicle, video data of a view outside of the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion; displaying, on a display device for a passenger of the vehicle, a request for a mode of display of the video data, the mode of displaying including a passive video mode and an active video mode; receiving a selection of the mode of display; displaying a request for a video display type when the passive video mode is selected; and displaying the video data including a menu, the menu including a plurality of selectable icons to interact with the video data when the active video mode is selected.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180184002

Eye tracking using video information and electrooculography information

Disclosed are an apparatus and a method of low-latency, low-power eye tracking. In some embodiments, the eye tracking method operates a first sensor having a first level of power consumption that tracks positions of an eye of a user. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180183926

Providing sender identification information

An apparatus for providing sender identification information of the communication event on a display is described. In an embodiment the apparatus receives a communication event, for example, a call or a message. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180183879

Connecting public cloud with private network resources

The automatic provisioning of a connection between a public cloud and an on-premises resource in a private network. This allows a connection to be more easily made when an application in the public cloud is to access that on-premises resource in the private network. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180183846

Dynamically partitioning media streams

Systems, methods, and software technology for partitioning media streams is disclosed herein. In an implementation, a network node receives a media stream for a multimedia session from an upstream node in a communication channel supporting the multimedia session, partitions the media stream into a plurality of sub-streams to vary a code rate of each sub-stream of the plurality of sub-streams relative to each other, and transmits the plurality of sub-streams to a plurality of downstream nodes over a plurality of channels supporting the multimedia session.. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180183820

Threat protection in documents

A threat protection system provides for detecting links in a document and analyzing whether one of the detected links is a malicious link that may direct a user of the document to a malicious universal resource locator (url). In one implementation of the described technology, when a user selects a link in a document, a link activation module calls a threat protection client module that performs a reputation check for the link. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180183803

Secure computing system record access control

A computing system record security architecture comprises, in one example, a record generation component configured to generate a record in a computing system, the record identifying a set of users associated with the record, and having an owner property that identifies a first user as an owner of the record, a co-owner assignment component configured to receive a co-owner assignment request, from the first user, to assign a second user to the record as a co-owner, and a record security component configured to receive a record modification request, from the second user, that requests a modification to the record, and to propagate the record modification request to the set of users with a unique identifier that identifies the first user.. . ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180183784

Automated production of certification controls by translating framework controls

A compliance application automatically produces certification controls by translating framework controls. The framework controls are common certification controls used in production of the certification. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180183713

Data plane manipulation in a load balancer

A load balancer capable of adjusting how network data is distributed to a tenant or group of tenants by manipulating the data plane. The load balancer is placed directly in the flow path of network data that is destined for a tenant or group of tenants having a tenant address. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180183664

Distributed storage quota enforcement

Embodiments are directed to client-side enforcement of storage quotas in a cloud service or distributed computing environment. A storage driver is configured to monitor access to an external storage system by a cloud process and to enforce storage limits for the external storage system. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180183424

Enhanced resonant circuit amplifier

Techniques for providing an enhanced resonant circuit amplifier are described herein. Using a capacitor to couple the drive to the resonant circuit can be problematic because the current flows the same direction with every energy burst, which causes the coupling capacitor to charge up and stop injecting energy into the resonant circuit. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180182409

Touchscreen tapping noise suppression

Suppression of tapping noise caused by tapping an acoustically coupled touchscreen. When a tapping event is detected on the touchscreen, a tapping noise suppressor is alerted of the event, and responds by at least temporarily mitigating the tapping noise in the audio stream. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

06/28/18 / #20180182359

Reducing power consumption of mobile devices through dynamic resolution scaling

A computing device may dynamically adjust a pixel density based at least in part on a viewing distance between a user and a display of the computing device. In some examples, the viewing distance may be determined using low power acoustic (e.g., ultrasonic) sensing. ... Microsoft Technology Licensing

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