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Rigaku Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Rigaku Corporation. Rigaku Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Rigaku Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Rigaku Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

A quantitative analysis condition setting unit (13) included in a sequential x-ray fluorescence spectrometer according to the present invention: performs qualitative analyses of a plurality of standard samples (14); sets, on the basis of the qualitative analysis results, a peak measurement angle of each measurement line for analytical samples (1) in quantitative analysis conditions; and obtains a single virtual profile by synthesizing peak profiles of the plurality of standard samples (14) subjected to the qualitative analyses and sets, on the basis of the virtual profile and a preset half value width of the peak profile, background measurement angles of each measurement line for the analytical samples (1) in the quantitative analysis conditions.. . ... Rigaku Corporation

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

A scanning-type x-ray fluorescence spectrometer according to the present invention includes a quantitative analysis condition setting unit (13) configured to determine whether or not to add, as an analytical element, a new detected element other than preset sample constituting elements, from an absorption-enhancement effect degree of fluorescent x-rays on an analytical value of an analytical element and an overlapping effect degree by an interfering line on an analytical line of the analytical element, on the basis of qualitative analysis results and semi-quantitative analysis results of standard samples (14).. . ... Rigaku Corporation

X-ray diffraction apparatus

An x-ray diffraction apparatus including an x-ray detector that is configured to detect diffracted x-rays diffracted from a sample when a surface of the sample is irradiated with x-rays, a counter arm which rotates around a rotation center axis set within the surface of the sample while the x-ray detector is installed on the counter arm, and a plate-like x-ray shielding member that is installed on the counter arm and rotated together with the x-ray detector.. . ... Rigaku Corporation

Methods for manufacturing doubly bent x-ray focusing device, doubly bent x-ray focusing device assembly, doubly bent x-ray spectroscopic device and doubly bent x-ray spectroscopic device assembly

A doubly bent x-ray spectroscopic device (1) according to the present invention includes: a glass plate (3) which is deformed into a shape having a doubly bent surface by being sandwiched between a doubly curved convex surface (21a) of a convex forming die (21) and a doubly curved concave surface (22a), of a concave forming die (22), that matches the doubly curved convex surface (21a), and being heated to a temperature of 400° c. To 600° c.; and a reflection coating (5) configured to reflect x-rays, which is formed on a concave surface (3a) of the deformed glass plate (3 ).. ... Rigaku Corporation

Radiation detector, and x-ray analysis apparatus and radiation detection method using the same

There are provided a radiation detector capable of detecting radiation without occurrence of dead time while maintaining an exposure state in which radiation enters continuously, and an x-ray analysis apparatus and a radiation detection method using the radiation detector. A radiation detector 100 that detects radiation in synchronization with an external apparatus 200, includes: a sensor 110 that generates pulses when radiation particles are detected; a plurality of counters 140a, 140b provided so as to be able to count the pulses; and a control circuit 160 configured to switch a counter to count the pulses among the plurality of counters 140a, 140b, when receiving a synchronization signal from the external apparatus 200.. ... Rigaku Corporation

Processing method, processing apparatus and processing program

Provided are a processing method, a processing apparatus and a processing program which can perform pole figure measurement continuously without overlapping of an angle α in a pole figure with the small number of times of φ scan, thereby enabling the efficient measurement. The processing method for determining conditions of pole figure measurement by x-ray diffraction, includes the steps of: receiving input of a diffraction angle 2θ; and determining an angle ω formed by an incident x-ray and an x-axis, and a tilt angle χ of a sample in each φ scan for a rotation angle φ within a sample plane so as to make a range of an angle α continuous from α=90° to α=0° without overlapping, the angle α being formed by the sample plane and a scattering vector, the range of the angle α are detectable at a time on a two-dimensional detection plane in the pole figure measurement at the input angle 2θ, in which determining the angle ω and the angle χ is repeated.. ... Rigaku Corporation

X-ray diffractometer

An x-ray diffractometer for obtaining x-ray diffraction angles of diffracted x-rays by detecting with an x-ray detector diffracted x-rays diffracted at a sample when x-rays are emitted at the sample at each angle of the angles about a center point of goniometer circles, the x-ray diffractometer having a pinhole member provided with a pinhole, the pinhole allowing x-rays diffracted from the sample to pass so that the diffracted x-rays pass through the center point of the goniometer circle, and other diffracted x-rays are shielded by the pinhole member.. . ... Rigaku Corporation

