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Ofs Fitel Llc patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Ofs Fitel Llc. Ofs Fitel Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ofs Fitel Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ofs Fitel Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/24/15 / #20150372442

Architecture for high power fiber laser

A tapered fiber bundle (tfb) with a brightness reduction (r) that is between 0 and approximately 0.65 (or 65%), where r=(1−(di/da)2), di is an ideal output diameter, and da is an actual output diameter. The tfb is optically coupled to a gain fiber with a mode field diameter (mfd) that is between approximately 13 micrometers and approximately 25 micrometers.. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

12/17/15 / #20150364897

Discrete raman amplifier

A discrete raman amplifier comprises a raman gain fiber, an input port into the raman gain fiber for receiving optical signals to be raman amplified, and an output port out of the raman gain fiber for emitting raman-amplified optical signals. A pump light input provides pump light to the raman gain fiber at a plurality of wavelengths so as to provide raman amplification over the selected signal wavelength range. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

12/17/15 / #20150362670

Bend compensation in telecommunications optical fibers

Optical fiber profiles are shown in which the optical fiber has a large mode area, but is nevertheless sufficiently bend-insensitivity to comply with technical specifications for telecommunication optical fibers. The optical fibers meet two bend-loss conditions. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

12/03/15 / #20150344348

Method and apparatus for clamping a spinning preform and reducing the vibration of twisted optical fiber from a spinning preform

An apparatus for manufacturing an optical fiber is provided. The apparatus includes a spindle having a bore for receiving a preform of the optical fiber along a longitudinal axis defined by the spindle. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

11/26/15 / #20150340830

Mode converter for high power, higher-order mode optical fiber amplifiers

A mode converter for use with a higher-order mode (hom)-based fiber amplifiers takes the form of axicon-based configuration that is able to convert high power (tens of mw and higher) optical signals propagating in higher-order mode form into a diffraction-limited beam without experiencing the nonlinear effects (such as self-phase modulation) that are found when using a long-period grating (lpg) to create a diffraction-limited beam by performing mode conversion. The axicon may comprise a bulk optic device, a fiber-based device, or a grin-based configuration (where the refractive index profile of the grin element is formed to create a diffraction-limited signal).. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

11/26/15 / #20150338286

Grating-based sensor

An optical fiber-based sensor is described that is suitable for operation in a gas-rich environment. The sensor comprises a chamber into which are mounted one or more segments of optical fiber, into which are inscribed a plurality of sensor gratings. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

11/05/15 / #20150316716

Optical fiber with distributed bend compensated filtering

An optical fiber includes a core region having a longitudinal axis. At least a portion of the core region has a substantially helical shape about a helical axis. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

10/22/15 / #20150301291

Structures and techniques for aligning a multicore fiber in a ferrule or production jig

An alignment block for aligning a multicore fiber has a body with a front face and a rear face, and includes a capillary extending between a front opening at the first face and a rear opening at the rear face. The capillary has an inner circumference that includes an alignment surface corresponding to the multicore fiber alignment surface. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

10/01/15 / #20150277049

Optical delay line formed as surface nanoscale axial photonic device

A surface nanoscale axial photonic (snap) device in the form of an optical bottle resonator is configured to exhibit a semi-parabolic profile (in terms of a change in radius along the longitudinal direction of the fiber). It has been found that this semi-parabolic profile provides the ability to create the dispersionless delay of optical pulses, where “dispersionless” in this case is considered to mean that the pulse retains its same shape with minimal distortions as it passes back and forth within the bottle resonator (i.e., minimal pulse-broadening). ... Ofs Fitel Llc

09/17/15 / #20150260910

Gain-producing fibers with increased cladding absorption while maintaining single-mode operation

The cladding absorption of a single-mode, gain-producing fibers is increased in fiber designs that includes a trench region disposed between the core and inner cladding regions. Increased cladding absorption is achieved while maintaining single-mode operation.. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

09/17/15 / #20150260763

Few-moded fiber for sensing current

A few-moded fiber is doped such that spatial modes of a signal exhibit different magnetic-field-dependent effects. Based on these magnetic-field-dependent effects, one can determine the electric current that induced a magnetic field that caused these effects.. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

09/10/15 / #20150253499

Broadband multi-mode optical fibers with flat-zone in dopant concentration profile

Described is a design approach to fabricating broadband graded-index multimode fibers where the concentration profile of at least one dopant in the core region includes at least one flat-zone. Designs for use in cwdm applications are also disclosed.. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

09/10/15 / #20150253498

Framework for the design of optimum and near-optimum broadband multi-mode optical fibers

Described is a technique for optimizing the design and manufacture of broadband mmfs. Mmfs for use in cwdm applications are specifically described.. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

09/03/15 / #20150247980

Connectorization techniques for polarization-maintaining and multicore optical fiber cables

An optical fiber ferrule has a plurality of guide holes therein for guiding a respective plurality of flat-sided fibers at an end of a multifiber optical fiber cable. The fibers' flat sides identify a particular rotational orientation of the fiber. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

09/03/15 / #20150247978

Multifiber connectorization techniques for multicore optical fiber cables

Structures and techniques are described relating to the alignment of multicore fibers within a multifiber connector. These structures and techniques include: multicore fibers having a number of different shapes, including, for example, circular, elliptical, d-shaped, double d-shaped, and polygonal; multifiber ferrules, having a plurality of fiber guide holes therein of various shapes; alignment fixtures for aligning multicore fibers within multifiber ferrules; and various multicore fiber alignment techniques.. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

