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Recent patent applications related to Oberthur Technologies. Oberthur Technologies is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Oberthur Technologies may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Oberthur Technologies, we're just tracking patents.

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Method implemented in an identity document and associated identity document

Disclosed is a method implemented in an identity document including a microcircuit and a unit enabling the microcircuit to communicate with a terminal, the microcircuit being designed to permit the transmission of data obtained (directly or indirectly) from data memorized in a storage zone in response to a request received from the terminal, furthermore including the following steps: reception by the microcircuit of an identifier of the terminal; at least partial comparison of the identifier of the terminal and of at least one portion of an identifier stored in the microcircuit; and performance of a set action depending on the result of the comparison. An identity document in which such a method is implemented is also described.. ... Oberthur Technologies

Procedes mis en oeuvre par un dispositif et dans un reseau, entite electronique associee

In a network including an application server, a network server, and a device having a memory storing an application cryptographic key, a method includes: testing the memory for the absence or presence of a cryptographic key associated with the network; if the key is absent, the device sending a request to join the network, the application server producing derivation data, the application server encrypting the derivation data by the application cryptographic key, and the device receiving the encrypted derivation data; and in the event of the key being present, the device sending a request to join the network, the network server producing derivation data, the network server encrypting the derivation data by a network cryptographic key equal to or derived from the cryptographic key associated with the network, and the device receiving the encrypted derivation data. A method performed in the device, and an associated electronic entity are also described.. ... Oberthur Technologies

Method of managing profiles in a secure element

Method of managing profiles in a secure element, the secure element including a first profile associated with a first communication network and a second profile associated with a second communication network, the first profile being active. The method includes steps of deactivation of the first profile and activation of the second profile. ... Oberthur Technologies

Electronic unit and method carried out in such an electronic unit

An electronic unit includes a communication interface, a processor, a secure element, and a sub-system. The processor is connected to the communication interface by a first bus, to the secure element by a second bus and to the sub-system. ... Oberthur Technologies

Method and system for authentication

An authentication method is performed between a first party and a second party. The method includes: i) determining a challenge; ii) sending the challenge to the second party; receiving a response from the second party including a second cryptogram; computing a first cryptogram using the challenge and the key of the first party; determining if the first cryptogram matches the second cryptogram received from the second party. ... Oberthur Technologies

Electronic document such as a chip card with reduced metallization

The fabrication of an electronic document includes the following steps: —obtaining of a flat body in which is made a cavity of globally rectangular shape including a deep portion surrounded by a countersink and which contains an electronic component having connection terminals situated on this countersink while having the shape of meanders 5a, 5b, —obtaining of a module including a support furnished on a so-called external face with a plurality of external contact zones and on a so-called internal face with a printed circuit including connection pads 4a, 4b of hefty form while being connected to certain at least of the external contact zones, the support being furthermore furnished, on this internal face, with a microcircuit connected to this printed circuit, this module being encased in the cavity by an anisotropic conducting adhesive whose overlap coefficient lies between 5 and 8%.. . ... Oberthur Technologies

Method for the security of an electronic operation with a chip card

A method for assisting in improving the security of an electronic operation carried out via a chip card. The method comprises comparing a cryptographic nonce received last by the chip card with at least one reference cryptographic nonce stored on the chip card, in order to quantify their degree of similarity by a last similarity data. ... Oberthur Technologies

Method for verifying a security device comprising a signature

A method for verifying a security device including an image having a signature. The method may include operations for acquiring the image in order to obtain a first representation of the image, extracting the signature, and verifying the signature. ... Oberthur Technologies

Dual module for dual chip card

A dual module for a dual chip card includes a supporting film supporting on an outer surface, a plurality of connecting pads including two series of connecting pads extending in a given direction and, on an inner surface, two inner connection areas for connection to an antenna of the dual card and a chip, the chip including contact terminals connected by wires to the inner connection areas or electric connecting pads by holes passing through the supporting film while being coated, together with the wires, by coating resin. The electric connecting pads of the outer surface include only three pads. ... Oberthur Technologies

Method of controlling an electronic device and corresponding electronic device

Method of controlling an electronic device and corresponding electronic device. The method may be performed by an electronic device (20) and includes steps such as receiving an instruction command (cmd) that includes identifiers (id) of instructions (is) that are prerecorded in a memory (30) of the electronic device; using the identifiers to form a code (rc) defining a set of instructions, where the set of instructions combines prerecorded instructions (is) to execute a security check; and storing the code (rc) in a memory (28) of the electronic device in order to configure the electronic device (20) to execute the security check.. ... Oberthur Technologies

Security document including a laserizable layer and a pattern for illuminatiing in order to color a grayscale image, and corresponding fabrication and reading methods

A security document may include a laserizable first layer including a grayscale image formed by laserizing; a color pattern that is in alignment with the grayscale image; and a second layer arranged between the first layer and the pattern, such that the first layer is above the second layer, and the pattern is below the second layer. The second layer may be more opaque than the first layer, such that when observing the security document from the top, the grayscale image appears to be colored by the color pattern only when the bottom of the security document is being illuminated.. ... Oberthur Technologies

