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Recent patent applications related to The Code Corporation. The Code Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Code Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Code Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Time intensity curve measuring apparatus

A pillow for babies and/or infants includes a deformable core, which is not flat, in order to accommodate the form of the head of the baby or infant. The deformable core includes externally a three-dimensional woven layer surrounding a barrier that is impermeable to gases and liquids in order to prevent gases and liquids from reaching the interior of the core.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . An image processing unit includes a grayscale image creating unit, a shininess region removal unit, a region of interest tracing unit, and a time intensity curve measuring unit. The time intensity curve measuring unit includes a pixel value measuring unit which measures the pixel value of a specific point in the fluorescence image photographed by the fluorescence image pickup element, and a measurement position movement unit which moves the measurement position of the pixel value in the pixel value measuring unit in accordance with the region of interest traced by the region of interest tracing unit.. ... The Code Corporation

Region of interest tracing apparatus

An image processing unit includes a grayscale image creating unit, a shininess region removal unit, a region of interest tracing unit, and a time intensity curve measuring unit. Further, the region of interest tracing unit includes a feature image extracting unit which extracts a feature image in the tissue on the basis of the grayscale image created by the grayscale image creating unit, a binarizing unit which binaries the grayscale image to create a binary image, and a tracing unit which traces the region of interest by detecting the amount of movement of the feature image in the binarized image created by the binarizing unit over a plurality of frames.. ... The Code Corporation

Assessment of microvascular dysfunction with spectral imaging

A method for quantifying microvascular function in a patient includes stabilizing a test portion of the patent to analyze. A microvascular blood flow parameter is measured using a first spectral imaging technique. ... The Code Corporation

Multiple implant communications with adjustable load modulation based on received signal amplitudes

A medical system and method of communicating between a telemetry controller and medical devices is provided. Coupling coefficients between a primary coil of the telemetry controller and secondary coils of the medical devices differ from each other. ... The Code Corporation

Health monitoring apparatus with wireless capabilities for initiating a patient treatment with the aid of a digital computer

Individuals who suffer from certain kinds of medical conditions, particularly conditions that only sporadically exhibit measurable symptoms, can feel helpless in their attempts to secure access to medical care because, at least in part, they are left to the mercy of their condition to present symptoms at the right time to allow diagnosis and treatment. Providing these individuals with ambulatory extended-wear health monitors that record ecg and physiology, preferably available over-the-counter and without health insurance preauthorization, is a first step towards addressing their needs. ... The Code Corporation

Device and method for capturing, analyzing, and sending still and video images of the fundus during examination using an ophthalmoscope

The present invention is directed to a medical imaging device attachment with onboard sensor array and computational processing unit, which can be adapted to and reversibly attached to multiple models of binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes (“bios”), enabling simultaneous or time-delayed viewing and collaborative review of photographs or videos from an eye examination. The invention also claims a method for photographing and integrating information associated with the images, videos, or other data generated from the eye examination.. ... The Code Corporation

Alignment improvements for ophthalmic diagnostic systems

The present application describes the addition of various feedback mechanisms including visual and audio feedback mechanisms to an ophthalmic diagnostic device to assist a subject to self-align to the device. The device may use the visual and non-visual feedback mechanisms independently or in combination with one another. ... The Code Corporation

Eye imaging apparatus

An eye imaging apparatus includes a lighting device including a fundus illuminator and a cornea illuminator; a half mirror; an imaging device including a camera having a first objective lens; and a first polarizer. The first polarizer is disposed between the half mirror and the camera. ... The Code Corporation

Apparatus and method for non-contact examination of eye

An apparatus for non-contact examination of an eye comprises for illuminating and imaging the eye: an apparatus objective of a positive optical power and a positive spherical aberration which illuminates and images an angle wider than a cross section of the zone i of the retinal vasculature, the apparatus objective being common to the imaging and the illumination the optical paths of which are deviated from each other in the examination apparatus; and a secondary lens unit, which is located behind the apparatus objective in the optical path in a direction of the imaging, modifies at least one of the following optical features: lateral color aberration, astigmatism, field curvature and coma caused by the apparatus objective, and focuses the imaging radiation modified by the secondary lens unit on an image sensor for forming an image of a retina of the eye.. . ... The Code Corporation

Method and system for noncontact vision-based 3d cognitive fatigue measuring by using task evoked pupillary response

Provided are a method and system for noncontact vision-based 3d cognitive fatigue measuring. The method comprises: acquiring pupil images of a subject exposed to visual stimuli; extracting a task evoked pupillary response (tepr) by using the pupil images; detecting dominant peaks from the tepr; calculating latency of dominant peaks; and determining cognitive fatigue of the subject by comparing a value of the latency to a predetermined reference value.. ... The Code Corporation

Surgical apparatus for lamellar keratoplasty comprising an oct detection unit

The present invention relates to a surgical apparatus for dissecting a part of cornea during lamellar keratoplasty, which provides a surgical apparatus comprising: an injector unit including a hollow injection needle having a bevel structure at one end; a laser unit for emitting a laser for oct imaging; an oct detection unit for photographing a tomographic image of the cornea using the laser; a laser light sensor located on an inner surface of the bevel structure of the injection needle and connected to the laser unit and the oct detection unit through an optical fiber; and a depth adjusting unit for adjusting a depth of the injection needle in the cornea according to an operation of a user.. . ... The Code Corporation

Image-based global registration system and method applicable to bronchoscopy guidance

A global registration system and method identifies bronchoscope position without the need for significant bronchoscope maneuvers, technician intervention, or electromagnetic sensors. Virtual bronchoscopy (vb) renderings of a 3d airway tree are obtained including vb views of branch positions within the airway tree. ... The Code Corporation

Free size laryngoscope blade

A new laryngoscopy blade having variable size blade is designed. This blade can supply the necessary length and appropriate view for laryngoscopy without repeated blade changing.. ... The Code Corporation

Imaging device, endoscope, and endoscope system

An imaging device includes: plural pixels; a color filter including a blue filter having spectral characteristics where a maximum value of its transmission spectrum is in the blue wavelength band and transmittance of the wavelength band of a narrow band light is higher than the transmission spectrum in the red and green wavelength bands, a red and green filters having spectral characteristics where minimum values of their transmission spectra are near the maximum value of the transmission spectrum of the blue wavelength band, and having spectral characteristics where their transmission spectra gradually increase toward a short wavelength side from 440 nm; and a control unit configured to execute control of making an accumulation time of a pixel of the plural pixels shorter than accumulation times of pixels having other filters arranged thereon, the pixel having highest spectral sensitivity to the narrow band light.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220880