Crystalline phase identification method, crystalline phase identification device, and x-ray diffraction measurement system

A crystalline phase contained in a sample is identified, from x-ray diffraction data of the sample which contain data of a plurality of ring-shaped diffraction patterns, using a database in which are registered data related to peak positions and peak intensity ratios of x-ray diffraction patterns for a plurality of crystalline phases. Peak positions and peak intensities for a plurality of the diffraction patterns are detected from the x-ray diffraction data (step 102), and the circumferential angle versus intensity data of the diffraction patterns is created (step 103). ... Rigaku Corporation

Operation guide system for x-ray analysis,operation guide method therefor, and operation guide program therefor

Provided are operation guide system for x-ray analysis to enable users to easily understand measurement of x-ray optical system to be selected. The operation guide system includes: measurement information acquisition unit for acquiring information on a sample and each x-ray measurement optical system part; sample magnification acquisition unit for acquiring magnification for display; incident x-ray shape deformation unit for determining distorted shape of an incident x-ray obtained by magnifying shape of the incident x-ray based on the magnification in a plane perpendicular to an optical axis direction; scattered x-ray shape deformation unit for determining distorted shape of a scattered x-ray obtained by magnifying shape of the scattered x-ray based on the magnification in the plane; and x-ray measurement optical system modeling unit for modeling a deformed shape of the sample, the distorted shape of the incident x-ray, and the distorted shape of the scattered x-ray.. ... Rigaku Corporation

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

A measurement line evaluation unit (23): calculates, for all of specified measurement lines, estimated measured intensities by theoretical calculation on the basis of a composition and/or a thickness specified for a thin film; changes, by a predetermined amount, only an estimated measured intensity of one measurement line, and obtains quantitative values of the composition and/or the thickness of the thin film after change of the estimated measured intensity, for each changed measurement line, by a fundamental parameter method; and estimates a quantitative error and/or determines possibility of analysis, on the basis of the obtained quantitative values and the specified composition and/or the specified thickness.. . ... Rigaku Corporation

Grazing incidence x-ray fluorescence spectrometer and grazing incidence x-ray fluorescence analyzing method

A grazing incidence x-ray fluorescence spectrometer (1) of the present invention includes: a bent spectroscopic device (4) to monochromate x-rays (3) from an x-ray source (2) and generate an x-ray beam (5) focused on a fixed position (15) on a surface of a sample (s); a slit member (6) disposed between the bent spectroscopic device (4) and the sample (s) and having a linear opening (61); a slit member moving unit (7) to move the slit member (6) in a direction that intersects the x-ray beam (5) passing through the linear opening (61); a glancing angle setting unit (8) to move the slit member (6) by using the slit member moving unit (7), and set a glancing angle (α) of the x-ray beam (5) to a desired angle; and a detector (10) to measure an intensity of fluorescent x-rays (9) from the sample (s) irradiated with the x-ray beam (5).. . ... Rigaku Corporation

X-ray generator and x-ray analyzer

An x-ray generator including a cathode, an anode provided with two x-ray generation zones, a casing in which the cathode and anode are accommodated, two air cylinders for causing the anode to move, two linear guides for guiding the movement of the anode, and a bellows serving as a seal member. The air cylinders and the linear guides are provided at different positions on a surface orthogonal to a center axis of the bellows. ... Rigaku Corporation

X-ray generator and x-ray analyzer

Provided is an x-ray generator having: an anode that faces a cathode which generates electrons; a plurality of x-ray generation zones; a casing housing the cathode and the anode; an anode support body for supporting the anode; an air cylinder for producing advancing and retreating movement of the anode support body with respect to the casing; and a stopper device that halts the movement of the anode support body when the anode support body moves in a direction approaching the casing. The stopper device has a rotating plate equipped with a section that enters and exits from between the anode support body and the casing due to rotation, a motor for driving the same, and a plurality of stop members provided in a peripheral section of the rotating plate and having mutually different heights.. ... Rigaku Corporation

