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Nifco Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Nifco Inc. Nifco Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Nifco Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Nifco Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Hook for opening and closing console box

A hook device for opening and closing a console box with a console lid includes a hook body, a hinge shaft formed in the hook body and adapted to engage a lower front of the console lid, a knob protruding from the hook body in one direction at a center front where the hinge shaft is formed at the upper part, and a latch protrusion formed at a lower part of the hook body and protruding in a direction opposite to the one direction in which the latch protrusion is arranged to engage with and release from a latch formed at a front end of an upper surface of the console body. The hinge shaft protrudes to left and right sides at an upper part of the hook body.. ... Nifco Inc

 new patent  Clip and mounting structure of door trim

A clip for mounting a first member on a second member includes a first placement portion adapted to be placed in the first member; a second placement portion adapted to be placed in the second member; and a flange portion provided between the first placement portion and the second placement portion. The second placement portion includes side walls on two sides, each having an elastic engagement piece formed by a notch, and a shielding wall provided between the side walls and shielding a space between the side walls from an upper side. ... Nifco Inc

 new patent  Dual damper device of vehicle air vent

A dual damper device of a vehicle air vent includes a dial support; a dial knob coupled with the dial support so as to rotate in one direction or another direction; a gear bush having an upper end portion coupled to a bottom of the dial knob, and a pinion gear formed at a lower portion; a guide gear having a rack gear part at one side thereof and engaging the pinion gear so as to move forward or backward; and a damper provided to an air channel of a duct housing so as to rotate in one side direction or another side direction. The damper is coupled to the guide gear so that the damper moves according to an amount of a forward or backward movement of the guide gear.. ... Nifco Inc

Lighting device

A lighting device includes a storage member provided with a receiving opening for an object to be stored, and a support bottom portion for supporting the received object to be stored; a light source; and a loop-shaped light guide member including an incident portion for a light from the light source and a light emission surface formed along an edge of the receiving opening. The incident portion is positioned on an outer peripheral portion side of the light guide member, and a shielding wall along the receiving opening is positioned between the outer peripheral portion and the inner peripheral portion. ... Nifco Inc

Connector for vehicular hose connection

A connector, which connects hoses installed inside the engine compartment of a vehicle to carry a washer fluid and formed to be separated in a one-touch manner. The connector comprises: a sleeve and a protruding annular stopper; a housing, in which the sleeve is accommodated, and which has a nipple coupled to a hose at one end of the housing, an enlarged protrusion on an outer circumferential surface adjacent to a through hole, and a flange formed on the opposite side of the nipple; an o-ring installed between the sleeve and housing to maintain airtightness therebetween; and a locker, which is rotatably coupled to the outer circumferential surface, has an elastic piece bending inwards to be positioned within the through hole and having a stopper protrusion for supporting one end of the protruding annular stopper formed on the sleeve, and integrates the sleeve and housing.. ... Nifco Inc

Vehicle cup holder of one-touch opening and closing operation type

A vehicle cup holder includes a body part including a storage part having an irradiation hole formed at one side thereof; a cover mounted at an upper portion of the body part so as to open or close the storage part; and a lamp unit mounted on the body part and fixed by a coupling member. The lamp unit includes a housing fixed to the body part at one side end portion thereof, an led lamp module fitted into the one side portion of the housing, a lens coupled on a front surface of the housing such that light emitted from an led mounted on a substrate of the led lamp module, is irradiated through the irradiation hole of the storage part, and a guide lens provided between the housing and the lens so as to diffuse and irradiate the light generated by the led through the lens.. ... Nifco Inc

Hole plug

A hole plug includes a ceiling part covering an attachment hole formed in an attachment member, a flange part connected to the ceiling part and covering an opening peripheral surface of the attachment hole formed in the attachment member at a predetermined inclined angle against the opening peripheral surface, a cylindrical outer peripheral wall part extending downward from an inner edge part of the flange part, and a connection member connecting the lower part of the outer peripheral wall part to the ceiling part. The outer peripheral wall part includes an upper part extending downward from the inner edge part of the flange part, a lower part formed coaxially with and radially inward to the upper part, and a bent part connecting the upper and lower parts of the outer peripheral wall part and having a thickness less than that of the upper part located above the bent part.. ... Nifco Inc