Image sensor, endoscope, and endoscope system

An image sensor includes: pixels; first transfer lines configured to transfer imaging signals of shared pixels that are present in a plurality of different rows and share a single column transfer line for each predetermined number of pixels adjacent in a row direction and; a constant current source configured to transfer the imaging signals; output units configured to externally output the imaging signals; and a control unit configured to simultaneously and externally outputs, by simultaneously driving the plurality of shared pixels present in a same single column transfer line in the plurality of different rows, each of the plurality of imaging signals, which are output from the shared pixels and are present in the same column in the plurality of different rows, and externally output all of the imaging signals of the shared pixels present in the plurality of different rows same number of times as the predetermined number.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220879

Imaging device, endoscope, and endoscope system

An imaging device includes: a first chip including a light receiving unit, and a read circuit; a second chip including a timing control circuit, an a/d conversion circuit, and a cable transmission circuit; and a connection unit configured to connect the first and the second chips. The read circuit includes a column read circuit and a horizontal selection circuit, and a vertical selection circuit. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220878

Disposable sheath for a miniature endoscope

An endoscopic has an fiber optic waveguide that transmits an image from a distal end to a proximal end, the waveguide having an outer diameter of less than 3 mm. A lens system is positioned at the distal end of the fiber optic waveguide. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220877

Hands-free arthroscopic outflow control device

A hand-free arthroscopic outflow control device (100) having a body (10) featuring a multi port valve body comprising a sleeve (50) fitted with a piston (40) actuated by a pedal (30), the sleeve (50) communicating with a surgical site inflow port (52), a surgical theatre inflow port (54) and an outflow port (56) disposed between these respective inflow ports (52,54), so that the piston (40) can be positioned alternatively to vent the outflow port (56) under suction by drawing from one only of the surgical site inflow port (52) and the surgical theatre inflow port (54).. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220876

Stereo imaging miniature endoscope with single imaging and conjugated multi-bandpass filters

An endoscope includes a housing with a distal end insertable into a cavity; an image capture device at the distal end to obtain 3d images, and process them to form a video signal; and a folded substrate folded into a u-shape having first and second legs. The image capture device includes a detector and a lens system with right and left multi-band pass filters having right pass bands that are complements of left pass bands. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220875

Connection body

A connection body includes: a wire for operating an endoscope; and a joint member having a cylindrical shape including a through hole into which the wire is inserted, the joint member being configured to be joined to an operating mechanism of the endoscope including an operating lever, the joint member including: a first cylindrical portion provided on a longitudinal rear end side of the joint member, a part of the first cylindrical portion being plastically deformed through pressurization to deform a part of the through hole such that the wire is fixed; and a second cylindrical portion provided on a front end side of the first cylindrical portion and having an outer diameter smaller than an outer diameter of the first cylindrical portion. The part of the first cylindrical portion plastically deformed is separated from the second cylindrical portion.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220874

Integral indicators for single-procedure devices

Disclosed herein are single-use integral indicators and methods and systems for employing the same. Such indicators and their uses are directed toward identifying and rendering inoperable single-procedure medical devices after their intended—and only—use.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220873

Endoscope system

In an endoscope system, an image processing section on a processor side detects a movement amount or a distance in an image. An endoscopic-procedure-scene classifying section classify, from a feature value, to which of endoscopic procedure scene a scene of an image corresponds and further determines whether reliability of the classified endoscopic procedure scene is low. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220872

Medical information recording device

A medical information recording device includes a first recording processing unit configured to record a moving image of a medical image in which a status information image is superimposed, a second recording processing unit configured to record a moving image of the medical image in which a portion of the status information image of the medical image is subjected to mask processing, an arbitration unit configured to control communication between a recording unit in which the medical image in which the status information image is superimposed and the medical image in which the portion of the status information image is subjected to mask processing are recorded, and the first recording processing unit and the second recording processing unit, and a load adjusting circuit configured to control the arbitration unit on the basis of load of the first recording processing unit and the second recording processing unit.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220871

Sticky cleaner

Provided is a sticky cleaner whose adhesive face can be easily renewed and whish is less susceptible to roll-loosening. The sticky cleaner provided by this invention comprises a psa tape having an adhesive face on the first face of a substrate. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220870

Dishwasher rack spray assembly

A dishwasher having a tub defining a treating chamber, a dish rack, and a spray assembly associated with the dish rack. The spray assembly may include at least one sprayer positioned to spray treating liquid onto dishes received by the rack. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220869

Lifting device and dishwasher

A lifting device for a receptacle for items to be washed of a dishwasher, in particular a household dishwasher is constructed to lift the receptacle from a starting position, optionally via at least one intermediate position, into an end position or to lower the washing item receptacle from the end position, optionally via at least one intermediate position, into the starting position. The lifting device includes a braking device having at least one damping element which is designed to brake a movement of the 32-receptacle in particular during the lowering process.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220868

Dish rack retaining clip

A dish rack assembly includes a dish rack having spaced wire frame elements at least partially defining a side wall, a height adjuster comprising an arm located on an exterior of the side wall and a retaining clip mounted to the arm and located on an interior of the side wall that can limit the relative movement of the dish rack.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220867

Wire dishware and cutlery rack for dishwasher

A dishwasher, including: a dishwashing compartment having a loading opening; a door configured to close the loading opening; a bottom washware rack configured for movement out of and into the dishwashing compartment; a middle washware rack configured for movement out of and into the dishwashing compartment; and a top washware rack configured for movement out of and into the dishwashing compartment. The top rack is formed of wire thereby to hold washware including cutlery and to enhance drying performance. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220866

Non-integrated bulk dispenser and method of operating a dishwasher having same

A dispensing assembly including at least one treating chemistry container configured to store a treating chemistry and selectively fluidly coupled to the treating chamber, a sensor configured to detect a characteristic of the dispensing assembly and output a first signal based thereon, an illumination detector outputting a second signal indicative of ambient illumination and an indicator outputting a human-detectable signal.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220865

Pump device for a water-conducting domestic appliance, method for operating such a pump device, and water-conducting domestic appliance

A pump device for a water-conducting domestic appliance, such as a washing machine or a dishwasher, has a pump chamber with at least two inlets, and has multiple actuators on or in the pump chamber for a liquid-pumping operation in at least one direction. At least one sensor is provided on or in the pump chamber for determining constituents and properties of the liquid in the pump chamber. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220864