X-ray thin film inspection device

An x-ray thin film inspection device of the present invention includes an x-ray irradiation unit 40 installed on a first rotation arm 32, an x-ray detector 50 installed on a second rotation arm 33, and a fluorescence x-ray detector 60 for detecting fluorescence x-rays generated from an inspection target upon irradiation of x-rays. The x-ray irradiation unit 40 includes an x-ray optical element 43 comprising a confocal mirror for receiving x-rays radiated from an x-ray tube 42, reflects plural focused x-ray beams monochromatized at a specific wavelength and focuses the plural focused x-ray beams to a preset focal point, and a slit mechanism 46 for passing therethrough any number of focused x-ray beams out of the plural focused x-ray beams reflected from the x-ray optical element 43.. ... Rigaku Corporation

07/06/17 / #20170191950

X-ray diffractometer

Only x-rays having a specific wavelength out of focusing x-rays 2 diffracted from a sample s is reflected from a monochromator 60 based on a bragg's condition, passed through a receiving slit 30 and detected by an x-ray detector 20. The monochromator 60 is configured to be freely removable, and arranged between the sample s and a focal point 2a at which the focusing x-rays 2 diffracted from the sample s are directly focused. ... Rigaku Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170184519

X-ray analyzing apparatus

The x-ray analyzing apparatus according to the present invention includes, in combination: a first correcting unit (13a, 13b) to output a first gain to cause a pulse height of a target peak which is estimated on the basis of a sum of counting rates obtained in preliminary measurement, to match a predetermined expected pulse height; and a second correcting unit (14a, 14b) to output, in real time through feedback control, a second gain to be added to the first gain in order to cause the pulse height of the target peak detected within a predetermined energy range, to match the expected pulse height, and further includes a feedback control stopping unit (16a, 16b) to appropriately determine presence/absence of an interfering line with respect to the target peak, and to set, when determining that the interfering line exists, the gain to a fixed value including only the first gain.. . ... Rigaku Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170153190

X-ray detection signal processing device and x-ray analyzing apparatus using same

An x-ray detection signal processing device (10) and the like according to the present invention includes: a comparator (17) configured to output a high signal when a level of a signal from a continuous reset type preamplifier (13) having an cr circuit (13a) does not exceed a predetermined upper limit value, and output a low signal when the level of the signal from the preamplifier (13) exceeds the predetermined upper limit value; and a control section (18) configured to delay shift of the signal of the comparator (17) from low to high by a predetermined time, to perform output to a clock oscillator (15), stop oscillation by outputting a low signal to the clock oscillator (15), and thus stop high-speed ad conversion by a high-speed ad converter (14) and maintain an output value.. . ... Rigaku Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170108424

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and x-ray fluorescence analyzing method

An x-ray fluorescence spectrometer includes: an x-ray source (3) to irradiate, with primary x-rays (6), a sample (1) that is multiple nanoparticles placed on a substrate (10); an irradiation angle adjustment unit (5) to adjust an irradiation angle at which a surface (10a) of the substrate is irradiated; a detection unit (8) to measure an intensity of fluorescent x-rays (7) from the sample (1); a peak position calculation unit (11) to generate a sample profile representing change of the intensity of the fluorescent x-rays (7) against change of the irradiation angle, and to calculate a peak irradiation angle position; a particle diameter calibration curve generation unit (21) to generate a calibration curve; and a particle diameter calculation unit (22) to calculate a particle diameter of nanoparticles of an unknown sample (1) by applying the peak irradiation angle position of the unknown sample (1) to the calibration curve.. . ... Rigaku Corporation

04/06/17 / #20170098315

Analyzer, analysis method and analysis program of bone mineral density

To make a user easily obtain an objective and stable analysis result of bone mineral density. An analyzer 100 of bone mineral density using ct image data of a phantom having a known bone mineral density includes: a known data storage part 105 that stores known data of bone mineral density for a phantom; a histogram production part 102 that produces a histogram of region number relative to a ct value for three-dimensional ct image data of the phantom; a correspondence determination part 106 that determines correspondence between a ct value and a bone mineral density by correlating ct values showing respective peaks of the produced histogram with the known data of the phantom; and an analysis part 109 that decides a bone mineral density for three-dimensional ct image data of a subject using the determined correspondence.. ... Rigaku Corporation

