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Recent patent applications related to Saturn Licensing Llc. Saturn Licensing Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Saturn Licensing Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Saturn Licensing Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Reproduction device, reproduction method, and recording medium

. . . . . . The present technology relates to a reproduction device, a reproduction method, and a recording medium that enable content having a wide dynamic range of brightness to be displayed with an appropriate brightness. A recording medium, on which the reproduction device of an aspect of the present technology performs reproduction, records coded data of an extended video that is a video having a second brightness range that is wider than a first brightness range, brightness characteristic information that represents a brightness characteristic of the extended video, and brightness conversion definition information used when performing a brightness conversion of the extended video to a standard video that is a video having the first brightness range. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Reception device

The present invention relates to a reception device that can select an optimal component. The reception device includes a first reception unit that receives a video or audio component transmitted on a broadcast wave, a second reception unit that receives a video or audio component distributed via a network, and a control unit that controls the operation of each unit. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Display and display method

A display includes: a frame-rate conversion section being configured to be capable of changing a frame-rate conversion ratio having a value of 1 or more, the frame-rate conversion section converting a frame rate of an image signal at the frame-rate conversion ratio being set; and a display section displaying an image having undergone frame rate conversion.. . ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Light emitting unit, display, and lighting apparatus

There are provided a light emitting unit that enhances the uniformity of in-plane colors, as well as a display and a lighting apparatus that include such a light emitting unit thereon. The light emitting unit includes: a plurality of light emitting sections each having a light source and a wavelength conversion member, the wavelength conversion member converting a wavelength of light emitted from the light source; an optical component having a light incident surface in opposition to the plurality of light emitting sections; and a color unevenness prevention structure suppressing direct entering of light from the light source into the optical component.. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Transmitting device, transmitting method, receiving device, and receiving method

Display with an appropriate luminance dynamic range is realizable on a receiving side. A gamma curve is applied to input video data having a level range from 0% to 100%*n (n: a number larger than 1) to obtain transmission video data. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Reception apparatus, reception method, transmission apparatus, and transmission method

. . A reception apparatus, including circuitry configured to receive a content including at least one of audio content or video content, extract fingerprint information from data of the content, and provide the fingerprint information to a first server via a communication network. The circuitry is further configured to receive control information in response to providing the fingerprint information to the first server.. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Information processor, information processing method and program

The object of the present disclosure is to propose a standard protocol on a home network in using acr services. A third aspect of the present disclosure includes the steps of using a content reproduction device to publish a command to operate an identification request processing section from a terminal device, using the terminal device to acquire and invoke the command published by the content reproduction device, using the content reproduction device to operate the identification request section in response to the invoking of the command by the terminal device and transfer the response to the terminal device, and using the terminal device to receive the transferred response and acquire and execute a linked application to be executed in step with the progress of the content based on related meta data included in the response and associated with the identified content. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Transmission and reception apparatuses, methods, and systems for filtering content

Disclosed herein is a transmission apparatus for distributing a content to a client, including: a question generation section configured to generate question information representative of a question regarding liking of a user of the client; and a transmission section configured to transmit the question information and provider side answer information in the form of a bit string representative of an answer set by a provider which provides the content to the question regarding the liking of the user to the client.. . ... Saturn Licensing Llc

User interface for audio video display device such as tv

A graphical user interface (gui) for an audio video display device (avdd) such as a tv includes content panels which can be selected for searching for additional information related to the content underlying the content panels. A history of previous searches is maintained in memory “stacked” notionally to the left or right of the current display so that a viewer can easily review previous search results using a simple scroll command.. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and method, and transmission and reception system

A content reception apparatus, for receiving non-real-time (nrt) content, includes circuitry that receives a digital television broadcast signal including a digital television program, the nrt content, and filtering criteria related to the nrt content and outputs the digital television program for display to a user. The circuitry receives question information relating to a preference, demographic, or interest of the user and generates user answer information based on the question information received. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Service usage reporting data transport

A reception apparatus, including circuitry configured to receive a broadcast stream including audio/video content and a uniform resource identifier (uri). The circuitry is configured to determine whether a command identifier associated with the uri indicates the uri is a location of a server to which service usage information is to be sent. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Data processing apparatus and method for interleaving and deinterleaving data

A data processing apparatus is arranged to map input data symbols to be communicated onto a predetermined number of sub-carrier signals of orthogonal frequency division multiplexed ofdm symbols. The predetermined number of sub-carrier signals is determined in accordance with one of a plurality of operating modes and the input data symbols are divided into first sets of input data symbols and second sets of input data symbols.. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Reception apparatus, reception method, transmission apapratus, and transmission method

A reception apparatus includes a memory and circuitry. The memory is configured to store an application program that is to be executed in coordination with audio visual content. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