Dishwashing appliance having a door linkage assembly

An appliance, such as a dishwashing appliance having a door linkage assembly is generally provided herein. The dishwashing appliance may include a cabinet, a tub, a door, a spring linkage, and a linkage latch. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220863

Dish treating appliance with diverter valve position sensing

A diverter valve assembly includes a manifold defining a plenum with an inlet and multiple outlets, a membrane movably mounted within the plenum and having at least one through opening, which is sequentially aligned with the multiple outlets upon movement of the membrane, indicia provided on the membrane corresponding to each of the multiple outlets, and a sensor configured to sense the indicia and provide an output of the sensed indicia.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220862

Glasses rack for dishwasher

A dishwasher can include a tub defining a treating chamber receiving dishes for treatment, a spray system providing treating liquid to the treating chamber, a first dish rack located in the tub and having a bottom wall tiered to form multiple levels defining an effective inclination angle for the bottom wall, and a second dish rack located below the first dish rack and having an inclined non-tiered bottom wall.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220861

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner, which is a portable vacuum cleaner, including a tank body, a head portion disposed above the tank body, and a battery connection portion that is disposed at the head portion and is capable of connecting to a battery. A part of an upper end portion of the tank body has a bent shape or a curved shape, and the rest part of the upper end portion of the tank body has a shape neither bending inward nor curved inward. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220860

Disposable plunger cover and method of use

A disposable toilet plunger cover assembly designed to be used with a standard toilet plunger. The assembly including a connection receiver designed to be attached to a standard toilet plunger at a central area of the inner surface of the toilet plunger head and an elongated flexible plastic bag having a lower enclosed end and an upper open end. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220859

Toilet seat lighting apparatuses

Various disclosed apparatuses relate to lighting mechanisms for illuminating portions of a fixture, such as a toilet. One embodiment relates to a seat assembly of a toilet. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220858

Toilet device

A toilet device is provided and includes a toilet seat, a main part, and an electric opening/closing mechanism; the toilet seat includes a toilet seat main body, and a hinge part provided at a rear center of the toilet seat main body; the toilet seat is rotatable by being pivotally supported by the main part at two sides of the hinge part; the electric opening/closing mechanism performs an electric opening/closing of the toilet seat and is provided in the main part; the electric opening/closing mechanism includes a motor and a transmission mechanism; the motor is disposed to have a rotation axis offset from a rotation axis of the hinge part; and the transmission mechanism connects the motor and one end of the hinge part and transfers a drive force of the motor to the hinge part.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220857

Toilet seat and method of manufacturing same

Provided is a method of manufacturing a toilet seat that is formed by joining together a seat front member and a seat rear member. The method includes a cutting step of forming a processed surface of a joint part between the seat front member and the seat rear member by cutting the joint part between the seat front member and the seat rear member with a cutting tool having a curved cutting blade part such that the shape of the processed surface is formed in a curved shape in which the seat rear member side thereof protrudes outward in a cross section perpendicular to the direction in which the joint part extends.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220856

Improved vermicomposting toilet facility

The invention relates to a toilet installation comprising equipment (4) presenting a gravity discharge opening (5) for liquid effluent and solid waste, and a reception system (30) for receiving liquid effluent and solid waste dropping from the gravity discharge opening (5). The installation further comprises a transport device (35) for transporting the composting medium in the form of a continuous bed of material of determined thickness and for a duration suitable for obtaining the composted medium, the transport device (35) comprising at least one support surface (36) for supporting the bed, which surface is placed under the top portion of the reception system and extends to a discharge edge (37) for discharging the composted medium dropping off said support surface.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220855

System and method for dispensing products

A tissue dispenser comprises a base, at least one retaining strut connected to the base, and a dispensing pedestal. The tissue dispenser further comprises a box filled with tissue and an aperture in the bottom of the box, wherein the dispensing pedestal passes through the aperture in the bottom of the box holding the tissue at or near the top of the box.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220854

Towel dispensing system including a bracket and water-resistant container with a handle

Systems and methods for dispensing towels. In one embodiment, the system includes a container configured to receive towels, and a bracket configured to mount to a support surface. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220853

Spring-loaded toilet paper dispenser

A spring-loaded toilet paper dispenser for compact and aesthetic holding and dispensing of multiple rolls of toilet paper. The spring-loaded toilet paper dispenser generally includes an elongated housing to store rolls of toilet paper in a generally vertical stack until ready for use. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220851

Telescopic foot and toe cleaner

A foot and toe washer may have telescopic sections locking into place in an extended state convenient to the user such that not all extensions may be used. Locking mechanisms for locking one extension to another internal extension may comprise a spring-loaded ball and associated orifice or extensions having larger or smaller diameters at ends with rough surfaces so the extensions lock into place by friction when used or comprise twisting grooves on the surfaces of two extensions. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220850

Liquid dispensing units

A soap dispenser can be configured to dispense an amount of liquid soap, for example, upon detecting the presence of an object. Certain embodiments of the dispenser include a housing, reservoir, pump, motor, sensor, electronic processor, and nozzle. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220849

Disposable covers for hot handles

The inventive subject matter provides apparatus, systems and methods for a low-cost, disposable protective cover for handles and other objects. The disposable cover can include a flexible tube having first and second ends, an inner surface and an outer surface. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220848

Dual function garlic press

A dual function garlic press comprises an upper handle having a plunger, a lower handle having a receiving chamber and a cutter grid. The cutter grid is pivotally connected to the first side of plunger. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220847

Kitchen cooking appliance with mobile drain fluid receptacle

A cooking appliance includes a housing and at least one upwardly facing cooking wall on which food product can directly sit for cooking, where the cooking wall is supported by the housing and has an associated drain path for residual cooking fluid and/or for cleaning fluid, where the drain path includes an outlet end. A mobile fluid receptacle located in an installed use position within the housing is positioned below the cooking wall. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220846

Self-standing container for pre-soaking grilling plank

A self-standing container for holding and pre-soaking a cooking plank in a soaking liquid includes flexible walls forming a bag-like container with a chamber to receive the plank and the liquid. The container includes a deployable standing structure to enable the container to be placed in an upright position to conserve counter space. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220845

Portable outdoor cooking device, system, and accessory thereof

A side shelf system configured to couple to a portable cooking station. The side shelf system includes a side shelf and a cutting board. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220844

Barbecue grills

A charcoal grill includes a vessel configured to hold and burn charcoal for cooking food. The charcoal grill may include a receptacle moveable between a first position in which the receptacle is positioned for collecting ashes from charcoal burned in the vessel and a second position in which the receptacle is separated from the vessel for disposal of the collected ashes. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220843

