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Recent patent applications related to Snecma. Snecma is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Snecma may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Snecma, we're just tracking patents.

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Tool and method for frontal unscrewing of a link nut in a twin-spool turbine

A method for unscrewing a link nut of an hp rotor of a twin-spool turbine, including a front fan, an intermediate casing, a hp module with a hp rotor, and a lp turbine module, the intermediate casing including a support bearing for the hp rotor, the rotor being retained in the bearing by the link nut, the method including: placing an unscrewing tool in front of the link nut after having removed the fan and released access to the nut from the front; with rotation of the hp rotor locked and the frontal unscrewing tool including a socket spanner including teeth having a shape that complements that of teeth of the link nut, attaching a mounting for the socket spanner to the intermediate casing, the socket spanner being rotatably mounted on the mounting, and applying an unscrewing torque to the socket spanner. An unscrewing tool implements the method.. ... Snecma

Assembly forming a gasket for a turbomachine, comprising a brush seal

An assembly forming a gasket for a turbomachine, includes a brush seal made of a plurality of sealing elastic bristles surrounding a core, a retaining ring including a recess to at least partly accommodate the brush seal, and a bearing cover, placed in contact with the brush seal to hold it in position against the retaining ring, the brush seal being located between the retaining ring and the bearing cover.. . ... Snecma

Test bench, in particular for accelerometers

The invention proposes a test bench comprising at least one accelerometer (26, 28) which is linked by rigid mechanical linking to a support (12) and comprising a vibration chamber (38) able to convert an electrical signal into a mechanical vibration disseminated to the support and to the accelerometer by rigid mechanical linking between an oscillating part (40) of the vibration chamber and the support in such a way as to use the support as an acoustic amplifier and to excite the accelerometer according to a predetermined mechanical wave.. . ... Snecma

Combustion chamber in a turbine engine

The invention relates to an annular combustion chamber in a turbine engine, comprising two coaxial walls of revolution, one an internal wall (12) and the other an external wall (14), between which emerge fuel injectors (19) each engaged in centring means (36) which are moveable in the radial direction in support means (38), the chamber also comprising means (50, 68) of axial retention in the upstream direction of the centring means. According to the invention, the means of axial retention in the upstream direction are removably fixed to at least one of the internal (12) or external (14) walls of revolution.. ... Snecma

Compressor shroud comprising a sealing element provided with a structure for entraining and diverting discharge air

A compressor shroud for an aircraft turbine engine, the shroud being arranged between two bladed rotary wheels and radially in line with a deflector, the shroud including a sealing device including one or more sealing elements, including a downstream end sealing element on which, projecting downstream, an air entraining and diverting structure is provided, designed to axially divert the discharge air issuing from the end sealing element.. . ... Snecma

Blade comprising a shank, provided with a depressed portion

The shank of a blade includes a first side and a second side provided with a depression. By concentrating this depression on a single side, a shank that is more rigid and resistant with an equal lightening is obtained, with the stress concentrations depending on the depth of the depression but being absent from first flat side. ... Snecma

Capacitive system for correcting the pogo effect with semi-centered discharge tube capable of being positioned in a bend

A pogo effect corrector system for a feed system for feeding a rocket engine with liquid propellant, the corrector system comprising: a feed pipe part for feeding liquid propellant that is configured to be connected both upstream and downstream to a liquid propellant feed pipe of the feed system; and a hydraulic accumulator comprising a tank connected to the feed pipe part via at least one communication orifice; the corrector system being characterized in that: at least a portion of the feed pipe part is at least partly surrounded by the inner volume of the tank; with each cross-section of said portion relative to its central axis being at least partly surrounded by the corresponding cross-section of the inner volume of the tank, in such a manner that the corresponding cross-section of the inner volume of the tank is off-center relative to said cross-section of said portion.. . ... Snecma

Method of determining probabilistic operability requirements for a system and its component subsystems

A method of operation of a complex system includes obtaining a population of operating points in a multidimensional space having axes, each representative of a parameter of a subsystem of the system that is represented for characterization purposes; followed by constructing a plurality of limit domains in that space, each constructed around a reference point to encompass a proportion of the population defined in the subsystem plane under consideration, which plane corresponds to a projection of the operating points obtained at system level into the plane of the subsystem under consideration; followed, for each subsystem, by defining qualifying domains by counting points of the population lying outside a given limit; and as functions of the result of the counting and a target proportion for the population defined for the system, adapting the domain to define modified domains characterizing operation of the subsystems approaching a defined target for the system.. . ... Snecma