Method for sending security information

A method and apparatus for sending security information are disclosed. The method is performed by a terminal that performs operations, which may include: during a current transaction, receiving first transaction data coming from an electronic device with which the terminal is co-operating; detecting an event encountered by the terminal during the current transaction; generating a transaction message including an indicator indicating that the first data is included in a field of the message; inserting security information in the field of the transaction message as a replacement for the first transaction data, the security information being representative of the event; and sending the transaction message including the security information to a remote server.. ... Oberthur Technologies

Client-server communication

A server includes a first server configured to receive requests and a plurality of second servers configured to service requests. A method of client-server communication includes receiving, at the first server, a request from the client and allocating the request to one of the second servers. ... Oberthur Technologies

Secure electronic entity, electronic apparatus and method for verifying the integrity of data stored in such a secure electronic entity

Disclosed is a secure electronic entity including a memory unit storing data in the form of multiplets and a processing module designed to receive data from an electronic device. The processing module is designed to determine a proof-of-integrity element in accordance with the data received and at least one portion of the stored multiplets, and to transmit the proof-of-integrity element to the electronic device. ... Oberthur Technologies

12/07/17 / #20170351849

Method for authenticating a user and a secure module, associated electronic apparatus and system

Disclosed is a method for authenticating a user by using an electronic apparatus including an authentication module and a secure module, which includes the following steps: the authentication module transmits a recognition result to the secure module according to a process that allows the authentication module to be authenticated by the secure module; the secure module generates an authentication token by signing, with a private key stored in the secure module, data including data representing at least one feature of the authentication module; and transmitting the generated authentication token. Also disclosed is an associated secure module, electronic apparatus and system.. ... Oberthur Technologies

11/09/17 / #20170325084

Euicc card storing short numbers by subscriber profile to notify a subscription management server

The disclosure relates to the notification of an sm-sr subscription management server by an euicc card or an ese element. The card includes, in local memory, at least one short number (or “short code”), and more generally an address identifier, unique to a mobile-phone operator, wherein the number is associated with an operator subscriber profile within the secure card. ... Oberthur Technologies

09/14/17 / #20170265059

Method for administering life cycles of communication profiles

A method for administering life cycles of communication profiles that are managed by a subscriber identity module (100) embedded in a telecommunications terminal (110) may be performed by the module (100), which is suitable for using at least one process for administering the life cycles of communication profiles. The process uses a set of at least one command and/or of at least one rule. ... Oberthur Technologies

08/31/17 / #20170249544

Electronic entity having an rfid transponder

Disclosed is an electronic entity having a transponder which includes a body provided with a recess and, inside the recess, a transponder including a mounting supporting an antenna formed by at least one turn running along the contour of the module and a microcircuit, the antenna and microcircuit being connected to one another, plates of conductive material being formed on each of the surfaces facing one another, covering 60-90% of the surface defined by the one or more turns of the antenna, forming a capacitor connected in parallel on the antenna, and the body including an annular metal area, the inner contour of which projects into the plane of the mounting surrounds the mounting and is suitable for concentrating the field lines toward the inside of the turn, the capacitor defining, with the antenna and the microcircuit, a given resonance frequency substantially equal to the frequency of an external reader.. . ... Oberthur Technologies

08/10/17 / #20170230807

Method for consulting the status of a resource of an electronic device, associated electronic entity and electronic device provided with such an electronic entity

Disclosed is a method for consulting, by an electronic entity (ee), the status of a resource (s, k) of an electronic device provided with a contactless module (clf) and the electronic entity (ee), including the following steps: transmission, by the electronic entity (ee), of a resource (s, k) status request;—reception of a piece of resource (s, k) status information in response to the request;—storing of the resource (s; k) status information (inf);—execution of at least a part of an application (appl) by a processor of the electronic entity (ee);—calling, as a result of the execution of the application (appl), of a programming interface (api), resulting in the reading of the piece of stored resource (s, k) status information. An associated electronic entity and electronic device provided with such an electronic entity are also proposed.. ... Oberthur Technologies

08/03/17 / #20170220919

Electronic document having angled antenna ends, antenna holder for such an electronic document and method for manufacturing such a document

Disclosed is an electronic document, such as an integrated circuit card, that includes a body having a cavity that opens into one of the faces of the body and is defined by walls. The body also includes: an antenna having at least one turn extending between two ends that terminate in a wall of the cavity, a module including a microprocessor and at least two connection terminals dedicated to the antenna and electronically connected by electrical connections firstly to the microprocessor and secondly to the ends of the antenna. ... Oberthur Technologies

07/27/17 / #20170215063

Embedded subscriber identity module capable of managing communication profiles

Devices, systems, and methods related to an embedded subscriber identity module (euicc) suitable for co-operating with a communication device (t) are described. The module may include a communication profile (p1) configured to enable the embedded subscriber identity module to communicate with a telecommunications network (r) when the profile (p1) is active; a reception module (psm) for receiving, from a remote server (sm-sr) of the mobile telephone network (r), a communication profile management request; and a profile manager module (mgp). ... Oberthur Technologies