Indoor outdoor portable grill

A cooking appliance has a base with an upstanding wall defining a hollow interior with an opening. The base is configured to support a cooking grate adjacent to the opening. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220841

Product grouping and selection system and method for food holding devices

A system for storing food products at heated temperatures that includes a cabinet, a storage bin in the cabinet for receiving a tray, a temperature control device in thermal communication with the tray, and a controller displaying via a user interface a food product timer button that can be swiped to a side to change to a different food product timer button that is displayed on the user interface.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220840

Capsule for cleaning a beverage preparation machine and method for cleaning a brewing chamber

A capsule for cleaning a beverage preparation machine includes a container which is sealed at one end by a removable cover and contains at least one cleaning agent. A screen or grating located beneath the cover holds the cleaning agent within the container.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220839

Fast heat-up of a thermal conditioning device

The invention concerns a unit for controlling transmission of power to a thermal conditioning device e.g. For coffee machine, comprising a controller with a start-up profile for starting-up the device from a temperature of inactivity to an operative temperature for bringing to a target temperature a fluid circulating through said device at start-up end, the controller being arranged to allow circulation of fluid through the device at start-up end and to compare the determined temperature of fluid circulated at start-up end to the target temperature and derive a temperature difference therefrom. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220838

Hand-press coffee machine and method for brewing coffee

A hand-press coffee machine comprising a water tank, a hand pump which is disposed at the upper end of the water tank, and a brewing component which is connected to the lower end of the water tank; a water hole is disposed at the point where the water tank and the brewing component are connected; the hand pump is used to pump the water in the water tank into the brewing component through the water hole; a unidirectional valve, which is disposed in the water hole between the water tank and the brewing component, is set to merely allow the water in the water tank to flow into the brewing component; the present invention can effectively protect the coffee powder from being pre-soaked.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220837

Milk foam dispensing system

A system, method, and apparatus for producing an ingredient foam such as milk foam for use with other products such as beverages. An ingredient dispensing assembly is included for receiving one or more ingredients from an ingredient dispensing apparatus, processing the ingredients and dispensing a general uniform, consistent foam. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220836

Apparatus and method for infusing and dispensing oils

The present invention pertains in general to an apparatus and method for the infusing, agitation and dispensation of oils in a controlled manner to produce a desired potency of an infusion while remaining below an identified maximum temperature threshold.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220835

Beverage dispenser systems and methods

A cartridge adaptor system may include a puncturing device; a nozzle adaptor including: a puncture port configured to receive the puncturing device; a nozzle coupling portion configured to releasably couple to a beverage dispenser nozzle; and a cartridge coupling portion configured to releasably couple to a cartridge containing a beverage ingredient; and a cartridge holster having a receiving portion for receiving a portion of the cartridge. The puncturing device may be configured to puncture the cartridge thereby releasing the beverage ingredient.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220834

Automatic beverage maker

An automatic beverage system for producing a hot flavored beverage. The system includes a base unit having a water reservoir, a control system for heating liquid from the reservoir, a cartridge arm having a water injector and a cartridge holder, a pump and tubing system connecting the water reservoir to the cartridge holder and used to move water, the control system housed within the base unit and coupled to the heating element and pump to control temperature and movement of the liquid from the reservoir to the cartridge holder, and a container base positioned in an area adjacent the base unit and below the cartridge holder. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220833

Digital scale and brewing process therefrom

A digital scale for optimizing coffee brewing, and pour-over brewing in particular, is provided. Specifically, the present disclosure relates to a scale configured to determine the target amount of water to add based on any amount of coffee grounds used, compare an actual pour rate to a target pour rate when adding the target amount of water over a specific target pour time, and clearly communicate the same to the user.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220832

Coffee maker

A drip filter coffee making device has a filter basket with a lid. The lid supports a water dispenser for wetting grounds in the filter basket. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220831

Slow cooker lid-mounted warming dish

A warming dish for mounting atop a functioning slow cooker with a lid, which includes a main dish housing having at least one side wall and a bottom, wherein the bottom has a predetermined center and is dome-shaped rising toward the center, and wherein the bottom has an upwardly extending recess at the center to accommodate positioning over a lid handle of a slow cooker. The invention also includes the warming dish in combination with a slow cooker.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220829

Vacuum juicer

The invention discloses a vacuum juicer, and belongs to the field of juicers. The vacuum juicer comprises a vacuum cover assembly, a stirring cup assembly and a main unit, wherein the vacuum cover assembly comprises a vacuum cover and a cam rotating around the vacuum cover, and a sealant is arranged on the cam; the stirring cup assembly comprises a stirring cup holder and a stirring cup, and a movable valve is arranged on the stirring cup and slides up and down to control opening and closing of a stirring cup air hole; a vacuum pump in the main unit is in sealed connection with the internal space of the vacuum cover. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220828

Automatic and adjustable spiralizer apparatus

A food processing device includes a base portion with a motor housing upwardly extending from a first end of the base portion. A motor is disposed within the motor housing. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220827

Smart parcel safe

A smart parcel safe including a container defining an enclosure with an opening, a lid attached to the container by hinges and formed to fit over the opening and securely close the enclosure in a closed orientation, the lid being hinged to move from the closed orientation into an open orientation so as to provide access to the enclosure through the opening, a mobile communication device including an app designed to control locking/unlocking of an associated locking mechanism, and an electronically controlled locking mechanism affixed to the container and the lid, the electronically controlled locking mechanism being associated with the mobile communication device so as to be locked/unlocked in response to operation of the mobile communication device.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220826

Aerial delivery system and method

An aerial delivery system includes an elongate member, a cover, a sensor, and a motorized actuator. The elongate member has both a top end and a bottom end, and is configured to receive items, particularly mail and packages, from a delivery means, particularly an aerial drone. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220825

Auxiliary sock device

An auxiliary sock device includes a baseplate having first and second ends. Wherein the first end has one or more wings mounted at the side of the baseplate, curved outwardly, to retain the open end of a sock to receive the user's foot. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220823

Magnetic retention device for tumbler carrying tray

A retention device for a vessel has a bottom portion affixed to a serving vessel with a first magnet contained therein, and a holder having a recess formed into a top surface and having a second magnet at a bottom of the recess, wherein the recess is formed in a size, shape and depth for receiving and releasably retaining the bottom portion through mutual attracting of the first and second magnets. In optional embodiments, the bottom portion may comprise a coaster, and the vessel may comprise a beverage tumbler. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220822