Compacting and injection mold for a fiber preform for fabricating a turbine engine guide vane made of composite material

A compacting and injection mold for a fiber preform is for use in fabricating a turbine engine guide vane out of composite material. The mold includes a shell forming a trough that is to receive the fiber preform and that is closed in leaktight manner by bottom and top covers, compacting blocks arranged inside the trough each having a surface pressing normally against a surface of the fiber preform that is to be compacted, and closure blocks arranged inside the trough. ... Snecma

Lever arm device for controlling the pitch of fan blades of a turbine engine having an unducted fan

A device for controlling the pitch of fan blades in a turbine engine having an unducted fan including at least one set of adjustable pitch fan blades, each fan blade being coupled, for pitch adjustment purposes, to a radial control shaft constrained to rotate with the set of fan blades and suitable for pivoting about a radial pitch axis of the fan blade, the device including a stationary actuator centered on a longitudinal axis of the turbine engine and driving an outer ring of a load transfer bearing in translation, the outer ring of the load transfer bearing being coupled directly to a lever arm of each control shaft via a respective ball joint connection in order to adjust its pivoting.. . ... Snecma

Heat exchanger and turbine engine comprising such an exchanger

The invention relates to a heat exchanger (10) for heat-exchange between a first fluid and a second fluid, comprising a membrane separating the two fluids and a heat-conductive element (17) in thermal contact with the membrane and with the first fluid, characterised in that said heat-conductive element (17) moves between an active position and an inactive position, such that the capacity of heat exchange with the first fluid is weaker in the inactive position than in the active position. The exchanger is applied, in particular, for the cooling of fluid in the secondary stream of a turbofan.. ... Snecma

Turbomachine guide vanes with improved vane profile

A set of turbomachine guide vanes including plural vanes arranged around an annulus, each vane having a leading edge extending between root and tip ends, the leading edge offset between these two ends being greater than 10% of the blade height. A tangential stacking of the guide vanes towards the suction face side, the curve of tangential stacking, of the position, in the direction tangential to the annulus, of centers of gravity of successive vane cross sections along the vane height, is a curve that increases constantly towards the suction face side. ... Snecma

Guide device for variable pitch stator vanes of a turbine engine, and a method of assembling such a device

A device for guiding variable pitch stator vanes of a turbine engine is provided. The device includes a plurality of inner ring angular sectors arranged end-to-end in order to form an inner ring, each inner ring sector having chimneys passing radially through the inner ring sector, a plurality of cylindrical bushings, each being put into place in a chimney of the inner ring from the inside and each serving to receive a guide pivot of a stator vane, a plurality of reconstitution ring angular sectors arranged end-to-end in order to form a reconstitution ring and put into place radially from the inside against the inner ring, and a plurality of blocking elements passing axially through the inner and reconstitution rings in order to assemble the rings together.. ... Snecma

Fiber structure woven as a single piece by 3d weaving, and an application thereof to fabricating a composite material part

In a fiber structure woven as a single piece by three-dimensional weaving, first warp yarns interlink layers of weft yarns in a first portion of the fiber structure adjacent to a non-interlinked zone and also weft yarns of a second portion of the fiber structure beyond the non-interlinked zone, and second warp yarns interlink layers of weft yarns of the second portion of the fiber structure adjacent to the non-interlinked zone and also layers of weft yarns of the first portion of the fiber structure beyond the non-interlinked zone, such that the paths of the first and second warp yarns cross in at least one transition zone extending within the fiber structure from the end of the non-interlinked zone, the transition zone extending in the warp direction over a distance greater than the pitch between adjacent warp columns.. . ... Snecma

08/10/17 / #20170226965

Method for suppressing the pogo effect

A field of vehicles propelled by reaction, and more specifically to a method of suppressing the pogo effect in such a vehicle. A feed system for feeding a reaction engine of the vehicle includes a hydraulic accumulator enabling a selection to be made from among a plurality of predetermined operating levels, each corresponding to a different volume of gas. ... Snecma

