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Okuma Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Okuma Corporation. Okuma Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Okuma Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Okuma Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Machine tool

A machine tool includes a workpiece spindle that retains a workpiece or a tool, a spindle motor that rotates the workpiece spindle, an in-machine robot that is provided inside the machine tool and that is an articulated robot having one or more joints, and a plurality of gears that connect or disconnect a root joint which is placed, among the one or more joints, closest to a base end, and the spindle motor to or from each other.. . ... Okuma Corporation

Diagnostic device

A diagnostic device diagnoses a state of a test object. The diagnostic device includes a physical model base diagnosis unit, a mathematical model base diagnosis unit, a model update necessity determination unit, and an update notification unit. ... Okuma Corporation

Processing apparatus and processing method

. . A processing apparatus includes a cutting tool that processes a clamped workpiece, a quenching unit capable of emitting a laser beam, and a vibration cutting unit capable of vibrating a distal end with a vibration cutting tool mounted thereon. The cutting tool, the quenching unit, and the vibration cutting unit are movable relative to the workpiece. ... Okuma Corporation

Machine tool

A machine tool which removal-machines a workpiece by a tool includes an in-machine robot provided in a machining chamber, and a cleaning mechanism that cleans the in-machine robot by removing an adhering substance adhering to the in-machine robot. When the in-machine robot is cleaned, the in-machine robot moves relative to the cleaning mechanism and positions in proximity to the cleaning mechanism.. ... Okuma Corporation

Diagnostic result display method in diagnostic device and diagnostic device

A diagnostic result display method in a diagnostic device calculates a diagnostic result by a determination of a predetermined state and a certainty factor of the determination. The diagnostic result display method includes setting preset predetermined colors to predetermined states, setting a preset area of a geometric shape according to certainty factors, and displaying the area of the geometric shape in at least one of the predetermined colors.. ... Okuma Corporation

Control apparatus

In a control apparatus which uses a cpu which does not have hardware for memory protection, a function is realized to detect unauthorized writing from a non-safety-related unit program in units of bits, for a safety-related unit data area of a ram, a safety-related unit register area of an external integrated circuit, and a built-in peripheral i/o register of the cpu. A memory access monitoring unit requests an interrupt process upon detection of a write access of the safety-related unit program permitted to access a safety-related unit region. ... Okuma Corporation

Machine tool

In a machine tool, when machining is in a steady zone, a rotation phase of a main spindle at the time of measurement in the n-th sampling is calculated, and the calculated rotation phase and the measurement value are recorded in a recording section so as to be associated with each other. The measurement and calculation of the rotation phase of the main spindle at the time of each measurement are continued for plural times of rotations of the main spindle, and thus the measurement values are obtained at various rotation phases, whereby change in drive force during one rotation of the main spindle is finally calculated.. ... Okuma Corporation

Robot for machine tool and machine tool

There is provided a robot for machine tool which can work with a large power and torque when necessary while not attaching a large-size motor to the robot and while having a thin arm, as well as a machine tool having the robot. An in-machine robot of a machine tool includes an input shaft, a transfer shaft, a bevel gear, and an end effector. ... Okuma Corporation

Machine tool

A machine tool which removal-machines a workpiece by means of a tool includes a retaining device (a workpiece spindle and a tailstock) that retains the workpiece, a support device (an in-machine robot) that supports the workpiece, in order to suppress deflection of the workpiece retained by the retaining device, and a control device that controls driving of the support device by force control having a force as a control target. Specifically, a supporting force by the support device and a machining force by a tool are measured, and the driving of the support device is controlled so that the supporting force is equal to the machining force.. ... Okuma Corporation

Bearing diagnostic device

A bearing diagnostic device includes an identification unit and an obtaining unit. The identification unit is configured such that a feature quantity, an operation condition of a main spindle at a measurement of the feature quantity, and specification data of the bearing used for the main spindle are preliminarily configured as inputs. ... Okuma Corporation

Information measuring device

An information measuring device includes a sensor that obtains information on a phenomenon periodically occurring on an apparatus while being synchronized with the steady repetition of an operation and a control device. The control device associates the obtained information with an operation phase in the operation so as to generate change in the phenomenon in one cycle based on the information obtained during the operation of several times. ... Okuma Corporation

Main spindle device for machine tool

A main spindle device for a machine tool includes a main spindle, a cushioning member, and an arithmetic unit. The cushioning member is disposed on a position where a vibration displacement of a rotator exists. ... Okuma Corporation