Lens, light source unit, backlight apparatus, and display apparatus

. . A lens diffusing light emitted from a light source includes a concave light-incident surface, a light guide portion, and a light-emitting surface. The light-incident surface includes a plane portion opposed to the light source and an optical function portion that is formed on the plane portion and one of scatters and diffuses the light. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

12/28/17 / #20170374410

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program

Disclosed herein is an information processing apparatus which cooperates with a terminal apparatus to configure a home network system, including: a frame visual attribute setting section configured to set a frame visual attribute to a window provided on a screen to display a reproduced piece of content; a publication section configured to publish a command adapted to request notification of the frame visual attribute set to the window from the terminal apparatus to the terminal apparatus; and a notification section configured to notify the terminal apparatus of the frame visual attribute of the window in response to calling of the command from the terminal apparatus.. . ... Saturn Licensing Llc

12/14/17 / #20170357049

Illumination device and display unit

An illumination device includes: a light source; an optical component provided separately from the light source; a holding member holding the light source and the optical component; and a variable pressing member variably pressing the optical component against the holding member.. . ... Saturn Licensing Llc

12/07/17 / #20170351313

Electronic device, power control method, and program

An electronic device includes an address acquisition unit that performs communication with an approaching communication terminal to acquire a unique address of the communication terminal, and a power control unit that shifts its own power state from a standby state where power is supplied only to a minimum function to a quick start state where power is supplied to a function other than a presentation function to a user, when the unique address acquired by the address acquisition unit matches a registered address.. . ... Saturn Licensing Llc

11/30/17 / #20170346587

Information processing device and method, program, and information processing system

An information processing device includes a broadcasting apparatus broadcasting a content at a predetermined transmission rate to at least a receiver downloading the content and a generating unit, generating metadata for the content. The metadata contains download-rate state information indicating a state of the predetermined transmission rate with respect to a reproduction rate at the receiver. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

11/30/17 / #20170345980

Light source circuit unit, illuminator, and display

Provided are a light source circuit unit that improves light extraction efficiency, as well as an illuminator and a display that include such a light source circuit unit. The light source circuit unit includes: a circuit substrate having a wiring pattern on a surface thereof, the wiring pattern having light reflectivity, a circular pedestal provided on the circuit substrate, a water-repelling region provided at least from a peripheral edge portion of the pedestal to a part of a side face of the pedestal, and one or two or more light-emitting device chips mounted on the pedestal, and driven by a current that flows through the wiring pattern.. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

11/16/17 / #20170331656

Data processing apparatus and method

A data processing apparatus maps input symbols to be communicated onto a predetermined number of sub-carrier signals of an orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) symbol. The data processor includes an interleaver memory which reads-in the predetermined number of data symbols for mapping onto the ofdm sub-carrier signals. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

10/26/17 / #20170311038

Method, computer program, and reception apparatus for delivery of supplemental content

Reception apparatus, method, computer-readable storage medium, and information providing apparatus for a trigger. The reception apparatus includes a tuner/demodulator and a processor. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

10/05/17 / #20170286409

Terminal device, relay device, information processing method, program, and content identification system

There is provided a terminal device including a detection unit configured to detect a relay device, a reproduction unit configured to reproduce content, a transmission unit configured to transmit the reproduced content to the detected relay device, and an acquisition unit configured to acquire a response returned from one of identification server devices to the relay device according to a query, the response corresponding to an identification result of the content in such a way that the relay device extracts signature data representing a characteristic of the content from the content, generates the query including at least the extracted signature data, and transmits the generated query to the identification server device to request identification of the content.. . ... Saturn Licensing Llc

10/05/17 / #20170284635

Illumination device and display device

Provided is an illumination device that makes it possible to enhance utilization efficiency of light, and a display device that includes the illumination device. The illumination device includes: a light source that is configured to generate light of a first wavelength; a luminescent body that is configured to wavelength-convert the light of the first wavelength to light of a second wavelength, the second wavelength being different from the first wavelength; and a wavelength selective filter that is provided on a light-incident side of the luminescent body, the wavelength selective filter being configured to transmit the light of the first wavelength and to reflect the light of the second wavelength.. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

09/21/17 / #20170272689

Receiver and method for reporting the usage of advanced television services

. . According to one embodiment of the invention, a computerized method for reporting events from a television that supports transmission and playback of digital content in accordance with an advanced television systems committee (atsc) standard. The method comprises downloading a triggered declarative object (tdo), which includes a reporting script, for storage within a digital receiver of the television. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

09/14/17 / #20170264967

Content transfer device and content transfer method, content reproduction device and content reproduction method, content distribution system and computer program

An apparatus may include a control unit to control transmission of a transformed video stream over a network, in response to a reproduction control command for a video stream realized by an application executed by a browser at a client device.. . ... Saturn Licensing Llc

09/14/17 / #20170264933

Contents reception device and method, contents transmission device and method, program, and recording medium