06/22/17 / #20170175680

Method and device for monitoring a parameter of a rocket engine

An obtaining step for obtaining a measurement of the monitored parameter as measured by a sensor and corresponding to an operating point of the engine, the operating point being defined by at least one regulation parameter of the engine; an estimation step for estimating a value of the monitored parameter for this operating point on the basis of a regulated value or a filtered setpoint value of the at least one regulation parameter of the engine defining the operating point; a comparison step for comparing an error between the measurement of the monitored parameter and its estimate relative to at least one threshold determined on the basis of an uncertainty on the error evaluated for the operating point; and a notification step for sending a notification in the event of the at least one threshold being crossed.. . ... Snecma

06/22/17 / #20170175554

Air circulation device for turbomachine

A device for circulation of air for a turbomachine, the device including an inlet provided to receive incident airflow, air circulation ducts connected to the inlet, a central part including side walls, peripheral walls arranged at a distance from the central part, so as to form the air circulation ducts, each duct being arranged between one of the side walls of the central part and one of the peripheral walls, each peripheral wall including an upstream end portion delimiting with one of the side walls an inlet orifice of one of the ducts and a downstream end portion delimiting with one of the side walls an outlet orifice of one of the ducts, at least one member mobile in translation relative to the peripheral walls, the at least one mobile member being formed in the central part and arranged so that its displacement varies a section of each of the inlet orifices and a section of at least one of the outlet orifices.. . ... Snecma

06/22/17 / #20170174322

Propeller blade pivot

The invention relates to the field of aerial propellers, in particular the field of variable-pitch propellers, specifically for unducted fans. More specifically, the invention relates to a pivot (15) for a blade (14) of a propeller (3a, 3b), the pivot including at least a proximal portion (15a) made of metal and suitable for being retained in a radial orifice of a propeller hub, while being capable of turning in said orifice about a longitudinal axis (z) of the pivot (15), and a distal portion (15b) including a receptacle (20) suitable for retaining a blade root, and at least one arm (17) of organic matrix composite material extending laterally relative to said longitudinal axis (z) and supporting a flyweight (16).. ... Snecma

06/15/17 / #20170167504

Fan for a turbomachine

The invention proposes a fan, in particular for a turbomachine of small size such as a jet engine, having a hub ratio which corresponds to the ratio of the diameter of the inner limit of the incoming air stream (26) at the radially inner ends of the leading edges of the fan blades (10), divided by the diameter of the circle around which the outer ends of the fan blades pass, having a value of between 0.20 and 0.265.. . ... Snecma

05/11/17 / #20170134626

Device for searching for defects on parts by endoscopy

. . A device for searching for defects on parts that are masked, such as turbine engine blades, the device including a tubular sheath, a light-guide guiding light, an image-transmission mechanism transmitting images housed inside the sheath, an examination head at a distal end of the sheath including an illumination mechanism and an image-taking mechanism connected to the light-guide and to the image-transmission mechanism housed in the sheath, a mechanism spraying a succession of penetrant test materials on the part for inspection including a capillary slidably guided in a duct housed in the sheath, and a mechanism adjusting orientation of the examination head at the distal end of the sheath.. . ... Snecma

04/20/17 / #20170108225

Device for mounting a spark plug in a combustion engine of a gas turbine engine

. . A device for mounting a spark plug in a combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine includes a chimney including a collar extending radially inwards, a washer fastened on an axial end of the chimney so as to project towards the inside of the chimney, and a bushing forming a spark plug guide and including an inner collar and an outer collar that are axially spaced apart from each other by a cylindrical portion. Each collar extends radially outwards. ... Snecma

03/30/17 / #20170088276

Propulsion assembly for an aircraft having a turbojet with a non-ducted fan and an attachment pylon

A propulsion assembly for an aircraft, the assembly including a turbojet having at least one unducted propulsive propeller, and an attachment pylon for attaching the turbojet to a structural element of the aircraft, the pylon being positioned on the turbojet upstream from the propeller and having a streamlined profile defined by two opposite side faces extending transversely between a leading edge and a trailing edge. The pylon includes a plurality of blow nozzles situated in the vicinity of its trailing edge and configured to blow air taken from a pressurized portion of the turbojet, the blow nozzles being positioned over at least a fraction of the trailing edge of the pylon that extends longitudinally facing at least a portion of the propeller. ... Snecma

03/16/17 / #20170073857

Multilayer woven fibrous structure including a hollow tubular part, production method thereof and composite part comprising same

