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Technip France patents

Recent patent applications related to Technip France. Technip France is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Technip France may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Technip France, we're just tracking patents.

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Process for expansion and storage of a flow of liquefied natural gas from a natural gas liquefaction plant, and associated plant

. . The process comprises the following steps: mixing a gaseous stream of flash gas and a gaseous stream of boil-off gas to form a mixed gaseous flow; compressing the mixed gaseous flow in at least one compression apparatus to form a flow of compressed combustible gas; withdrawing a bypass flow in the flow of compressed combustible gas; compressing the bypass flow in at least one downstream compressor; cooling and expanding the compressed bypass flow; reheating at least a first stream derived from the expanded bypass flow in at least one downstream heat exchanger, reintroducing the first reheated stream in the mixed gaseous flow upstream from the compression apparatus.. . ... Technip France

Removable cover intended for being arranged opposite a fluid-transport pipe submerged in a body of water, associated intervention assembly and method

A cover including an elongate body, capable of being applied to be facing an outer surface of the pipe, and at least one longitudinal interaction element for interacting with the pipe, supported by the elongate body. The elongate body is reversibly deformable under the effect of its own weight, the elongate body having a length of more than 10 m. ... Technip France

Simplified method for producing a methane-rich stream and a c2+ hydrocarbon-rich fraction from a feed natural-gas stream, and associated facility

A method comprising the cooling of the feed natural-gas (15) in a first heat exchanger (16) and the introduction of the cooled feed natural-gas (40) in separator flask (18). The method further comprising dynamic expansion of a turbine input flow (46) in a first expansion turbine (22) and the introduction of the expanded flow (102) into a splitter column (26). ... Technip France

Facility for mixing/separating immiscible liquids

A facility (50) for mixing/separating two immiscible liquids (22, 24) having different densities, said facility including a mixer (52) combined with a settler (14), the mixer including a tank (16) provided with two liquid inlets (18, 20); an agitator (28) located in the tank, the agitator being mounted on a shaft (30) rotating around a vertical axis (32); and a lift pump (54) located above the agitator. The pump includes a moving body (56) rotatable along the vertical axis (32), the moving body defining a first frustoconical inner surface (60) positioned along the vertical axis and upwardly flared, and a body (66) that is stationary relative to the tank, the stationary body defining a second frustoconical inner surface (68) positioned along the vertical axis and upwardly flared, the second frustoconical inner surface being situated substantially in an extension of, and above, the first frustoconical inner surface.. ... Technip France

Device for controlling the filling of a pipe as it is being laid in a stretch of water, and associated assembly and method

A device includes an upstream section defining a water introduction inlet; an injector for injecting a process fluid into the water introduced into the upstream section; an intermediate section mounted downstream of the injector for receiving the water containing the process fluid; a downstream section for conveying water to the fluid transport pipe being laid. The device also includes a liquid volume compensation reservoir, having a variable receiving volume of water discharged from the fluid transport pipe, a connector to which are connected the intermediate section, the downstream section and the liquid volume compensation reservoir, wherein the inlet cross-section of the compensation reservoir is greater than 40 times the internal cross-section of the intermediate section taken at the connector. ... Technip France

Method for forming a seal in an end piece of a flexible pipe including a pressure sheath

A method includes providing, around an end section of the pressure sheath, of a crimping ring that is intended to be introduced into the pressure sheath; placing, around the end section and the crimping ring, of an end vault of the end piece, the end vault having an engagement surface for engaging with the crimping ring capable of pushing the crimping ring radially into the pressure sheath; relatively moving of the crimping ring in relation to the engagement surface in order to crimp the crimping ring in the pressure sheath. The method includes, prior to the relative movement, a heating of the end section of the pressure sheath, capable of reducing the young's modulus of the polymer material of the end section of the pressure sheath and of maintaining a reduced young's modulus during the relative movement step.. ... Technip France

Waste heat boiler system, mixing chamber, and method for cooling a process gas

A waste heat boiler system for cooling a process gas, including a first shell-and-tube heat exchanger for cooling relatively hot gas down to relatively warm gas, an intermediate chamber for receiving gas, cooled down to relatively warm gas, coming out of tubes of the first heat exchanger, and a second shell-and-tube heat exchanger for cooling relatively warm gas further down to relatively cool gas. The intermediate chamber is provided with an outlet fluidly connected to a bypass channel for allowing a part of the relatively warm gas to bypass tubes of the second heat exchanger. ... Technip France

Method for improving propylene recovery from fluid catalytic cracker unit

The present invention relates to a method for treating a cracked stream stemming from a fluid catalytic cracker unit (fccu) in order to improve propylene recovery. The present invention also relates to the corresponding installation to implement the method.. ... Technip France

System and method for conversion of floating drilling platform to floating production platform

The present disclosure provides a system and a method for efficiently converting the structure of a drilling floating platform into a structure for a production floating platform. A riser support module can be coupled to a topsides of the drilling floating platform and suspended below a moonpool or other opening through the topsides to support risers and their respective riser pull tubes, if any. ... Technip France

Method of checking a flexible line and associated installation

A method for checking a flexible line, the flexible line including at least one layer of armors (24, 25) surrounded by an external sheath (30), the external sheath (30) delimiting an internal space (33) receiving the layer of armors (24, 25) and including at least one medium (m) at the interface between the external sheath (30) and the internal space (33). The method includes sending an ultrasonic signal on a region to be checked of the external sheath (30), and receiving the reflected signal at the interface between the region to be checked of the external sheath (30) and the internal space (33) facing the region to be checked of the external sheath (30); and analyzing the polarity of the reflected signal and determining, according to the analyzed polarity, at least the nature of the medium (m) at the interface.. ... Technip France