06/29/17 / #20170188230

Method and a server for managing profiles

A method that may be performed by a profile management server for managing the profiles of a secure entity, such as an embedded universal integrated circuit card. The method may include sending a message to the secure entity in order to modify the active profile of the entity; initializing and starting a timer; and in the event that the server does not receive a message indicating which profile is active in the secure entity before the expiry of a predetermined duration after the starting of the timer, then starting an audit procedure for determining which profile is actually active in the secure entity.. ... Oberthur Technologies

06/08/17 / #20170162080

Masking and unmasking methods and devices

Devices and methods for masking and unmasking sensitive data, based on a standard cryptographic algorithm defining a ciphering algorithm, and a deciphering algorithm using more resources than the ciphering algorithm are described. The masking of sensitive data is done by applying the deciphering algorithm to the sensitive data to obtain masked sensitive data. ... Oberthur Technologies

06/01/17 / #20170155189

Antenna carrier intended for being built into an electronic document

Disclosed is an antenna support for incorporating in an electronic document. The support can include a first substrate made of a plastics material that is defined by first and second opposite faces, which define between them a thickness of the substrate. ... Oberthur Technologies

06/01/17 / #20170154335

Bank card and response process to a transaction request

The invention relates to a bank card (100) comprising a presentation surface of a pictogram (120) coding at least one item of information for executing a transaction.. . ... Oberthur Technologies

04/27/17 / #20170116101

Method performed by an electronic device capable of communicating with a reader with improved self-testing

Disclosed are methods and electronic devices that communicate with a reader. The methods and devices may receive a command emitted by the reader, and then select an application to be executed by the device based on the command that is received. ... Oberthur Technologies

04/20/17 / #20170109546

Securing of the loading of data into a nonvolatile memory of a secure element

The securing of data loading originating from an external device into a code memory area defined by an initial program of the secure element and any modification of which is controlled solely by the latter. When the external device obtains data to be transmitted to the secure element, the latter simulates an image of the code memory area as it would be modified by the loading of these data. ... Oberthur Technologies

03/23/17 / #20170085423

Profile modification method, and associated device and microcircuit

A method for modifying the profile in a device (d) including a communication module for communicating on a communication network, the device (d) being provided with a microcircuit storing connection data used by the communication module and associated with a profile, the method including the following steps: reception, by the microcircuit and via the communication module, of a request to deactivate (e6) the profile; transmission, by the microcircuit, of a first message (e10) to the device; transmission, by the device and to the microcircuit, of a response (e14) indicative of the existence of a critical situation; following the receipt of the response (e14) by the microcircuit, implementation of a time delay mechanism (e18); upon expiry of the time delay (e18), transmission, by the microcircuit and to the device, of a second message (e22) resulting in the deactivation of the profile. An associated device and microcircuit are also described.. ... Oberthur Technologies

03/16/17 / #20170078089

Message generation for a cryptographic key generation test

Generation of a message m of order λ(n) for a test of the integrity of the generation of a pair of cryptographic keys within the multiplicative group of integers modulo n=p·q, including: —key pair generation including, to generate p and q: a random selection of candidate integers; and a primality test; —a first search of the multiplicative group of integers modulo p for a generator a; —a second search of the multiplicative group of integers modulo q for a generator b; —a third search for a number y, as message m, verifying: 1≦γ≦n−1, where γ=a mod p and γ=b mod q, the first or second search being performed during the primality test.. . ... Oberthur Technologies

02/02/17 / #20170034699

Method of managing a profile stored in a secure element, and corresponding secure element

Devices and methods for managing a mobile communications profile stored in a nonvolatile memory of a secure element and performed by the secure element are disclosed. The devices and methods may include operations such as reading the state of a flag stored in the nonvolatile memory of the secure element and indicating whether the profile may be deleted; determining the active or inactive state of the profile; and if the flag indicates that the profile may be deleted and if it is determined that the profile is inactive, then deleting the profile.. ... Oberthur Technologies

02/02/17 / #20170032230

Method and device for personalizing at least two cards, and card obtained via said method

A method of personalization for at least two cards (10), each card including a first side, a second side, and a peripheral surface, includes the following steps: forming a pile (20) of at least two cards by stacking the first side or the second side of an article (n) such that the first surface or the second surface of the following card (n+1) is in contact with the first side or the second side of the card (n); aligning, via an alignment device (32, 34) at least one element of the peripheral surface of the card (n) with at least one element of the peripheral surface of the following card (n+1) such that at least one element of the set of peripheral surfaces of each card forms at least one uniform surface; applying, via an application device, at least one product on at least one element of the uniform surface.. . ... Oberthur Technologies

01/05/17 / #20170006463

Methods for updating a cache memory of a telecommunications terminal

The invention relates to methods and devices for updating a cache memory in a telecommunications terminal suitable for co-operating with a subscriber identity module. Some implementations of the subscriber identity module may perform operations that include detecting a modification of an elementary file and generating update data associated with the modified elementary file. ... Oberthur Technologies

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