A fiber structure made as a single piece by multilayer weaving using a method including weaving warp yarns of at least a first set of layers of warp yarns with weft yarns including at least some that are woven with extra length so as to have warp yarn end portions available that extend beyond the zone of weaving, the warp yarn end portions being returned to be woven with warp yarns by being reinserted in layers of warp yarns, and a hollow, or tubular, portion being formed by looping the first woven set of layers of warp yarns back onto itself and applying traction to the ends of the reinserted weft yarns so that a fiber preform for a part including a hollow portion can be obtained as a single piece.. . ... Snecma

03/02/17 / #20170058912

Blade provided with platforms possessing attachment portions

A preform for a turbine engine blade, comprising a main fiber preform obtained by three-dimensional weaving and comprising: a first longitudinal segment, suitable for forming a blade root; a second longitudinal segment, extending upwards from the first longitudinal segment and suitable for forming an airfoil portion; and a first transverse segment, extending transversely from the junction between the first and second longitudinal segments to a substantially linear distal edge and suitable for forming a first platform; the preform further including at least one attachment tab provided under the first transverse segment at its distal edge, suitable for forming an attachment portion of the platform.. . ... Snecma

02/23/17 / #20170051672

Aircraft turbine engine with improved mechanical power takeoff

An aircraft turbine engine includes a fan and a reduction gear including a plurality of rotary elements and driving the fan. The turbine engine further includes a gearbox and a mechanical power takeoff box driving the gearbox. ... Snecma

02/23/17 / #20170051671

Variable geometries fluid supply circuit for a turbomachine without volumetric pump

A system for supplying a turbomachine with fluid, the supply system including a low-pressure pumping unit intended to increase the pressure of the fluid flowing toward a downstream circuit. The downstream circuit divides at an inlet node, situated between the low-pressure pumping unit and the high-pressure volumetric pump, into a circuit supplying an injection system and a variable geometries supply circuit. ... Snecma

02/16/17 / #20170044993

Fuel meter protected from icing

A fuel metering unit including a movable element including at least one fuel passage section opening upstream towards a fuel supply conduit and opening downstream towards a conduit of use through a metering slot with a flared profile having a narrow passage section flaring as far as a wide passage section, the movable element being able to be moved with respect to a fixed element between a low flow rate position in which the metering slot is for a large part obstructed and a high flow rate position in which the metering slot is for a large part exposed, the metering slot being made in the fixed element or in the movable element and its obstruction being obtained by covering the slot with a wall of the movable element or of the fixed element.. . ... Snecma

02/16/17 / #20170044988

Assembly for aircraft turbine engine and method for mounting same

An assembly for an aircraft turbine engine, including a rolling bearing bracket defining an inner space on either side thereof; a rotary assembly including a first gear; a housing for drawing mechanical power including a second gear mating with the first gear; a shaft for drawing mechanical power, inserted into the housing and rotated by the second gear, the shaft passing through a first opening of the bracket. The assembly includes a mounting device for mounting the housing on he bearing bracket, the mounting device passing through a second opening via the bracket, the mounting device passing through a second opening via the bracket, the second opening being configured so as to allow the housing to be inserted into the space.. ... Snecma

02/16/17 / #20170044986

Gear pump intended, in particular, as a high pressure fuel pump

A geared fuel pump (4′) operates to supply a determined flow but at low or zero pressure rise. It is planned to add gland packing (46) between support bearings (19) of the pinions (11), or between some of them, to provide hydrodynamic lift for these bearings, by delimiting a closed cavity (47) to provide lift by a fluid with better viscosity properties instead of using the fluid itself that is pumped. ... Snecma

02/09/17 / #20170037733

Turbomachine turbine blade comprising a cooling circuit with improved homogeneity

The internal cooling of moving blades of turbines in aircraft turbomachines is limited in effectiveness because of inhomogeneities of this cooling on each of the pressure-side and suction-side walls. To address this problem, there is proposed a blade including a circuit for cooling the airfoil part thereof, in which circuit the cavities interconnected in series are such that the stream of air flows radially toward the outside along the pressure-side wall in pressure-side cavities, and radially toward the inside along the suction-side wall in a suction-side cavity that is separated from the pressure-side cavities by an internal wall of the airfoil part. ... Snecma