03/30/17 / #20170089839

Device for analyzing the material composition of an object via plasma spectrum analysis

A device for analyzing the material composition of an object via plasma spectrum analysis includes an optical assembly having a first aspheric mirror and a second aspheric mirror. The first and second aspheric mirrors have an aspheric surface profile. ... Rigaku Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170082561

Stress analysis apparatus, method, and program

A stress analysis apparatus capable of improving the accuracy of a stress value, a method, and a program are provided. A stress analysis apparatus 100 that calculates a residual stress of a sample s includes an analysis unit configured to calculate an error as one of solutions by using an equation including an error term and prescribing a relationship between stress and strain with using measured values by diffracted x-rays with respect to a plurality of scattering vectors and a provisional value when the stress in the direction perpendicular to the surface of the sample s is constant, and a provisional value correction unit configured to correct the provisional value by the calculated error, and the analysis unit and the correction unit repeat the calculation of the error and the correction of the provisional value.. ... Rigaku Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170074809

X-ray small angle optical system

Provided is an x-ray small angle optical system, which easily achieves a desired angular resolution, including: an x-ray source having a microfocus; a multilayer mirror having an elliptical reflection surface, and being configured to collect x-rays emitted from the x-ray source and to irradiate a sample; and an x-ray detector configured to detect scattered x-rays generated from the sample, in which the elliptical reflection surface of the multilayer mirror has a focal point a and a focal point b, in which the x-ray source is arranged such that the microfocus includes the focal point a, and in which the x-ray detector is arranged on the multilayer mirror side of the focal point b.. . ... Rigaku Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170045466

Sensor unit for thermal analysis equipment and thermal analysis equipment

First and second multi-pair thermocouples (21, 22) are formed on the upper surface of a heat-sensitive member (10), and a thermally uniformizing member (30) is adhesively attached to a base portion (11) of the heat-sensitive member (10). The thermally uniformizing member (30) is formed of a heat-resistant and electrically insulating material having a higher thermal conductivity than the heat-sensitive member (10) and a linear expansion coefficient approximate to the linear expansion coefficient of the heat-sensitive member (10). ... Rigaku Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170038315

Operation guide system for x-ray analysis, operation guide method therefor, and operation guide program therefor

Provided is an operation guide system for an x-ray analysis, including: a sample information acquisition portion for acquiring sample information on a sample to be measured for a predetermined analysis purpose with an x-ray measuring unit; a measurement condition acquisition portion for acquiring a plurality of measurement conditions different from one another; a virtual result acquisition portion for subjecting the sample information to simulations respectively based on the plurality of measurement conditions, to thereby acquire a plurality of virtual measurement results of measurements for the predetermined analysis purpose; and a comparison result output portion for outputting, as comparison results, at least two virtual measurement results among the plurality of virtual measurement results and at least two of the plurality of measurement conditions respectively corresponding to the at least two virtual measurement results.. . ... Rigaku Corporation

01/12/17 / #20170010226

Beam generation unit and x-ray small-angle scattering apparatus

A micro beam generation unit capable of simultaneously capturing anisotropic images in a high signal-to-background ratio with a compact configuration and an x-ray small-angle scattering apparatus are provided. A micro beam generation unit 110 generates x-rays having a micro spot size, with which a sample is irradiated, in order to detect diffracted x-rays by a one-dimensional detector or a two-dimensional detector. ... Rigaku Corporation

01/05/17 / #20170004950

X-ray generator and adjustment method therefor

Provided are an x-ray generator capable of suppressing effects of a fluctuation in a disturbance magnetic field and an adjustment method therefor. The x-ray generator includes: an electron-beam generating unit configured to emit an electron beam; an electron target onto which the electron beam is radiated to generate an x-ray; an electron-beam adjusting unit, which is arranged between the electron-beam generating unit and the electron target, and is configured to adjust the electron beam emitted from the electron-beam generating unit; an electron-beam deflecting unit, which is arranged between the electron-beam adjusting unit and the electron target, and is configured to deflect the electron beam to be radiated onto the electron target; and a magnetic sensor arranged in a vicinity of a region of the electron target, onto which the electron beam is radiated, so as to be away from the electron beam.. ... Rigaku Corporation

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