Bearing lubrication structure for rotation unit

Provided is a bearing lubrication structure for a rotation unit having a bearing that is of a grease lubrication type in which the bearing is provided at both sides thereof with a seal structure, wherein the grease lubrication performance is improved. The bearing is provided on both sides thereof with fixed-side seal portions, and rotating side seal portions that are opposed thereto, respectively. ... Okuma Corporation

Sliding guide device for machine tool

Provided is a sliding guide device for a machine tool, which is capable of supplying an appropriate amount of lubricating oil onto a sliding surface in a stable manner for a long period of time. A movable body is provided with a porous-body accommodation space that is open toward a guide face of a base. ... Okuma Corporation

12/14/17 / #20170356986

Position detector

In a position detector for converting, into position information, two signals shifted in phase by 90 degrees from each other, a phase correction value calculator for calculating a phase correction value for correcting a phase difference between the two signals calculates a phase change value representing a change in the phase correction value, to find a next phase correction value based on the phase change value and a present phase correction value. A virtual change value calculator calculates, based on second-order components obtained by fourier analysis of a radius value, a virtual phase change value representing another change in the phase correction value obtained when changes in offset and amplitude ratio are ignored, and a virtual amplitude change value representing a change rate in an amplitude ratio correction value obtained when a change in the phase difference is ignored.. ... Okuma Corporation

12/07/17 / #20170348772

Machine tool

A machine tool includes a workpiece spindle device which rotates a workpiece, a tool post which can move a tool in a first axis direction (x-axis direction) which is a radial direction of the workpiece and a second axis direction (z-axis direction) which is an axial direction of the workpiece, and an articulated robot including a plurality of arms, a plurality of joints, and end effectors. The plurality of joints connect the plurality of arms in a rotatable manner around an axis parallel to a third axis (y-axis) orthogonal to the first axis and the second axis, and the end effectors move in a plane parallel to a movement plane of the tool.. ... Okuma Corporation

11/23/17 / #20170338702

Rotor for synchronous electric motor

A rotor for a flux-barrier-type reluctance motor having a plurality of poles formed in a circumferential direction includes a plurality of slits provided for each pole, a permanent magnet partially inserted into the slits in such a manner that magnetic poles of the permanent magnet are directed substantially orthogonal to the slit, a slit for a movable element disposed radially inside the permanent magnet disposed at an innermost position in a radial direction, and a movable element made of a magnetic material and inserted into the cavity, the movable element being capable of moving in the slit for the movable element in the circumferential direction. A radially inner side of the innermost slit into which the permanent magnet is inserted and radially outer and inner sides of both the slit for the movable element and the movable element are in a concentric circular-arc shape.. ... Okuma Corporation

11/16/17 / #20170329316

Machine tool

A machine tool is provided which can execute various works while suppressing increase in cost or size. The machine tool includes a tool spindle device which is a movable member which can move with respect to a mounting surface of the machine tool, and one or more serial-manipulator-type robots attached on the tool spindle device, which can move with the tool spindle device, and which have two or more degrees of freedom, and the robot includes two or more end effectors provided at positions different from each other with one or more joints therebetween.. ... Okuma Corporation

11/16/17 / #20170326701

Machine tool

A machine tool that cuts a workpiece by a rotary tool includes a tool spindle device that holds the rotary tool in a manner to allow self-rotation with a predefined tool rotational axis rt as a center, one or more in-machine robots, and a connecting mechanism that attaches the in-machine robot on the tool spindle device so that the in-machine robot moves independently from the rotary tool at a periphery of the tool spindle device with the tool rotational axis rt as a center.. . ... Okuma Corporation

11/16/17 / #20170326700

Machine tool

A machine tool that machines a workpiece by a tool includes a workpiece spindle device that holds the workpiece in a rotatable manner with a predefined workpiece rotational axis rw as a center, one or more in-machine robots, and a connecting mechanism that attaches the one or more robots on the machine tool so that the one or more robots move independently from the workpiece, with the workpiece rotational axis rw serving as a center.. . ... Okuma Corporation

10/12/17 / #20170292980

Frequency characteristic measuring method at feed axis control unit

A method measures a frequency characteristic at a feed axis control unit configured to drive a motor in accordance with a velocity command value to control a velocity or a position of a movable portion of a driven body. The velocity command value includes a velocity reference value from a host device or a velocity command calculator and a sweep signal swept in order to measure the frequency characteristic. ... Okuma Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170179867

Motor control device

A motor control device calculates a velocity difference based on a velocity command and a velocity detection value of a motor and an excitation current common phase voltage difference based on an excitation current command value and an excitation current detection value, and judges that demagnetization occurs when the following conditions are all met: the excitation current common phase voltage difference exceeds a voltage threshold; the velocity difference exceeds a velocity threshold; and acceleration is being performed.. . ... Okuma Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170170949