Device for opening and closing fuel tank inlet cover of vehicle

A device for opening and closing a fuel tank inlet cover for a vehicle can be easily assembled without the influence of a working space. The device includes a cover provided to a cap member having a fuel tank inlet so as to rotate with respect to a hinge, a push-lift provided such that an upper end portion thereof is lifted or lowered with respect to a through hole, which is formed in a coupling rib of the cover so as to be inserted into or withdrawn from the through hole, a lock rod for moving forward or backward to one side or the other side such that the push-lift is locked or unlocked, and an actuator for enabling the lock rod to move forward or backward in one or the other direction.. ... Nifco Inc

Cover for onboard electronic device

An onboard electronic device cover configured to be engageably secured to a base member, which is to be fixed to a window glass of a vehicle, to cover an electronic device which is to be held on an installation part, includes: a mutual engaging mechanism capable of mutually engaging the onboard electronic device cover with the base member. The mutual engaging mechanism includes: an engaging part provided to one of the base member and the cover; an engaged part provided to the other of the base member and the cover and capable of engaging with the engaging part; and an urging member configured to urge the engaging part toward the engaged part. ... Nifco Inc

Assist grip

An assist grip includes a retainer having a secured part secured to an attachment surface, and a pair of shaft-supporting parts; and a grip body that has a pair of recessed parts provided at both ends, a guide groove through which the shaft-supporting parts can slide and which is formed in at least one of two inside surfaces facing each other, and bearing holes provided in both inside surfaces; the grip body being turned about the shaft-supporting parts as a fulcrum to switch between a storage position and a usage position. The guide groove extends from the open edges of the recessed parts toward the inner bottom surface, and at least one bearing hole of both inside surfaces has an elastic locking piece positioned in a bearing hole or in the terminal end of the guide groove, the piece matingly or retainingly locking an end part of a shaft-supporting part.. ... Nifco Inc

Cord lock

A cord lock includes a main body having front and rear walls and two side walls, an elongated hole, and an inclined portion formed in an inner surface of the side walls; and an operating button having front and rear wall side operating portions arranged on the front wall and the rear wall, respectively, a connecting portion integrally connected to the front and rear wall side operating portions through the elongated hole, a biasing device biasing the front and rear side operating portions to the one side opening to cooperate with the inclined portion, and a gear-shaped engagement portion adapted to pinch the band inserted into the tubular shape. The operating button has a pivot portion, wherein a distance between an axial end of the pivot portion and a shaft end supporting the gear-shaped engagement portion is narrower than a thickness of the gear-shaped engagement portion.. ... Nifco Inc


A damper includes a piston provided with a rod, and a cylinder storing the piston, and generates a braking force by a movement or relative movement of the piston. The cylinder is provided with width-side wall portions and thickness-side wall portions, and a shape in a cross section of the cylinder in a direction orthogonal to a moving direction of the piston is flat. ... Nifco Inc

Bent pipe structure

A curved portion at an inner circumferential face on a bend direction inside of a bend has a circular arc shape. By configuring the curved portion with a circular arc shape, a recess, serving as an example of a cross-sectional area enlargement portion that enlarges the cross-sectional area of a flow path of a pipe body running along a direction of an axial line 13, is formed in the inner circumferential face on the bend direction inside of the bend.. ... Nifco Inc

Air vent for a vehicle

The present invention relates to an air vent for a vehicle, the air vent enabling adjusting of an air discharge direction of an air vent, which is for supplying the outside air to the inside of a vehicle, to various angles as well as diffusing the air being discharged.. . ... Nifco Inc

05/03/18 / #20180118123

In-vehicle storage unit

An in-vehicle storage unit that can store an item to be stored in a vehicle, and includes: a storing portion that stores an item to be stored; an opening formed in the storing portion; a lid that is formed on the opening, and can be opened and closed; and a touch sensor panel that is formed in a surface of the lid, and can sense a touch operation by an operator. The touch sensor panel displays an operation icon on the touch sensor panel, in accordance with a sensing signal of the touch operation.. ... Nifco Inc

04/19/18 / #20180105089

Container holder

Provided is a container holder that allows a beverage container to be inserted into a recess thereof with ease. The container holder (10, 90) includes a main body (20) formed with a recess (21) having an open top defined therein for receiving a container, a swing member (40) rotatably supported by the main body so as to be swung into and out of the recess, a roller (50) supported by the swing member so as to be rotated around a prescribed rotational center line (b) by a container engaging the roller as the container is pushed into and pulled out of the recess, and a biasing member (60) urging the swing member into projecting into the recess, wherein the swing member is provided with an inclined surface (47) extending from a part thereof located outward of an outer periphery (53) of the roller, above the roller and outward of the recess to a part thereof located directly above or inward of the rotational center line of the roller.. ... Nifco Inc