The present invention relates to a contents reception device and method, a contents transmission device and method, a program, and a recording medium, whereby a push-type nrt service can be realized. “ch. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

09/14/17 / #20170264473

Transmitter and method of transmitting and receiver and method of detecting ofdm signals

A transmitter transmits payload data using orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) symbols. The first ofdm symbol is a first type having a number of sub-carriers which is less than or equal to the number of sub-carriers of the one or more second ofdm symbols of a second type and a guard interval for the first ofdm symbol is selected in dependence upon the longest possible guard interval of the second ofdm symbol. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

08/24/17 / #20170245014

Receiver and system using an electronic questionnaire for advanced broadcast services

According to one embodiment of the invention, a computer-implemented method for a digital broadcast system is described. The method involves an operation of receiving an electronic questionnaire that includes a plurality of questions registered to avoid duplication of any one of the plurality of questions. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

08/17/17 / #20170238036

Broadcast transition channel

A distribution system and reception apparatus, and methods thereof, are provided for broadcasting and receiving a plurality of first services from a plurality of different broadcast providers, which broadcast a plurality of second services over a plurality of different broadcast channels, on a transition broadcast channel that is different from the plurality of different broadcast channels. The system includes at least one receiver and a transmitter. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

08/10/17 / #20170230701

On-demand access to scheduled content

A method is provided for a reception apparatus to access content. The method includes outputting a distribution schedule for a plurality of content and receiving a selection of one of the plurality of content for which distribution started before or starts after a current time. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

08/10/17 / #20170230226

Coding and modulation apparatus using non-uniform constellation

A coding and modulation apparatus and method are presented. The apparatus (10) comprises an encoder (11) that encodes input data into cell words, and a modulator (12) that modulates said cell words into constellation values of a non-uniform constellation. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

08/03/17 / #20170223325

Transmission apparatus, method of transmitting image data in high dynamic range, reception apparatus, method of receiving image data in high dynamic range, and program

Transmission of hdr image data is satisfactorily performed between apparatuses. A transmission apparatus (synchronized apparatus) transmits the hdr image data to a reception apparatus (source apparatus) over a transmission path. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

07/27/17 / #20170214971

Receiving device, receiving method, and program

Disclosed herein is a receiving device for receiving an av content broadcast by a broadcasting wave, including: an obtaining section adapted to obtain a description document described in a predetermined computer language for displaying another content different from the av content; a determining section adapted to determine whether the obtained description document is managed by a broadcaster which broadcasts the av content or is managed by a different operator other than the broadcaster; and a controlling section adapted to control execution of the obtained description document in response to a result of the determination by the determining section.. . ... Saturn Licensing Llc

07/13/17 / #20170201787

Method, computer program, reception apparatus, and information providing apparatus for trigger compaction

. . A method, non-transitory computer-readable medium, and reception apparatus for processing application information. The reception apparatus includes circuitry configured to download application information including at least one parameter and an identifier for each of the at least one parameter. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

07/06/17 / #20170195751

Virtual channel declarative script binding

A method consistent with certain implementations involves receiving a triggerable declarative object (tdo) at a digital television receiver device that carries out a programmed script upon execution; the programmed script including a parameter discovery function that determines an operational parameter of the television receiver device and further includes a programmed function; initiating the execution of the tdo in order to initiate execution of the script on a processor of the television receiver device; running the script on the processor of the television receiver device in order to discover the operational parameter and in order to carry out the programmed function; and where the programmed function is conditional upon the discovered operational parameter of the television receiver. This abstract is not to be considered limiting, since other embodiments may deviate from the features described in this abstract.. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

06/08/17 / #20170163704

Information supply system, information supply device and method, and information processing device and method

The present invention relates to an information processing device which can enhance using efficiency of commercial pictures. In a service server 3, meta-data added with a cm mark necessary to extract commercial pictures (cm) which are broadcasted while contained in a content are generated, and registered in a meta-data data base 302. ... Saturn Licensing Llc

06/08/17 / #20170163592

Information processing device, information processing method and terminal device

There is provided an information processing device including a score calculation unit that calculates, for one or more events for which a plan is set by one or more of users in a user group composed of the plurality of users capable of sharing information by satisfying a predetermined condition and for which the information is capable of being shared in the user group, a score on a predetermined calculation basis using event information which is information related to the events.. . ... Saturn Licensing Llc

06/08/17 / #20170162110

Display device, cmos operational amplifier, and driving method of display device

A display device including a display unit which has a plurality of pixels and a plurality of driving lines for driving the plurality of pixels; a driving circuit which drives the plurality of pixels through the plurality of driving lines; and a control unit which adjusts a driving capability of the driving circuit according to the number of simultaneous driving lines of the driving circuit.. . ... Saturn Licensing Llc

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