Timer synchronizing system in loop communication channel

In a system including a master station, slave stations, and a loop communication path for connecting the master and slave stations, the master station measures for each of the slave stations a transmission lag time from transmission of a communication frame in a forward direction through a loop communication channel in the master station to reception of the communication frame returned in a backward direction from the slave station, and calculates timer correction times for the slave stations based on both the transmission lag times measured for the slave stations and delay time information representing delay times caused by communication frame processing in the slave stations. Each of the slave stations includes a transmission/reception switch which switches a communication frame transmitting/receiving direction between the forward and backward directions in the loop communication channel, to allow timer synchronization in the loop communication path formed by the single communication channel.. ... Okuma Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170153622

Fully-closed loop position controller

A fully-closed loop position controller with a velocity control system based on a velocity feedback of mixed velocities of a motor velocity and a load velocity. The fully-closed loop position controller identifies a ratio of load moment of inertia in real time to select an optimum mix gain in accordance with a changing ratio of load moment of inertia such that a position loop gain and a speed loop gain can be varied accordingly. ... Okuma Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170131704

Machine tool

A main spindle controller of a machine tool varies a rotation speed of a main spindle that grips a workpiece to a varied maximum speed higher than a reference rotation speed set value as a set value of a reference rotation speed by a variation width set value as a set value of a variation width or a varied minimum speed lower than the reference rotation speed set value by the variation width set value in units of the tool path. At the same time, the main spindle controller refers to speed condition information that indicates a condition of the preliminarily stored reference rotation speed and variation width assuming that a chatter vibration is to be reduced, and when at least one of the reference rotation speed set value and the variation width set value does not satisfy the condition of the speed condition information.. ... Okuma Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170124697

Monitoring apparatus for machine tool

In an nc device having a function as a monitoring apparatus for a machine tool, a monitoring parameter and a retracting parameter which are set and inputted through an input unit by an operator, can be stored in a storage unit. When, for example, monitoring is performed by using a load on a main spindle as machine information, a machining monitoring unit displays a monitored state on a monitor, and compares a threshold value, of the load on the main spindle, according to which occurrence of abnormality is determined, and which is set in the monitoring parameter, and an instruction load generated by a machine operation instruction unit with each other, to determine whether or not abnormality has occurred. ... Okuma Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170106487

Main spindle failure detection device for machine tool and method of detecting main spindle failure

A main spindle failure detection device for a machine tool includes a rotation speed detection unit, a reach time estimation unit, and a determining unit. The reach time estimation unit is configured to estimate a reach time in which the rotation speed of the main spindle reaches a predetermined rotation speed threshold using a non-linear model based on a rotation speed of the main spindle detected at a start of an inertia operation and a rotation speed of the main spindle detected after an elapse of preset measurement time from the start of the inertia operation. ... Okuma Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170074681

Resolver for rotation position detection using resin bearing

A resolver for a rotation position detection device comprises a rotor portion having a resin gear having a hole formed at a center portion thereof through which a stationary shaft passes, and a rotor core connected to the resin gear; and a stator portion having the stationary shaft, an excitation wiring and a detection wiring, a back core, and a resin housing, wherein the excitation wiring and the detection wiring are arranged around the stationary shaft at a constant distance from the stationary shaft in a diameter direction, the back core is adjacent to or in contact with the stationary shaft, and the resin gear has a shape whose central portion projects in the shaft direction so as to be in contact with the back core.. . ... Okuma Corporation

03/09/17 / #20170067796

Bearing diagnostic device for machine tool

A bearing diagnostic device senses a failure in a bearing of a machine tool including a rotation shaft device. The bearing diagnostic device includes a rotation counting unit, a temperature measuring unit, a frictional torque calculating unit, a rolling speed calculating unit, a bearing characteristic calculating unit, a storage unit, and a determination unit. ... Okuma Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170038761

Information acquisition device of machine tool

An information acquisition device for machine tool includes a time series information recording unit, an event information recording unit, and an output unit. The time series information recording unit is configured to acquire machine information in time series at a predetermined timing. ... Okuma Corporation

01/05/17 / #20170001279

Main spindle load monitoring device for machine tool

A main spindle load monitoring device indicates a main spindle load in a machine tool that includes a tool with a plurality of edges on a main spindle and performs a process of a workpiece while the tool rotates with the main spindle. The main spindle load monitoring device includes a main spindle load detecting unit configured to detect a load on the main spindle, a main spindle load conversion unit, and a display control unit. ... Okuma Corporation

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