Drink coaster foldable into stand

A drink coaster configured to be converted into a stand. The drink coaster includes a flat sheet of material including a first preferential fold line extending across the flat sheet of material between a first panel of the flat sheet of material and a second panel of the flat sheet of material, and a second preferential fold line extending across the flat sheet of material between the second panel of the flat sheet of material and a third panel of the flat sheet of material. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220821

Changeable placemat system

A changeable placemat system is provided. The changeable placemat system may have a rigid unit and at least one flexible unit wherein the flexible unit may be selectively and temporarily inserted over the rigid unit for display and protection. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220820

Illuminated beverage cooler

An illuminated beverage cooler includes a cylinder that may have a beverage container inserted therein. The cylinder is comprised of a thermally insulating material to maintain a temperature of the beverage cooler. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220819

Portable cooler container with active temperature control

An actively heated mug, travel mug, baby bottle, water bottle or liquid container is provided. The mug, travel mug, baby bottle, water bottle or liquid container can include a body that receives a liquid therein and a heating or cooling system at least partially disposed in the body. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220818

Sleeping support assembly

A sleeping support assembly for reposing in a prone position includes a first cushion that is configured to support a torso of a user. A second cushion is coupled to and extends from a first end of the first cushion. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220816

Hanging artwork system

A hanging artwork system includes a plurality of frame pieces each having a plurality of magnets, a plurality of foam pieces, and a plurality of adhesive pieces. The hanging artwork system is useful for hanging and removing artwork quickly and without damaging the hanging surface or the artwork.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220815

Laminated staple

An improved laminated staple (1) comprising a steel sheet bent as a “v” in a central portion thereof so as to form a central edge (12), two central walls (10, 20) diverging outwards from said central edge (12) and defining a first angle (α) therebetween, and a pair of ribs (30, 40) each extending laterally from said central walls (10, 20). The central walls (10, 20) and the ribs (30, 40) define a second angle (β) therebetween, which has a greater width than the width of said first angle (α).. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220814

Frame apparatus and method of assembling the same

A frame apparatus for displaying a flat article and a combined frame apparatus and flat article. In one aspect, the frame apparatus comprises an annular display frame defining a rabbet, a stack positioned in the rabbet, and an annular spacer frame. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220813

Checkout station with hanger hook

Described is a checkout station that includes a hanger hook coupled to a platform. The hanger hook is used to hang empty clothes hangers on, so the hangers can be collected and held in one location until they are re-used or disposed of. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220812

Signage systems and merchandising display assemblies

A shelf bracket for suspending merchandising display structures includes a generally planar main body portion, a proximal end for attachment to a shelf, and a distal end. The distal end is for suspending a merchandising display structure. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220811

Wall mounting devices

Wall mounting assemblies and methods are disclosed. The assembly includes a bracket that has two frame members coupled at a hinge. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220810

Infant soother

A baby soothing system that includes a specially configured swaddling blanket, infant carrier, and (optionally) swinging assembly for, when assembled, simultaneously providing essential elements for infant's soothing.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220809

Collapsible breathable mattress

A mattress configured to form a sleeping surface in a playard is provided, comprising: an air permeable cover; and a frame including a pair hinges; wherein the cover includes a plurality of extensions that extend over the frame and opposing extensions of the plurality of extensions are connected together by a fastener that permits adjustment of a relative position of the opposing extensions to adjust a tension applied to the cover; wherein the cover includes a pair of side segments that are configured to be fixedly secured to the frame; and wherein the pair of hinges permit movement of the mattress between an expanded state and a collapsed state.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220808

Portable infant carrier

An infant carrier includes a set and a carry handle coupled to the seat. The carry handle is mounted for movement relative to the seat.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220807

Flame retardant cover

Flame retardant covers for mattress and flame retardant mattresses are provided. At least a portion of the fibers, yarns or the fabric of the covers is treated with a blend comprising a flame retardant compound such as ammonium phosphate. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220806

Inflatable pad and methods for using the same

The inflatable pad includes an inflatable frame having a length and width that defines a pad area suitable for supporting a person lying thereon. A plurality of internal support members are configured to support the weight of a person lying thereon and elevate the person above the ground. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220805

Vibration motor assembly for bed facility

The disclosure generally relates to a vibration motor assembly. The vibration motor assembly includes a vibration motor, at least one flexible connector adapted to suspend the vibration motor from a bed frame support surface, and a controller adapted to control the vibration motor. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220804

Bottom for bed apparatus

To provide a bottom for a bed apparatus that can relieve the sensation of being pressed and that at the same time is lightweight, easy to transport and can be cleaned easily. A bottom for a bed apparatus having a back-raising mechanism, includes a flexing bottom that is arranged between a back bottom and a hip bottom and can be flexed. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220803

Multi-function shelter system

A multi-function shelter system is disclosed for providing in-place sheltering for emergencies, which may be activated and accessed easily and rapidly, giving a user time to protect themselves during emergency events. The system may be implemented as a safety bed system, and includes a protective chamber into which at least one person may enter and seek refuge. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220802

Trash collection device

Disclosed herein is a trash collection device. In some embodiments, the trash collection device is placed under a seat and multiple bags are available. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220801

Personal chair with detachable armrests and backrest

A single-person chair includes a proximal end, a distal end, and a generally convex central portion extending between the proximal end and the distal end. The central portion extends upwardly, forming a first pool between the proximal end and the central portion and a second pool between the distal end and the central portion. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220800

Soft polyurethane foam molded article and seat pad

The present invention provides a soft polyurethane foam molded article (1) that has a mounting surface (1a) and is obtained by foam-molding a foaming stock solution. The soft polyurethane foam molded article (1) includes a plurality of layered parts (11 and 12) that form layers in a vertical direction (y) perpendicular to the mounting surface. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220799

Corner shield

A corner shield for protecting corners of objects for placement on a substantially horizontal surface comprising a body and an elongated protector. The body comprises inner and outer support sections with a slot therebetween for receiving an elongated protector. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220798

System of tool-less attachment of drawer slides and method thereof

A system of tool-less attachment of drawer slides/mounts comprising pre-attached/pre-installed fasteners on a substrate that lock with corresponding pre-machined receiving openings. There is a method of installation of drawer slides to a cabinet system wherein the pre-attached/pre-installed insertion component is press-fit into a pre-machined receiving point located on a panel of a drawer box and the pre-attached/pre-installed fastening component is locked with a pre-machined mating point on the cabinet framework.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220797