02/02/17 / #20170030222

Turbomachine casing comprising a cavity-free shroud and yokes reinforced by stiffeners

. . The invention relates to a turbomachine casing (1) comprising: a hub (2), an outer shroud (3), and yokes (11) projecting from the outer shroud (3), for attaching the housing (1), characterised in that it comprises at least one stiffener (10) extending between pairs of yokes (11) facing each other, and comprising a central part (18) and side arms (19) projecting from the central part (18).. . ... Snecma

02/02/17 / #20170028489

A shaft machining anti-vibration device

An anti-vibration device for the machining of a shaft includes a first fixed ring intended to be kept inside a shaft by a shoulder, the anti-vibration device including: at least one first external groove and at least one first external seal for forming at least one contact with the internal surface of the shaft; at least one first internal circumferential groove and at least one first internal seal for forming at least one contact with the external surface of the bar; an internal circumferential cavity that is able to cause the circulation of a fluid arriving through a first duct and leaving through a second duct, the first duct and second duct passing through the radial thickness of the anti-vibration device, the internal circumferential cavity making it possible to realize a vibration-damping function when a fluid passes through it.. . ... Snecma

01/26/17 / #20170023251

Combustion chamber comprising additional injection devices opening up directly into corner recirculation zones, turbomachine comprising such a chamber and fuel supply method for such a chamber

A combustion chamber (18) for aircraft turbomachine, comprising an annular chamber end wall (40), an annular row of injection systems (42) mounted in the annular chamber end wall (40), each injection system comprising at least one air inlet swirler (56, 58) and a main fuel injection nozzle (54) configured to output a fuel stream centred on an injection axis (44) and comprising a central recirculation zone (62) and a corner recirculation zone (64) extending as an annulus around the central recirculation zone (62) chamber, and a plurality of additional fuel injection devices (70) mounted in the chamber end wall (40) and configured to inject fuel (71) directly into the corresponding corner recirculation zones (64) produced by the corresponding injection systems (42) at an operating speed less than or equal to the idling speed.. . ... Snecma

01/26/17 / #20170023013

A casing made of organic matrix composite material that facilitates the discharge of smoke

A gas turbine casing made of organic matrix composite material includes reinforcement densified by an organic matrix defines an inside volume. On its inside face the casing has a structural part with a first face facing the inside face of the casing, and an opposite second face defining a flow passage portion. ... Snecma

01/26/17 / #20170023003

Turbomachine component with non-axisymmetric surface

The present invention relates to a turbomachine component (1) or collection of components comprising at least a first and a second blade (3i, 3e) and a platform (2) from which the blades (3i, 3e) extend, characterized in that the platform (2) has a non-axisymmetric surface (s) bounded by a first and a second end plane (ps, pr) and defined by at least two class c construction curves each one representing the value of a radius of said surface (s) as a function of a position between the pressure face of the first blade (3i) and the suction face of the second blade (3e) in a plane substantially parallel to the end planes (ps, pr), these including at least one upstream curve and one downstream curve; each construction curve being defined by at least one pressure face control end point and one suction face control end point such that: —the tangent to the downstream curve at the suction face control end point 20 is inclined by at most 5°; —any other tangent to a construction curve at a control end point is inclined by at least 5°.. . ... Snecma

01/26/17 / #20170022906

Method for isolating a combustible fluid tank from a downstream portion of a turbomachine supply system in case of a fire, and such a supply system

A supply system for supplying fluid to a turbomachine including a fluid tank, a downstream portion located downstream from the tank, and a cutoff valve located between the tank and the downstream portion. The cutoff valve is configured to be at least partially open when a rotational speed of a shaft of the turbomachine is higher than a first threshold and in the absence of a fire detected in the turbomachine. ... Snecma

01/26/17 / #20170021654

Method for marking the surface of a mechanical part with a predefined graphical representation having a holographic effect

A method of marking the surface of a mechanical part with a predefined graphic having a holographic type effect, the method including using a laser source to apply a succession of laser pulses to the outside surface of a part for marking, with different masks being interposed between the laser source and the outside surface of the part, each mask having a particular pattern, each laser pulse having a power density of at least 20 mw/cm2 and a duration that is less than or equal to 100 ns.. . ... Snecma

