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Tesla Motors Inc patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Tesla Motors Inc. Tesla Motors Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Tesla Motors Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Tesla Motors Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/26/15 / #20150342092

Heatsink with internal cavity for liquid cooling

A heatsink with an internal cavity for liquid cooling includes: a first part having a first group of fins extending into the internal cavity; a second part attached to the first part so that the internal cavity is formed, the second part having a second group of fins that extend into the internal cavity and that are configured to fit among the first group of fins; an inlet into the internal cavity on at least one of the first and second parts; and an outlet from the internal cavity on at least one of the first and second parts.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

11/05/15 / #20150318106

Bobbin design for conduction-cooled, gapped, high-permeability magnetic components

A coil former, also referred to herein as a bobbin, is provided for use in conduction-cooled magnetic components that contain an air gap. The diameter of the disclosed bobbin is increased and ribs/splines or tabs are created to keep the winding centered about the core center post while allowing thermally conductive silicone-based or equivalent encapsulant to fill the voids between the coil former and the core, the coil former and the windings and/or both depending on the placement of the locating tabs. ... Tesla Motors Inc

10/29/15 / #20150307068

Battery swapping system and techniques

A method of exchanging an electrical energy storage system (eess) in an electric vehicle includes: positioning an electric vehicle in x and y directions on an eess exchange station; after positioning, raising the electric vehicle to a predetermined height using a first lift; after raising the electric vehicle, raising an eess lift toward the electric vehicle until the eess lift is correctly positioned relative to a first eess; after raising the eess lift, removing fasteners that secure a first eess to the electric vehicle; placing an eess conveyor underneath the eess lift; after placing the eess conveyor, lowering the first eess onto the eess conveyor using the eess lift; after lowering the first eess, removing the first eess and instead placing a second eess underneath the electric vehicle; after placing the second eess underneath the electric vehicle, raising the second eess toward the electric vehicle using the eess lift until the second eess is correctly positioned relative to the electric vehicle; after raising the second eess, fastening the second eess onto the electric vehicle; and after fastening the second eess, lowering the electric vehicle using the vehicle lift.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

10/29/15 / #20150306974

Charging station providing thermal conditioning of electric vehicle during charging session

A method of thermally conditioning an energy storage of a vehicle while charging includes: receiving, at a charging station, thermal information about the energy storage; supplying, by the charging station, electric energy to the energy storage in a charging session; and providing, by the charging station and based on the thermal information, thermal conditioning of the energy storage during at least part of the charging session.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

10/22/15 / #20150305192

Dielectric thermal pad using dual-sided thermally conductive adhesive on ceramic

A device includes: an electronic component that generates heat; a heatsink configured to absorb at least part of the heat through thermal transfer; and a thermally conductive dielectric pad that attaches the electronic component and the heatsink to each other and facilitates the thermal transfer. The thermally conductive dielectric pad includes: a ceramic tile; a first layer of adhesive that attaches a first side of the ceramic tile to the electronic component; and a second layer of adhesive that attaches a second side of the ceramic tile to the heatsink.. ... Tesla Motors Inc

10/22/15 / #20150303016

Electromagnetic switch with stable moveable contact

An electromagnetic switch includes: at least two stationary electric contacts; and a moveable contact, wherein the electromagnetic switch is configured for reciprocal motion of the moveable contact into and out of contact with the stationary electric contacts, wherein the moveable contact is configured so that at least three contact points occur in the reciprocal motion, and so that a triangle defined by the at least three contact points encloses a center of force of the movement.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

10/22/15 / #20150298744

Torque box with shear planes at inner joint

A torque box for a vehicle includes: first and second clamshells joined to each other at respective top and bottom edges and configured to form at least first and second enclosures with an inner joint in between, the first and second enclosures configured to provide top and bottom shear planes at the top and bottom edges, respectively, and at least first and second shear planes at the inner joint.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

10/22/15 / #20150298741

Subframe configured to detach upon impact

A subframe for a vehicle has a front attachment to a crush rail in the vehicle, and a rear attachment to the vehicle, the subframe comprising at least one initiator configured to cause the subframe to fold downward in event of impact, the subframe configured so that the front attachment detaches as a result of the impact and the subframe is deflected downward, while the rear attachment does not detach.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

10/22/15 / #20150298740

Adapter for crush rail and torque box

An adapter for a vehicle includes: an adapter body configured to bridge between a crush rail at a vehicle end and a back-up structure, the adapter body having a socket configured to receive and enclose four sides of the crush rail, the adapter body having a plug configured to fit into the back-up structure; and an opening in the adapter body configured to have a drive shaft extend through the adapter.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

10/22/15 / #20150298633

Vehicle crush rail with substantially square cells and initiators

A vehicle crush rail includes: a body configured to be at least partially crushed along an axis between first and second ends thereof, the body having a cross section profile that comprises first, second and third cells that are substantially square, wherein at least one of the first, second and third cells extends from the first end to the second end, wherein the first, second and third cells have respective initiators arranged according to a crush pattern for the crush rail.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