08/06/15 / #20150219851

Termination of optical fiber with low backreflection

A technique is described for terminating an optical fiber with low backreflection. At a selected end of the optical fiber segment, an endface is formed at a selected angle relative to the fiber axis. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

08/06/15 / #20150219843

Avoiding beam obstruction during inscription of fiber gratings

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for avoiding beam obstructions during inscription of fiber gratings. For some embodiments, an optical fiber is re-oriented during fiber inscription to avoid obstruction of the actinic beam.. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

08/06/15 / #20150219819

Optical fiber assembly, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same

Disclosed herein is an optical fiber assembly comprising a launching fiber having a receiving end and a transmitting end; an illuminating fiber having a receiving end and a transmitting end; where the receiving end of the launching fiber is operative to receive light from a light source and the transmitting end of the launching fiber is operative to transmit light to the receiving end of the illuminating fiber; where the launching fiber contacts the illuminating fiber in a manner so as to be offset from a center of a cross-sectional area of the illuminating fiber; and where the launching fiber has a diameter that is ⅛to ½of a diameter of the illuminating fiber; and a lens that is operative to contact the transmitting end of the illuminating fiber.. . ... Ofs Fitel Llc

07/16/15 / #20150198764

High-birefringence hollow-core fibers and techniques for making same

A hollow core fiber has a cladding comprising a matrix of cells, wherein each cell comprises a hole and a wall surrounding the hole. The fiber further has a hollow core region comprising a core gap in the matrix of cells, wherein the core gap spans a plurality of cells and has a boundary defined by the interface of the core gap. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

07/09/15 / #20150192733

Few moded fiber device employing mode conversion

A few-moded fiber device has several discrete sections of few-moded fibers that are separated by mode converters, with each mode converter accomplishing mode conversion between one or more pairs of modes. The mode conversions can be accomplished using a sequence, such as a periodic or cyclic sequence that would cause (1) a signal wave launched with any mode to assume every other mode for one or more times; (2) the number of times the signal remains in any modal state is substantially the same; and (3) the net signal gain or loss or group delay of the input signal is substantially the same regardless of the state of input mode. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

06/25/15 / #20150177462

Fiber stretcher module for use in the 1550 nm wavelength range

Embodiments of the present invention are generally related to embodiments of the present invention relate to a fiber stretchers module for use in the 1550 nm wavelength range. In one embodiment of the present invention, a fiber stretcher module for use in the 1550 nm wavelength range comprises a fiber having a relative dispersion slope, rds, and a relative dispersion curvature, rdc, wherein a ratio of said slope to said curvature is between about 30 nm and about 0 nm, having a dispersion value of less than about −10 ps/(nm·km) at about 1550 nm, and a rds is equal to or greater than 0.. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

06/18/15 / #20150168643

Multiple lp-mode fiber designs for mode-division multiplexing

A few-mode fiber is described, having a graded-index core and a surrounding cladding comprising a ledge between the core and the trench, a down-doped trench abutting the ledge, and an undoped cladding region abutting the trench. The fiber's refractive index profile is configured to support 9 or more lp modes for transmission of a spatially-multiplexed optical signal. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

06/04/15 / #20150153529

Optical fiber cables with polyethylene binder

An optical fiber cable includes a bundle of a plurality of loose tubes held by a polyethylene binder. The polyethylene binder softens or melts when a hot cable sheath is applied during the cable manufacturing process. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

05/28/15 / #20150147061

Combination customer splice point module and optical network terminal mount

The specification described a multifunction csp (mcsp), and a mcsp/ont assembly that is adapted for mounting inside the customer premises. In the mcsp/ont assembly the mcsp subunit and the ont subunit are stacked and attached directly together. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

05/28/15 / #20150147025

Method of optimizing multicore optical fiber and devices utilizing same

A method of designing multicore optical fibers is provided. A geometry for the core arrangement is selected. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

04/16/15 / #20150104131

Shunt fiber

Shunt fibers having a photonic bandgap cladding region including one or more hollow guiding regions of which one guiding region is configured as the core and one or more other guiding regions are configured as shunts, respectively, provide nearly single mode transmission in the core. The effective mode index of unwanted core modes and modes in one or more shunts are matched closely enough such that higher order modes will selectively couple to the shunt modes by resonant phase matching in the presence of fiber variations. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

03/19/15 / #20150077837

Gain-equalized few-mode fiber amplifier

A few-mode rare-earth-doped amplifier fiber has equalized gain for the supported signal transmission modes. The fiber has a raised-index core surrounded by a lower-index cladding region. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

03/05/15 / #20150062693

High-power liquid-cooled pump and signal combiner

Embodiments of the present invention are generally related to a high-power liquid-cooled pump and signal combiner and methods thereof for fiber optic applications. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to a pump and signal combiner capable of conveying several kilowatts of pump laser power for kilowatt class rare-earth doped fiber amplifiers without suffering thermal damage. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

01/15/15 / #20150016792

Highly nonlinear optical fiber with imporved sbs threshold and moderate attenuation

A highly nonlinear optical fiber having an improved stimulated brillouin scattering threshold is provided. The fiber includes a central core region made substantially from silica doped with aluminum, a trench region surrounding the central core region, and a silica cladding surrounding the trench region. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

01/01/15 / #20150003498

Monitoring power combiners

The disclosed embodiments show a fused fiber combiner with sensors that are strategically located at various locations, thereby permitting performance monitoring of the fused fiber combiner. Additionally, the disclosed embodiments show various processes for determining causes of any performance degradations.. ... Ofs Fitel Llc

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