Slide rail mechanism and bracket device thereof

A slide rail mechanism includes a rail member, a supporting frame and a bracket. The supporting frame is movable relative to the rail member and the bracket. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220796

Interlocking construction system for modular cabinets

A system for assembling a cabinet which includes a first base member having a first length and a base member channel extending the first length of the base member. The system includes a second base member having a second length, a second base member channel extending the second length of the second base member, a pair of opposing secondary members each having a third length and a secondary member channel extending the third length of the secondary members and a first cap member disposable in the base member channel. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220795

Apparatus for fitting a carrier element for articles in a body

An apparatus for fitting a carrier element in a body, including a pivoting member for arranging the carrier element, and fitting means for fitting the pivoting member on a wall of the body. The pivoting member includes two rotatable pivot arms and has three pivot axles. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220794

Variable planform shelving system

Variable planform shelving systems include a variable support platform and a support surface assembly that is supported by the variable support platform. The variable support platform includes frames that can be repositioned relative to each other to vary the planform of the variable support platform. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220793

Multi-tier interlinked folding frame

Foldable storage compartment having front and rear panels that are traversable closer to or further away from each other is disclosed. Left and right side collapsible panels may be attached to the front and rear panels. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220792

Multi-tier interlinked folding frame

Foldable storage compartment having front and rear panels that are traversable closer to or further away from each other is disclosed. Left and right side collapsible panels may be attached to the front and rear panels. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220791

Insulated transport cabinets for food and the like

The present disclosure provides an insulated transport cabinet for food or the like having a housing, a door, a hinge cover, and a hinge pin. The housing includes a barrel portion adjacent to a front surface and extending between top and bottom ends. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220790

Adjustable height desk with acoustical dome

The present invention is directed to a novel workstation which incorporates an acoustical dome for increased acoustic and visual privacy for the user. The workstation further is adjustable in height such that it is able to accommodate a range of users from the 5th percentile seated female to the 95th percentile standing male according to the dictates of ansi/hfes100-2007 national ergonomic standard. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220789

Personal control apparatus and method for sharing information in a collaborative workspace

A system comprising a switching device linked to a common display screen and including a wireless receiver configured to receive content, the switching device configured to use the received content to drive the common display screen and a plurality of interface devices, each interface device including an interface housing, an interface device processor, a control button mounted within the housing and a plug linked to the housing via a cable, the plug receivable within a connection port of a computing device, a first interface device including a first device processor, a first plug and a first control button, the first processor configured to perform the steps of, with the first plug received in the connection port of the first computing device and first content presented on the first display screen while other content is presented on the common display screen, detecting selection of the first control button and, upon detecting selection of the first control button, causing a wireless transmission to the switching device, upon receiving the wireless transmission, the switching device presenting the content from the first computing device display screen on the common display screen.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220788

Bracket for mounting adjustable-height leg

An assembly is disclosed having a panel forming part of a modular wall for dividing workspaces in an office, the panel having at least two channels formed therein; a desk surface; an adjustable-height leg, having an outer shell, a top casting for engagement with the desk surface and an actuator disposed within the outer shell for adjusting the height of the leg; and first and second brackets, said first bracket engaged with an upper end of the outer shell of the adjustable height leg and one of the channels formed in the panel and said second bracket engaged with a lower end of the outer shell of the adjustable height leg and the other channel formed in the panel and wherein the adjustable-height leg is supported by the first and second brackets and does not contact a floor surface underlying the panel.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220786

Upgraded brush

The upgraded brush comprises an housing seat of a body of application comprising, in turn, a first plurality of hairs adapted to spread a product on a work surface, in which the body of application comprises at least one element with predefined stiffness adapted to direct the product on the work surface and defining at least a portion with different texture with respect to the first plurality of hairs.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220785

Applicator device for applying a fluid or pasty product to keratin fibres

A one-piece applicator device for applying a fluid or pasty product to keratin fibres includes a core that extends along a longitudinal axis xx and at least one flexible stem that is embedded at at least a first and a second point along the longitudinal core, the stem extending substantially along the longitudinal axis xx, spikes being provided on the core and/or on the at least one stem. The core is provided with at least one through-opening and the at least one flexible stem extends substantially in a radial plane and has at least a first and a second curve along its length, such that the stem crosses the at least one opening without contact in order to ensure mobility in a radial plane of the device.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220784

Roller hairbrush

A roller hairbrush that is separable into two parts: a hairbrush roller and a handle. The hairbrush roller has a roller body along which a plurality of bristles is oriented. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220783

Brush with rotating head

The present invention is a brush head that rotates to at least two locked positions on a noncoaxial axis relative to the longitudinal or length-wise axis of the handle. A locking trigger is provided to hold and release the rotating head. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220782

Phone ring holder

A holder accessory for a portable electronic device including a base portion configured for attachment to the portable electronic device, and a gripping component coupled to the base portion. The gripping portion can define an opening configured to receive a finger of a user to hold the electronic device. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220780

Backpack support system for hands-free transport of a bike on the wearer's back

A backpack support system has a frame, which is equipped with shoulder straps and preferably also a waist belt and which preferably inherently rigid so hat the loads that occur during use, the frame only flexes by inevitable amounts in the millimeter range by which any rigid body flexes when subjected to a load. A bike mount is fastened to the frame. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220779

Load adjustment system for backpacks

A backpack with an improved load adjustment system includes a body, a frame, a pair of shoulder straps, a load lifting strap extending from each of the first shoulder strap and the second shoulder strap and suspended by the frame, a yoke attached to the first shoulder strap and the second shoulder strap, a back panel attached to a hip belt having a first hip pad and a second hip pad, and a torso length adjustment strap extending from a first lower side portion of the frame to a second lower side portion of the frame opposite the first lower side portion of the frame and passing through a strap receiving member fixed to the yoke. The improved load adjustment system allows for quick adjustment while wearing the backpack and increased freedom of movement.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220778

Sporting weapon backpack

A sporting weapon backpack includes a folding protective cover that is sized to protect the majority of a sporting weapon, at least one bag compartment attached to the exterior surface of the second side of the folding protective cover, at least one temporary fastener attached to the peripheral edge of both sides of the folding protective cover, where the at least one temporary fastener is adapted to temporarily fasten one peripheral edge of the folding protective cover to the other peripheral edge of the folding protective cover. The backpack also includes a pouch attached near the bottom of the interior surface of at least one side of the folding protective cover, and at least one strap that is adapted to support the sporting weapon, where the sporting weapon may be supported and the at least one temporary fastener may be used to close the folding protective cover over the sporting weapon to securely hold and transport the sporting weapon.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220777