03/29/18 / #20180087306

Rotation mechanism

This rotation mechanism is provided with: a first member; a second member which is rotatably coupled to the first member by a pivot; and a torsion coil spring which applies force such that one from among the first member and the second member is rotated relative to the other. Any one of the first member and the second member is provided with a torsion coil spring-accommodating part in which a pair of protrusions facing each other in the axial direction of the pivot is provided. ... Nifco Inc

03/22/18 / #20180079297

Lid device

Provided is a lid device, which is compact and can be installed in an efficient manner. The lid device (20) releasably locks a lid (10) provided with a hinge (12) in a closed position. ... Nifco Inc

03/08/18 / #20180066694


This clip is used for, for example, attaching and constraining one member to the other member in a detachable manner, and is provided with a head disposed so as to block off a through hole of one of the members among through holes formed through the two members, and a leg which is inserted in the through hole, and which engages the back side of the other member. The clip is at least provided with a first member having a head, a suction part protruding from the circumference of the head, and an insertion hole in the axial direction, and a second member having a head overlaid so as to have a watertight structure with the head of the first member, and the leg formed perpendicularly with respect to the head, and inserted in the insertion hole.. ... Nifco Inc

03/01/18 / #20180058493

Clip and clip attaching structure

A clip for attaching an attaching member to an attached member through a male connector of the attached member, includes a main body portion; a locking portion for engaging the male connector; a claw portion having elasticity to deform when inserted into a hole of the attaching member, and to return to an original form after passing through the hole; a first flange portion extending radially outwardly from an outer circumferential surface of the main body portion; a second flange portion extending radially outwardly from the outer circumferential surface of the main body portion between the first flange portion and the claw portion, for sandwiching the attaching member between the first and second flange portions; and a tool hooking portion on the another side of the main body portion, for receiving a tool to rotate in respect to the male connector.. . ... Nifco Inc

02/15/18 / #20180043766

Valve device

A valve device forming a ventilation flow channel of a fuel tank includes a float valve; an inside case including a valve opening relative to the float valve at an upper portion, and housing the float valve; an outside case receiving the inside case from an upper open end, and provided with a bottom portion; and an attachment portion relative to a tank side. A flow channel which becomes one portion of the ventilation flow channel is formed between a side portion of the inside case and a side portion of the outside case, and a through hole is provided in the side portion of the inside case. ... Nifco Inc

01/25/18 / #20180023653

Damper and method for manufacturing damper

A damper is formed by a housing member wherein an outer cylinder portion and an inner cylinder portion that are cylindrically formed are concentrically disposed, and respective lower ends are connected to each other at a bottom portion, and at an upper end of the outer cylinder portion, an open end portion is formed, and a groove portion is formed on an inner periphery; and a lid member provided with a rotor inserted from the open end portion, and housed in the housing member, and formed with a projection portion engaging the groove portion. A thin wall portion which is thinner than the outer cylinder portion is formed in a vicinity of a groove portion side in the outer cylinder portion.. ... Nifco Inc

01/11/18 / #20180009387

Multi-link knob type armrest and armrest console and vehicle using the same

An armrest may include an armrest module, a sliding knob to be rotated by a manipulating force provided thereon, a hook knob facilitating rotation of the sliding knob to be converted into rotation for releasing console locking force for binding the armrest module, and a multi-link at which sloping angle rotation is generated by the rotation of the sliding knob and then converted into rotation for releasing slide locking force for binding sliding movement of the armrest module.. . ... Nifco Inc

01/04/18 / #20180003264

Cord lock

A cord lock includes a first member having a first passage and a second passage for a cord; a second member combined with the first member to be capable of moving to rise and fall as a support point on the second passage side, and including a third passage positioned between the first passage and the second passage on a free end side of the rising and falling movement, and passing the cord; and an urging device urging the second member in a standing direction. The support point is formed by an engaging portion formed in one of the first member and the second member, and an engaged portion formed in the other, and engaged with the engaging portion, and the cord pulled out of the second passage is positioned on a free end side of the second member more than the support point.. ... Nifco Inc