10/22/15 / #20150298520

Controlling a compressor for air suspension of electric vehicle

A method of controlling a compressor for an air suspension of an electric vehicle includes: determining a state of a reservoir in the electric vehicle, the reservoir coupled to drive air springs of a suspension system; determining whether the electric vehicle is connected to an external source of electric energy for charging an energy storage of the electric vehicle; in response to determining that the electric vehicle is connected to the external source, applying a first value as a threshold for whether to replenish the reservoir by a compressor; and in response to determining that the electric vehicle is not connected to the external source, applying a second value, different from the first value, as the threshold for whether to replenish the reservoir by the compressor.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

08/27/15 / #20150244047

Battery mounting and cooling system

A battery system is provided in which the batteries are mounted between a pair of substrates, the system further including at least one cooling tube mounted next to the batteries, the cooling tube used to withdraw heat from the batteries via a circulating liquid coolant.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

08/27/15 / #20150244036

Energy storage system with heat pipe thermal management

An energy storage system includes: multiple cells, each cell having a first end with anode and cathode terminals, and a second end opposite the first end, the cells arranged so that the second ends are aligned; for each of the cells, electrical connections coupled to the anode and cathode terminals at the first end; and a heat pipe having a flat evaporation surface facing the second ends.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

08/27/15 / #20150239331

System for absorbing and distributing side impact energy utilizing an integrated battery pack

An energy absorbing and distributing side impact system for a vehicle includes: first and second side sills, each of the first and second sills comprising multiple longitudinal channels, at least an upper longitudinal channel positioned above a vehicle floor panel and at least a lower longitudinal channel positioned below the vehicle floor panel; a battery enclosure mounted between front and rear suspensions of the vehicle, the battery enclosure having a first side member attached to the first side sill, and a second side member attached to the second side sill; cross-members integrated into the battery enclosure; and one or more bolts each extending though a respective opening in one of the cross-members and extending to an opposite side of the vehicle floor panel from the cross-member.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

08/06/15 / #20150222162

Pressurized and gravity-fed liquid cooling of electric motor

A liquid cooling system for an electric motor includes: a pump for liquid to cool the electric motor; a heat exchanger that removes heat from the liquid; a manifold extending above a stator of the electric motor, the manifold receiving the liquid under pressure and having a first opening that directs a first liquid jet onto the stator; and a first tray above first end turns of the stator, the manifold having a second opening that directs a second liquid jet onto the first tray, the first tray having a third opening that performs gravity-fed liquid distribution onto the first end turns.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

08/06/15 / #20150217654

Cooling of charging cable

A charging system for an electric vehicle includes: a power supply; a cable having first and second ends, the first end attached to the power supply, the cable comprising a charging conductor and a cooling conduit, each of which extends from the first end to the second end; and a connector attached to the second end of the cable, the connector having a form factor corresponding to a charge port of the electric vehicle; wherein the cooling conduit is adapted to convey a fluid that cools the charging conductor.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

06/18/15 / #20150171644

Fast charging of battery using adjustable voltage control

A battery cell charger for rapidly charging a lithium ion battery cell (or string of series-parallel connected cells) having a maximum battery cell voltage the battery cell charging system including: a circuit for charging the battery cell using an adjustable voltage charging-profile to apply a charging voltage and a charging current to the battery cell wherein the adjustable voltage charging-profile includes: a first charging stage with a constant first stage charging current and an increasing battery cell voltage with the first stage charging current provided until the first stage charging voltage is about equal to a first stage complete voltage less than the maximum battery cell voltage; one or more intermediate charging stages, each intermediate stage selected from the group consisting of one or more of an intermediate constant voltage stage that provides a decreasing charging current, an intermediate constant current stage that produces an increasing battery cell voltage, and combinations thereof; and a final charging stage with a constant final stage charging voltage about equal to an intermediate stage complete voltage and a decreasing final stage charging current with the final stage charging voltage provided until the final stage charging current reaches a desired charge complete level.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

06/18/15 / #20150168477

Wire break detection in redundant communications

A system and method for low-cost, fault tolerant, emi robust data communications, particularly for an ev environment.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

06/18/15 / #20150165921

Determining battery dc impedance

A method and apparatus for measuring battery cell dc impedance by controlling charging of the battery cell. The method includes real-time characterization of a battery, (a) measuring periodically a dc impedance of the battery to determine a measured dc impedance; (b) ratioing the measured dc impedance to a reference dc impedance for the battery to establish an impedance degradation factor; (c) obtaining, during use of the battery and responsive to a set of attributes of the battery, an operational reference impedance for the battery; and (d) applying the impedance degradation factor to the operational reference impedance to obtain a real-time effective impedance for the battery.. ... Tesla Motors Inc