Method for mounting an undersea installation comprising at least one section of pipe, and associated installation

A method has the following steps: a) providing an undersea foundation arranged on the bed of a body of water; b) laying a section of pipe and of an in-line structure on the foundation and allowing the section of pipe to freely self-orient on the foundation; c) placing at least one guide on the foundation on both sides of the section of pipe; d) blocking the guide on the foundation to laterally clamp the section of pipe with respect to the foundation, while authorizing a longitudinal movement of the section of pipe with respect to the guide.. . ... Technip France

Device for skimming a surface fluid

A device (10) for a skimming operation for petrochemical or chemical fluid storage or process tanks working by gravitation, comprising buoyancy means (20), means (30) for collecting surface fluid to be skimmed including an opening (31) emerging just above the interface between the fluid with density d1 and the fluid with density d2, as well as connection means (32), and discharge means (40) for the collected surface fluid. The discharge means (40) includes at least two flexible pipes (41, 42) connected symmetrically to the connection means (32) and extending vertically in the fluid with density d2 toward the bottom of the tank.. ... Technip France

Unbonded flexible pipe for transporting an abrasive material, associated method and associated use

The pipe includes at least one tubular sheath delimiting a passage for circulation of the abrasive material, at least one tensile armor layer externally positioned with respect to the tubular sheath, the armor layer including a plurality of filiform armor elements. It further includes a protective internal layer positioned inside the tubular sheath in the circulation passage, the protective internal layer including an elastomeric matrix and a longitudinal reinforcement assembly embedded in the matrix.. ... Technip France

Flexible pipe for transporting fluid and associated method

This flexible fluid transport pipe includes an inner polymer sheath defining a fluid circulation passage with a central axis; at least one armor layer positioned outside the inner sheath; an inner carcass, positioned in the inner sheath, the inner carcass comprising a first bent tape defining a helical interstice emerging toward the central axis. The pipe includes a helical insert with a t-shaped cross-section comprising a rod inserted in the helical interstice and two wings protruding on either side of the rod to inwardly close off the helical interstice. ... Technip France

05/04/17 / #20170122467

Tubular pipe with a composite holding strip

A flexible tubular conduit (10) having a tubular inner pressure structure including a tubular sheath (16) and a pressure vault (18) for taking up the radial forces, and a tubular outer tensile structure having at least one web of tensile armor wires (22, 24), and a holding strip (28) wound in a short-pitch helix over the web of tensile armor wires (24), the holding strip (28) comprising a layer of polymer material and a plurality of strands of fibers stretched substantially in the longitudinal direction of the holding strip (28). The fibers of the strands of the plurality of strands of fibers are mineral fibers, and the plurality of strands of fibers is embedded in the layer of polymer material.. ... Technip France

04/27/17 / #20170113761

Moonpool work table

A moonpool work table able to provide an opening to a moonpool including a first set of opposing table doors having opposing vertical faces and moveable between an open position and one or more closed positions, and a second set of opposing table doors moveable between an open position and one or more closed positions in a transverse direction to that of the first set of table doors. In this way, the first and second set of table doors are able to define a “box” that can more closely and tightly define the area or envelope through which a conduit or the like can pass.. ... Technip France

03/23/17 / #20170081947

Submarine connection assembly

A submarine connection for interconnecting a riser pipe and a flexible pipe (26). The riser pipe has an upper end and the flexible pipe (26) has a lower end (30). ... Technip France

03/16/17 / #20170074426

Method for connecting a bottom pipe and a riser pipe

A facility and a method for connecting a bottom submarine pipe (14) and a riser submarine pipe. The riser submarine pipe has an upstream end (62) with a fitting (66) on the end thereof, while the bottom submarine pipe (14) has a downstream end (46) provided with a connecting end piece (50). ... Technip France

01/26/17 / #20170023366

Monitoring system and method for vessel mooring

The present disclosure provides a system and method of monitoring a mooring system for a floating vessel using the time of the natural period independent of environmental conditions. The natural period can be calculated and/or established experientially over time by measuring movement of the vessel to establish the natural period at given geographical positions of a secure and intact mooring system. ... Technip France

01/19/17 / #20170016565

A pip trace heating connection assembly

A pip trace heating connection assembly a pipe-in-pipe (pip) trace heating connection assembly in the annulus of a pip pipeline comprising at least first and second conjoined pip stalks having inner and outer pipes and the annulus thereinbetween, the first pip stalk having a first trace heating cable (22) located along its inner pipe, and the second pip stalk having a second trace heating cable (24) located along its inner pipe, the first and second heating cables have cable ends and heating cable terminals on the cable ends, and a flexible intermediate connecting cable (40) having first and second intermediate terminals secured to, the heating cable terminals of the first and second trace heating cables respectively to form a secured electrical pathway between the first and second trace heating cables. In this way, securing the heating cable terminals with the intermediate connecting cable significantly reduces the time required to form a secured electrical pathway between the trace heating cables of each pip stalk.. ... Technip France

01/12/17 / #20170008741

Multi-cable subsea lifting system

A multi-cable subsea lifting system including two or more load-cable lifting apparatus (2a, 2b); a load cable (4a, 4b) extending from each load-cable lifting apparatus (2a, 2b) to a subsea attachment point; a torque measuring device (22) associated with each load cable (4a, 4b); one or more subsea anti-cabling devices (20), each anti-cabling device (20) including a motor (24) connected to a respective load cable (4a, 4b); and a controller (30) in communication with each motor (24) and torque measuring device (22); wherein the controller (30) is configured to actuate each motor (24) to impart a rotational force to its respective load cable (4a, 4b) in response to measurements obtained from the torque measuring device (22) with the aim to limit cabling, remove cabling or control heading either automatically or from external control.. . ... Technip France

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