12/28/17 / #20170370404

Pivotally supporting structure and cup holder comprising pivotally supporting structure

A turning member includes a pair of projecting shafts projecting coaxially in a shaft wall member formed in both right and left end portions of a shaft member. The turning member further includes a projecting portion projecting on a tip face of the projecting shaft, wherein a diameter is reduced relative to the projecting shaft. ... Nifco Inc

12/21/17 / #20170362863

Push lifter

A push lifter includes a body portion; a rod slidably disposed inside the body portion; an urging portion to urge the rod in a direction away from the body portion; and a rotator disposed rotatably about an axial of the rod at the one end of the body portion to lock or unlock the rod. The rod includes a first rib portion, and a second rib portion distanced from the first rib portion in an axial direction of the rod, to rotate the rotator. ... Nifco Inc

12/07/17 / #20170350433

Fastening device for preventing separation of injection molding parts

The present invention relates to a fastening device for preventing the separation of injection molding parts, in which two parts formed of plastics by injection molding can be coupled to or decoupled from each other without using any additional coupling members through the improvement of the coupling structure thereof. To this end, in a fastening device for preventing the separation of injection molding parts, in which a first part (11) is formed with an elastic piece (12) having a coupling hole (13) to hold a hook (17) formed on a second part (14), the second part (14) has a coupling member (16) integrally formed at one side of the second part (14) and having a space part (15), equal to or larger than the thickness of the elastic piece (12) twice or more, and the hook (17) formed on the inside of the coupling member (16) so as to be held in the coupling hole (13) of the elastic piece (12), and the elastic piece (12) formed with the coupling hole (13) has a handle part (12a) to be exposed to the upper portion of the coupling member (16) so as to be positioned in the space part (15) of the coupling member (16) when the first part (11) and the second part (14) are coupled to each other.. ... Nifco Inc

11/30/17 / #20170343073

Damper and method for manufacturing damper

A damper includes a housing in which an opening is formed, a cap closing the opening of the housing, a movable member movably housed between the housing and the cap, and a gel-like attenuating medium filled in a movable area of the movable member inside the housing. The housing and the cap are physical objects, the attenuating medium is filled between the physical objects and the movable member, and the housing and the cap are formed by the same principal material.. ... Nifco Inc

11/30/17 / #20170341488

Air vent for vehicle

The present invention relates to an air vent for a vehicle, provided with a damper for opening or closing the air path of a duct housing with improved operation quality and convenience. The air vent for a vehicle comprises: a duct housing (20) having an air path inside, a vane member for adjusting air discharge direction, a damper (21) for opening or closing the air path and a cover fixing boss (22) formed in an outside surface; a dial knob (30) rotationally coupled to the duct housing (20) and having a knob coupling hole (31); a damper rotation member (40) coupled to a damper (21) rotation shaft and having a pinion gear (41); a knob connector (50) having protruded coupling members (51), of which one is fitted into the knob coupling hole (31); a damper connector (60) link-connected to the knob connector (50), provided with a rack gear (61) to be engaged with the pinion gear (41), and having a guide hole (62) placed by the cover fixing boss (22) of the duct housing (20); and a guide cover (70) having an insertion part (71) fitted with the cover fixing boss (22), and a finishing part (72) coupled to the cover fixing boss (22) by a coupling member (73).. ... Nifco Inc

10/26/17 / #20170303681

Luminaire and drawer device

A luminaire is provided with a light source, and a light guide which is positioned in front of the light source. The light guide includes a first surface portion formed on the light source side, and a second surface portion formed on a side opposite the first surface portion. ... Nifco Inc

09/21/17 / #20170267196

Vehicle clip and exterior component fastening structure

A vehicle clip includes: a clip body including an attachment section that has a pair of retention members for gripping a first exterior, and an insertion hole; and a pin member including an insertion portion that is anchored to the clip body in an inserted state of the insertion portion into the insertion hole and a through hole formed in a second exterior component, a head portion that is formed with a larger diameter than the insertion hole and that retains the second exterior component between the head portion and the clip body, and a pressing portion that extends out from the head portion toward the attachment section side, and that, through one of the retention members, presses the first exterior component toward the side of the other retention member in a state in which the insertion portion is anchored to the clip body.. . ... Nifco Inc