System and method for batch sizing hair dye mixtures

A system and method for batch sizing a formula that defining one or more hair dye materials and corresponding recommended amounts for creating an individual batch sized amount of a hair dye mixture. One method includes providing a control system having at least a processor and a computer-readable memory, wherein the memory contains software configured to receive a formula defining instructions for blending a hair dye mixture using one or more colorants and/or dye blending materials and amounts recommended for the hair dye mixture. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220776

Facial mask

A facial mask includes a mask body impregnated with a cosmetic composition and a composition retention structure for retaining the cosmetic composition in the mask body. The mask body includes a facial mask layer and a holding device including at least two ear mask layers integrally extended from two side portions of the facial mask layer and/or a chin mask layer integrally extended from a bottom portion of the facial mask layer, adapted for overlaying on the skin surfaces of the face, the ears and/or the chin of the user respectively for skin care treatment of the facial skin surface of the user while the holding device is adapted for wearing the facial mask layer on the user's face by holding to the ears of the user.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220775

Work holder for hair tension

A work holder for hair extension includes a bracket adapted to hold an extension hair piece, a body to which the bracket is detachably assembled and an attaching device that is adapted to attach the body to a flat surface. The bracket includes a plurality of comb bristle rods, each of which includes an elongated vertical bar having a predetermined length, a horizontal bar extending from the vertical bar and having a predetermined width, and a stop bar extending from the horizontal bar and having a predetermined height.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220774

Stabilized, precision, dual-brush eyelash application apparatus and method

A mascara application system includes two brushes on arms or wands. A manufacturing approach is included. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220773

Outer case for a cosmetic product having a pusher, packaging comprising such an outer case and product packaged in such packaging

Disclosed is an outer case specifically suitable for and intended to be joined to a case for a cosmetic product, in particular a stick of lipstick, including: a sleeve defining a housing that is able and intended to receive the case; a pusher mounted so as to be able to move in translation in the housing along the main axis with respect to the sleeve, the pusher including: • an outer body and an inner body, • an energy storage device between the outer body and the inner body, a member for locking the inner body with respect to the outer body against the energy storage device.. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220772

Deodorant dispenser

A deodorant dispenser having a tub including a sidewall and a rim. The sidewall defines an elongated slot. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220771

Hose - type cosmetic container structure

A hose-type cosmetic container structure configures a scrape on the top opening of a hose-type liquid storage bottle, and is then locked with a hard middle cover element to form a container mouth for locking a brush bar assembled with a brush cotton head; the upper half of the brush bar is configured with a diversion hole extended to the upper half outer edge of the bar, allowing the cosmetic material accommodated inside the bottle to be guided to flow to the cotton head element on the top end of the brush bar, thereby capable of material discharge by squeezing the bottle directly to put on makeup after an outer cover is taken off or taking out the brush bar for makeup after the middle cover element is unscrewed. Whereby, the present invention can be used as a multipurpose makeup tool.. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220770

Depressible thermal tips

A dispenser includes a depressible thermal tip and a housing having a reservoir for containing a product, such as a cosmetic product or a medicinal product. The depressible thermal tip comprises a thermal applicator displaceable between open and closed positions. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220769

Compact assembly having shock absorber

A compact assembly for storing a product therein includes a housing, a container member, and a resilient member. The container member is disposed within the housing. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220768

Apparatus and method for drying hair

An apparatus for drying hair includes first and second mutually-opposing arms adapted for movement between an open configuration for receiving a length of wet hair therebetween and a closed configuration adjacent the hair. A vibrator imparts vibration from at least one of the arms to the length of hair in use, to move and separate hair fibres for improving drying of the hair. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220767

Styling hair dryer nozzle

A device which maintains exit temperature of hot air from a hair dryer passing through a nozzle attachment seated on the hair dryer. The hair dryer heats air and blows it out of an opening, with the nozzle attachment seated on the hair dryer opening. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220766

Hair styling appliance for curling hair with an inclined barrel and winder

A hair styling appliance for curling hair, includes a gripping handle along a first axis and a housing having a winding chamber defining a second axis an introduction slot and an extraction opening. The first and second axes form a plane. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220764

Locking fastener system

A fastener system comprised of features that provide the ability of objects to be attached together. The fastener system includes a key and housing, which connect together by insertion of a prong and magnetic attachment. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220763

Luggage piece with stopper device

The invention relates to a piece of luggage 1 comprising a luggage body 3 which has a first and a second luggage part 4, 6. The first and the second luggage parts 4, 6 can be connected together via at least one zipper 2. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220762

Camera carrying case

A carrying case comprises a housing having a bottom and a plurality of walls extending from the bottom thereof. A drawer is received by the housing when the carrying case is in a closed configuration. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220761

Dual lid closure mechanism

An enclosure having a first opening and an external pin extending outwards from a pin side of the enclosure and a lid with a opening adapted to seal the first opening to form a cavity at least partially within the enclosure. The enclosure connects to lid using a hinge attaching a hinge side of the enclosure to a hinge side of the lid. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220760

Sectional, modular bag, variably conformable between flattened and container conditions

A sectional modular bag, which is variably conformable between a flattened non-use condition, and a container-use condition, comprises at least one containing bag body composed of only two parts (2), which are designed to generally define two main partitions (3a), two side partitions (3b), at least one bottom partition (4) and an opening (20) of said bag body (1).. . ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220759

Configurable bag

A configurable bag is provided. The configurable bag has plurality of various interconnecting storage compartments (or “modules”). ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220758

Stackable suitcase, arrangement comprising two suitcases stacked one above the other and method for stacking two suitcases

A suitcase for stacking with a further suitcase, comprising a contact surface for stacking the further suitcase, at least one coupling part which can be brought together with a matching coupling part of the further suitcase to form a plug-in connection, wherein the coupling part is aligned such that the plug-in connection to the matching coupling part is formed by displacing the further suitcase along the contact surface. At least one locking element is provided to secure the plug-in connection against being released, wherein the locking element can be displaced from an initial position to an intermediate or end position, and in the initial position is in a receiving region for the additional suitcase, which is used when placing the further suitcase on the contact surface. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220757

Fitness and travel pouch

An apparatus maintaining a position of an item is disclosed which includes a pouch, a flap, a magnet attracting material, and a magnetic member. The pouch includes a first panel coupled to a second panel along a periphery of the first panel and the second panel with a portion of the panels uncoupled to form an opening. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220755

