Inventors on Sonic Ip Inc patents (recent)


A list of inventors with patent application filings associated with Sonic Ip Inc for 2018.
Note: Some Sonic Ip Inc-related inventors may appear under alternate organization names/spellings.
Inventors are listed solely due to being on a related/assigned patent, and may not be affiliated in any way with the organization.

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Abhishek Shivadas

Amit Bhimsen Suri

Auke Sjoerd Van Der Schaar

Auke Sjoerd Van Der Schaar

Chris Russell

Daniel Salmonsen

Dong Xie

Dongfa Liu

Eric William Grab

Francis Yee-dug Chan

Giang Pham

Hans Andreas Baumgartner

Horngwei Michael Her

Horngwei Michael Her

Jason Braness

Jerome Vashisht-rota

Joe Zhou

John Funnell

Kourosh Soroushian

Mayur Srinivasan

Michael Floyd

Michael George Kiefer

Qiang Wang

Roland Osborne

Shaiwal Priyadarshi

Stephen Bramwell

Stephen R. Bramwell

William Frantz

Yuri Bulava

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