09/14/17 / #20170261059

Damper and method for manufacturing damper

A damper (10) includes a housing (11) and a rotor (16) combined with the housing (11) so as to be capable of rotating relative to the housing (11). The damper (10) includes an attenuating medium (90) filled in a rotation area inside the housing (11) wherein the rotor (16) rotates, and added with viscoelasticity by a viscoelasticity treatment; and an enclosure portion (80) provided outside the rotation area of the rotor (16), and communicating with the rotation area.. ... Nifco Inc

09/07/17 / #20170254465

Fluid pipe device

A fluid pipe device is provided, which includes a pipe member forming a flow channel for flowing a fluid; a heating member for generating heat to heat the pipe member; a metal heat transfer member abutting against the heating member and conducting the heat to the pipe member; and a terminal member electrically connecting the heating member and the heat transfer member. The heat transfer member includes a first heat transfer member and a second heat transfer member, and at least one of the first heat transfer member and the second heat transfer member forms the terminal member at one portion, and the first heat transfer member is provided in the pipe member in such a way as not to be exposed inside the flow channel of the pipe member.. ... Nifco Inc

09/07/17 / #20170254427

Fuel tank check valve

A fuel tank check valve, which can prevent one portion of a coil portion of a torsion coil spring from being stuck on a stepped portion of a pivot includes a cylindrical member defining a flow channel for a fuel fluid; a flap axially supported on the cylindrical member through a pivot; and a torsion coil spring urging the flap in a closing direction. The pivot includes a large diameter portion around which a coil portion of the torsion coil spring is wound; and a first small diameter portion and a second small diameter portion coaxial with each other, and projecting into a shaft hole provided in either one of the cylindrical member or the flap. ... Nifco Inc

08/31/17 / #20170248260

Hose connector and automotive component part incorporated with hose connector

Provided is a hose connector that is protected from inadvertent disconnection, and permits any problem with the hose connection to be readily detected. The hose connector (10) includes a connector main body (12), and a lock member (14) fitted on the connector main body. ... Nifco Inc

08/10/17 / #20170227153

Lock mechanism of tubular body

A lock mechanism of a tubular body includes a housing to which a tubular body is mounted, a lock member locking and unlocking the housing and the tubular body, and a ring member rotatably attached on an outer periphery of the housing and moving the lock member between a lock position and an unlock position. When a locking portion of the lock member is locked to a locked portion of the housing, the lock member is retained in the unlock position. ... Nifco Inc

08/03/17 / #20170218804

Oil separator

Provided is an oil separator having a high efficiency in removing oil particles of relatively large sizes. A blow-by gas passage of the oil separator (2) includes an upstream passage (18) and a downstream passage (20) extending at an angle to the upstream passage. ... Nifco Inc

07/13/17 / #20170198612

Valve opening/closing timing control apparatus

There are provided a cylindrical portion in which a passage for feeding/discharging working fluid to/from a fluid pressure chamber is formed and which is disposed inside a driven-side rotary body, a bolt member that connects the driven-side rotary body to a cam shaft, a valve body body for regulating a flow direction of the working fluid relative to the fluid pressure chamber and a valve accommodating body that accommodates the valve body, the valve body and the valve accommodating body being disposed inside the cylindrical portion, and an urging portion provided on at least one of an upstream side and a downstream side of the valve accommodating body and configured to generate a repulsive force between, an other object that regulates a position of the valve accommodating body and the valve accommodating body.. . ... Nifco Inc

06/29/17 / #20170184240

Connecting arrangement for connecting tube member to article

Provided is a connecting arrangement (2) for connecting a tube member to an article (8) that prevents the connector from being re-used once it has been disconnected so that the user may be prevented from disconnecting and reconnecting the tube member once again. A lock member (12) for engaging an engagement portion (72, 94) of the tube member (6, 86) is positioned inside the inner circumferential surface of the connector main body (10) so as not to be accessible from outside. ... Nifco Inc

06/22/17 / #20170175912

Valve device

A valve device includes a float body and a valve body provided in an upper portion of the float body to obliquely move. The valve body includes a seal portion that closes a valve opening formed in a case when the float rises, an engaging portion serving as a linkage portion with respect to the float body, and an abutting portion that abuts on a vicinity of the valve opening when inclining obliquely. ... Nifco Inc