01/19/17 / #20170016346

Device for cleaning a turbomachine module

A device for cleaning, for example degritting or desanding, a turbomachine module comprising: (i) means for isolating bearings of the module, by containment in a closed enclosure; (ii) means for overpressurising said enclosure; (iii) means for stripping material deposited in the walls of annular recesses of the module; and (iv) means for sucking up the material thus stripped.. . ... Snecma

01/12/17 / #20170009781

Turbomachine component or collection of components and associated turbomachine

The present invention relates to a turbomachine component (1) or collection of components comprising at least a first and a second blade (3i, 3e) and a platform (2) from which the blades (3i, 3e) extend, characterized in that the platform (2), between the pressure face of the first blade (3i) and the suction face of the second blade (3e) has a non-axisymmetric surface (s) defining a plurality of fins (4) of substantially triangular section extending downstream of a leading edge (ba) of each of the blades (3i, 3e), each fin (4) being associated with a leading position and a trailing position on the surface (s), between which positions the fin (4) extends, such that: the leading position is situated at between 5% and 35% length relative to a chord of the blade (3i, 3e) extending from a leading edge (ba) to a trailing edge (bf) of the blade (3i, 3e);—the further a fin (4) is from the suction face of the second blade (3e), the further the leading position of said fin (4) is axially from the leading edge (ba) of the blades (3i, 3e).. . ... Snecma

01/05/17 / #20170003028

Annular combustion chamber in a turbine engine

The invention relates to a device for supporting and centring a fuel injector in a turbine engine combustion chamber, which includes means for centring a fuel injector along an axis, which are movable in a plane that is radial to the centring axis (52) in supporting means intended for being attached to the bottom of an annular chamber (18). According to the invention, the centring means include at least two radially external tabs (54, 56) each inserted respectively in a circumferential recess (60, 64) of the supporting means, the device including circumferential abutment means (78, 80, 74, 76, 82, 86, 84, 88) of the radial tabs (54, 56) of the centring means in the circumferential recesses (60, 64), the circumferential abutment means being configured such as to enable a greater angular displacement of a first (54, 154) one of the radial tabs in a first circumferential recess (60) relative to a second (56, 156) one of the radial tabs in a second circumferential recess (64).. ... Snecma

01/05/17 / #20170002747

Aircraft turbomachine comprising a heat exchanger of the precooler type

The invention relates to an aircraft turbomachine comprising a nacelle and an engine comprising at least one outflowing jet of air, wherein a heat exchanger of the precooler type for supplying air to the aircraft is mounted in the nacelle, said exchanger comprising a primary circuit, the inlet of which is connected to means for taking compressed air from the engine and the outlet of which is connected to means for supplying air to the aircraft, and a secondary circuit supplied with air taken from said air flow.. . ... Snecma

01/05/17 / #20170002689

Device for retaining drained fluids for a propulsive assembly

A device for retaining drained fluids for a propulsive assembly includes a cavity for storing the drained fluids and two walls mounted at the opening of said cavity. The cavity has a fluid storage volume v1 when the device is in a substantially vertical position, and each wall is configured such as to define a fluid storage volume (v2 and v3 respectively) in the cavity when the device is in a substantially horizontal position, each of the volumes v2 and v3 being at least equal to the volume v1.. ... Snecma

01/05/17 / #20170002476

Method for manufacturing a part coated with a protective coating

A method of fabricating a part coated with a protective coating, the method including using micro-arc oxidation treatment to form a protective coating on the outside surface of a part, the part including a niobium matrix having metallic silicide inclusions present therein, the current passing through the part being controlled during the micro-arc oxidation treatment in order to subject the part to a succession of current cycles, the ratio of (quantity of positive charge applied to the part)/(quantity of negative charge applied to the part) lying in the range 0.80 to 1.6 for each current cycle.. . ... Snecma

01/05/17 / #20170001366

Method for adhering parts and device for implementing said method

A method is provided of bonding together at least two parts. The method includes assembling together at least two parts and at least one adhesive layer, the adhesive being configured so that its adhesive power increases on heating as a result of it polymerizing, at least one of the parts being made of composite material or of metal, the adhesive layer being present, after assembly, between the parts, the assembled together parts and the adhesive being present in a chamber defined by a wall, the wall having an inside face situated facing a first part present between the adhesive layer and the wall, the first part being intended to be bonded to a second part and only a fraction of the second part being present inside the chamber; and applying a liquid against the wall on its side opposite from the chamber.. ... Snecma

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