06/04/15 / #20150155112

Electromagnetic switch with damping interface

An electromagnetic switch includes: a stationary electrical contact; a moveable electrical contact; an actuated member to which the moveable electrical contact is attached for driving the moveable electrical contact into and out of contact with the stationary electrical contact; and a damping interface between the moveable electrical contact and the actuated member.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

05/28/15 / #20150147600

Cap for electrochemical cell

An electrochemical cell includes: a cell can; electrolyte and an active-material roll in the cell can; and a cap that closes at least one opening of the cell can, the cap comprising: a substantially flat member that covers the opening, the substantially flat member having a separation portion defined therein; and a diaphragm that covers the separation portion on an inside of the substantially flat member.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

05/21/15 / #20150137768

Charge rate optimization

An electric charging system for a battery pack of an electric vehicle, including a charging station electrically coupled to the battery pack, the charging station transferring charging energy to the battery pack at a maximum fast charge rate in a first operational mode and transferring charging energy to the battery pack at a slower charge rate in a second operational mode; a data collection system acquiring a set of data indicating a state of charge (soc) of the battery pack and one or more desired charge optimization parameters; and a station control, responsive to the set of data and to the desired charge optimization parameters, automatically establishing a charging profile for the battery pack to assert a control signal and operate the charging station in the second operational mode whenever the charging station is able to transfer sufficient energy to the battery pack at the slower charge rate to meet an soc target and a charge completion time target, otherwise asserting the control signal and operate the charging station in the first operational mode.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

05/07/15 / #20150123511

Flux shield for electric motor

An electric motor includes: a stator; a shaft; a rotor mounted on the shaft, the rotor having an end ring that is concentric with the shaft; and a flux shield around the shaft inside the end ring.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

04/23/15 / #20150111082

Cell module assemblies

A method includes: assembling a thermal-exchange tube in a module housing for an energy storage pack; assembling cells in the module housing, wherein the thermal-exchange tube runs between rows of the cells; applying an adhesive that affixes the cells and the thermal-exchange tube to the module housing; curing a first portion of the adhesive by radiation, wherein a second portion of the adhesive is shielded from the radiation by the cells or the thermal-exchange tube; and curing at least the second portion of the adhesive by a chemical cure mechanism.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

03/26/15 / #20150083505

Integrated electric motor assembly

An integrated drive system assembly is provided that combines an electric motor, a power inverter assembly and a gearbox into a single, multi-piece enclosure. Combining these components into a single enclosure reduces weight, reduces drive system complexity, reduces system volume, simplifies assembly integration into an electric vehicle, reduces manufacturing cost, allows the flexible and lengthy electrical cables between the power inverter and the electric motor to be replaced with short, low loss, rigid bus bars, and simplifies component cooling by allowing the use of a common thermal management system. ... Tesla Motors Inc

03/19/15 / #20150077057

Low temperature fast charge

An automated charge preparation method periodically determines critical parameters for the set of relevant operating conditions, determines whether fast charging is possible, applies fast charging when possible, otherwise applies a dynamically scaled charging rate that is optimized based upon current critical parameters (while optionally heating the individual battery cells as long as fast charging is not available) to reduce/eliminate a risk of lithium-plating.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

03/05/15 / #20150061321

Extruded member with altered radial fins

A method of extruding a component includes: creating a first design of a component, wherein in the first design the component comprises a member and is configured for an implementation; adding at least one radial fin to the member in the first design, the member and the radial fins being a second design of the component; extruding a piece that conforms to the second design and has at least one extruded radial fin; and altering the extruded radial fin on the extruded piece, the alteration adding or enhancing a structural property of the component in the implementation.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

03/05/15 / #20150060558

Hvac system with positive temperature coefficient varying along length of heat rod

In a first aspect, a vehicle hvac system includes: a housing that defines at least first and second air conduits to a vehicle interior compartment; and at least first and second heat rods that each traverses the first and second air conduits, wherein a first positive temperature coefficient along a length of the first heat rod is greater at the first air conduit than at the second air conduit, and wherein a second positive temperature coefficient along a length of the second heat rod is greater at the second air conduit than at the first air conduit.. . ... Tesla Motors Inc

02/05/15 / #20150039255

Methodology for charging batteries safely

An apparatus and method for identifying a presence of a short circuit in a battery pack. A fault-detection apparatus for a charging system that rapidly charges a collection of interconnected lithium ion battery cells, the safety system includes a data-acquisition system for receiving a set of data parameters from the collection while the charging system is actively charging the collection; a monitoring system evaluating the set of data parameters to identify a set of anomalous conditions; and a controller comparing the set of anomalous conditions against a set of predetermined profiles indicative of an internal short in one or more cells of the collection, the controller establishing an internal-short state for the collection when the comparing has a predetermined relationship to the set of predetermined profiles.. ... Tesla Motors Inc

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