05/18/17 / #20170138499

Valve device

A valve device includes a float constituting a lower valve body and a case accommodating the float, and constitutes a part of an airflow passage of a fuel tank. The valve device includes a top portion of the case formed with a first penetration hole, a cylindrical seal body with a part that is fit in the first penetration hole and is sandwiched between the top portion and a sandwich member having a second penetration hole and combined with the top portion from above the top portion, an inside of the seal body communicating with the second penetration hole of the sandwich member, and an upper valve body above the sandwich member and configured to open and close the second penetration hole.. ... Nifco Inc

05/18/17 / #20170138316

Valve device

A valve device forming a portion of a ventilation flow channel of a fuel tank includes a float valve, a case housing the float valve, and an outside member housing the case and including an attachment portion to a fuel tank side. One portion of a cylindrical seal member fitted in a first through hole o communicate an inner portion to a second through hole is pinched between a top portion of the case wherein the first through hole is formed, and a top portion of the outside member wherein the second through hole communicating to an outside of the tank is formed, and a lower end of the cylindrical seal member becomes a valve seat of the float valve.. ... Nifco Inc

05/11/17 / #20170130816

Baffle plate for differential device

A baffle plate for a differential device disposed inside a differential case, includes a baffle plate main member made of synthetic resin and adapted to be disposed on one lateral side of a ring gear in the differential device; and an elastically deformable seal member attached to an outer peripheral edge portion of the baffle plate main member and adapted to contact a bottom wall portion of the differential case.. . ... Nifco Inc

05/04/17 / #20170120875

Washer nozzle for vehicle

A washer nozzle for a vehicle is provided. The washer nozzle includes a multi-step locking portion having a plurality of projections formed on the top of the housing and a fixing groove where a lower interior-side end of a mounting aperture formed at a vehicle body is inserted is formed on the bottom of the housing. ... Nifco Inc

05/04/17 / #20170120809

Illumination device

An illumination device includes a housing portion having an opening for inserting an object to be housed, and a bottom face capable of supporting the object to be housed; a light source; and a light-guide plate having a light-emitting face and guiding a light of the light source to emit light from the light-emitting face. The light-guide plate is disposed between the opening of the housing portion and the bottom face, and at least one portion of the light-emitting face of the light-guide plate is arranged to form an acute angle with respect to the bottom face so as to directly irradiate the bottom face from a diagonal direction.. ... Nifco Inc

03/16/17 / #20170074444

Tubular-member lock mechanism

. . A tubular-member lock mechanism includes a cylindrical housing to which a tubular member having an engagement portion at one end is mounted, and a lock member for engaging or releasing the housing and the tubular member. The housing includes a lock-member guide wall turnably guiding the lock member, at least two sliding surfaces with different inclinations wherein a tip portion of the lock member slides by turning the lock member, and a slit through which one portion of the lock member passes to engage the engagement portion of the tubular member mounted to the housing. ... Nifco Inc

03/02/17 / #20170057387

Apparatus for opening and closing sliding armrest console

. . An apparatus for opening and closing an armrest is provided. After an armrest is slid to a position, the position of the armrest is selectively locked or unlocked using an armrest locking unit to thus prevent the weight of the armrest or vibrations of a vehicle from accidentally changing the position of the armrest against the intention of the user. ... Nifco Inc

03/02/17 / #20170057334

Sound insulation member and vehicular door structure

A sound insulation member has a fitting portion and a sealing portion. The fitting portion is attached to at least one of a door front-side end portion and a door rear-side end portion of an inner weather strip that is disposed at an upper portion of a door inner panel, and is fitted into the inner weather strip. ... Nifco Inc

03/02/17 / #20170057326

Air vent knob for a vehicle

The present invention relates to an air vent knob for a vehicle, and more particularly to enhance the operation feeling and the quality by reducing impact sound depending on the movement of a knob adjusting the wind direction of an air vent. The present invention includes an air vent wing (10) provided on the front surface of an air vent and guiding the direction of wind being discharged, where the air vent wing (10) is coupled to an assembly hole (21) of a knob (20), wherein a front stopper (11) is formed on the front surface and a knob fitting groove (12) is formed on the rear surface of the air vent wing (10) coupled to the knob (20); an assembly groove (22) is formed at the front portion inside the assembly hole (21) of the knob (20), thereby a rubber (30) is assembled thereinto; a front slide groove (31) is formed on the rubber (30) wherein the front stopper (11) of the air vent wing (10) is fitted and moved in the front slide groove (31); and a rear stopper (23) is formed on both ends of the rear portion of the knob (20), where the rear stopper (23) contacts the inner surface of both sides of the knob fitting groove (12) of the air vent wing (10). ... Nifco Inc