Jewelry product

A jewelry product that is to be worn by a user and that is formed as a threaded main shaft, along with a hanging link for support of the threaded main shaft from a body part. One or more decorative nuts are for threaded engagement with the threaded main shaft, and a securing member is for attaching the hanging link with the threaded main shaft. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220754

Multiple device wrist band

A multiple segment wrist band for securing multiple devices to the wrist of a user is provided. The first segment includes a first half of the band clasp on its first end and a first device connector on its second end. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220753

Wearable decorative band systems

A decorative band system to be worn around a limb of a user includes, for example, an elongated band, a first connector, and a second connector. The elongated band includes an inner surface disposable towards the limb of the user, and an outer surface facing away. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220751

Anti-stick zipper cover, stick-free zipper and tent having same

Disclosed are anti-stick zipper covers, stick-free zippers and tents. An anti-stick zipper cover includes a stiff plastic piece or a coating to increase the stiffness such that the anti-stick zipper cover will not be caught into the teeth of a zipper while zipping on and off the zipper. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220750


A fastener for detachably securing a first item to a second item comprises a connector comprising a u-shaped rod having a central portion between two legs and a main body configured to be attached to the second item. The main body comprises a housing having a slot configured to allow passage of a central portion therethrough into the housing, and a downwardly biased securing pin provided within the housing. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220749

Tongue for seatbelt device

At a present tongue, four suppressing portions are provided between both abutment portions of a tongue main body. In a state in which transverse direction both side portions of a webbing are nipped between a pressing portion of a clamp member and the both abutment portions, a transverse direction central side portion of the webbing is nipped between the pressing portion of the clamp portion and the respective suppressing portions. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220748

Tie clip accessory

A tie clip that secures the user's tie to a user's shirt through the use of a button slot. The button slot anchors the tie into a secure position and is preferably attached to the bottom of the tie to secure the tie in a stationary position. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220747

Customized article type

A method of making an article of footwear is disclosed. The method may include the steps of selecting a family of article types, selecting a customized article type, manufacturing an article of footwear with the customized article type and shipping the article of footwear to a pre-designated shipping address. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220746

Footwear manufacturing process

A method of reclaiming used tennis balls and transforming the material reclaimed from the tennis balls into soles for footwear. This multi-step process requires acquiring used tennis balls, grinding the tennis balls into ground rubber bits (usable elements) and tennis ball “fuzz” (unusable elements). ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220745

Shoe stuffing device

A shoe stuffing device is provided. The shoe stuffing device includes a shoe stuffing device body having a distal end and a proximal end and an aperture formed close to the proximal end. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220744

Footwear retainer

A device to retain y-strapped footwear, such as flip flop sandals, that is effective to resist the tendency for the footwear to slip off, and that obviates the need for foot-gripping, is simple to add to legacy footwear, relieves ambulatory stress and discomfort, is comfortable to the user, and provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to the footwear. The footwear retainer is preferably an attachable and releasable heel strap or cord having some elasticity and, optionally, adjustability. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220743

Shoelace securing device

A shoelace securing device including a lace lock through which a pair of shoelaces are disposed and secured. The lace lock includes a pair of locking apertures and a spring. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220742

Lace structure

A lace structure includes a plurality of weaving threads and a plurality of resilient threads which are interlaced in a lengthwise direction to form an elongate lace which defines a plurality of first sections and a plurality of second sections arranged in an alternating manner. Each of the second sections of the lace has a weaving density greater than and a width smaller than that of each of the first sections. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220741

Textiles and articles, and processes for making the same

Articles of wear having one or more textiles that include a low processing temperature polymeric composition and a high processing temperature polymeric composition, and methods of manufacturing the same are disclosed. The low processing temperature polymeric composition and the high processing temperature polymeric composition can be selectively incorporated into a textile to provide one or more structural properties and/or other advantageous properties to the article. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220740

Air bladder boot fitting device

An air bladder boot fitting device facilitates snug fitting to prevent unintended removal of a boot. The device includes a boot having a sole and an upper coupled to and extending upwardly from the sole. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220739

Performance action sports product having a breathable, mechanically bonded, needlepunch nonwoven material combining shaped fibers and thermal and cooling fibers

The waterproof/breathable moisture transfer liner for alpine, snowboard and hiking includes an inner liner selected from technically advanced fabrics which are carefully selected. A series of layers are provided outside the inner liner including foam material and insulated nonwoven layers, breathable membranes, a supportive mesh included in a moldable foam, or moldable a spacer material and an outer shell fabric. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220738

Substantial energy return shoe with optimal low-impact springs, tuned gear change, and smart knee brace

A futuristic shoe with true energy return based on enhanced heel-lift, optimized shoe springs (40% reduction in maximum foot impact), practical precise automatic electronic gear changers, novel powerful shoe impact chargers, improved pulley electronic actuators, novel low-impact much stronger springs (featuring the novel use materials such as kevlar, spectra shield, and fiberglass), novel remarkably stronger, more flexible, and tougher structures, and multiple designs for enhanced heel-lift and to prevent excessive toe sink. These designs require linkages and two improved hinges—one with enhanced natural hinges and a second with tied cogged hinges. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220737

Footwear with dynamic arch system

The present invention is footwear having a convex shaped outsole with opposing wedge shaped configurations in the bottom of the front sole section and the back sole section which provide rotation of the front sole section and the back sole section in opposite directions when weight is applied. The present invention is also footwear convex shaped in the longitudinal direction with a split sole having opposing wedge shaped configurations in the bottom of the front sole section and the back sole section that provide rotation of the front sole section and the back sole section in opposite directions when weight is applied. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220736

Asymmetric shock absorption for footwear

A system and a method of asymmetric shock absorption and torsion cushioning for footwear. The asymmetric shock absorption system providing an upper plate attached to the upper section of the footwear and a lower plate attached to the lower section of the footwear. ... The Code Corporation

08/09/18 / #20180220735

Boot with an element in shell form

The invention relates to a ski boot with an element in shell form, which at least partially consists of a plastics compound material, wherein the compound material comprises a mixture of caprolactam polyamide and ionomers, and to a method for the production thereof, such that cations and anions of the ionomers form ion bonds, wherein elastic components of the compound material form a physical network that is soluble between 60° c. And 100° c., and so the element in shell form of the ski boot that at least partially consists of the compound material can undergo thermoforming below 100° c.. ... The Code Corporation

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