02/16/17 / #20170043660

Lid device

In a lid device opening and closing a fuel lid of a vehicle by a push-push mechanism, a common push lifter can be applied in both cases with and without a mechanism for locking the fuel lid at a closed position. The lid device (20) indirectly locks the fuel lid (10) at the closed position by controlling a displacement of a push rod (22) protruding and retracting from a push lifter unit (24). ... Nifco Inc

02/09/17 / #20170036535

Fuel filling aperture opening and closing device

A fuel filling aperture opening and closing device includes a closing member turned to an open position to open a fuel filling aperture by an introduction of a fuel filling nozzle. The closing member is provided with a flap member having a ring-shaped seal member, and an urging device urging the flap member to be positioned at a closed position. ... Nifco Inc

02/09/17 / #20170036520

Winding device

The present invention discloses a winding device that includes a screen, a shaft portion to which one end of the screen is fastened, a rotary shaft member that fits to an end portion of the shaft portion so that the rotary shaft member is rotated around a rotation axis along an axial direction of the shaft portion, and a biasing portion that biases the rotary shaft member in a rotation direction for winding the screen. A relative rotation restriction structure and a movement restriction structure are formed on a fitting portion between the shaft portion and the rotary shaft member. ... Nifco Inc

02/02/17 / #20170028939

Clip and connecting structure using clip

Provided is a clip (2, 52) which does not require a through hole to be formed in one of the two component parts that are to be connected, and is provided with a small thickness so that the spacing between the two component parts may be minimized. The clip (2, 52), comprises a first part (8, 54) including a plate-shaped first base (12, 58) and a first engagement piece (14, 60) projecting from a surface of the first base, a free end part of the first engagement piece being formed with an engagement projection (26, 72); and a second part (10, 56) including a plate-shaped second base (34, 74) and a second engagement piece (36, 76) projecting from a surface of the second base, a free end part of the second engagement piece being formed with an overhang portion (42, 80) configured to cooperate with the engagement projection; wherein a receiving hole (22, 66) is formed at least in one of the first base and the second base, and is configured to receive at least a part of the engagement piece projecting from the other of the first base and the second base.. ... Nifco Inc

02/02/17 / #20170028841

Fuel filling aperture opening and closing device

Disclosed is an opening and closing device including a closing member which is turned to an opening position by inserting a fuel-filling nozzle to open a fuel-filling aperture. The closing member includes a pair of flap bodies and a biasing device which positions each of the flap bodies in a closing position by a biasing force. ... Nifco Inc

01/19/17 / #20170015192

Flap valve device and gas liquid separation device provided with flap valve device

Provided is a flap valve device and a gas liquid separation device provided with a flap valve wherein the flap valve device is highly compact, and is easy to assemble. In a normally open flap valve device (2) comprising a main body (5) having an opening (4), a flap (6) for selectively closing the opening and a torsion coil spring (7) provided between the main body and the flap for biasing the flap in an opening direction, the flap valve device further comprises a main body side bearing (21) provided on the main body; a flap side bearing (25) provided on the flap; a connecting member (27) including a hinge shaft (27a) passed through the main body side bearing, the flap side bearing and a coil portion (7a) of the torsion coil spring so as to serve as a pivot shaft for the flap, and an extension (27b) extending from an end of the hinge shaft along an outer part (6b) of the flap; and a spring engagement portion (43) provided on the main body for engaging an end of the torsion coil spring; another end of the torsion coil spring being engaged by the extension, the extension being engaged on the outer part of the flap.. ... Nifco Inc

01/12/17 / #20170009838

Damper device

A damper device includes a stator, a rotor, and a viscous fluid imparting a resistance to a rotation or a relative rotation of the rotor, and forms a braking force by the resistance. In the rotor, an annular seal portion made of soft synthetic resin is provided by integral molding. ... Nifco Inc

01/05/17 / #20170002886


A damper includes a piston provided with a rod, and a housing storing the piston, and generates a braking force by an operation of the piston. The piston is provided with a seal member relative to an inner wall of the housing; and a slider provided slidably relative to the piston, and contacting the inner wall of the housing with a predetermined frictional force. ... Nifco Inc

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